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Arrma Granite Problems [Get the Solutions]

You’re about to enjoy your weekend with your favorite RC Arrma Granite. But suddenly you come across a plethora of problems. Just got the mood ruined, right?

Don’t worry! We’ve got the solutions to all your Arrma granite problems.

Most Arrma granite users face a common problem that is the vehicle doesn’t respond at all. Other most discussed problems include limited steering angle, vehicle drives without output, sluggish performance, etc. Although the problem might seem messy all of these are quite easy to troubleshoot.

I know you’re impatient to know the solutions. We won’t make you wait either. So, tighten your seatbelt, and start the engine. Let’s get the wheels rolling.

Arrma Granite Problems – Quick Overview

We’ve found some most common problems people face with Arrma Granite. Let’s get a quick view of the problems, the reasons, and their solutions. Alright, now have a look at the table below. 

ProblemPossible ReasonsSolutions
Vehicle doesn’t moveBatteries aren’t installed correctly in TACTICTransmitter Damaged, weak, or no drive battery in model Frayed or broken motor or ESC wires Low voltage cutoff of the ESC has been activated in order to protect batteriesCheck the batteries of the transmitter and refit -see model/transmitter manual Install fresh, charged batteries Don’t drive and let the MEGA ESC or motor be cool, Change the damaged wires. Take off the drive battery and let it be cool if necessary. Then charge it again
Limited steering angleTACTIC transmitter steering dual-rate set incorrectly Damaged steering componentsAdjust TACTIC transmitter dual-rate Check components and replace
Vehicle drives without inputTACTIC transmitter throttle trim incorrectly set Neutral throttle position of MEGA ESC Unit incorrectThrottle trim needs to be set to zero/neutral  Set throttle trim to zero and switch MEGA Unit off and then on again, The MEGA Unit will reset its Neutral position

Problem 1: Vehicle Doesn’t Move

Vehicle Doesn’t Move
Source: Big Squid RC

Oftentimes the Arrma Granite doesn’t move at all. It’s the most common problem people face. Since the problem is generalistic and kinda vague, there could be multiple reasons. We found a couple of possible reasons behind this issue. Let’s discuss this.

Reason 1: Faulty Installation of the Batteries

The most common reason behind this problem is improper battery installation. It generally happens If the batteries are incorrectly installed with the transmission. The batteries are responsible for delivering the required power for the transmission.

The transmission is responsible for receiving and transmitting signals. So, a faulty installation will disrupt the transmission’s functionality. Hence, let’s find a solution to this issue.

Solution: Check Transmitter Batteries

Checking the batteries is the first thing you should do. Check the connections whether they’re connected properly with the transmission or not. Unplug and plug the wires again to see whether it solved the issue or not.

Reason 2: Weak or Damaged Batteries

Another common reason is having weak or damaged batteries. If the batteries you’re using are worn off or damaged the RC won’t get enough power from it. Sometimes the old batteries discharge acids if left inside for a long time.

Solution: Change the Old Batteries

If the batteries have become weak or old, change them with a new ones. Lithium-ion batteries are not as powerful as Ni-MH or lipo batteries. So, we recommend you use either one of them for maximum performance. 

You can also use Traxxas batteries on your Arrma vehicle. But make sure you use the right adapter and mah for your RC. Using batteries beyond your vehicle capacity can lead to damage and even fire. So, be careful when choosing high-powered batteries.

Reason 3: Frayed or Broken Motor Wires

Motor wires maintain the connection between the motor ESC and transmission. If the wires are frayed or damaged, it will disrupt the connection flow. As a result, it will hamper your RC experience. 

Sometimes unexpected crashes or shocks can damage the internal wiring. Also, it can damage the wire connection with the motor ESC. If the wires are broken or damaged they should be changed immediately or it can cause further damage.

Solution: Change the Wires

If your RC car has damaged wires, change them immediately before running it again. In case ESC is damaged you would have to change it too. 

To change the wire, turn off the RC, and let the motor cool down. As soon as it has cooled down, inspect and replace any frayed or damaged wires.

Reason 4: ESC Low Voltage Cutoff

Another possible reason your RC vehicle doesn’t move is the ESC low voltage cutoff mechanism. This mechanism is quite a lifesaver. It works to protect the batteries from getting overcharged. It also warns when the battery voltage is low.

Hence, if your vehicle is not moving it could be the reason that your batteries have very low voltage. When the batteries don’t meet the required voltage to run the RC, the ESC automatically activates.

Solution: Inspect or Recharge the Batteries

Use a Fluke 117 Digital multimeter to check the battery’s voltages. If the voltages are low try discharging and recharging the batteries. You should replace the batteries if they are fully charged but still show low voltage. The ideal voltage for Li-Po batteries is 3.7v per cell. 

Problem 2: Limited Steering Angle

Limited Steering Angle
Source: Model Sport

Another most common problem people talk about with the Arrma Granite is the limited steering angle. Steering problems are common in RC vehicles, we discussed the new bright RC steering problems earlier. 

The steering function is crucial for any RC vehicle. If the steering has any issues, the vehicle will malfunction. Faulty steering also leads to unexpected accidents.

Reason 1: Tactic Transmitter Steering Dual-Rate Set Incorrectly

The main reason behind this problem is the incorrect dual rate in the tactic transmitter steering. The transmitter steering has a dual rate for the transmission. It’s the total amount of travel for the both left and right wheels. 

Solution: Adjust the Tactic Transmitter Dual Rate

If you set the dual steer to low it will prevent you from oversteering the car when using it on a sweeping track. In certain tight tracks, you need to set a higher dual rate for better maneuverability. Hence, you can adjust the dual rate accordingly. 

Reason 2: Damaged Steering Components

Another reason behind your RC car not having steering properly is that one of the RC components might have been damaged. Some of the main steering components of RC vehicles include-

Solution: Change Components and Replace

Check the steering components carefully and see if any of them are damaged. Replace the components with new ones. Want to completely replace your damaged steering system? You can do that easily, get the Arrma granite’s full set of steering parts.

Problem 3: Vehicle Drives Without Input

Vehicle Drives Without Input
Source: Euro RC

Another problem people talk about the most is that the vehicle drives without input. It happens because of two major reasons. Let’s discuss the reasons and find their solutions.

Reason 1: Incorrect TACTIC Transmitter Throttle Trim 

If the transmitter throttle trim is set incorrectly, the vehicle can malfunction. In some cases, the vehicle stops responding to the throttle.

The transmitter is the core component of the RC. It tells the motor about the throttle. If the transmitter gets damaged the motor will receive incorrect signals.

Solution: Re-adjust the Throttle Trim

The throttle needs to be re-adjusted to zero or neutral. If the throttle is set incorrectly the vehicle will start moving front or backward on its own. So, you need to calibrate the throttle trim by setting it to zero or neutral. It will solve the transmitter issue.

Reason 2: Incorrect Neutral Throttle Position

Another reason behind this problem is the incorrect neutral throttle position. If the neutral throttle is set incorrectly, it will malfunction. The neutral throttle is responsible to keep the vehicle in neutral gear just like the real cars’ neutral gear.

Solution: Reset the Neutral Throttle

Calibrating the neutral throttle will solve the issue. To calibrate, Set the throttle trim to zero. Now switch to Mega ESC unit off and then on again. It will automatically reset to its Neutral position. Confused about how to do it? Know how to calibrate an ESC

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Fast Is The Arrma Granite?

The Arrma can deliver a maximum of 50 MPH/80 KM H if the batteries are fully charged. So, it’s pretty fast but fast also means hard to control. Also, fast means the motor will use more energy and burn the batteries faster. However, brushless motors are highly energy efficient as well as powerful.

What Battery Does The Arrma Granite Use?

Arma granite comes with basic lithium-ion batteries enough for the recommended performance. However, you can always upgrade the batteries for high performance. Experts say lipo batteries deliver long-lasting performance and efficiency. Some people also use Traxxas high-powered batteries. 

What Does BLX Mean In Rc Cars?

BLX in RC cars means brushless. If your RC car is a BLX one, it means the vehicle has a brushless motor installed as default. And it’s good news because brushless motors are 10 times better than brushed ones. They are high-powered, energy efficient, and invulnerable to corrosion damage.


That was all about the Arrma granite problems. Our goal has been to identify the problems and provide possible reasons and solutions. Hopefully, now you can solve the problems of your Arrma Granite. 

Now we’d like to hear from you. Let us know your thoughts and suggestions if you have any. We’ll meet again. Till then keep rocking the wheels!

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