800kv vs 1100kv motor

800kv Vs 1100kv Motor: Which One to Choose?

As an RC user, your aim would be to get the best possible performance from it. And using the right motor is a significant part of it. But, there are so many to choose from. Take the 800kv or 1100kv motors, for example.

Do not sweat. Because, here we will provide a detailed comparison between 800kv vs 1100kv motor.

The performance of a motor depends on factors like RPM, speed, power etc. 1100 kv gives much higher RPM than the 800 kv motor. It makes the motor spin faster. Hence, you get more speed. An 1100kv motor provides more power, as well. Also, in terms of overall efficiency, 1100 kv beats the 800kv motor.

Not sure yet? Do not worry. Because, in this article, we provide everything you need to know about these motors. That will surely help you weigh down the options better and  decide the best one.

Just keep scrolling to find out!

A Brief Comparison

A motors performance depends on a few factors. Factors like the RPM of the motor.  What speed it is able to provide. Plus, whether the amount of power and torque it delivers is good enough.

All these factors determine the overall efficiency of a motor. 

rc motor
Source: hobbiesdirect.com.au

In choosing between 800kv vs 1100kv motor as well, we’ve to consider them all.

For that reason, below we have provided a brief snapshot for you. From this you can briefly have a look at the difference between 800 and 1100 kv motors. It will not take more than a minute.

Torque GoodGood
RPM11,840 RPM 16280 RPM 

So, that was the quick comparison between the motors for you.

In Depth Comparison

In this part, we will discuss all the above mentioned factors in detail.

The task of differentiating is quite simple. Just like distinguishing between 7 cell nimh vs 2s lipo

Having a detailed knowledge on each factor will help you decide which one you want. Or which one suits your needs or preference.

So, let us jump right in.


RPM generally refers to revolutions per minute. And Kv interprets the RPM rate of any motor per Volt. 

A higher RPM is very significant for the efficiency of the motor. It determines a motor’s power, speed, and overall efficiency.

And the higher the RPM, the better it is.

Now let us see a simple calculation showing the difference between a 800kv motor on a 4s LiPo (14.8v nom) and a 1100kv motor operating on 4s. 

A 800kv motor would spin-

( 800 x 14.8 ) = 11,840 RPM 

And a 1100 kv motor would spin 

( 1100 x 14.8 ) = 16280 RPM. 

So, it is clear that a 1100 kv motor has a higher RPM.

Winner: The 1100 kv motor is, without a doubt, our winner here.


As a RC car driver, you would surely want your car to go faster. That means you simply expect the tires to rotate faster. 

And faster spinning motors makes sense if you are attempting to obtain higher axle speed from your RC car. And a higher RPM will give you exactly that. 

So, is a 1100 Kv motor faster? 

Yes, a 1100 Kv motor has the ability to operate the car to run very fast. Tire spins way faster in it. Causing it to speed up.

A dream for any RC racer. You can get yourself a 1100 kv motor if you want a speedier run. 

On the other hand, 800 kv motors will not be able to provide as much speed. It simply can not operate that fast. And it runs significantly slower than a 1100 kv motor.

Does not matter if you are using a sensored motor combined with sensorless esc. The outcome stays the same.

Winner: So, if you want higher speed, which of course you do, go for  an 1100kv motor!


The general idea is any motor with higher Kv will not have as much Torque.

However, in the case of 1100 kv, the notion seems quite erroneous. Because, a 1100 kv provides an ideal amount of torque to run the car.

However, this idea seems true for much higher Kv motors. For example, 2200 kv, 3000 kv and 4000 Kv motors. 

In terms of torque, these higher Kv motors lag behind. .

But not the 1100 Kv. The 1100 Kv Torque is as good as the 800 Kv torque.


Who does not want a powerful RC car? 

It enhances the experience so much more. And RC users are always looking for the most powerful drive.

So, read on if you are curious about 1100 kv motor power.

A 1100 kv motor is able to provide more power. The reason being its super high rotational motor speeds. Which means the motor is able to make more power.

A 800 kv motor has compartively lower rotational motor speeds. Which eventually leads up to it making less power. And you do not want that.

Winner: Once again, in terms of power, our winner is the 1100 kv motor!

Which One Should You Choose?

1100 kv motor
Source: hobbywingdirect.com

So, you have gone through the detailed comparison between 1100 kv vs 800 kv motors.

Now it is time to choose one.

As we have mentioned, every RC racer wants a faster speed of their car. It enhances the overall experience tremendously!

And due to a higher RPM, an 1100 kv is able to provide much more speed. Way faster than an 800 kv motor.

When it comes to power, 1100 has super high rotational motor speeds. 

That only implies that the motor is able to make more power. And thus it is able to provide you a power-packed ride!

Both 1100 kv and 800 kv motors are capable of providing good torque.

Now let us discuss the overall efficiency which is actually determined by a few factors. Such as, the speed, power, RPM etc. The higher they are, the better the performance!

Hence, if you consider the overall efficiency, 800 kv can not beat an 1100 kv motor. 

Not only that! 1100 Kv motors are even used in quadcopter airplanes, as well!

So, without a doubt, our recommendation would be to go for the 1100 kv motor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does higher Output RPM mean?

A higher output RPM means you get a faster spinning motor. It makes the rc car tires rotate much faster. Thus you get a faster performance from your rc car. Not only that. A higher RPM also provides much power to the drive. So, it makes the overall driving experience better.

How fast is a 3300KV brushless motor?

A 3300KV brushless motor speeds upto about 50 to 60 mph. They are included mostly along with a 60 Amp LiPO brushless ESC. Also, they can be found in a 3500 mAh LIPO battery. This proves a superior accuracy and power to your RC car.

What does KV mean on a motor?

The Kv rating on a motor points out the RPM. It is the RPM that a motor would spin at full throttle when given the input voltage. To calculate the RPM rate of any motor, just multiply the Kv rating by your battery voltage. A higher Kv gives more speed and power.

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