2 Pole VS 4 Pole VS 6 Pole Brushless Motor

Short Notes on 2 Pole VS 4 Pole VS 6 Pole Brushless Motor

Motor is the main power generating unit of RC planes. While setting up the plane it’s essential to use a suitable motor. But choosing the correct motor can be hard. 

Brushless motors with various numbers of poles are available in the market. Among them, 2 pole, 4 pole, and 6 pole motors are the most popular ones. 

But which one is the best between 2 pole vs 4 pole vs 6 pole brushless motor?

When it comes to RPM,  2 pole motors have come on top. Whereas 6 pole motors have the most output with the least RPM. 4 pole motors fall in between the 2 and 6 poles. Anyway, the cost of 6 pole motors is higher than the other two.

This is only the beginning. There is a lot more information undisclosed. Please keep reading to know it all.

Short Comparison 

The main work of 2 poles, 3 poles, and 4 pole brushless motors is the same. They supply the power needed to fly the plane. But their performance varies largely based on the number of poles. 

Comparing the pole numbers is as complex as comparing rc motor turn rate. So you have to be very careful and precise in this task. And that will require lots of time. But I am here to help you! 

I have made a short comparison table to save you some time. Have a good look at it.

Factors 2 Pole Brushless Motor 4 Pole Brushless Motor 6 Pole Brushless Motor 
Configuration 2 Magnetic Poles4 Magnetic Poles6 Magnetic Poles
RPM 360018001200
Efficiency HighestLess Than 2 PoleLess Than 4 Pole
Work Output LowestHigher Than 2 PoleHigher Than 4 Pole
Maintenance Low Medium High 
NoiseToo LoudMedium Loud Relatively Less Loud
Suitability Light JobsHeavy JobsMore Heavy Jobs
PriceBudget-FriendlyHigh Price Very High Price 

You can make a fast decision after observing this table. But if you are in for an in-depth review, continue reading. Below I will compare all the motors more elaborately.

Extended Comparison 

There are many differences between 2 pole 4 pole and 6 pole motors. So you will have to be patient while comparing them. 

Source: rogertechnology.it

Let’s start without wasting any more time. 


The basic difference between these 3 types of motors is in their configuration. Motors are configured by assembling rotors and stators. There are magnetic windings in the stators. Each magnet has two poles, north, and south.

To modify the performance of the motor, more poles are added. In a two-pole motor, there is an electromagnet with 2 poles. Whereas in 4 pole motors there are four electromagnets. Here 2 north and 2 south poles are formed.

There are also differences between 4 pole and 6 pole motors in the magnet configuration. In a 6 pole motor 3 electromagnets are used. So 3 north and 3 south poles are formed. This setting is crucial for the capability of the motors.


The term RPM stands for Rotations Per Minute. We know that motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. This happens through the rotation of the motor. RPM shows the number of complete rotations in a minute. 

It’s a very significant characteristic of the motor. The RPM decreases with the increase of poles of the motor. A two-pole motor has the highest RPM and it is 3600. When the pole number is doubled the RPM becomes half. So a 4 pole motor has 1800 RPM.

The difference between 2 pole and 6 pole motors in RPM is large. The 6-pole motor can generate only 1200 RPM. A higher RPM of the motor means more speed for the RC plane. So even with fewer poles, you get a great speed by using a 2 pole motor.


Efficiency is nothing but the ratio of mechanical power produced and electrical power supplied. Efficiency shows the capability of a motor. By comparing efficiencies you can determine which motor produces more power for the least supply. 

The efficiency of the brushless motors reduces with more poles. In between 2 pole vs 4 pole brushless motors, efficiency is more in 2 poles. Between 4 pole vs 6 pole brushless motor, 4 pole motor has higher efficiency. 

So the 2 pole motor will generate more power for a lesser supply. This can be significant for economical purposes. Also, the 4 pole motor will be more economical than the 6 pole motor.

To generate power in the RC plane motor you will need LiPo batteries. I have some suggestions for you.

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Work Output 

The output of the motor means the work done by the motor. It also resembles the power of the motor. Work output is usually the product of the torque and speed of the motor. From the work output, the performance of the motor can be judged easily.

The output is highest in a 6-pole motor. It decreases significantly for the 2 poles and 4 pole motors. We have observed that 6 pole motors have the lowest RPM. Yet, it has the highest output because of the high amount of torque generated.

So 2 pole motors generate the least amount of torque. Hence it has the least output. We can say that with more poles the output will increase. Because of this, there’s a huge difference between 4 pole and 8 pole motor output.



Like any other electrical and mechanical machines, brushless motors also require maintenance. Maintenance is very important for the longevity of the motors. It enables the motors to perform at the best level. 

But the requirement of maintenance is different depending on pole numbers. The need for maintenance increases if the poles of the motors are increased. So the two-pole motors require the least maintenance. 

On the other hand, 4 pole motors will need more maintenance than the previous one. The 6 pole motors require the highest maintenance. Frequent maintenance can cost some bucks. So this will increase the expenditure of the motor owner.


Motors produce a great amount of noise while functioning. The level of this sound is different for different types. For example, the noise level is different in 1806 motors compared to 2204 motors. The noise also varies for different poles of the motor.

Most noise is produced by the 2 pole motors. It is too loud and can be annoying. In the case of a 4 pole motor, the sound somewhat decreases. Still, it is noisy. The 6 pole motors generate the least noise. So it’s more comfortable to be around 6 pole motors. 


The primary mechanism of these three brushless motors is the same. But they are not suitable for all types of work. Depending on their output and capability, each motor has a unique application. Let’s check them out.

The two-pole brushless motors are suitable for light work. They produce very less torques compared to the other two variants. As a result, they are not useful for heavy work. So what is the difference between a 2 pole and 4 pole motor?

The 4 pole motor can do heavier work than the two-pole motors. However, they are weaker than the 6-pole motors. In case of doing heavy work, 6 pole motors are the best. You can select them without much thinking about tough situations.


Price is an important factor even while comparing motor sizes of rc. 

After going through the above discussion it’s easy to guess the price range of these 3 motors. Because of the complex configuration, the price of the 6 pole motor is the most. 4 pole motors come at a low price due to less number of electromagnets.

And the cheapest option is the two-pole motor. Since it is a simply designed motor, the built cost is less. Thus the price is also low.

This is the end of the discussion on motors of different pole numbers. Now you have to make your choice. In the next section, I will talk about my views on this matter.

Final Verdict

The 2 pole, 4 pole, and 6 pole motors have their characteristics. The advantages and disadvantages are also very different. So it is not very easy to make a selection.

If your preference is RPM, go with the two-pole motor. It has a high rate of rotations. The price is also less. But you won’t get enough torque to do heavy work. You will also have to endure the high noise of the two-pole motor.

Source: brushlessemotor.com

For heavier works, 4 pole and 6 pole motors are the best. The noise is less with more torque. However, the RPM will decrease simultaneously. They are costly too. The 4 pole motor is better if you want to save some bucks.


Is Pole Number Significant in Brushless Motors?

Yes, pole number is significant in brushless motors. The pole number depends on the number of electromagnets present in the motor. Electromagnets are directly responsible for the power generating mechanism of the motor. So the speed, torque, and efficiency of the motor vary with the pole number.

Is it Possible to Increase the Speed of the Motor Over its Rated Speed? 

It is possible to increase the speed of the motor over its rated speed. This can be done by increasing the frequency of the supply. But there are some limitations to doing so. Firstly the voltage can not cross the terminal voltage. The mechanical withstand capability is also to be maintained. 

How Do You Increase Motor RPM?

Using stronger electromagnets increases the RPM. Moreover, the intensity of power also increases the ROM. Also, more turns in the coil are useful to enhance the speed. Another great way of improving the RPM is by reducing the frictions.


Now you can easily choose between 2 pole vs 4 pole vs 6 pole brushless motor. 

I did my best to gather all the necessary factors in this discussion. Just overview the short and detailed comparison and hopefully you can now judge them perfectly.


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