As3x Vs Safe

As3x Vs Safe [The Comparison You Need]

as3x and safe are the two most groundbreaking technologies for modern RC planes. You’d often hear comparisons between them. Both of these technologies were developed for enhancing user’s flight control ability.

So, what differs between as3x Vs safe?

The as3x technology enhances the flight stability of RC aircraft. It uses exclusive flight control software to stabilize the plane at any altitude. Safe technology is known as a promoted flight assistance system. However, every safe system has as3x technology used at its base.

Curious to know more about them? Then read along our piece to figure out the fundamental differences between them.

Let’s begin!

As3x Vs Safe At A Glance

Let’s start with the basics. These are the fundamental differences between as3x and safe technology-

Rate GyroYesYes
Heading Hold GyroYesYes
Level Calibration on startupNoYes
Flight Modes3Multiple
Wing/Aircraft Type StabilizationYesLimited
Programmable Gain & PriorityYesYes
Surface SetupYesNo
Port Assignment FailsafeYesYes
Radio Adjustable As3x GainYesYes
Receiver OrientationYesYes

Detailed Comparison Between As3x vs Safe

You’ve seen the difference in features of both as3x & safe. Let’s talk in-depth about their differences.

Technology Difference

Both of the technologies have features that differ from each other. To understand the comparison you’d need to know how these technologies work. 


Spektrum as3x technology was exclusively developed by Horizon Hobby. It’s a versatile technology for RC aircraft. Its purpose is to enhance the flight stability of any RC aircraft. It also helps the aircraft to be stabilized at any altitude. 

As3x gives the best experience with the finest long-range FPV planes. It uses exclusive flight control software and a sophisticated combination of sensors for this. 

As3x technology can counter wind, turbulence, tip-stall, torque, and more outside forces easily. That’s why the plane can fly more smoothly and with greater precision. 

As3x is not an independent technology. it also doesn’t interfere with the user’s command. It takes superiority of onboard sensing which helps it react perceptively faster. This reduces the workload and gives the pilot more control over the aircraft. 


Safe (Sensor-assisted flight technology) was also developed by the Horizon Hobby. It is made up of an improved flight assistance system. 

This system makes it fly without any worry of crashing or taking over control. It also makes sure that the plane doesn’t make any common mistakes like orientation loss.

Safe technology has multiple flight modes that have progressive flight envelope limitations. It also has self-leveling and flight stabilization mode. Pilots can choose any flight mode by changing the position of the transmitter’s switch. Unless it doesn’t have any Spektrum receiver binding problems.

The beginner mode has features like pitch and roll angles. When the controls are returned to neutral, safe returns the aircraft to flight level. It also offers throttle-based climb and descent, stability-assisted take-off, and landing.

In intermediate mode, safe offers pitch and roll angle allowances. This functionality builds a larger flight envelope. As a result, it protects the pilot from extreme flight conditions. 

Lastly, the experienced mode has virtually unlimited flight envelopes. So, the pilot can experience smooth handling and outstanding performance.

Winner: As3x is a more versatile technology when it comes to as3x and safe comparison. All safe systems have built-in as3x technology in them.

Setup System

Let’s talk about the setup system of both technologies-


Firstly, you’d need a compatible Spektrum to use as3x technology in your aircraft. Next are the following steps that you’d need to follow.

Step-1: Preparations

Firstly, verify the basic setup and trim of your RC plane. It’ll be easier if you know how your radio control aircraft work

Now, begin the forward programming setup. The receiver of the RC plane is directly configured with the programming menu.

Step-2: Forward Programming Setup

Enable the throttle cut. Now, go to the transmitter’s menu and choose ‘Forward programming’. After that, go to ‘Gyro settings’. Then choose ‘First time setup’. The transmitter will direct you with all the steps. 

Read every instruction on the transmitter’s screen before the setup. There’s a next button at the bottom of each page. Select that button every time until you reach the last page. 

Step-3: Assigning Channel For Gain

Follow the transmitter’s prompt to set the orientation of the RC. To continue the two-step auto-detection press the forward button. 

Now, you’ve to assign a gain channel. For that, assign any open channel to a switch for gain. You can change the gain value following the same procedure when necessary.

After all setup screens are complete Select the apply option.

Step-4: Tuning Basics

Lastly, for tuning basic or your RC, perform a control surface detection test. Also, do an as3x reaction test to verify its configuration.


Safe setup takes place in the forward programming of the RC receiver. 

Step-1: Preparations

Firstly, complete the as3x setup and then verify operations in flight. Also, read all the instructions on the Spektrum’s screen.

Step-2: Forward Programming Setup

For forward programming setup, go to ‘Forward programming’. Choose ‘Gyro Settings’. Then press ‘First Time Safe Setup’.

Step-3: Choosing Modes

To choose your preferable flight mode, go to ‘FM Channel’. Don’t confuse it with RC mode-1 and mode-2. Firstly, select the channel and then switch for the flight mode. 

Now, position the RC in a level attitude and select ‘Level Model & Capture Attitude’. Finally, set safe to the flight mode and you’re done with the setup.

Winner: As3x setup is simpler than safe setup. 


Question: Can SAFE technology be enabled on open stock as3x receiver?

Answer: No, the open stock as3x receiver doesn’t have a safe flight system in it. safe systems are considered as replacements for specific RC aircraft. It should be used in that particular aircraft only.

Question: Do I need to pick an unused transmitter switch to activate SAFE Select? 

Answer: Yes, you can pick any switch to assign the safe Select to enable features. Even if the switch is already in use with another channel, you can use it.

Question: What is the use of the flight mode option?

Answer: The flight mode option authorizes the pilot to set the gain values. It also lets people set the gain level for divergent flight conditions. You can use it to turn off as3x from your transmitter too.


That was all from us about as3x vs safe. Hopefully, you’ve cleared your conception about both technologies. Now, enjoy flying your RC with your preferable flight technology with ease.

Until next time!

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