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540 Vs 550 Motors- Which Is Better?


A lot of people in the RC can’t choose between a 540 and a 550 motor. It’s mainly because they’re confused about them and they don’t know enough to judge them. So, we’ve come forward to answer your question-

Which is a better motor between 540 vs 550?

The 550 motors are slightly bigger than 540 motors. They have bigger magnets and longer armatures. So, naturally 550 motors are more powerful than the 540s. The 550s need 3s or 4s batteries whereas the 540s need 2s or lower. The 540s are ideal for lightweight vehicles and the 550s for heavy vehicles.

This is not all the information we have for you. This article goes more into the details of these motors.

Wanna find them out? Read along!

540 Vs. 550: Notable Differences

Before you get to know the detailed differences, let’s get you familiar with the key features and differences. This will help you paint a better picture of the products beforehand. And help you understand the differences better.

540 Motor 550 Motor
Needs 2s or lower battery Needs 3s or 4s battery
Slightly smaller in size Slightly bigger in size
Normal magnets Bigger magnets
Normal armatures  Longer armatures
Normally powerful Slightly more powerful

You shouldn’t judge from just this information. Keep on reading to find out more about these motors

540Vs. 550: In-Depth Discussion

540 and 550 motors are very similar in a lot of ways. But, we’ll discuss all about the small number of differences that they do have. 

By now, you already know all about the key differences between 540 and 550 motors. Let’s go into an in-depth discussion and find out which one’s better-

Power Usage or Output

Something that most people are confused with is the power difference in these motors. These people conduct tests on many different RCs but they never find the difference. The thing is if you run these motors at the same voltage, you’ll never find the difference.

What these fail to understand is, you need stronger batteries to use a 550 most effectively. And these won’t work the same on a 540. 

For example, on a 540, it’s ideal to use a 2s Lipo battery or lower. But when it comes to a 550, you should use a 3s or a 4s Lipo battery. The choice is yours.

Why don’t we go more in-depth and find out how these motors work on different batteries-

2s Lipo Battery

Let’s say that you try out both motors on a 2s. You’ll barely feel the difference. A 540 is a much smaller engine compared to a 550. 540s work best when there’s around 8.4 V or less than that running through them.

Anything over that will cause the motor to overheat. The electricity will be for naught. And you will have wasted a stronger battery for nothing. 

On the other hand, think of a 550 as a fitting upgrade for a bigger engine. These engines can bring out much more power. But you have to do your part and give them the necessary amount of fuel. And by fuel, we’re talking about voltage here.

Run both motors on a 2s or 8.4V, you won’t find the difference.

3s or 4s Lipo Battery

A 3s or a 4s is perfect for a 550 motor. Then again, they won’t work so efficiently on a 540 motor.

550 motors are amp-hungry, so you should have batteries with high C ratings. Most people would tell you it’s okay to have a C2 battery with a 550 motor. But we’d tell you it’s wiser to use a C4.

There’s not much of a difference between C2 and C4 batteries. But, it’s wiser to get familiar with it if you’re already not.

A 550 motor can go as fast as 25 mph on a 2s. But on a 3s, it can go up to 34 mph. You can see the difference in power as soon as you change batteries.

A 2s battery will not be able to handle that power. The plastic inserts, metal bushings, and input wires can overheat.On the other hand, if you use a 3s on a 540, the motor will overheat. A 3s is too powerful for a 540.

Most people use a 550 on monster trucks or crawlers. You should lookout for the best crawlers that you can use a 550 on.


When it comes to size, they’re the same in terms of diameter. But lengthwise, a 550 can be much larger than a 540.

Both of these motors have a diameter of 35 mm. But the length of a 540 is 50 mm. And the length of a 550 can range from 55 mm to 90 mm. It depends on the brand.

In those extra lengths, the 550s contain extra parts or longer parts. Let’s talk about what happens in a brushed motor first.

On a brushed motor, the armature is longer and the magnets are bigger. Bigger magnets mean stronger magnetic fields. Which in terms mean they draw more power. The more power they draw, the more power they make..

And, on a brushless motor, the rotors and stators are much longer comparatively. Which also means they make more power.

Now, since the 550s have bigger magnets and rotors, they also have more wires wrapped inside them. The RPM of the 550s might be lower than the 540s. But, the 550s come with more torque.

The 540s are used on lightweight cars like stadium trucks and 2WD buggies. And the 550s are used on heavier cars like monster trucks. So, they need to make good use of that higher torque.

Here’s a list of monster trucks that work best with the 550 motor-

Product 1
Product 2

Final Verdict

Both 540 and 550 are great motors. But they’re both winners in their own field. The 540 is best suited in lightweight vehicles. And the 550 is best suited in heavy vehicles.

It all comes down to what type of vehicles you want to drive. If you’re a beginner in the RC world, then they’ll both give you very good service. 

If you’re fine with a normal powered vehicle, then go for the 540. But if you want a little extra power, go with the 550s.

There’s one other thing that can confuse you at times. That is, the difference between brushed and brushless motors. So when you buy your motor, check if they’re brushed or brushless.

Choose the motor of your selection and enjoy.


Question: Since the 540 has a higher RPM, should I go for that if I want speed?

Answer: A higher RPM doesn’t necessarily mean more speed. You need to have a good combo of motor and battery for speed.

Question: What does the 540 or the 550 mean on a motor?

Answer: The number defines the size of a motor. They’re both 36 mm in diameter.

Question: How many amps are drawn by a 540 motor?

Answer: A 540 motor draws 5.02 amp current.


This is everything you need to know about 540 vs 550 motors. Go with the 540 if you don’t watch much power. But, if you want power, go with 550.

If you have any more questions, let us know in the comments.

Good Luck!

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