2s lipo vs 7 cell nimh

2s LiPo vs 7 Cell NiMH: Choose the One for You!

Battery is an inseparable part of remote-controlled devices. There is no way to make them remote-controlled without a battery. So a high-quality battery is a must for the better performance of the device.

The 2s LiPo and 7 Cell NiMH batteries are two high-quality batteries. But which is the best between 2s LiPo vs 7 Cell NiMH?

There are many differences between the 2s LiPo and 7 Cell NiMH. In terms of voltage, the NiMH battery is better. But the weight and efficiency of the LiPo battery are ideal. The Lipo battery also has a higher and maintained discharge rate. But the price of NiMH is lower than the LiPo one.

This is only the beginning of the comparison. There are many more details yet to be unveiled. Kindly stay with me to know it all!

Short Comparison 

The main function of both 2S LiPo and 7 Cell NiMH is the same. Yet there are many differences between these two batteries just like 9.6 NiMH and 7.4 LiPo.

2S LiPo and 7 Cell NiMH
Source: urcraceway.com

Below I have presented all the differences in a single table. 

Factors2s LiPo7 cell NiMH 
Material Lithium Nickel 
Voltage 7.4 Volts8.4 Volts
Maintaining DischargeContinuous Discontinuous 
Rated Amp10040
Lasting DurationMoreLess
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

But again, these are just a brief summary. But don’t worry. We have elaborated on these factors as much as possible.

Before moving on to the next segment check out this graph for a comprehensive view.

2s lipo vs 7 cell nimh comparison chart

You can get a clear idea of the differences between these two batteries from this graph. Go through the next sections to know everything. 

Extended Comparison 

Here I have discussed the differences between the batteries with more information. This information will help you to make your decision more easily. So have a look at it!


The most important difference between 7 cell NiMH vs 2s LiPo is their built material. The batteries are made from two completely different materials. 

The LiPo battery is made from Lithium Polymer. These are very well known for making batteries.

Almost all mobile phone batteries are made from LiPo. They are very lightweight with a great storage capacity. 

However, keep in mind that LiPo batteries are prone to bursting. So, be careful while using them.  

On the other hand, NiMH batteries are made from Nickel-metal hydride.

It consists of less toxic materials. The peak power of this battery is also high. The NiMH battery is very environmentally friendly because of all these features.

Some of my favourite NiMH batteries have to be from the brand Venom. It has a lot of variations that cater to specific mAh. 

The Venom 8.4V 4200mAh, Venom 8.4V 5000mAh and finally the Venom 8.4V 3000mAh 7-Cell NiMH Battery are all amazing options. 

Winner: 7 Cell NiMH Battery 


A very important aspect of the batteries is their voltage output. The speed of the motor depends on the maximum voltage of the battery. 

With more voltage, the motor gets more speed. Here, the 7-cell NiMH battery can generate 8.4 volts. 

Whereas, the LiPo can generate 7.4 volts. The volt production of NiMH is more than the LiPo. 

7-cell NiMH battery
Source: amazon.com

So the top speed of the NiMH battery will be more than the 2S LiPo battery. This is a very significant attribute. 

Winner: 7 Cell NiMH battery 


Another significant factor of different types of RC batteries is their weight. Lighter batteries work well for RC drones and cars. Because light batteries are easier to carry. And the speed doesn’t decrease due to the weight.

The weight of the NiMH battery is more than the weight of the LiPo battery. This is due to the built material. 

Nickel is a heavy metal. So the battery also becomes heavy. On the contrary, LiPo batteries are well known for their low weight. 

Winner: 2S LiPo Battery 

Rated Amp

Rated amp means the safe rate at which the battery can get charged or discharged. It is also known as C-rating. 

By this characteristic, we can understand the power of the battery. NiMH vs lipo charging also becomes clear from this factor.

More amps mean more power produced by the battery. The rated amp of the 2S LiPo battery is 100 amps. And the 7-cell NiMH battery has a rated amp of 40 amps. 

The LiPo battery is miles ahead of the NiMH battery in this aspect. So it can produce more power for the motor. 

Winner: 2S LiPo Battery 

Maintaining Discharge

It is very important that the battery can maintain a continuous discharge rate. Because only then the motor will rotate at a constant speed. Or else, the speed of the motor will decrease with time.

The discharge rate of the 2S LiPo Battery is higher than the 7 Cell NiMH battery. 

However, in the first stage, the NiMH battery has more discharging capacity. But with time this rate decreases. Thus the speed also decreases. 

Now, you may wonder what are the advanced features of the LiPo battery?

Well, an advanced feature of the LiPo battery can be that it maintains a constant discharge rate. As a result, a constant motor speed is available. This is one of the features of the LiPo battery which is unavailable in 7-cell NiMH. 

But remember that not all LiPo batteries have these amazing features. From my experience, I’ve found only some to work as well as they should. 

Some of my go-to LiPo batteries that never disappoint are:

Using these will affirm your belief that LiPo batteries are indeed superior. 

Winner: 2S LiPo Battery. 

Lasting Duration

The lasting duration of the 7-cell NiMH and 2S LiPo battery is also different. Lasting duration means the amount of time the battery can supply power. So, do LiPo batteries last longer than NiMH? 

Yes, LiPo batteries last longer. The 2s LiPo batteries perform for a longer period of time than the NiMH batteries. This is because of the efficiency of the LiPo battery. The energy density of LiPo batteries is about four times more than nickel batteries. 

For this reason, the battery lasts longer than the NiMH one. This can be a very crucial factor for many buyers. 

Winner: 2S LiPo Battery. 


Let’s talk about the last but not least aspect of these two batteries. Now I am going to talk about the price of the 2S LiPo and 7-cell NiMH battery. The LiPo 2s battery costs more than the Nickel Metal Hydride battery. 

The price of 7 cell NiMH battery ranges from $25-$50. Whereas, the cost of LiPo batteries is around $40-$60.

Nickel Metal Hydride battery
Source: carousell.sg

The reason behind this is the low cost of nickel. On the other hand, Lithium costs way more than Nickel. As a result, the price of the 2s LiPo battery becomes high too.

Winner: 7 Cell NiMH Battery.

These are the main comparison factors of the 7-cell NiMH and 2s LiPo battery. Now you have to make your call. Anyway, I will present my views on this matter below to help you more.

Final Verdict: Which One Should be Your Pick? 

Choosing between the 2s LiPo and 7 Cell NiMH is harder than choosing between 50c, 80c, & 100c. Yet I will try to choose between them from a neutral point of view. 

So, is LiPo better than NiMH? Let’s see!

The 7-cell NiMH battery can produce better voltage than the 2S LiPo. It also costs less. But only in these two factors, does NiMH leads the race. And in every other factor, the LiPo 2s battery is miles ahead.

The 2s LiPo battery comes with low weight and is more efficient. The discharge rate of this battery is more. It also lasts for a longer time than the 7-cell NiMH battery. But the cost of this one is more.

If you don’t have any issues with your budget, the 2s LiPo battery will be the ideal choice. And if you have a tight budget, you should go for the 7-cell NiMH battery. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is 2s LiPo faster than NiMH? 

Yes, 2s LiPo is faster than NiMH. The speed of the battery depends on various factors. The discharge rate and maintaining the discharge rate are the two most important factors. 2s LiPo has a high discharge rate. And it can also maintain this rate. Thus it also begins faster. 

Can you overcharge NiMH batteries?

Yes, you can overcharge NiMH batteries. The battery will get overcharged if the charger is plugged in after a full charge. You can check if the battery is overcharging by inspecting its temperature. High temperature is a side effect of overcharging. Overcharging the battery will decrease its lifetime 

Can NiMH batteries explode? 

Yes, NiMH batteries can explode. But the chances of an explosion are very rare. Batteries contain electrolytes inside them. When these electrolytes leak, the battery can explode. However proper care has been taken to prevent leakage in NiMH batteries. So the possibility of an explosion is also low.

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