3650 vs 3660 vs 3670 Brushless Motor

3650 vs 3660 vs 3670 Brushless Motor [A Complete Guide]

Whether passion or hobby, finding the perfect motor for your beloved RC is a must for you.

The decision can get a bit tough, if you are to choose between 3650, 3660, and 3670 brushless motors.

3650 vs 3660 vs 3670 brushless motor– which ones are the best?

There are some specific differences between 3650,3660 and 3670. First of all, there is a structural difference between these motors. For example, the 3670 has a larger motor length than the 3660, 3650. Aside from that, they are different in size showdown and RPM rating.

You need to acquire more information for selecting the perfect motor between 3650, 3660, 3670.

Since I am an RC nerd like you, I have brought just the article enough for you to understand the difference.

Hop in and buckle up, let’s select the right motor!

Head-on-Head Comparison

The first and foremost part of comparing is a head-on-head quick check of that particular thing. 

Let’s see the short comparison between 3650,3660 and 3670 brushless motors:

Things to compare365036603670
Motor housing length50 mm60 mm70 mm
Shaft diameter 3.1755 mm5 mm
Made for1/10 RC cars1/10 RC cars1/8 RC cars
Motor housing diameter363636
Weight 178 Grams195 Grams334 Grams
Dimension3.5 x 3.2 x 2 Inches4.3 x 2.76 x 1.77 Inches2.76 x 1.42 x 1.42 Inches

There goes the head-on-head comparison! Now let’s see what it looks like deep in the ocean!

Broad Comparison

A quick review can give us snippets of information. However, for a better understanding, you need to go to the roots.

 Let’s have a deep comparison between 3650,3660 and 3670 brushless RC motors.

Size Showdown

Let’s start with the size of these motors first.

The size of the 3650 brushless motors contains two major parameters. The diameter of the motor is 36 mm and the length of the motor is 88 mm.

Source: eurorc.com

On the other hand, for the 3660 RC motor, the length of the motor is  60 mm and the diameter is almost 30mm.

The 3670 RC motor has a length of 50 mm. The diameter is somewhat of 40 mm.

The size of the RC motor is a major thing to consider when you are up for selecting a motor. The size puts an impact on the RPM and efficiency of the motor. 

So, based on the dimensions, select which should take, 3650,3660 or 3670? Then check the RC brushless motor size chart!

Verdict: The 3650 wins the category for sizes

Appropriate Motor for RC Cars 

Now you will use the motor, only when that motor is appropriate for your RC car. 

Thus, which RC cars are best for 3650,3660 and 3670 RC motors, a question arises.

The 3650 brushless RC motor is a perfect motor for any 1/10 scale RC car. You can see this user having a great time running their RC on 3650 motor.

The same goes for the 3660 brushless motors. You can easily operate an RC car that is one-tenth of an original vehicle. 

Source: hobbyking.com

However, 3670 is a bit different. Using this brushless motor, you can operate RC cars of 1/8 ratios. 

So, check the scale of your RC car. Then Select the types of motor that you need. Otherwise, you may end up seeing your RC car steering twitching .

Verdict: It’s a tie because the need for specific batteries differs from RC to RC.


Motor and RPM. A pair that cannot be broken.

The 3650 brushless motor comes with an RPM value of fifty thousand. This is the maximum RPM you can get from a 3650 motor.

Let’s have a look at 3660 and 3670 motors. The maximum RPM you can get from these motors is 60,000. Much more than 3650, right?

However, the value of this can vary. You can get different RPMs for the Same motor because of different KV values. So, keep an eye out for the KV of your motor as well.

Verdict: The 3660 and 3670 motors have the highest RPM

Available KV

Every motor has a specific allotment of KVs. Whether it’s brushed Rc motors or brushless. Thus it’s necessary to find the KV before you try to put a brushless ESC with your brushless motor.

Here’s a basic list of the available KV values of 3650,3660 and 3670 motors.

Name of the modelAvailable KVs
3650 Brushless Motor2300 KV, 3100 KV, 3600 KV, 4500 KV, 5200 KV,5900 KV, 6900 KV, 7700 KV
3660 Brushless Motor2200 KV, 2600 KV, 3100 KV, 3500 KV, 4200 KV
3670 Brushless Motor1350 KV, 1700 KV, 2050 KV, 2600 KV

For 3650, there is a huge variation KV value available. You can select any one of them based on your preference. The maximum KV that you can typically get is 7700 KV.

3660 also offers a wide variety of KVs. The highest you can get is 4200 KV.

In this case, 3670 offers a smaller amount of KVs, for both value and range. Only 2600 KV you can get as the highest KV for 3670.

Verdict: The 3650 motor has the highest variation of KV value.

Source: rcjuice.com

Based on this Infos, choose your motor wisely!

Ideal One

This is it! The time of choice has come. 3650, 3660, 3670 all are great brushless motors.

Which one is the best? That depends on the way you want to use it. Here’s a table to help you with that: 

If you want a variety of KV values, you can go for 3650. For the highest RPM, 3660 is there for you. If your RC car has a scale of 1/8, then go for 3670.

Last but not the least, do take care of the motor properly. Because if you don’t, you’ll end up motor problems. These problems can be pretty similar to the motor issues of blade nano qx.


Are Brushless and Brushed Motors Same?

No. Technically, one motor comes with a brush while the other one doesn’t. Brushless motors have more efficiency than brushed motors. Since the former is free of extra brushwork. Besides, brushless motors are more silent. However, brushed motors are reasonable and can produce bigger torque.

Which One is Better? Higher KV or Lower KV?

For higher torque, lower KV is perfect. Lower KV means a higher amount of voltage for a small amount of current flow. You can get a high torque and fly bigger propellers. On the other hand, A higher KV means more current flow for a small amount of voltage. You can spin tiny propellers at high speed.

Is 1/8 RC Car is Bigger Than 1/10 RC Car?

Obviously, 1/8 RC cars are bigger than that of 1/10. The parts of a 1/8  RC car are commonly heavier than any 1/10 RC car. Generally, a 1/10 weighs not more than 3 kg. Whereas, 1/8  RC cars have a mass of four and a half kilograms. The tires of a 1/8 RC car are also bigger than 1/10.


That’s it! We have reached the end of our journey!  Now, choose the winner of the match “3650 vs 3660 vs 3670 brushless motors”. If you can’t, you can go for further assistance from any RC geek.

I shall take your leave then.

May the speed be with you!

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