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Every Arrma Talion Problems And How To Solve Them!

Arrma Talion 6S BLX is a wonderful truggy to keep in your collection. If you are considering getting it for yourself, you probably should get it. 

So, it would be best if you knew all the Arrma Talion problems before you bought it.

The most common problem with Arrma Talion is the vehicle not moving at all. Apart from this, you might also face short runtime, sluggish performance, control issues, etc. There are also some other problems you might face. But those fall under the category of rare problems.

Although you might face a lot of issues, the solutions are simple too. I have listed them all with their causes and solutions for your convenience. 

Do you want that list? Keep reading; you will get there!

Arrma Talion Problems: Quick Overview

As I have promised you a list of problems and solutions, it’s time I deliver. You will find a chart below in which I have summarized everything. Have a look!

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ProblemsPossible CauseSolutions to Try
Vehicle does not moveBatteries are incorrectly installed in the transmitter. 

The model’s drive battery is weak, broken, or non-existent.

Motor or ESC cables that are frayed or broken

Overheating has caused the ESC to shut down.

Internal parts are damaged.

To safeguard the battery, the ESC low voltage cutoff has been activated.
Examine the Indicator Light on the Transmitter

Install new, charged batteries.
Examine the connection, reconnect, and insulate.

Allow the ESC or motor to cool before continuing to drive.

Replace with a fresh one

Remove the drive battery, allow it to cool, and then recharge it.
The vehicle will not reverseRunning mode is set to Fwd/BrkAdjust the ESC Running Mode to ‘Fwd/Brk/Rev’
The vehicle operates autonomouslyIncorrectly set transmitter throttle trim

The ESC Unit’s neutral throttle position is wrong.
The throttle must be set to zero/neutral.

Recalibrate the ESC
Short runtimeBattery damaged or not fully charged

The electric motor is unclean or damaged.

Incorrect ESC battery mode. 
Check condition, replace or recharge.

Check the condition, replace, and/or clean

Change the unit’s battery mode.
Sluggish performanceBattery damaged or not fully charged

Incorrectly set transmitter throttle trim

Electric motor dirty or damaged
Drivetrain dirty or damaged
Examine the condition, then replace or recharge

The throttle must be set to zero/neutral.

Check the condition, replace, and/or clean

Check the condition, replace, and/or clean
No vehicle control or a limited rangeTransmitter batteries are depleted or faulty. 

Servo wires to the receiver are loose or connected incorrectly.

The transmitter and receiver units are not ‘bound’ correctly.
Check Indicator Light on transmitter

Reinstall the servo wires to receiver

The transmitter and receiver must be relinked.
Steering/Throttle operation intermittentESC has shut off due to overheating

The transmitter and receiver units are not properly “bound.”
Allow the ESC or motor to cool down before continuing to drive.

Investigate potential sources of interference and re-bind the transmitter and receiver
Without steering input, the vehicle drifts left/right
Steering trim setting out

Damaged steering components

Drivetrain dirty or damaged
Adjust the steering trim

Check components and replace

Clean, check the condition and/or replace

Problem One: Arrma Talion Does Not Move

If your vehicle is not moving, then it is a very serious issue. The battery is most likely the source of the problem. But if you are certain that the battery is fine, it could be an issue with the ESC.

We’ll now review all the reasons and mention the solutions too.

Arrma Talion
Source: Arrma

Reason One: Batteries are Incorrectly Installed in the Transmitter

Do not assume the worst. Maybe it’s not that big a deal. So, the first thing you should do is to make sure your batteries are installed properly.


Check the indicator light on the transmitter. If the LED light is flashing, you need to either install it correctly or replace it.

Reason Two: Model With a Faulty, Damaged, or Non-Existent Drive Battery

If you’ve been utilizing the same set of batteries for a long time, they could have been weakened. Or it could also get damaged. 


To confirm this suspicion, get a pair of fresh batteries and install them properly. 

If the problem was with your battery, then applying these solutions should get your vehicle running.   

Reason Three: Frayed or Broken Motor or ESC Wires

Now that we have ruled out batteries, we will be moving on to other parts. For example, the ESC or the motor. 

You might have an issue with the motor or the ESC wires. The simplest reason could either be a frayed motor or bad ESC wiring. 


Just check your motor condition and/or ESC wiring. If the motor is broken or frayed, repair or replace it. If the problem is with ESC wiring, reconnect and insulate it.

Reason Four: Overheating Has Caused the ESC to Shut Down.

An overheated ESC or the motor is one of the reasons your Arrma Talion won’t move. If the ESC was too hot, it would not move. 


Stop trying to drive it for now and let the ESC and the motor cool down. Leaving it alone for about 10-15 minutes should suffice. Try to drive again after the time period to see if it moves.

Reason Five: Internal Parts Could Be Damaged

Another reason why your Arrma Talion is not moving could be that the parts are damaged. The vital parts of an RC car include the electric motor, the ESC, and the transmission/drive line. 


To be honest, this is a pretty serious problem because there is no quick solution to this. The only solution to this problem is to just replace your damaged parts with new ones. It’s recommended to get parts from the manufacturer. So, contact them to purchase one.   

Reason Six: ESC Low Voltage Cutoff Has Been Enabled

If you did not know, completely discharging batteries is bad for battery performance. That’s why the ESC has a defensive mechanism to protect the batteries.When the battery voltage falls below a certain threshold,, the ESC will not enable the motor.


First, remove the battery pack from your RC. Use gloves and check if it’s overheated or not. If so, allow it to cool for a few minutes. Then recharge the battery and place it back on the RC.

Problem Two: Arrma Talion Does Not Reverse

Another difficulty you may encounter is that your Arrma Talion does not reverse.The brushless ESC might be programmed to run only straight from the factory. So, you might face this problem the first time you drive it.

Reason: Running Mode is Set to Fwd/Brk

Since your Arrma Talion does not reverse, that means the running mode is set to Fwd/Brk. This mode only allows the car to move forward and break.


To solve this, you must make some modifications to the running mode. I have explained it below.

  • Power on the transmitter.
  • Connect the battery to the ESC and switch it on.
  • Hold the set key for one second. Wait for the green LED to flash, then release the set button. You will now enter the programming mode.
  • Hit the set button once, then release it. The green LED will beep once. This is the signal to modify the running mode.
  • Then press and hold the set button again for about three seconds. The LED should flash red with two beeps. That means it has now activated Fwd/Brk/Rev mode. If it beeps once, then you need to press the set button again. Then you will hear two beeps. 
  • Then, for three seconds, press and hold the set button to save the modifications.
  • After this, you can turn off the ESC.  

Problem Three: Arrma Talion Drives Without Input

If your Arrma Talion is driving itself without any input, then don’t think it’s possessed. This could be a simple problem with the throttle, which I will solve soon.

Reason One: Transmitter Throttle Trim Incorrectly Set

One of the two reasons behind this could be that the transmitter throttle trim is set incorrectly. Setting the transmitter throttle trim value to zero should fix this.


Set your throttle trim value to neutral to fix this. There is a switch in your controller labeled as TH. Set it to N. Also, you will find a regulator named TH Trim. Set it to zero.

Transmitter Throttle Trim
Source: Arrma Talion Manual

Reason Two: Incorrect ESC Unit Neutral Throttle Position

The transmission throttle is set to neutral and zero by default. So, that is normally not a problem. Otherwise, the neutral throttle position unit of the ESC unit must be incorrect.


Just reset the ESC. Here is how you can do this.

  • Power on the transmitter.
  • Connect the battery to the ESC and switch it on.
  • When the green LED flashes, release the set button. You will now enter the programming mode.
  • Now, hold down the set button for five seconds.

Following this procedure should reset your ESC.

Problem Four: Short Runtime

If you are facing the Arrma runtime error, I will show you how to solve it. The causes include the battery and/or the motor. You will find the issue once you check them.

Reason One: Damaged Or Insufficiently Charged Battery

This is primarily due to a flawed battery. Check your batteries for problems. There are two problems that can cause this. 

One, the battery may be damaged.

Two, maybe it is not charging properly.


If the battery is damaged, replace it. There is no other solution to this. 

If it is not fully charged or has insufficient charge, recharge it.

If the battery is not charging at all, then that’s a different problem.

Reason Two: Electric Motor Dirty Or Damaged

Go take a look at your motor. It could be dirty or damaged. Either way, it might cause  your vehicle to have a short runtime problem. 


Check your motor. If it’s dirty, clean it properly without damaging it. If it’s damaged, then straight up buy another.

Reason Three: Incorrect ESC Battery Mode

If the battery and motor are both in good condition, the issue must be in the ESC. The battery mode must be wrong in the ESC. The cutoff voltage selected for the battery must be too high.


To change the cutoff voltage, you need to do the following,

  • Power on the transmitter.
  • Connect the ESC to the battery and switch it on the ESC.
  • Hold down the set key for one second. 
  • Release the set button when the green LED flashes. You will now enter the programming mode.
  • Press the set button once, and the green LED will flash and beep once. You must repeat this three times more. 
  • When it beeps four times. Hold down the set button for three seconds.
  • Then again, pressing the set button once will make the LED flash red beep once.
  • Arrma Talion has two BEC voltage modes. One is 6.0V and another is 7.4V. By default, 7.4V is selected. You can choose 6V as the BEC volt by following this process up until now. 
  • Press and hold the set button for three seconds, this will save the settings.
  • Turn the ESC off. 

Problem Five: Sluggish Performance

If you are struggling with Arrma Talion performance, check the internal parts. It could be either one or more of them.   

Reason One: Damaged Or Undercharged Battery

This has already been explored here. Go have a look.

Reason Two: Transmitter Throttle Trim Incorrectly Set

The reasons and solutions were previously discussed. Go have a look.

Reason Three: Electric Motor Dirty or Damaged

We’ve already discussed this in the previous sections. Take a look here. 

Reason Four: Drivetrain Dirty or Damaged

A faulty drivetrain can impact your vehicle’s performance negatively. So, if the battery, motor, and transmitter are all fine, then it must be the drivetrain. 


Take apart your vehicle and check the condition of the drivetrain. If you find it dirty, clean it. If it’s damaged, there are no other ways to fix this without replacing it. 

Problem Six: No Vehicle Control or a Limited Range

Another common issue involving the Arrma Talion is the short-range problem. You may discover that you frequently lose control of it. Usually, the issue is linked to the transmitter, but there are other causes.

Reason One: Transmitter Batteries Are Weak or Fitted Incorrectly

This is the very first solution we have mentioned. You can find it here.  

Reason Two: Servo Wires Connected Incorrectly or Are Loose to the Receiver

The receiver servo wires are either loose or not installed properly. This could be why you were unable to utilize the vehicle’s proper range.


Reinstall the servo wires to the receiver. If you get easily confused by this, here is a video that might clear things up.

Reason Three: The Transmitter and Receiver Units Are Not Properly ‘bound’

So, the battery and the servo wires are fine. That means the receiver and the transmitter are not bound properly.


Reconnect the transmitter with the receiver. Here’s how

  • Hold down the bind button on the receiver before pressing the power button on the ESC. The receiver’s orange light will flash rapidly.
  • Press the ON button on the transmitter while holding the bind button.Wait until the receiver’s orange light turns solid.
  • Switch the transmitter to full throttle and then back to neutral. When you move the trigger, an orange light will blink and then return to solid.
  • Follow the same procedure but with brake, left, and right. 
  • Binding is done. Now turn off the ESC

Problem Seven: Steering/Throttle Operation Intermittent

A complicated problem, that has a simple issue. Usually related to the transmitter or the ESC.

Reason One: Overheating Has Caused The Esc To Shut Down

We’ve already instructed you on what to do when the ESC is overheated. Click here to find that.

Reason Two: Transmitter and Receiver Units Are Incorrectly ‘Bound’

We have just discussed the whole binding process for the previous problem. You can find it here.

Problem Eight: Vehicle Drifts Left/Right Without Steering Input

If your vehicle wanders without your command, do not panic. You have a problem with the steering. Good for you, I know how to solve this.

Reason One: Steering Trim Setting Out

In your Spektrum controller, there is a regulator to control the steering trim. Since your Arrma Talion moving without input, this might be the root of your issue.


Adjust your steering trim. It is on the side of your controller. Readjusting the steering trim should fix this issue. 

Arrma Talion moves without input
Source: Arrma Talion Manual

Reason Two: Damaged Steering Components

Another cause of this problem could be damaged steering components. If the steering components are damaged, your vehicle should not move as per your command. 


Check your internal steering components. See if they are working properly and look for signs of damage. If they are damaged, replace them. Contact Arrma support for replacement parts.

Reason Three: Drivetrain Dirty or Damaged

We have already discussed this here. Go have a look.

So, What Are Your Thoughts?

I attempted to address all of the issues. One thing I have forgotten to mention, all of these issues have a single solution. That is taking proper care of your RC car. Every RC can be the ultimate car if you maintain it properly. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How fast is the Talion?

Arrma Talion is ridiculously fast. Especially with a 6S LiPo battery. Even with a 4S LiPo, it’s comparatively faster than most RC cars. The max speed of the Arrma Talion is 70+ mph.

What is the fastest Arrma?

The Arrma Limitless GT Speed is probably the fastest Arrma. It can go almost 175 miles per hour. 

What distinguishes Arrma from Traxxas?

Traxxas primarily produces RC vehicles for beginners and has a laser-like emphasis on producing aggressive RC vehicles. On the other hand, Arrma primarily produces robust basher RC vehicles. Also, very occasionally produces RC vehicles that are user-friendly for beginners.


Whew! That was a very long discussion, wasn’t it? But I have managed to cover all the Arrma Talion problems.   

I might have missed one or two. So, if you guys would like me to add something, let me know. 

This brings me to the end of this article. As always, I will be back soon with more of these. So, stay tuned.

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