Are mavic drones waterproof

Are Mavic Drones Waterproof? Finding Out The Facts!

Weather is unpredictable and nobody can deny that. You can’t always go out with your drone and expect it won’t rain. 

So it’s normal to wonder, are mavic drones waterproof?

No, the Mavic drones are not really waterproof regardless of what some might perceive. As they don’t have an IP rating one can’t be sure. So if your drone gets exposed to water, the ESCs might get burned. Also, its USB ports, motors, camera, sensors, and gimbal assembly might get damaged.

Still confused? Well, do not worry! Because in here I’ve compiled everything you need to know about this query. Also, I’ve added things to do if your Mavic Drones get drenched.

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Are the Mavic Drones Waterproof? 

No, None of the DJI Mavic series drones is waterproof regardless of the common misperception. 

Most drones possess an IP or Ingress Protection rating. This rating provides specific details like the degree of protection against the solid and liquid material. 

This rating ranges usually on a scale from 0 to 6 for the solid material. And ranges from 0 to 9 for the liquid matter. Here’s an infograph to make it easier to understand-

DJI Mavic series drones is waterproof
Source: Pinterest

It can also be further expanded by the presence of ‘M’. It implies its resistance to certain hazards like high voltage, oil.

So you want to fly dji drone comfortably in the rain or in presence of water. Then it is really important to know the IP rating of the drone.

Because it gives insight into whether or not it’s safe to operate the drone in the rain. Also, it informs how much rain it will be resistant to. 

Don’t worry! it’s not that hard like distinguishing between b4ufly vs airmap vs kittyhawk vs aloft

Banking on its IP rating, a drone can be able to survive anything. Anything starting from light rain or even rainfall at certain angles. Also, a full immersion in the water.

So knowing IP ratings will allow the users to fly the drones in rain with confidence.  

However, unlike different drones that have IP rating as a standard, the Mavic drones do not. So, you can’t certainly claim your dji mini 2 waterproof.

So not having an IP rating, leaves a big gap for the users. As they remain confused as to what to do when the weather is wet.

dji mini 2 waterproof
Source: Droneblog

The Mavic drones don’t have an IP rating asserting all of these specifics. So this leaves the users with plenty of queries. 

Because users don’t really know if, say, their dji mavic air 2 water resistant.

Like how, when, and where the drone can really be used. Some users might get fortunate and enjoy a flight in rain without serious consequences.

However, if you’re willing to switch tastes then I can recommend some great drones with great IP ratings.

  • First of all the Parrot PF728000 ANAFI Drone with an IP rating of 53. Also, as this drone is portable so it’s really easy to carry yet it does not compromise power.
  • The DJI Matrice 300 RTK is another great drone that will perform empathetically in scary conditions. It has an IP rating of 45.
  • However, if you want something to explore underwater then PowerVision PowerRay Explorer is your best bet. Here’s a demo video clip captured with the PowerRay

What Happens If My Mavic Drone Goes in Water?

So maybe the Mavic drone of yours hit water or maybe got too much rain. The chances are the electronic speed controllers (ESCs) of it would get burned. 

ESCs usually manage the power of the drone’s motors. Hence if they blow a fuse, it leads to battery damage.

electronic speed controllers
Source: DroneBlog

Along with that, the residue from the water might wreak havoc on the internal components. Components such as USB ports, motors, cameras, sensors, and gimbal assembly might get damaged. However, sometimes there happens to be dji waterproof camera.

However, this is a rare case. And as the Mavic drones are not really waterproof drone, you should prevent them from touching the water. Try your best. It is safer this way.

Moreover, there is the possibility that after being exposed to water, the drone will have lower performance. Or perhaps the drone’s longevity might be declined in some way. 

The risks clearly outweigh here. So, it is way safer for drone users to keep Mavic drones away from water.

What to Do If the Mavic Drone Gets Wet?

In most cases, water damage is a grey area because there is little guarantee of succeeding.

And few users are lucky enough to revive the drone and prolong its life. That is if they act rapidly enough. 

For example, some perceive dji mavic mini water resistant

Don’t worry, though! The steps are not as complex as comparing dji care refresh vs geek squad

Go through the following steps and your drone might fly in no time!

Step 1: Turn off Power and Remove the Battery

The first thing to do is remove the battery and then dispose of it appropriately.

Because LiPos when damaged by water can be dangerous. Also, you should not try to turn your drone on with that damaged battery. 

Switch the drone’s power off and then remove the battery. Do it as fast as possible. So you can prevent further damage.

Step 2: Rinse with Distilled Water

Now, determine the type of water to which your drone’s been exposed to. Whether it was rainwater, saltwater, or water with some chemicals. It might cause corrosion or electrical shorts.

So, it’s better to rinse the drone off with deionized or distilled water. Get yourself a Ecoxall Premium Grade – Deionized Water from Amazon and you’ll be able to use it for the rest of your drone’s life.

So simply flush a lot of distilled water through your drone and all the components. Then make sure to dry it out with a cloth.

Step 3: Absorb Excess Water from Inside

The typical dry rice method is a generally used technique for drawing out the liquid. It utilizes the raw hydrophilic components of rice in drying up your drone over time.

So attempt taking some outer plastics off. And then place everything in a container filled with raw rice.

And don’t turn it on again till everything is fully dry. You might need to wait at least a week for that. 

And after that, hopefully, the drone would work!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Mavic Drone Fly after Being Exposed to Water?

In some circumstances, the drone should be able to fly. Though it may not be as good as it would be before. But, some cases might cause damage to the components of the drone. For instance, the flight mechanism may be damaged.

Can a Mavic Drone Fly in the Rain?

It’s not recommended to fly your Mavic Pro in rain. Because it will have negative repercussions on the drone’s longevity and functionality. But, you might be able to fly the Mavic Pro in the rain using Wet Suits. So it covers all the components involved. But it is not safe.

What is an IP rating for drones?

The Ingress Protection or IP rating gives insight into whether the drone is water-resistant. And whether it’s safe to operate the drone in the rain. Also, it informs how much rain or water the drone will be resistant to.

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