Arrma Typhon Mega Vs 3S

Arrma Typhon Mega Vs 3S: A Thorough Comparison 

Talk about identical remote-controlled vehicles! The dilemma can’t get bothersome than the choice between the Typhon Mega and the 3S. These two Arrma cars look virtually the same. But, there are quite a few differences internally.  

So what to choose between Arrma Typhon Mega vs 3S

The Arrma Typhon 3S is overall the better choice. Both the models have identical physical dimensions. But the 3S beats it’s counterfeit when it comes to top speed and chassis. However, Typhon Mega is lower in price, but highly upgradeable. But modding it, can be costlier than buying the 3S itself. 

Well, it’s not quite enough information to choose from these two. So, if you wish to learn more in detail, read along! 

So what’re you waiting for? Let’s delve right into it!

Arrma Typhon Mega Vs 3S- At a Glance

In order to quickly grasp the changes, we’ve jotted down a chart for you. This chart will cover the key notable difference for you to comprehend on the go!

Let’s have a quick look!

FactorsArrma Typhon 550 Mega 4×4Arrma Typhon BLX 3S 4×4
Max Speed 30+ mph50+ mph
Power TypeBrushedBrushless
Weight 2.73kg or 6 lbs2.58kg or 5lbs 11oz
Battery Recommendations8.4V NiMH Hump Pack 2S or 3S Lipo
Metal GearsYesNo
Price259.00 – 269.00  USD(Approx.)369.00 – 379.00 USD(Approx.)

As you can tell from the chart, the mega and the 3s don’t have too many differences. Apart from the key differences mentioned above, they both have many parts in common. 

Arrma is known to use similar parts in different models. Hence, these models have virtually the same physical dimensions. They both also use the same 2.4 GHz Spektrum Radio. 

But, the 3s introduces an updated chassis. It also boasts a higher top speed and utilizes a different power type. These shall be discussed further in the next segment where we dive deeper into details. 

Arrma Typhon Mega Vs 3S: Head-to-Head Analysis

Now that you’ve got a basic idea of the differences, it’s time to level up. In this segment, we’ll put the two RC cars head to head in a detailed comparison. 

Both these cars are identical in terms of physical dimensions. The true difference lies in the performance, upgradability, pricing, and features.

So if that sounds interesting, you’re in the right place. Let’s get started!

Vehicle Type and Scale

We’ll start with the Vehicle type and its scale. Both of these vehicles utilize the four-wheel-drive system. They fall in the buggy class and are both of the 1/8 scales. Both the models have an RTR build status and mid-motor configuration options.

Source: Arrma RC

They are both off-road class and very robust. But, sometimes robust vehicles like the Arrma Kraton 8s show problems as well. Make sure to keep in contact with your warrant just in case.

Winner: Being in the same vehicle classes, and having the same build modes, this round is a tie.

Physical Dimensions

Both these models have almost identical physical specifications. The chart below lists the physical dimensions of both RC cars.

Length511 mm or 20.12”
Wheelbase328 mm or 12.91”
Ride Height42 mm or 1.65”
Height195 mm or 7.68”
Front Width 306 m or 12.05”
Rear Width306 mm or 12.05”

Apart from these identical measurements, the 3S is a little less than the Mega. The mega weighs 6 lbs while the 3S stands at 5lbs 11oz. 

Source: Spektrum

Winner: 3S is much lighter.


The 3S shows a phenomenal performance with a top speed of 50+ mph. This is sure to win you a lot of races on the track. Here’s an example of what you’ll get if you choose this one.

Apart from this, it also boasts a more durable chassis compared to the Typhon Mega. The Typhon Mega, being an older model, can only reach a top speed of 30+ mph.

Winner: The Arrma Typhon 3S takes this round by account of its higher top speed and better chassis. 

Power Type

The Arrma Typhon Mega and 3S use different power types and different motor sizes. Let’s talk about the Typhon Mega first.

The Typhon Mega utilizes the brushed power type. Brushed motor cars often take downgrades compared to their brushless counterparts.  

For example, brushless motors make for a higher top speed than brushed motors. On top of that brushless motors also have a longer battery life (run-time).

However, the brushed motors are very beginner-friendly as they use simple circuits. They are also very affordable to buy. 

The Typhon 3S uses a brushless motor. A common problem with brushless motors is that users need a replacement ESC. This is because stock brushless is usually not the best in quality. 

So, you might seek for some of the electric speed controllers to replace the stock ones. No worries, because I’ve curated some of the best ESCs that you can easily get from Amazon.

ESCsCurrent CapabilityPrice
Readytosky Brushless Electric Speed Controller80 AOrder Now!
GoolRC 80A Brushless Waterproof Electric Speed Controller80 AOrder Now!
RC Electric Parts Brushless Motor Electric Speed Controller60 AOrder Now!
RC Electric Parts Brushless Motor Electric Speed Controller40 AOrder Now!
RC Electric Parts Brushless Motor Electric Speed Controller30 AOrder Now!

And there comes another question if it is okay to use any ESC with any motors.

But, you’ll be happy to know that stock brushless motors in the 3S are generally well-reviewed. 

Winner: No Winner. 

Comparison between brushed and brushless motors is a matter of perspective. So, no clear winner can be declared here. 


The Arrma Typhon Mega uses a pretty weak plastic drivetrain. 

This drivetrain is upgraded into a more durable edition in the 3S. Some users have even mentioned the 3S drivetrain is more rigid compared to that of 6S.

Winner: Attributing to the enhanced, more durable drivetrain, the 3S wins this round.


Warranty is an important aspect of any RC car. For example, you should check the warranty before getting a 1/18 scale RC too.

So, both these models provide a warranty of two years!  This warranty covers defects, assembly of products, and workmanship. 

Winner: Providing equal warranties, the two finish at a tie in this round. 


Both these models can be bought at several eCommerce stores like Amazon, eBay. The Typhon mega is sold at around $259.00 to $269.00 on Amazon. The Typhon 3S needs an additional 100 dollars, standing at $369.00 to $379.00. 

But, be on the lookout for discounts on these cars. This is because eCommerce sites are often putting out good offers at these prices.

Winner: Costing approximately 100 dollars less, the Arrma Typhon Mega wins this round. 


Based on all these comparisons, the Typhon 3S makes the most sense. 

The Typhon mega is mostly bought as an upgrade project. It can take in a lot of 3S parts, unlike most other Arrma cars. But, the cost of modding the mega sums up to way more than the base price of the 3S.

This is why, if you aren’t looking to tinker with your ride, the 3S is a wise choice. It provides an additional 20 mph top speed. It also comes with a more durable upgraded drivetrain.

If you don’t mind spending money on upgrading, the Mega can be a good choice. But, judging by every factor, we’d still recommend the 3S. Sometimes problems can occasionally show up. 

For example, the steering servo won’t turn fully. This, along with other problems should be covered by your warranty.

You should check out our recommendations for buying these two solid RC cars. 

ARRMA 1/8 Typhon 4X4 V3 3S BLX Brushless Buggy RC TruckBuy Now
ARRMA 1/10 Typhon 4X4 V3 MEGA 550 Brushed Buggy RC TruckBuy Now

These products use Ready-to-Run (RTR) tech so you can enjoy it straight away. These cars use durable materials and provide excellent performance too. Hope this helps!


Are the Typhon mega and Typhon 3S Waterproof?

Yes! Both the Typhon Mega and the Typhon 3S are waterproof. They have a fully functioning waterproof steering servo, receiver, and ESC. So you can hit the roughest terrain without a problem.

Is Arrma Typhon 3S worth buying?

Definitely yes! 5 stars out of 5! Extremely well-designed, durable, and quick! The Typhon 3S is a fantastic buggy; it’s durable, quick, and well-made. This model still includes the significantly better Tactic radio as of my order.

How Fast Can be the Arrma Typhon Mega?

Except for normal AA transmitter batteries, the TYPHON 4X4 MEGA comes with everything needed. In addition, in optimum driving circumstances and alternative gearing, you may reach 30 mph. Simply turn it on and prepare to blow through your bounds!


And with that, we’ve reached the end of our discussion. That’s all we have on ‘arrma typhon mega vs 3s‘. We hope this article has been of value to you.

If you’ve enjoyed this article, feel free to browse through the others.

Until then, take good care of yourselves. Best of luck!

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