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Arrma Vs Traxxas- Everything You Need To Know


Arrma and Traxxas have a very similar set of product lineups. The XO-1 is like the Infraction, the E-Revo is like the Kraton, and the Stampede is like the Granite. These are some of the mentionable ones that are similar to each other. 

RC enthusiasts who have been in the business for the longest time still debate between them. But finally, today we’re going to break the ice and answer the question-

Which is better, arrma vs traxxas?

Both Arrma and Traxxas are great brands. Arrma focuses on powerful basher vehicles. While Traxxas cater their products so that they are perfect for beginners. Traxxas is quite expensive when compared to their equivalent range of Arrma products.

There’s more to it than just this. We’ve talked about these things in detail. Read our article to know more.

Arrma Vs Traxxas: A Quick Comparison

Before we tell you any of the detailed differences, let’s talk about the key comparison first. Go through the table to understand the main differences between these two brands.

Arrma Traxxas
Less beginner-friendly More Beginner-friendly 
Perfect for advanced users Slightly less perfect for advanced users
Moderate price Expensive
Focus on power and speed Focused on easy control
Annual upgrades No upgrades
Not much to choose from Many types of category

Arrma Vs Traxxas: Detailed Differences

You’ve already won if you own a vehicle from any of these brands. Both arrma and traxxas offer some pretty awesome vehicles. 

They are two of the best brands in the RC world. Now, we won’t choose any winner for you. However, we will present you with all relevant facts so that you can make an informed decision.

So, without further ado, let’s get started-

Beginner Friendliness

Beginners need RCs that are in the 2s and 3s categories. If you’re a beginner yourself, you won’t be able to handle all that power of an 8s. 

Traxxas is focused on making its products ideal for beginners. Famous RC cars like Rustler and Bandit are in the 3s and 2s category respectively.

On the about us page of Traxxas, they talk about making RC fun and enjoyable. And they’re able to achieve this with their beginner-friendly products.

They stand by their word and make their products with beginner users in mind. They’ve created one of the most successful lineups of 2s and 3s cars. Vehicles like the Stampede, Rustler, and Bandit are ideal for newcomers to the hobby.

Although people don’t really complain about Traxxas, some might complain about the battery of Slash. If you own one, look out for some of the best batteries for Traxxas Slash.

Arrma on the other hand has some pretty good vehicles like Granite and Big rock. These vehicles are also ideal for those just getting started in the sport.

Although Arrma makes some beginner-friendly products, they’re not focused on this section. Compared to the vast choice Traxxas offers, Arrma has very few.

And so, it’s reasonable to state that Traxxas wins this category.

For Advanced Users

Arrma is a brand that focuses on making extreme basher vehicles. They began manufacturing their most essential items only a few years after they began. That is their 6s BLX vehicles. Kraton and Talion are notable ones in the genre of 6s and 8s.

These vehicles are bigger, more powerful, and more aggressive, and they too are ready to run. It wasn’t long until everyone was clamoring for a taste of the 6s. Arrma basically started the trend of bigger, faster, and more extreme RC vehicles.

Now, these vehicles are made with the thought of experienced hobbyists in mind. So, no beginner will be able to control all that power from the start. 

Arrma offers extreme vehicles on-road and off with a ready-to-run system. EXP rollers may also be used to make the chassis as severe as you want.

Anytime someone thinks of Arrma, they think of high-powered 6s bashers. And in that 6s category, Kraton is a fan favorite. A lot of reviewers have reviewed Kraton for its popularity.

Don’t get us wrong though. Traxxas also has some pretty good high-powered vehicles. But it’s just that they’re focused more on the 2s and 3s category. And Arrma is focused on the 6s and 8s category. 

You might have a Traxxas and still want to use an Arrma motor. So, here’s a list of high powered motors that Arrma uses-

Product 1
Product 2

And so, Arrma is the winner for the advanced RC users.

User Friendliness

Traxxas has built a whole ecosystem around making RCing as simple as possible. There’s a ton of TKI transmitters, drop-in accessories, and the link app to choose from.

In addition, they provide an ID battery and charger system that interacts with their live app. Traxxas also has a toll-free customer service hotline of 1800.

Arrma on the other hand doesn’t provide any of these services. Then again, you don’t need all that extra help if you’re a pro.

So, in terms of user-friendliness, Traxxas takes the lead again. 


You’ll notice that these brands have the same type of products, but their price difference is huge. The situation is the same for Redcat and Traxxas comparison.

The base starting range for the Traxxas 6s is $749.99. An Arrma 6s, on the other hand, has a starting price of $399.99.

Let’s be honest here though. Traxxas provides a lot of services along with their products. Therefore, it’s only natural for them to charge the additional amount.

But still, Arrma is the winner here.

Variety & Upgradability

Traxxas has a wide range of products from different types of categories. Starting from Nitros, Mini, and Crawlers, they even have Drones and Boats. But, Arrma on the other hand doesn’t have these types of products.

Let’s talk about upgradability now. Arrma upgrades their vehicles every year to fix any issues. They also provide a version number to keep track of the upgrades. 

They also provide optional parts for EXB models so that you can make them more durable. 

Traxxas is therefore the go-to company for a wide range of items. But Arrma has more space for upgrades. So, they’re both winners here.

The Winner

To be honest, it’s a tie. Both Arrma and Traxxas are fantastic brands that excel at what they do.

Arrma is an RC car manufacturer that specializes in aggressive bashers. They place a premium on strength and agility. However, they also produce vehicles that are suitable for beginners. So, if you’re a pro, go with Arrma.

And Traxxas is a brand that primarily makes beginner-friendly vehicles. And they also make some really extreme RCs too. They also have a variety of products. So, if you’re just entering the world of RC cars, then you’re looking for Traxxas.

Now, you get to choose who your winner will be. You know their advantages and disadvantages. So, the decision is yours.


Question: How long is the helpline of Traxxas active?

Answer: 7 days a week 8:30 am to 9:00 pm

Question: Are Arrma and Traxxas made in China?

Answer: All RC manufacturers make some of their parts in China.

Question: Where does Traxxas take their parts from?

Answer: Traxxas makes their own parts.


You now know everything there is to know about the battle between arrma vs traxxas. We weren’t able to choose a winner for you as they both excel at what they do. Some people even say that these two brands define the balance in the RC force.

Let us know if you have any more questions in the comments section.

Good Luck!

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