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Arrma Big Rock Tire Size: Complete Breakdown!

Arrma Big Rock is equipped with a good set of tires. However, many prefer to change it. But, without knowing the proper tire size, it can be tricky.

So, what’s the ideal Arrma Big Rock tire size?

Arrma Big Rock tire size is 2.8”. Furthermore, the wheel hex size is 14mm. Also, the outer wheel diameter is 71.5mm. The whole diameter of the tire is 130mm. As it uses 14mm wheel hex, the upgrade options are many. Hence, you can choose your preferred tires.

Even though the bit of information is useful, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. For upgrading your tires, you should know thoroughly. This article will cover everything.

So, let’s get started.

The Size of Arrma Big Rock Tires

Arrma Big Rock is an amazing RC truck. It can conquer the off-road and win you races. However, you need to know the proper tire sizes of Arrma Big Rock. Otherwise, upgrading the tires is impossible.

Arrma Big Rock wheels and tires are equipped with dBoots RAGNAROK MT. It’s one of the best tires for 1/10 RC trucks. The tire size is 2.8”. This is enough to create traction and bash through off-road terrain.

However, the Arrma Big Rock hex size is 14mm. It is great for wheels to create rotation. But some prefer to go up to 17mm. This can be done by completing a 17mm hex upgrade.

The stock tire’s diameter is 130 mm. The rubber tire is soft and has an extraordinary grip. But one issue with the tire is it gets hard using over time. So, you need to soften your RC tires more often.

If you want to avoid the hassle, then upgrading the tires can help. The upgrade options are many for Arrma Big Rock. 

In the next section, I will talk about the upgrade options for Arrma Big Rock tires. Let’s move on then.

Arrma Big Rock hex size

Arrma Big Rock Tire Upgrade

Arrma Big Rock is very enjoyable to use. You can do backflips, bashing, racing, and much more. Here’s someone who used Arrma Big Rock for doing a stunning backflip.

While doing such tricks, you need to consider a set of soft tires. Even though the dBoots Ragnarok MT is great, you can change it if performance is poor. 

So, if you consider upgrading the tires, you need to keep in mind some things. You can add bigger tires on an RC car. But, the factors to keep in consideration are given below.

You must first select the proper wheel hex. The wheel hex size for Arrma Big Rock is 14mm. You can add a bigger wheel hex as you please.

Second, think about the size of the wheel. 1/10 wheels work with the Arrma Big Rock. 

Finally, the wheel’s overall size is important. A serious inconvenience to the RC car can result from increasing the wheel height or breadth. However, the hex upgrade can remove the inconvenience.

Arrma Big Rock Tire Upgrade

So, you can choose any 1/10 scale tire with 14mm hex. However, there are many tires out there. So, some of the best tires for Arrma Big Rock are given below.

If you want to keep the 14mm hex then go for dBoots fortress MT. It gives your RC a sleek look and grips well off-road.

For more speed and better traction on dirt, Proline MX 28 is the best choice. It’s very durable and water-resistant. 

17mm hex wheels are very popular. The new dBoots Hoons RC tire can be perfect for your Arrma Big Rock. The belted tire is perfect for bashing, racing, climbing, etc. you name it.

Choosing any one-wheel set can increase the performance. However, there’s a catch. You need to upgrade the hex if you want to add 17mm hex wheels. Hot Racing 17mm Hex Hubs are compatible with Arrma 1/10 trucks.

You just need to slide the hex hubs on the original hub. That way, you get the 17mm hex hub attached.
One of the most important things is to clean RC cars. It includes cleaning the wheels too. Dirts can damage the RC tires if you don’t clean those.

best tires for Arrma Big Rock

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the Top Speed of Arrma Big Rock?

The top speed of Arrma Big Rock is 50 mph+. The 1/10 RC truck is equipped with a powerful brushless motor. The brushless motor has 3200 kV of electricity output. Thus, the truck can push through and gain a whopping 50 mph+ speed.

Can You Calibrate Arrma Big Rock ESC?

Yes, you can calibrate Arrma Big Rock ESC. While the power is off, press the small button beside the power button. The ESC will beep. Just hold down throttle while neutral and press the button again. That way you enter full-throttle mode. Now press again one more time to enter full brake mode.

Is the Arrma Big Rock Waterproof?

Yes, Arrma Big Rock is a waterproof RC. However, it shouldn’t be completely submerged under water. Even though the ESC is waterproof, internal components can still get damaged. However, rain or mud won’t damage the RC truck.

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