arrma senton with granite tires

Arrma Senton with Granite Tires (Best of the Bests)

The world of RC is all about customization and building. So, what are even the granite tires? Are they even any good upgrades? Since the tires are going to be a pricy purchase. Well, that is what we are going to learn here.

So, how is the Arrma Senton with Granite tires?

The Granite tires are known to be the best of the best. The tires are physically bigger and better than the stock tires. Also, the tires perform well on all different terrains. Such as sand, mud, rocks, plain roads, and grass. The tires can output more torque. 

So, that was a quick look at the performance results. Wait! There is more to learn. So, let’s dive deep into the details below!

Are the Granite Tires Better than Stock Tires

Granite tires are a complete beast when it comes to RC tires. These tires are known to be the best of the best. Not only it’s better than the stock RC tires, but these are better than any other tires. Check out the table below.

FactorsGranite TiresStock Tires
Length 10 inches9 inches
Width 5.2 inches4.5 inches
Height 3 inches1.8 inches
Weight 13.3 Ounces8 Ounces

According to the table, you can see that the granite tires are bigger than stock once. That is one of the factors for it being this good. But always remember to glue the tires properly before going on a drive. 

The different thing about these tires is that this tire can be really sticky. So these tires can get the hold of the road really well. So it can withstand the torque from the motors. 

Cause before you even plan to change the motors or ESC, these tires are the ones to change. Cause these tires can bring out more from your existing motors and ESC. These are some serious Arrma Senton tire upgrade. 

But there are different terrains for different tires. But how do the granite tires hold against all the terrains? Let’s learn about them.


Where the Granite Tires Perform the Best?

Like we said, not all tires are better in all-terrain. So, how will the granite tires perform? Below we have different sections for different terrains. So let’s learn about them. 


Loose sand can be really difficult for any tire to get unstuck. Cause loose gravel or especially sand can sink the tires in as they spin. That is why the grip is really necessary when it comes to terrain like sand. 

The granite tires are really big that you have to cut the wheel well to attach them. And big tires can get more traction than small stock tires. Also, the granite tires are really sticky and withstand strong torque. These are the best RC tires for loose dirt

So, it’s easier for the truck to get unstuck. And you can get really cool shots with these tires. But you might see the RC struggle sometimes. Also, clean the RC well after driving in the sand. 


No one wants to drive in the mud. But with the granite tires, everything can be fun. Since these tires are highly capable, they can drive in the mud. Also, the tires come with the Arrma granite wheels. 

Unlike sand, where it’s loose, mud can be really sticky. So grippy tires are much appreciated here as well. Cause, where your RC gets stuck in the mud, it needs the power to get out. And the granite tires flex their way out where others can be stuck. 

If your RC is getting dirty because of the mud, you can get some mud flaps for it. Check the links below if you want one. 

INJORA Front & Rear Mud Flaps FenderCheck Latest Price
LICHIFIT Rubber MudguardCheck Latest Price
RPM Mud FlapsCheck Latest Price

A mud flap might sound not very effective on RC but it can bring some realistic look. 

Also, mud can be slippery as well. In that case, the groves and cuts on the tires play a great role. The groves and cuts on the tires can stick on the mud and get traction. The big form factor gives the tires an upper hand in this round as well.



Unlike sand and mud, you might think rocks can be really difficult for these Arrma granite tires. But no actually. Rocks might even seem dangerous, but these tires have it all. So if you planning to take your RC on the rocky side, you easily can. 

The big form factor of the tires plays the main role where than anything. The bigger the tires are the better it is on the rocks. Cause you don’t need grip and traction. You need to upcome the big rocks. So the large size makes it really easy. 

Plain Roads:

After we talked about mud, sand, and rocks plain roads are nothing in front of the granite tires. Stock tires are great on the plain roads as well. But the granite tires can bring out more torque and speed out of the motors. 

You can easily do wheelies on the granite tires. Although, the front lift can be a drawback as well. Don’t through the stock tires away. You can use it as Arrma Senton replacement tires. 

There is a debate that the granite tires are better in Arrma than Traxxas on the plain roads. But both Arrma and Traxxas can perform well on plain roads with granite tires.



Your backyard or the park is actually the best for RCs. cause that is where you can get maximum grip. The soil of the park is really sticky can the tires can actually grip the soil. Also, you don’t need any Arrma Senton 3s body upgrade. 

The stock tires perform great on grass. And the granite tires perform best on grass. If you can do a single flip with the stock tires, you can do 2 with the granite tires. The Arrma Senton 3s blx wheels and tires are the best for grassy terrain. 

So, that ways everything you needed to know about the granite tires on Arrma Senton. These tires can be the best Arrma Senton upgrades. 

Here’s someone who upgraded the tires of Arrma Senton with Granite tires. The looks and performance are mind blowing!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Attach the Granite Tires on the RC?

To attach granite tires to your RC, you will be needing Tires glue and foam. Firstly take the old tires off. Then glue the foam in the granite tires. Afterward, push the granite tires on the wheels. Apply glue on the rim of the tires. 

Can I Use Different Tires on Different Wheels?

You can use different tires on different wheels. But this will actually give you different results. But make sure the front and rear tires are at least the same sizes. Other wise the tires will not be able to balance. 

Which type of Wheels to Use with the Granite Tires?

You can use 1/10 size RC wheels for the granite tires. The tires are really big in comparison with the stock tires. So you cannot use the stock wheels with the granite tires. Usually, wheels come with tires, so you don’t need to worry about it.

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