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Arrma Senton Problems: A Troubleshooting Guide!

Riding RC cars are increasing as a hobby around the world. And arrma senton is popular among driving enthusiasts. 

Though it is an expensive and premium brand, it also has issues. You can also struggle with those unwanted problems.

So what are the Arrma Senton problems?

The most common problems with arrma senton are moving problems. Sometimes the batteries are not recharged and are faulty. Also, the antenna can be displaced. Then, the reverse function may not work properly. The faulty ESC motor can cause this issue. 

Don’t be scared of the problems. Here is the troubleshooting guide for you.

So, get ready to drive in.

A Quick Overview of Problems And Solution

Arrma Senton

Sometimes, you may be in a rush to go through the long detailed troubleshooting steps. So,  in this section, you’ll find out a sneak peek of the most happened problems. Along with quick solutions.

So, hang tight. 

Vehicle not moving forward
Displaced  Antenna to Overheated ESC motor
Correct the antenna placement or replace and recharged the batteries
Reverse Function not workingFaulty ESC motorDrying out the motor, make sure there is no moisture
Car moving without inputsTransmitter throttle trim may be incorrect. Otherwise, the neutral throttle position of the ESC is wrong.Always update transmission frequency, ESC recalibration
    Sluggish performanceAcceleration gaps, and intermittent slow drivingUse fully charged and good quality batteries

The quick solutions may not bring blessing every time you face difficulties with your favorite pass time toy. The maximum time you need a full troubleshooting guide to fix the issue. 

So, move forward if you need proper troubleshooting to fix the stubborn issues.  

Problem 1: Vehicle Does Not Move Forward

You are ready to race with your toy, but it doesn’t even move! This can be quite frustrating but actually may be due to basic problems. 

The most common cause can be the batteries. Wrongly installed or damaged ones are major issues. You may even forget to turn on the switch or displace the antenna.

If the batteries and antenna are good, then the problem can lie in the wirings or improper frequency. 

Also, an overheated or faulty ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) motor is notoriously liable for the cause. It mostly happens to Senton 4WD V3 3S BLX. Sometimes when the wheels turn but you get zero acceleration, the Servo may be at fault. 


Don’t get overwhelmed just yet. I will discuss every reason and its respective solution one by one. You don’t need to tear down your Senton 4WD V3 3S BLX, just some basic troubleshooting.

  • For first-time use, fully recharge and clean your batteries’ contact point with a dry cloth. Moisture and air can create corrosion. Over time batteries lose their power and become old. So, in those cases, it’s best to get new pairs both for the car and the transmitter. Tightly insert them in their proper orientation-wise slot.
  • Check for any loose connection in the wiring. Re-connect them properly. If the connection to the circuit board is loose, you need to re-solder those wires.
  • Not having the right frequency will lead to malfunctioning. It is vital to match the frequency of your car and transmitter. Get your manual and find the proper frequency for your model. Also, raise the antenna correctly.
  • Overheating the 4WD V3 3S will cause the ESC motor to shut down. Sometimes, a low voltage cutoff will be activated to protect batteries. Stop driving, and take some time off to allow them to cool down. Take out the batteries and recharge them, and you will be good to go.
  • Check the servo if your wheels are turning, but the vehicle won’t move forward. Usually, your Arrma senton will have two servos. Find the one responsible for throttling.  Unplug it from the receiver and connect it to another that’s properly working. If you get no response, then it’s time to replace it. You can install a servo saver to make it last longer

Problem 2: Vehicle Does Not Reverse

Sometimes, your toy will move forward but will be stuck when you put it in reverse. The main cause of this problem is a faulty ESC motor if you have a V3 mega 550 model. Otherwise, your transmission may get overloaded. 

Now, putting the toy into ‘race mode’ will also obstruct the reverse function. Altering the shifts quickly will also prevent you from changing the gears.


Now, let’s troubleshoot these potential problems sequentially. Hopefully, you will get your toy to reverse again.

  • Firstly, you need to check your V3 mega 550 ESC motor’s working condition. Check for any physical damage. It is the brain of your car. Let it dry out for a day or two to remove excess moisture. Finally, test it with a multimeter in continuity mode. While testing, if the meter produces a beep sound, it indicates a short circuit. Then you have to replace the motor. Otherwise, you’re good to go.
  • The racing mode of your senton doesn’t have the reverse function. So, set the mode to Sports mode to have all moving functions.
  • Avoid changing the shifts quickly. If you quickly trigger a change in gears, the receiver won’t react to it. At least give a couple of seconds before shifting.
  • Sometimes, the transmission will be under too much pressure to change gears. This will likely occur when you run off-road or on a steep path. Get back to the flat ground without blockades and try the reverse gear. Hopefully, it will work now.

Problem 3: Vehicle Drives Without Any Input

You will often find your Senton 4X2 boost mega 550 moving without any command from the remote control. It will mostly occur if someone else has the same frequency. 

If this happens when you’re alone, the transmitter throttle trim may be incorrect. Otherwise, the neutral throttle position of the ESC is wrong.

Sometimes, your car will wander left or right without input from the steering unit. A dirty drivetrain or damaged components are the reasons for this incident.


Surfing through a crowd can have overlapping frequencies. Sometimes others will find your signal and control your car unbeknownst to your knowledge. So always update transmission frequency. Now let’s get to the technical aspects.

  • If the transmitter throttle trim is incorrectly set, your toy will move around independently. By default, it’s set to neutral in factory settings. If you change it anytime, you have to redo it. Center the TH trim to the O position and switch the ESC off and on again. You will hear a chime indicating that it has been set to neutral.
  • If the position of the 4X2 boost mega 550’s ESC unit is altered, you need to recalibrate the motor. To reset to factory settings, connect the unit to a battery. Then turn on the transmission and then your toy. Press and hold the set button for 4 seconds and release. You will see red and green lights flashing together. Turn off the ESC, and calibration is done.
  • After heavy usage, your drivetrain will pick up dirt and mud. Regularly clean this part with isopropyl alcohol. Also, check the condition of the steering parts. Damaged components need to be replaced to ensure a smooth drive.

Problem 4: Sluggish Performance.

If you have a 4X2 boost mega 550, it will perform poorly over time, caused by various issues. Acceleration gaps and intermittent slow driving will make you mad when you’re competing against others. Your motor or drivetrain may be dirty or damaged. Alternatively, using poor quality Li Po battery will degrade your car.


Your toy is built with tiny sophisticated electric and mechanical pieces. Any degradation will slow up the performance. Let’s solve the aforementioned problems.

  • Use recharged and good quality batteries everywhere. For ESC units, always use high-rated Lithium polymer ( 4.2V per cell) to prevent any damage.
  • Regularly clean your drivetrain to keep your car up and running.
  • If the drivetrain and batteries are good, your motor can be at the end of its lifeline. In that case, you have to replace the electric motor.

More or less, all the models of the senton face pretty much the same issues. So, you can follow the troubleshooting to get solutions. If your car is having issues, you might need a professional mechanic. 

A Proper Maintenance Guide for Arrma Senton

Arrma Senton RC car

Well, nothing comes free in life. So, you have to care for your toy as your pet. 

Here we go with some pretty useful measures. You need to be careful while using your precious senton car if you want it in your life for the long run.

  • Clean your car properly with water. Just separate every part and wash them indiscriminately. Then, let them dry and ensure there is no moisture. Be careful that your car is not dunking in water.
  • Use the proper amount of oil. Don’t overuse any lubricant for your car. It attracts dust and dirt very easily. So, mind the portion while oiling the machine.
  • We’ve got a common tendency of over-tightening the nuts and screws. Stop doing it now.
  • Don’t ignore fixing the vital issue by the mechanic. And don’t forget to maintain the routine. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How fast does the arrma senton go?

arrma senton is extremely tough, and its speed is 50+MPH. Now, command even greater force from its tested BLX100 brushless system.

Is arrma senton brushless?

The model of the senton 4×4 3s BLX is a brushless system. It has a 3200kv brushless motor. This combination provides excellent speed and acceleration.

Are arrma RC cars waterproof?

The arrma RC cars are made of waterproof equipment. The radio boxes and steering servo have a waterproof power system. So, mud dirt can be attacked. 


I hope you’ll be able to fix all the arrma Senton problems on your own.

Arrma senton is popular around the world for its toughness. But the common problems make the ride problematic sometimes.

So, have a safe ride. And I am signing off now.

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