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Arrma Esc Blinking Red: 5 Reasons Why!

As RC vehicle lovers, we are always very sensitive about our possessions. So, any problem with them like, the ESC blinking red can give us a heart attack. Because red means danger, right? 

So. why is your arrma esc blinking red? 

Arrma ESC can blink or flash red to indicate many reasons. Most commonly it can indicate a low battery. The wiring or batter connection can be faulty too. There’s also a chance of sudden current overflow or spike. Overheating or thermal shutdown can also cause the red light to blink. 

Don’t get dazzled by all these indications. I am gonna go through all the reasons for the red blinking in detail. I will also provide you with the solutions to solve it. So, keep reading. 

Arrma ESC Blinking Red: Is It Always A Problem?

Your ESC blinking red light doesn’t always mean something is wrong. It can blink to convey other messages too. 

So before getting to a conclusion you must have to identify whether it’s a problem or not. Well for 3 certain cases you won’t have to be worried about these red flash issues. 

Now let’s figure them out.

3 Cases When Arrma ESC Red Blinking is Normal

Arrma ESCs have a status LED. It can flash red or green lights. By flashing lights, it indicates if the ESC and/or radio gear are performing accurately. Have a look at the chart below to understand the LED’s red light meaning:

Light IndicatorMeaning
Red light flashing quicklyForward signal detected
Red light blinking slowlyReverse/braking signal detected
Red light showing continuouslyFull forward/reverse signal detected

But the red light can indicate problems too. Let’s discuss the reasons and solutions. 

Why Is the Arrma Esc Blinking Red? 

Arrma is one of the best ESC for RC cars. But it may face some problems too. Such as, sometimes your RC car steering may not work or won’t respond to throttle. 

There can be many reasons for ESC blinking red light. The blinking can be slow or rapid depending on the problem. So, what does it mean when my ESC blinks red? Let’s find out. 

Reason 1: Low Battery Or Low Voltage

If your ESC detects low battery or low voltage, it will blink red. You will understand this is the cause, if the blinking is slow. 

There will be other symptoms besides slow red blinking for low battery. Such as the runtime will be short or the performance can be sluggish. In these events, you have to understand that maybe the batter is damaged or low. 

When the voltage level drops. ESC blinks red to warn you. To protect the vehicle from damage, Arrma and otter ESCs have many functions. One of the features is LVD or low voltage detection. 

So, what does the low voltage detection function or LVD does?

If you turn the LDV function on, your ESC detects whenever there’s a drop in voltage. Because too much voltage drop can be harmful to the vehicle. It will let you know about the problem by slowly blinking the red light.

Running the vehicle further will stop it completely after a while. 

However, If you are using a LiFe or NiMh battery, don’t turn the LVD function on. Because they have different voltage cut-off levels. And the feature is for LiPo batteries only. 

ESC low voltage cutoff chart:

BatteryVoltage Cutoff
LiPo (7.4V)6.0 v
NiMh (7.2v)5.4 v
LiFe (6.6v)4.8 v


Fully recharge your batteries. For RC vehicles, LiPo batteries are the best choice. But sometimes you may face charging issues with LiPo batteries for some reason. Focus on that too. 

Reason 2: Current Overflow Or Spike

Try to recall if the blinking starts after this event or not. You kept the throttle on even when your RC vehicle got stuck somewhere. If this has occurred, then your ESC detected sudden current spikes. 

These kinds of spikes can lead your vehicle to motor failure. So, to avoid this harm, your ESC shows red blinks

But stucking the RC vehicle like this woman won’t be a problem for your ESC. Only your hair will suffer. 


If your RC vehicle is stuck somewhere, release the throttle immediately. Try not to run your RC car on a path with too many obstacles or mud. 

RC car
Source: Adobe Stock

Reason 3: Overheating

There is a feature in Arrma ESC called thermal shutdown protection. It is available in other brands too. If this feature is on, your arrma ESC keeps blinking red when it is overheated. 

Because overheating can damage RC vehicles. In this scenario, the blinking will be frequent or fast. 


The temperature on your RC vehicles have to be below 88-degree celsius. When your vehicle is overheated, stop running it until it cools down. 

You can install fans over ESC. It will help it to keep cool. Arrma has some ESC cooler fans at reasonable prices. 

Reason 4: Faulty Wire Connections

Sometimes, maintaining all the wire connections can be a tough job. Especially when you can’t wait to run your new vehicle. But you have to connect the wires how it’s supposed to be Or your vehicle will have a poor connection. And ESC will blink red light. 

Faulty Wire Connections
Source: ElProCus


Connect the wires with patience. Properly connect motor, batter, etc with their assigned wire. 

When connecting the battery, you make sure to connect the positive wire with the positive terminal. You will find a red mark on it.  

Don’t forget to calibrate the ESC after reconnecting the wires. 

Reason 5: Over-Voltage

Sometimes, when you run your RC vehicle too fast, the voltage level increases. In that case, you ESC blink fast red light for your awareness. Beaqcuae Over voltage can burn the motor or the ESC. 


Even though it’s tempting, don’t try to go at too high speed. Keep the speed at an optimal level. 

Your problem should be within these reasons. Just observe the signs. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Is My Rc Remote Blinking Red?

The remote may not be getting a proper connection. Remove the batteries from both the remote and the vehicle. Put them back again after a while. This should work. Recharge the batteries or use new ones. 

How Do I Get Arrma Warranty?

For availing of the Arrma warranty, you must have the receipt and warranty card. Also, if the damage is your fault, you can’t avail of the warranty. If your warranty hasn’t expired, take it to the Arrma service centers. You will get service free of charge. It has 2 years of warranty. 

Does Esc Need Cooling?

ESC must need cooling. When the ESC gets overheated, it can be damaged. The motor can burn. Always try to keep it below 88-degree celsius. Stop running the RC vehicle if the ESC gets too hot. Try attaching ESC cooling fans. 

End Note

Is you confusion about arrma esc blinking red cleared? I hope it has.

The blinking is for the protection of your RC vehicle. So never ignore it. Or you may end up damaging your vehicle. 

That’s all for now. Have a good day!

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