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The Story Behind RC hobby Tips

RC has been one of the most popular toys for both adults and kids across the globe. Cecil Webb, the founder and chief editor of RC Hobby Tips, is one of those RC enthusiast millennials. 

As a matter of fact, Cecil had come across a number of hindrances and bumps while building himself as the veteran RC expert he is today. Especially, being someone from a non-technical educational background, those volts and amperes and hundreds of other electrical jargon became pretty tough to crack for Cecil. 

Hence, the purpose of creating this little blog is to make this same journey easier for fellow RC lovers. So that, they don’t have to walk the same rough path that Cecil had to. 

And that’s the story behind RC Hobby Tips. 

Who’s Behind The Curtain?

If you have a peek inside the team of RC hobby Tips, you’ll find a bunch of writers, editors, analysts, Professional RC Manufacturers, and SEO/Marketing professionals. The full team looks like quite this- 

  • Writers and Editors: 3
  • Product analysts: 1
  • RC Toys Specialist: 2
  • Research and Development: 2
  • Web Developer and Publisher: 1
  • SEO and Marketing Executive: 1
  • Data analyst: 1

Together, the team puts them in one piece and brings each of the contents into daylight.  

How We’re Keeping Our Content Values Intact?

It’s very easy to publish contents that are below-standard and lack values within them. But Team RC Hobby Team doesn’t believe in that. 

Instead, we take each of our contents through a 3-step iterative process. First, the writer is handed over the idea and he/she writes the contents, then it goes to the editor/proofreader to make sure it’s readable. And finally, the information across the content is verified and cross-checked by a professional RC expert. 

Get In Touch

We are always open to hearing back from you regarding any advice, tips, content suggestions, and literally anything else. Get in touch with us via the contact us page or mail us directly at pr@rchobbytips.com

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