DJI assistant mac problems and solutions

DJI Assistant Mac Problems and Solutions [Explained]

You have bought your favorite DJI drone and now you want to connect via DJI Assistant. However, when installing the DJI Assistant software, you face some problems. 

The software is not installed or operating properly. You might be thinking about DJI Assistant Mac Problems and Solutions the right way.

You might discover that your DJI Assistant software is not installed. Also, you might face a connection problem. Network errors or even operating system incompatibility may be the cause of the issue. Worry not, these issues are quite common and require some simple steps to solve.

We’ve discussed these causes and solutions elaborately throughout the article. So, stick with us till the end to find out more.

Let’s begin!

4 Problems with DJI Assistant on Mac & Solution 

You might face several problems while working with DJI Assistant on Mac. Flying the drone becomes difficult. Here are four major reasons why you are facing problems regarding DJI Assistant on Mac.

Panic not, we have discussed DJI Assistant Mac troubleshooting in detail.

Problem 1: DJI Assistant Mac Not Installing

While installing DJI Assistant on Mac, you might face an installation error. You might not be able to set it up on your computer. Here’s someone who faced a similar issue.

This particular issue occurs because of the security and privacy settings of macOS. The software gets blocked by the OS, preventing the installation.


The solution is pretty simple. You just need to

  • Go to the official DJI Assistant mac download page and download the installation package. 
  • After downloading, double-click the file to install. A prompt will show up saying that the installation package is not allowed.
  • Next, click “Open Anyway” in System Preferences > Security & Privacy. Then select “Open” to set up. After installation, the system will tell you that the HoRNDIS driver needs to be installed.
  • Install this driver, Otherwise, the firmware and flight controller data will be affected.

Hope you’re now clear about the solution to the first problem. Now let’s move on to the next issue.

DJI Assistant mac download

Problem 2: DJI Assistant Mac Not Connecting

While connecting your DJI devices to your Mac, you may face connection issues. The Mac might not be able to see the device, causing a connection error.

Several things could cause this to happen. You might be turning on RC and AC and connecting to the Mac. 

You might be using a different cable or even a driver issue might cause the problem. This can be similar to the DJI Mavic connection issue.


  • Do not turn RC & AC on together while connecting. 
  • Try the provided cables. If it doesn’t work, try alternate cables. 
  • The horns driver must be installed for the device to connect. Check if the driver is installed.

Problem 3: DJI Assistant Mac Network Error

While updating your DJI Assistant application, you might face network errors. This prevents the application from updating. 

The fix for this problem is simple like resetting the wifi password of DJI.


  • You can try uninstalling and reinstalling your DJI Assistant application 
  • If the problem persists, you can click the retry button next to the network error message.
DJI Assistant Mac Network Error

Problem 4: DJI Assistant Incompatible with macOS 

You might face this problem if you are using DJI Assistant on macOS Catalina. Worry not, there is a quick workaround for this issue. 


  • Click Quit when “HoRNDIS is not compatible” pops up and exits the installation.
  • Download the installation driver from GitHub.
  • Decompress it and double-click the PKG to install.

Advanced tips & tricks 

DJI Assistant is advanced software with lots of perks. Here are a few of the tips and tricks;

  • There is a flight simulator mode integrated into the software. You can fly virtual drones using the remote controller.
  • Using a Faster SD card can ease up the operation and data collection. Also, you should take out the propellers and gimbal guard. 
  • Photography and Videography is also a good aspect of your DJI device. To get the best results, you can clean your DJI camera lenses regularly. 
  • Using tripod mode for capturing shots is also beneficial.
  • If you use NATS Drone Assistant, you can find out what the rules are in your area. Do keep an eye on that to avoid legal problems.
  • To get home easily, set your Return to Home (RTH) altitude. Do this before starting, Your drone will automatically return to its home point after hitting RTH altitude.

Hopefully, these tips will ease up your DJI Assistant Mac operation & maintenance.

DJI Assistant Mac operation


What is the best way to transfer files from a DJI device to a mac? 

The easiest way around this is to take the SD card out of the DJI drone and put it into the Mac. A card reader lets you do this. You can also turn on the drone by plugging a USB cord into it. It’s easy to connect to your computer and move files.

Can I view DJI flight logs on my Mac? 

Yes, you can view them on your mac.  Your DJI flight logs are kept in the “FlightRecords” folder. You can drag and drop the whole folder to your desktop. You can check them with the DJI Fly app. Click more and tap on Flight Data Centre to view the log files.

How often should I calibrate my DJI drone?

You should calibrate your drones once every 6 months. Rough handling, hard landings, or even physical damage might cause a need for calibration. However, your drone will give you notice if an IMU calibration is needed. So, No need to worry about that. It can be easily done in DJI Assistant.

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