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Arrma Felony Problems [7 Issues, Reasons & Solutions]

Arrma felony is a popular name among RC users. However, with all the exhilarating experience, it also has some cons. These are the issues the users always frown upon. 

Hence, in this comprehensive guide I will discuss all about Arrma felony problems

On Arrma felony, there occurs issues like Green LED keeps flashing. Or the steering issue and no power issue. Fixes are quite simple. To fix green LED flashing, turn off the ESC and change the gear ratio. When the motor won’t operate, charge it. And  changing the servo will fix the steering issue. 

Still confused? Well, do not sweat. Because in this article I have resolved it all. That too, in a very easy to follow manner. 

Read on. 

Quick View of the Problems & Solutions

Arrma Felony

Here I am including a brief view of all the issues of Arrma felony. And their reasons and solutions as well. 

Have a glance. 

Green LED FlashesESC in thermal shut off modeTurning off the ESC and changing the gear ratio
LED Flashing 5 TimesOverheating of the capacitorSwitch the battery and gearing
ESC not functioning properlyESC not functioning properlyTurn off the receiver
Steering IssueFailed servoReplace the servo

So, there you go! This was just a quick picture of it. 

Next, I am gonna get into it in a detailed manner. Keep reading. 

Problem 1: Green LED Flashes 

Despite being one of the user favourites, Arrma felony rc cars tend to have certain issues. 

It’s better to mention they are not quite the same as the Arrma granaite issues.

First of all I will be discussing the most common problem of all. 

This is a case of the motor not working. You will notice Green LED pulses briefly and singly. 


One explanation can be that the ESC is in thermal shut off mode. So, the ESC is overloaded for this reason.


There is a very superficial route to resolve this issue. 

Before resuming use, turn off the ESC and let it cool. To lessen the burden on the ESC, take into account changing the gear ratio.

Problem 2: LED Flashing 5 Times

This is another case of your Motor not working. Green LED flashes five times in quick succession. 


  • It is occurring due to the overheating of the capacitor.
  • Or the driving system is under too much load for the ESC to handle. 


To lessen the load on the ESC, think about switching the battery. You can use any good quality lipo battery for this purpose. 

Or just switch the gearing.  You can also consider altering your driving style of the rc car. 

However, get a proper guide on RC before altering.

Problem 3: No Power Issue

Arrma Felony blue

This is one problem that can occur even a day after driving your Arrma felony. You may notice there is no power. 


Notice if your battery is fully charged but none of the ESC’s lights are on. 

If this is the case, then the ESC may not be functioning properly.


First of all, see whether the ESC will turn on. If not, try disconnecting it from the receiver.

If it still hasn’t been two years of your Arrma kit’s warranty. Call their tech support number.

Problem 4: Felony Steering Issue

This is a common problem with Arrma felony. Felony’s steering occasionally locks in position when I’m driving.


It comes across that there is perhaps a servo problem. Servos tend to fail a lot. Even when they are new. Spektrum servo issues are very common in rc devices. 


You could try test fitting another servo if you have one. If you think it could be interfering, turn the AVC on the TX way down.

Considering the mfg’rs are producing tens of thousands of servos for all the different models. It’s nothing to worry about. 

What you gotta do is just replace it.

You can use this Mini-Z-Car RC Servo for that. 

Problem 5: Arrma Felony Pairing Issue

So when powering your Arrma Felony on it does the usual 6 beeps and then one after that. Then it would not turn the wheels throttle reverse. 


This indicates that your transmitter isn’t interacting with your receiver anymore.


Check what is inside the manual. You are gonna see there’s a method detailed named Binding and calibrating. Follow it thoroughly to fix your issue.

Problem 6: Motor Won’t Operate

The LED keeps flashing red with brief and single pulses. 


  • The reason might be that the LVC has been turned on.
  • Or perhaps the battery voltage is less than what LVC is configured to.


To solve this, you need to first scan to notice if those batteries are charged.

If they are not, then you are gonna let it charge properly. After it is fully charged, you will be able to fix this issue. 

Problem 7: No Throttle on Start up

Starting up has no steering or throttle. Red LED flashes repeatedly with a single brief pulse.


The reason why it is occurring is that the throttle trim is not at neutral


To fix this, Disable ESC. Set the transmitter’s throttle trim to neutral. And then switch it back on.

And it should be fixed! 

Safety Precaution And Warnings 

Arrma Felony red

You alone would be responsible for using this product in a way that doesn’t put you or anyone else at risk. Or does not cause harm to your own or anyone else’s property.

A radio signal used to operate this model is susceptible to interference from numerous sources outside of your control. 

It is recommended to always conserve a safe space in all directions. That is, around your model as this buffer is gonna help prevent any collisions or injury. 

You need to confirm a few other things listed here as well. 

  • Never use low transmitter batteries when operating your model.
  • Always drive your model far from large cars, traffic, and people.
  • Never use the model in a public space or in a populated location. 
  • Pay close attention to the instructions and cautions for using this as well as any supplementary support devices (chargers, rechargeable battery packs, etc.).
  • Keep all chemicals, tiny pieces, and electrical equipment out of children’s reach.
  • Never lick the model or put any part of it in your mouth because doing so could result in serious harm or even death.
  • When utilizing tools and sharp objects, use caution.
  • When performing maintenance, use caution as some parts could be sharply edged.
  • Do not handle pieces of your model which produce high temperatures. Especially right after using the motor, battery or the electronic speed control. If you touch them, you could gravely burn yourself.
  • Avoid putting your fingers or any other objects within spinning or moving elements since doing so could result in serious damage or injury. 
  • Always activate your transmitter before the vehicle’s receiver. Prior to turning off the transmitter, always turn off the receiver.
  • When testing the functionality of the radio equipment, keep the model’s wheels off the ground.

Wet Conditions Maintenance

Driving in wet settings can shorten the motor’s lifespan. Operating in water adds additional resistance, which puts too much effort on the body. 

Use a small pinion or a larger spur gear to change the gear ratio. When operating in mud, deeper puddles, or any other wet circumstances that increase the load on the engine for a prolonged period of time. It is gonna enhance the torque as well as the motor life.

When utilizing the aforesaid drying procedure, always keep your hands, fingers away from the rotating parts. Also, keep the tools, and any loose or overhanging objects away. 

Furthermore ensure that you are following the below instructions. 

  • Dry those connections once you are done removing the battery pack(s). Also, consider blowing out any moisture that may be present in that connector housing. In case you have any air compressor or perhaps a can of compressed air, use that. 
  • Remove the tires and wheels from the car and use a garden hose to gently wash the mud and grime off. Do not rinse the transmission or bearings. NOTICE: Never wash your car with a pressure washer.
  • To dry the car and help remove any water that may have crept into nooks or corners, use an air compressor or a can of compressed air. Spray a water-displacing light oil on the fasteners, drive train, bearings, and other metal components. Avoid spraying the motor.
  • Before storing the car, let it dry naturally. For a few hours, water (and oil) may continue to drop.
  • Rear and front axle hub assembly bearings should be disassembled, inspected, and lubricated more frequently. 

All differentials, gears, and transmission cases. -Motor: Use an aerosol motor cleaner to clean it, and then re-oil the bearings with a thin motor oil.

And that is it! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the Arrma felony body fit the infraction?

It will function with Infraction rear tires. But you get the option of enlarging the rear of the Infraction chassis. That is with the stock rear tires or employing FelonyTM rear tires along with some adjustments. 

Is my Arrma felony RTR?

Yes, The 3-channel Spektrum DX3 radio is installed in the FELONY. Also, an SR6110AT receiver with Active Vehicle Control (AVC) technology for high-speed stability. The transmitter has a handy voltage level indicator. It makes it simple to monitor the power being used by the on-board Smart battery.

What RC car is the world’s fastest?

For the Fastest Battery-Powered RC Car, Nic holds the official Guinness World Record with the “R/C Bullet,” which hit an amazing 188 mph and broke his previous record of 171.96 mph.

Wrapping Up 

Hope I have resolved all your queries of Arrma felony problems. 

Now you have this comprehensive guide handy. From here you can point out the issue that matches your case. Then go for the solution. As I have explained everything here, it should not be a hassle. 

This is all for now. Have an awesome day! 

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