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Arrma Granite Tire Size: Everything You Need to Know!

Everyone loves Arrma Granite as they are well made. The significant advantages come from the Arrma Granite tires.

But, there are some basic things to consider for Arrma Granite tires.

So, what is the Arrma Granite tire size?

Arrma Granite’s tire size is 5.0” overall. The wheel hex size of Arrma Granite is 14mm. Furthermore, Arrma Granite includes dBoots tire. These give a state-of-the-art control for bashing and riding. In addition, you can upgrade the tires too. The latest dBoots tire can boost performance.

There’s more to the topic. You need to know how each Arrma Granite performs using different tires. 

So, let’s dive right in.

Arrma Granite Stock Tires

Arrma Granite wheels are equipped with 14mm wheel hex as factory standard. However, you can install the standard 12mm wheel hex to use 12mm hex wheels.

The Arrma Granite comes with dBoots Fortress MT tires. The best Arrma Granite 4X4 V3 3S BLX is also equipped with that. Here’s someone having a fun time with Arrma Granite BLX.

Let’s see a quick comparison of Arrma Granite models with stock tires.

Ground Clearance47 mm50 mm47 mm
Top Speed50 mph+20 mph+30 mph+
Wheel Base287 mm285 mm287 mm
Wheel Hex Size14 mm12 mm14 mm
Internal Gear Ratio2.852.612.85
Drivetrain4 WD2 WD4 WD
Bashing AdvantageModerateLeastMost
Racing AdvantageMost ModerateLeast

As you can see that the Arrma Granite tires come with own benefits. Monster trucks are great to steer through any terrain. However, the tires can give either a huge advantage or create issues.

The tire sizes of Traxxas Rustler also matter. Nevertheless, you might be wondering if it’s possible to upgrade the tires of Arrma Granite.

Well, let’s find out in the next segment.

Arrma Granite tires

Can You Upgrade Arrma Granite Tires?

To answer that, yes you can upgrade the Arrma Granite tires. You can find Arrma Granite replacement tires on the market. 

However, there are a few things you need to consider before choosing a tire. Let’s see those basic things.

Step 1: Determining the Wheel Hex

To choose the tire for Arrma RC cars you need to determine the wheel hex. For the Arrma Granite series, you need 14mm hex wheels. However, you can change the 14mm wheel hex to 12mm.

Step 2: Determining the Right Scale

Wheel scale matters the most. Without choosing the right scale, your RC car won’t be effective. It can imbalance the RC car or cause other issues.

For the Arrma Granite, you need the 1/10 wheels. They fit the monster truck RCs perfectly.

Step 3: Considering the Overall Dimension

Lastly, you need to consider the overall dimension of the wheels. The Arrma Granite requires 5mm wheels for both ends. You can mismatch the wheel dimension. However, you need to pick a 1/10 wheel scale.

There are some significant differences between 1/8 and 1/10 scale RC. As a result, you cannot add a 1/8 wheel scale to Arrma Granite.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s see the Arrma Granite wheel upgrades.

Arrma Granite wheel upgrades

Arrma Granite Tire Upgrades

Considering the important factors, now you are ready to choose the ideal replacement tires. As Arrma Granite is a monster truck series, you cannot change the 1/10 wheel scales.

Don’t worry about it tho! Because you will find plenty of aftermarket tires that can compliment your Arrma Granite.

Some of the best Arrma Granite tires are given below.

ARRMA 1/10 dBoots Fortress SC is still the best compatible tires for Arrma granite. The reasons are simple, it gives the traction for conquering the rough terrain. Also, it provides the required speed for your monster truck.

If you want to change the stock tire, go for Duratrax Six Pack MT. These sets of tires will give you a bashing advantage. This can be perfect for any rough terrain. 

Lastly, RC Stating Monster Truck Wheels are another great set of tires. It can decrease the traction and allows more speed. However, the only issue with it is you need to change the wheel hex size.

ARRMA Wheel Hex Metal 12mm can be used to swap the wheel hex. 

Let’s see a comparison graph of these three tires.

Arrma Granite tires chart

The 4 things of tires are determined by marking those out of 10. The graph shows none of the tires are perfect.

However, the Arrma dBoots Forset is more consistent. But, it isn’t that durable.

For better lifetime and speed, you can go for RC station monster truck wheels. There are two downsides though. One is you need to change the wheel hex. Another is you lose lots of traction.

Lastly, for better bashing and traction go for Duratrax Six Pack MT. It can be a hassle while racing as you will lose the speed.

These are the upgrades you can consider. You need to accurately mount the tires to get the best outcome.

Duratrax Six Pack MT

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Arrma Granite RC Cars Durable?

Yes, the Arrma Granite is a durable RC vehicle. They are perfect for every type of terrain. On top of that, they have amazing top speed and handling. Nevertheless, the vehicles are equipped with heavy-duty bumpers. Hence, it can avoid severe damage from collisions.

What’s the Fastest Arrma Granite Available?

The Arrma Granite 4X4 3S BLX Monster Truck is the fasted Arrma Granite. The RC car can achieve 50 miles per hour. By doing a few tweaks and upgrades, you can easily increase the speed.

Are Arrma Granites RC Vehicles Water Proof?

Yes, Arrma Granites RC vehicles are waterproof. These RC cars are equipped with waterproof electronic components. It can be used to conquer muddy terrain. However, you shouldn’t submerge the whole RC car.

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