Arrma Kraton vs E Revo

Arrma Kraton vs E Revo: Which One To Choose?


Choosing one between Arrma Kraton and E Revo can baffle you sometimes. It’s really hard because they have some similar features. Both the vehicles are quite popular and great on the track. Thus causing the dilemma. 

So, which one to choose, arrma kraton vs e revo?

Well, both of the cars run super fast but Arrma Kraton runs longer. It is easier to handle with the remote control. Kraton is cheaper than E Revo. On the other hand, E Revo is durable and long-lasting. The tires don’t wear out easily even on the rough tracks.

This was a quick briefing of the Kraton vs E Revo comparison. But this isn’t enough to make the final decision, you need to know more.

Let’s hop on to the details!

Arrma Kraton vs E Revo: Major Differences

Both of them are high-quality magnificent vehicles. But let’s compare the factors which make them stand out. 

Here’s a comparison chart for your better understanding-

Factors Arrma Kraton E Revo
Speed Super Fast Fast
Appearance Minimal and decent Looks extraordinary, has a creative design
Maintenance Needs high maintenance Easy maintenance
Chassis Average quality body frame High-quality body frame
Acceleration Smooth Aggressive
Price Reasonable price Price is a little high

It’s completely fine if you’re still struggling to pick one. We have prepared a head-to-head comparison for you. Go through this segment carefully to see which one works for you.

Arrma Kraton vs E Revo: In-Depth Comparison

We’ve given a detailed comparison including the factors considered. This will provide you with more knowledge about these two vehicles. 

After reading this, you’ll easily understand what you are looking for.

The Speed Factor

The Arrma Kraton RC car is known as the speed monster. Kraton can reach a solid 60+ mph, with a 6S capable of 2050 kV brushless power. Brushless motors are durable and you can easily detect if it gets bad. The motor helps to reach a great mileage. So, Kraton is good for RC car racing.

On the other hand, E Revo can reach up to 50 mph speed with its 2200 kV motor. If you want to make it faster, you have to change the gearing. You have to add a spur and a pinion gear to do that. 

These gears don’t come with the E Revo box. So, we have made a list of gears for you-

Product 1
Product 2

By adding these gears, you can reach up to 70+ mph speed with your E Revo truck.

Winner: If you are looking for good speed without spending extra money, Arrma Kraton takes the lead.

Appearances of the Two Trucks

Arrma Kraton is a decent-looking RC truck with a minimal appearance. It has a traditional ⅛ scale setup and an easy-to-remove upper body. It uses body clips to attach the upper body to the car.

E Revo has a remarkably stylish design which makes it stand out. It doesn’t use any clips to attach the body to the car. The body adjusts by clicking on the car without any manual force.

Winner: So, in this case, E Revo is a step ahead of the Arrma Kraton.


Arrma Kraton needs maintenance very often. This vehicle gets dirty very easily. You need to replace the parts now and then for better performance. This maintenance can cost you a fortune.

E Revo doesn’t need much maintenance. The parts are expensive but they don’t get worn out easily.

Winner: E Revo wins this one. No matter which car you choose to buy, always clean your RC car after using it.

Body Frame and Structure

Arrma Kraton is durable and has a classic aluminum plate. The aluminum plate protects the sensitive parts of the vehicle. It doesn’t have separate compartments for different parts. So, dirt and debris easily get inside the car. 

Kraton has 17mm wheel hexes that are not keyed. This makes the wheels pretty common and easily replaceable. 

E Revo has separate compartments for all of its parts. So the car stays protected and clean for a long time. 

E Revo also uses 17mm wheel hexes but they are keyed. You can’t attach wheels from any other car to this car. That means you have to use wheels specifically made for the E Revo.

Winner: E Revo has a better structure. The wheels don’t make a difference in the performance though.

The Difference in Acceleration Control

Kraton is easy to handle and runs smoothly on rocky rough tracks. As it has good acceleration, it can reach a good speed in a very short time. It tends to slide over the surface while cornering. But it cannot lift its body to overcome large obstacles.

E Revo is rough and quite aggressive to handle. This vehicle leans a lot and digs into the soil. But it can easily overcome large obstacles.

Price Difference

A Kraton truck can cost you around $ 400-450. Everything you need to run the truck comes with it. But you have to buy the battery separately. 

An E Revo can cost you around $500-600. You need two batteries for your E Revo truck.

Also, you need to buy the gears for the truck separately. So, E Revo is a little pricey compared to the Arrma Kraton.

Winner: If you don’t want to buy anything extra, choose Krato. But if you are willing to spend money upgrading the truck pick E Revo. 

Final Verdict

After reading the elaborated discussion, it should be clear which one you should go for.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly RC truck with good performance, choose Arrma Kraton. 

If you are fond of RC racing then E Revo is the best option for you. Because of its high performance, low maintenance. The look of the car is also spectacular. And don’t forget the durable structure which saves it in challenging conditions.

That’s all you needed to know about the trucks. We hope you got your answer on which one to choose.


Question: Can we use the same differentiated lube for both Kraton and E Revo?

Answer: No, Arrma Kraton uses a thin lube for the gear. That’s why it is easy to handle and smooth on the plane surface. On the other hand, E Revo needs a comparatively thick lube for the gear. This helps the E Revo to get a strong grip while overcoming any obstacle.

Question: Can we replace Arrma Kraton wheels with E Revo wheels?

Answer: Yes, you can replace Arrma Kraton wheels with E Revo wheels. Because both of the vehicles use 17mm hex wheelers. But you can’t do the same with e Revo because it only supports its specific wheel model.

Question: Are Kraton and E Revo waterproof?

Answer: Both of them are waterproof to some extent but not fully. Remember, never let the water go inside your RC car’s motor and transmitter. As you know E Revo uses different compartments for every part. So, it has lesser chances of getting damaged by water.

Parting Words

Hopefully, we helped you choose between arrma kraton vs e revo. As you have all the information, you’ll easily be able to select the right RC vehicle. Remember, your skill is the most important thing needed for good RC car driving.

Let us know which one you finally chose to prefer and why.

Till then, stay safe and have a wonderful day ahead.

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