2 Pole Vs 4 Pole Motor

2 Pole Vs 4 Pole Motor: Which Is More Efficient?


Both 2 pole and 4 pole brushless motors are widely used in RC cars. The number of poles indicates the number of magnets the motor has. There’s a relation between the performance of the motor with the pole number. 

But many get confused when choosing one of them.

So, which one to select between 2 pole vs 4 pole motor?

Well, a 2 pole motor generates high speed with lesser poles. It’s efficient with more RPM value. But, 2 pole motors are not good for heavy-duty. On the other hand, a 4 pole motor gives a low speed. It has less torque so the RPM is low. But It’s a great choice for a heavy-duty RC car.

This is just a quick sneak peek of our elaborate discussion. Keep reading the article to gather more information to choose the right motor.

So, without wasting any time, let’s get into the next segment! 

2 Pole vs 4 Pole Motor: Basic Differences

Choosing a brushless motor can leave you puzzled for so many reasons. It’s already tricky to pick between an inrunner or outrunner brushless motor. Then comes the pole dilemma, which requires some basic knowledge to resolve.

That’s why we’ve got a chart for you based on the basic differences. It’ll give you a surface-level idea about the poles.

Factors 2 pole motor 4 pole motor
Configuration Has 2 magnets with north-south configuration Has 4 magnets with north-south-north-south configuration
Speed High Low
Efficiency More Less
Work output Less work output, not suitable for heavy-duty More work output, best for heavy-duty
Vibration and Noise Too Loud Not Loud
Servicing and maintenance High maintenance  Easy Maintenance
Price Budget-Friendly Costly

This chart surely will give you a basic idea of the pole. But if you may still be in a dilemma. Don’t worry, we have prepared an in-depth discussion that will help you understand more.

2 Pole vs 4 Pole Motor: Head-to-Head Comparison

In this segment, we’ll provide you the details of the 2 pole motors. Go through them carefully before finalizing which one you want.

Configuration and Speed

The speed of the brushless motor always reduces as the pole number rises. This goes for all types of motors out there.

A 2 pole motor has two magnetic poles with a north-south configuration. It gives a high speed because of the fewer poles. It delivers a high rpm and low torque.

A 4 pole motor uses four magnetic poles with a north-south-north-south configuration. It gives less speed because of the high pole number. 4 pole motors generate high torque and low rpm.

You need a gearbox below 3000rpm for a 2 pole motor. A 4 pole motor doesn’t require a gearbox to generate torque.

Winner: In terms of speed, the 2 pole motor is the best one. 

Efficiency and Work Output

A 2 pole motor is very efficient. It has 3600 rpm at 60 Hz and produces 1.5 ft.-lbs of torque per horsepower(HP). But a 2 pole motor consumes less energy. So the work output is very poor. 

Therefore, 2 motor poles are not suitable for heavy-duty RC rally cars.

On the other hand, a 4 pole motor is less efficient. It has 1800 rpm at 60 Hz and produces 3.0 ft.-lbs of torque per HP. It consumes more energy, so it’s best for heavy-duty RC trucks and cars.

Winner: 4 pole motor is a step ahead when it comes to heavy-duty RC car driving. But if you are using a light RC car, go for the 2 pole motor.

Vibration and Noise

Both the motors have a stable vibration performance. As soon as the critical speed of the motors separates from the operating speed, the vibration starts. It remains consistent throughout the performance for both motors.

A 2 pole motor doesn’t have an advanced rotor balancing control. So, it makes comparatively more noise than a 4 pole motor.

4 pole motors have a lower rotor speed. So they don’t make loud noises like 2 pole motors.

Winner: Here, the winner is clearly the 4 pole motor. It gives an overall good vibration and noise performance.

Servicing and Maintenance

You have to check on your 2 pole motor frequently and it needs high maintenance. A 2 pole motor requires a gearbox which is difficult to maintain. 

We have a list of top-quality gearboxes for your 2 pole motor. Check out the list-

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These gearboxes are durable and provide very good performance. 

On the other hand, 4 pole motors require maintenance and servicing too. But you can take long intervals from the maintenance. 

Winner: 4 pole motors win this battle.

Cooling System

A 2 pole motor does not come with a cooling fan. This is not a major issue if you are using it in cold weather. But in hot weather, this can cause you big trouble.

4 pole motors come with a cooling system. It has a cooling fan and fan holder attached to the motor. You can control the cooling fan too. So, you can use the cooling fan when the weather is hot. And turn it off in the cold weather.

Winner: 4 pole motor undoubtedly wins this one.


2 pole motors will cost you around $ 40-50. These are very reasonable and budget-friendly. That’s why most of the RC cars come with a 2 pole motor.

A good quality 4 pole motor can cost you up to $80-100. So, if it gets damaged somehow, you have to spend a lot of money to fix it.

Winner: If you don’t want to spend a lot, go for the 2 pole motor. But, if you have a high budget go for the 4 pole motor.

Final Verdict

Now you have all the information about both of the poles. So, it should be easier for you to pick a motor.

If you are new to RC car driving, it is better if you choose a 2 pole motor. Because it is budget-friendly and easily changeable. It gives you great speed so you’ll enjoy driving the car.

Choose a 4 pole motor if you are an RC enthusiast. That will be a great choice for racing cars like Redcat and Traxxas.

That should be it. Now choose the motor that meets your criteria.


Question: How to identify a 2 pole and a 4 pole motor?

Answer: A 2 pole motor is generally cylindrical in shape. On the other hand, a 4 pole model can come in different shapes. But usually, they are not cylindrical.

Question: Can we use the same ESC for both motors?

Answer: No, you can’t use the same ESC for these poles. You can connect the 2 pole motor with the 4 pole motor ESC, it’ll work perfectly. But you can’t attach a 4 pole motor with the 2 pole ESC. The RC car will catch fire if you do that.

Question: Which pole motor lasts long?

Answer: Both of the motors are durable and long-lasting. But a 4 pole motor lasts longer and has more damage control power.


That’s all we could explain on 2 pole vs 4 pole motor. As now you know better about the motors, you’ll choose the best one. 

Don’t forget to share your final selection of the motor with us.

Till then, have a great day ahead!

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