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Arrma Big Rock Problems? 5 Easy Solutions!

Oh, you got out of the grass field to run your Arrma big rock, and you’re facing a problem! This is really annoying. You can be fed up with your whole day. 

Problems are really common for Arrma big rock. And these problems have some easy fixes. 

So, are you facing Arrma big rock problems?

Not moving your Arrma big rock? Batteries can be installed incorrectly. Install the battery correctly by following the instructions in the battery slot.  You crew cab not reversing? Does this happen for ESC damage? Replace the new unit of ESC. It’s moving without input? Make throttle trim neutral. 

These are just overviews of common problems with the Arrma big rock crew cab. To solve issues completely and correctly you need to explore more. 

Let’s start with quick troubleshooting.

Quick Overview of Arrma Big Rock Common Problems

Arrma Big Rock

You can face a number of problems with Arrma big rock. Here you can take a quick look at the common problems. 

This table will help to find your problem and solution. Let’s have a look at the Arrma big rock problems. 

Problem ReasonSolution

Arrma big rock crew can not move? 
Wrong battery installation in the transmitter.

Low-charged or damaged battery in the module.

Esc has shut down for overheating.

Motor damage.Transmitter damage.
Fit all the batteries in the transmitter. You can take help from an indication sign in the battery slot. 

Charge or install a new battery.

Shut down the module and take time and let it be cold.Replace with a new or fresh motor.

Replace with a new one or call for service. 
Steering problem Waterproof ESC damage.Flash water, heat, and dry the whole transmitter. 
Big rock drives without inputController throttle set incorrectly.Neutralize the transmitter throttle.
Stop after a short runBattery is not fully charged or is a weak battery.

Dirt in the motor, or motor damage.
Charge the battery fully. 

Clean or change the motor
Unusual noise when runMotor bearing damage.Replace the bearings with blue rubber-covered bearings. 

These are the most common problems for all the models of Arrma big rock.  

Next, we’ll briefly discuss these problems, the reasons behind them, and the solutions.

Problem 1: Arrma Big Rock Crew Cab Not Moving

Arrma Big Rock Crew Cab
Source: RC Group

Probably this is the most common problem for the Arrma big rock crew cab. Whenever I see people talking about problems in different forums, they talk about this issue.

Arrma big rock not turning on or not moving is the same as Traxxas crew cab not moving. As I said many people face this similar problem, but their reasons are not similar.

There are multiple reasons behind Arrma big rock not moving.

Reason 1: Wrong Battery Installation in The Transmitter

Most of the time wrong battery installation in the transmitter works as the key factor. It’s really common to be confused when you install multiple batteries in a module.

For the wrong battery installation, your transmitter won’t power on to operate your Arrma big rock.   

Solution 1: Install the Battery Correctly

To get rid of the wrong battery installation you can follow the manual. And another easiest way is, following the plus and minus signs in the battery slot. 

In the battery slot, there is a plus-minus sign to install the battery correctly.

Reason 2: Low Charged or Damaged Battery in The Module

This is another very common reason behind your Arrma big rock not moving issue. Arrma big rock is a high-performing crew cab. 

In the module, there is a 3200Kv brushless motor, which needs very high power to perform.  

So, if the battery becomes low charged or damaged then it doesn’t get enough volt to move.

Solution 2: Recharge or Replace Battery

In this case you can just simply recharge the battery to solve this issue. As the battery of Arrma big rock is rechargeable. 

If after recharging the battery the same problem happens, that indicates the battery is damaged. In this case, you need to replace the battery with a fresh or new one. 

Problem 3: ESC Shut Down for Overheating

For excessive use ESC sometimes can become overheated and then it turns off. Basically, circuits stop working for overheating and that causes this issue. 

Sometimes overheating can cause some more serious issues like IC damage.

Solution 3: Turn off Both Transmitter and Module

To solve the overheating issue, turning off both module and transmitter is the solution. If you feel overheated in the ESC then immediately turn off the module and transmitter. And then let them be cold. 

After transforming to the usual temperature, the problem will be automatically solved. 

Reason 4: Motor Damage

Motor damage is not a usual scenario for the Arrma big rock. Because Arrma big rock has brushless, high-performing durable motors.  

But rough and excessive use can make the motor damaged. You’ll find some similar problems in the Traxxas titan 12t 550 motor.

Solution 4: Replace Motor 

For motor damage, replacing the motor is the best solution.  If you want to upgrade the performance then you can use a higher RPM motor. 

The original 3200Kv brushless motor is also very high performing. So, replacing it with a similar motor is not a bad deal. 

Reason 5: Transmitter Damage

Transmitter damage is another reason why Arrma big rock won’t move. The transmitter can be damaged by overusing or over-pressuring. 

When you do a stunt with your big rock, you can unintentionally over-pressure the transmitter. And that can make the transmitter damaged. 

Solution 5: Replace or Go for Service 

If you don’t have enough knowledge then it’s better to call for service. But sometimes the transmitter can be unable for servicing. 

In this case, you have to replace the transmitter. 

Problem 2: Steering Issue

Steering issue is another common problem for the Arrma big rock. You can face problems like, it’s not going in the direction you want to move. 

This issue is caused by the waterproof ESC damage. Sometimes you’ll see some similar issues in spektrum smart esc.

Reason 1: Waterproof ESC Damage 

ESC controls the whole steering system.The ECS  is resistant. But if water enters into the ESC then it can be damaged. That ultimately caused the steering issue. 

Solution 1: Dry the ESC by Heating

The ultimate solution for the waterproof ESC damage is heat and dry it. Water creates problems for the proper performance. 

So keep it away from water and make sure water can’t enter into the ESC.

Problem 3: Drives Without Input

Sometimes you can face issues like you big rock moving without input. Hence this issue is not very common. 

For some certain reason this type of issue can happen. 

Reason 1: Transmitter Throttle Trim Incorrectly 

As the transmitter is the key to controlling, wrong trim of throttle can make this issue. When you turn on the module the throttle needs to be nutralize. 

If the throttle trims in an incorrect position then your crew cab will move without input. 

Solution 1: Trim Throttle Correctly

To get rid of the problem of moving without input, the throttle needs to trim correctly. Before turning on the module and transmitter you need to trim the throttle in neutral position.  

After trimming the throttle correctly, your problem will be solved. 

Problem 4: Stop After A Short Run

Arrma big rock rc car
Source: Tamico

Stopping after a short run is another common problem for the Arrma big rock. You can also face the issue that it can not run in rough places. 

Losing power while claiming higher. There are some common reasons behind this type of problem. 

Reason 1: Low Charged or Weak Battery

As you know the motor of big rock is very high performing. And that needs high voltage to operate. 

It needs almost 11.1 volts to perform at its best.  But for the lower volts, it can lose power or stop after a short run. 

Solution 1: Recharge or Replace Battery

Recharge the battery if it becomes low-charged. Charging the battery will solve this issue. 

Even after charging the battery if the same thing happens then, you need to replace the battery. 

You can upgrade the battery voltage for better performance. 

Reason 2: Dirt in The Motor or Motor Damage 

Dirt can make the motor weak. For the weakness of motor Arrma, big rock can stop after a short run. 

Another issue can be motor damage. As we mentioned before motor damage is not a common issue for the Arrma big rock. 

But the dirt and rough use can make it damaged. 

Solution 2: Clean or Replace The Motor

Sometimes just cleaning the motor and module can solve this issue. But for severe issues like damage, cleaning can’t have any effect. 

In this case, you need to replace the motor. Regarding changing motors we’ve discussed above. 

Problem 5: Unusual Sound From The Module

Sometimes you can hear some unusual sounds from the module or from the wheel hexes. 

This type of noise can damage the whole system. The main reason behind this issue is motor bearing damage. 

Reason 1: Motor Bearing Damage

The reason behind the unusual sound from the module is motor bearing damage. Another reason is sediment in the bearing.

The dirt and particles can make some barrier in the motor bearing. That makes noise when the crew cab runs. 

Solution 1: Use Blue Rubber Covered Bearing

If the bearing is damaged then it is necessary to replace it. Or sometimes particles can just be the reason.  

In this case, you can just clean the motor bearing. But we recommend replacing the bearing with a rubber cover bearing. 

This type of bearing is very durable and the rubber cover can protect the bearing from dirt. 

These are the 5 common problems of Arrma big rock. 

Before getting into our next segment let’s see a video of backflipping with Arrma Big Rock

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Fast Does The Arrma Big Rock Go?

Arrma big rock can run more than 50 mph. The proper set of brushless motors and a combination of high-power batteries can achieve it.  To get the maximum speed from the Arrma big rock the transmitter plays an important role. Radio coverage does matter to run it at maximum speed. 

Is Arrma An American Company?

No, Arrma is not an American Company. Arrma is an automotive company that is based in the United Kingdom. The full name of the company is Arrma Durango Ltd. This company basically produces different types of high-performance RC vehicles. Arrma big rock is one of the famous creations of Arrma. 

Is the Arrma Big Rock Durable?

Yes, Arrma big rock is extremely durable. Arrma’s big rock crew cab is made with extremely durable material. And it is capable of doing stunts in a rough places. All the parts of the Arrma big are replaceable. You can easily replace and use it for more than decades. 

Wrap Up

Well, we’re at the edge of this article. Hopefully, you’ll get rid of your Arrma big rock problem after reading this article.

We’ve discussed all the problems that people usually face. If you don’t get the solution after reading this post then you may need to call for service. 

Best of Luck!

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