Arrma Kraton 8s Problems

Arrma Kraton 8s Problems: [3 Most Common Problems & Solutions!]

Driving RC monster trucks is a rapidly growing hobby all around the globe. And the Arrma Kraton 8s is a very popular 4WD model among enthusiasts. 

Even though it has a very premium build, people often end up facing issues. We understand if you are struggling with these problems as well.

So, what are the arrma kraton 8s problems?

The most common problems with arrma kraton 8s are related to the steering. Sometimes the throttle works but the steering won’t move or the steering sticks to one direction. Sometimes the tires would go hard right or left, right after you turn it on. Or maybe the steering just won’t move at all.

Don’t get intimidated by these problems. They might seem overwhelming but we can help you solve them in a jiffy. 

Are you ready? Let’s deep-dive!

3 Most Common Problems with the Arrma Kraton 8s

Before getting into the main part, there are a few things that you have to check first. It will help you with identifying the problem and also aid in resolving the issue. 


Be it an ECX Ruckus or a Kraton, the problems that arise are pretty the same. Let’s have an in-depth look at the most common issues with the Arrma Kraton 8s:

Problem 1: Throttle Works, But The Steering Doesn’t 

It is a very common problem faced by users. They can turn their Arrma Kraton 8s on, but the steering doesn’t go right or left. This is super frustrating since you cannot make it take turns on the road. 


If you are facing this as well, follow as instructed down below:

Step 1 out of 4: Inspect Whether The Servo Gears Are Stripped Or Not

The servo gear is used to regulate the speed of a motor. It mostly regulates the flow of force in various ways while considering the gearing operation. 

Sometimes the servo gear tends to get stripped or torn down with time. Without a functioning servo gear, the arrma kraton can’t control the steering motors. Hence, it could impede the steering from turning at all even if the throttle is working.

So, if you are facing a similar situation, inspect the servo gear if it’s torn or not. If it is, then replace it immediately.

Step 2 out of 4: Check If The Servo Wires are frayed Or Not

Servo wires are an integral part of the servo gears. 

Servo gears usually comprise power, ground, and signal wires. These wires can get frayed or worn out over time. It could cause the steering to stop working even while the throttle is on. 

So, check the servo wires thoroughly. If they are worn out or frayed, get new ones. This should solve the problem with the steering.

Here I am mentioning some quality servo savers just for you!

Hopefully, you’ll find this useful. They are all compatible with Arrma Kraton 8s.

Step 3 out of 4: Inspect If The Servo Connectors Are Loose Or Not

Servo connectors are integrated to connect wires to the device. If the servo connectors are loose, electricity cannot flow through the circuit. 

Loose connectors connecting the servo could cause the servo to disconnect from the device. 

So, check the servo connectors carefully to see if they are loose or not. If even one of them is loose, attach it properly. It should do the trick for you. 

Step 4 out of 4: Check If The Links Are Connected Properly And Responding to The Servo

If the links are not connected properly or unresponsive to the servo, it could cause problems. Carefully inspect all the links to see if they are attached properly or not.

Use a multimeter to check the connection. If there is no connection, it means that that particular link is not responding to the servo. 

Hence, get a new link and change the faulty one.

Problem 2: Steering Sticking to One Direction Unproportionately 

Your Arrma Kraton can steer both left and right. But sometimes it tends to stick to one direction much more compared to the other. Or maybe, it turns properly without any trouble but struggles to stick straight or stay center aligned. 

This could most likely be an issue with the servo horn. Or it could also be where the servo trim is positioned in the center. 


If this is the case then, make sure to check the servo horn properly. Then go on to check all the links if they are functioning okay and attached properly. 

If they are not attached properly then follow the manual and place them according. Also, make necessary adjustments to the links.

Problem 3: Wheels Turn Hard Left/Right On their Own

Your arrma kraton 8s wheels may turn hard to the left or right automatically. It could happen when you turn it on, or even after you have used it for a few minutes. This is very annoying for the users.

Once again, inspect the servo horn. Also, check the place where the servo trim is installed. Check if the EPA is set properly. 

If nothing works, it’s very likely that some of the components of the servo are ripped. Also, possibly the links on one side of the Arrma Kraton 8s may not be tight.


If the problem is with the loosened links then you can easily solve it. For this, you just have to follow the manual. 

But if some of the components of the servo are ripped then there’s nothing much you can do to fix it. You might just have to replace it.

Hopefully, now you know the fixes to Arrma Kraton 8s settings and their problems. You might notice similar problems with spectrum dx4c.

Troubleshooting Arrma 8s

Time to jump onto the technical stuff! We’re going to troubleshoot all the Arrma Kraton 8s problems in this segment.

Let’s start!

1 of 4: Do You Have the Appropriate Servo And Servo Horn?

There is a chance that you’ve got a brushless servo in place of a coreless servo. Or maybe, the servo horn is defective. 

A servo horn is an integral part of the Arrma Kraton 8s. Servo horns are attachments of a servo. They are usually used for shifting motion. They transfer it from the servo to arms, push-rods, or linkages. 

Hence, it is important to ensure that the servo horn is properly attached to the chassis.

Go through the Kraton 8s esc manual very carefully. Some of the models need the servo horn to be at an angular position on the chassis. If it is installed perpendicularly, your Arrma Kraton 8s will not function properly. 

Also, you may have the wrong sized servo horn. Or maybe you have a servo horn of the wrong power level. If that is the case, replace it immediately and get a servo saver too.

But if that is not the case, then there could be another problem. And that is if the steering servo is not turning properly.

2 of 4: Are All The Links of The Proper Length?

There are always links that create the connection between the servo and the steering rack. They also connect the steering rack to the wheels. Even if your Arrma Kraton is functioning properly, problems will arise. Your Arrma Kraton 8s will not move if the links are not attached adequately.

Firstly, inspect that your servo and servo horn are operating properly. Then, check your links thoroughly. Check if anything is impeding the motion among the servo, steering rack, and tires. They should be smooth while your 4WD beast is turned on.

3 of 4: Is The End Point Adjustment Attached Adequately?

End point adjustment (EPA) is usually positioned on the radio. It helps the servo and steering rack comprehend the subtle motions of the steering.

Before you can set the EPA, your Arrma Kraton 8s must have adequate ground clearance. Before setting endpoints, confirm the wheels are locked. Then inspect if they are attached properly or not. 

If they are attached imperfectly, reattach them. It should work after that.

4 of 4: Are The radio and servo Functioning Properly?.

When your radio is malfunctioning, it’s pretty evident to notice. Even if they’re operational, the servo’s transmitter will occasionally not receive any signal.

Hence, it is something that needs immediate attention for a smooth run.  Inspect it carefully.

If it is malfunctioning, switch the servo and throttle connectors to ensure that the servo transmitter is operational. Then observe the radio’s activity. You’ll understand when it is working properly. Follow the proper arrma kraton 8s binding procedure.

Inspect all these aspects first since these small things often cause the monster truck to malfunction.


How to reset an Arrma Kraton 8s?

To factory reset it, first, you have to connect the battery. Then, switch on the transmitter and turn it on. Now, you have to push and hold the reset button for 4 seconds. Simultaneous red and green lights depict the factory reset. Then switch off the ECA to complete the factory reset.

How to bind my Arrma Kraton 8s?

Firstly, you have to push and hold the bind button positioned on the Arrma Kraton 8s receiver. Then switch on the Arrma Kraton 8s. The LED on the receiver will flicker to indicate that it is in bind mode. Now, switch on your transmitter and wait for a little. The LED flickering should stop. That means that it’s done

Is Arrma more durable than Traxxas?

The RC cars from Traxxas showcase super durability. Whereas, Arrma RC cars are not nearly as tough as the Traxxas ones. Even though Arrma ones are more powerful and premium in build quality. The insane amount of power that Arrma Rcs possess is the very reason they end up wearing off or stripping.


Hopefully, now you can fix all the arrma kraton 8s problems all by yourself!

The Arrma Kraton 8s is well-known for its monstrous power and overall toughness. But the common issues make it hard to use them properly.

Until next time, it’s goodbye from us!

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