atom 1.0 micro drone troubleshooting

Atom 1.0 Micro Drone Troubleshooting: Shooting All the Troubles Away!

It’s been a while since you’re facing trouble with your Atom 1.0 Micro Drone. You don’t know the reason yet. But the issue is hindering your flying experience. 

You don’t have to worry so much about it. I’m here to throw away all your confusion. 

Here’s how you can do Atom 1.0 Micro Drone troubleshooting:

If you notice the drone has no power, you should check whether the batteries are installed correctly. Again, if the drone cannot lift, you should ensure the drone is fully charged. And if the drone doesn’t respond at all, switch ON the power button and reset the gyros.

This is just a glimpse of a few problems with their respective solutions. By reading this article, you’ll get to know about all the possible problems. I’ve included both the reasons and solutions for your ease. 

Quick Troubleshooting Guide

ProblemsReasonA Quick Troubleshoot
The Drone Has No PowerThe Power Button is OFF.

The batteries are not installed with the correct polarity.

The batteries are dead.
Press the ON/OFF button and switch it to ON.

Install the batteries maintaining polarity.

Replace the dead batteries with new ones.
The Remote Controller is not RespondingThe remote and/or drone is switched OFF.

The weather is too windy.

The remote light is flashing.
Switch the Remote Controller and Drone ON/OFF button to ON.

Avoid windy weather conditions.

Take out the damaged batteries and replace them.
The Drone Cannot LiftLow-speed rotor blades.

The drone needs to be fully charged.
Hold the throttle and push the lever forward.

Recharge the drone and make sure it’s fully charged.
The Drone Lands Too Fast on the GroundYou moved the throttle fast.Have control over the throttle. Bring it down slowly.
The Drone is not RespondingNon-functional gyroscopes.Switch ON the Drone and reset the Gyroscopes.
The Drone is Out of ControlThe drone flew outside the remote range area.Make sure to fly the drone within a 20-meter radius. 

Problem 1: No Power on the Drone

Your Atom 1.0 micro drone is not taking off. It has no power and this is driving you crazy. Well, it’s a serious problem that happens because of three simple reasons.

Reason 1: Power Button Switched OFF

This one is a silly mistake. Perhaps, you forgot to switch ON the power button of your drone. As a result, it’s not showing any signs of working.

atom 1.0 micro drone

Solution: Switch ON the Power Button

As simple as the reason is, the solution is also self-explanatory. Simply switching the ON/OFF power button to ON will do the job. If you’ve taken care of the other operations correctly, your drone is ready to fly now!

Reason 2: Reversed Battery Polarity

Another reason that calls for the drone’s power off is incorrect battery installation. If you place the batteries with reverse polarity, the drone won’t get any power. No matter how well batteries you use, the drone won’t turn on.

Solution: Install batteries with the Correct Polarity

You must place the batteries in the correct form in the battery compartment. Here’s how you can install batteries to the remote:

  • First, unscrew the battery cover and put the cover aside.
  • Then, take 2 fresh AA alkaline batteries and place them inside the battery compartment. Make sure they are installed with the right polarity.
  • Screw the battery cover and secure it.
  • Switch ON the ON/OFF button. You’ll see a red LED flash and hear two beeps.  

Yes, the batteries are installed! 

Reason 1: Dead Batteries

Sometimes having dead or damaged batteries can turn down the power of your drone. Whether you’re using an Atom 1.0 Micro drone or troubleshooting a Striker Spy drone, it’s the same for all drones. You have to change the dead batteries and install a fresh pair. 

Solution: Install Fresh Batteries Replacing the Dead Ones

There’s no reason to keep dead batteries when they aren’t serving you well. So, you should replace these batteries and install new ones. You should get Li-Poly rechargeable batteries in this case.

However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t just throw away old batteries. You should properly dispose of them according to local disposal requirements.  

Problem 2: The Remote Controller is not Working

A lot of the time you’ll see the remote controller is not responding. There are three possible reasons that this problem happens.

atom 1.0 micro drone with controller

Reason 1: The Remote Controller or/and the Drone are OFF

If the remote controller is switched off, it won’t work obviously. Again, if the drone is also powered OFF, the remote control won’t pick up signals. Hence, it won’t respond. 

Solution: Switch ON the Power Button

So, the solution is pretty simple. You just have to make sure both the drone and the remote control are switched ON. 

Reason 2: The Weather is Too Windy

Windy conditions are unfavorable for drone flying. So, when there is too much wind, it’s possible that the remote won’t respond.

Solution: Fly in Convenient Weather Conditions

The wise thing to do here is to wait and let the weather conditions improve. You should not risk your drone flying in windy situations.  

Reason 3: Flashing Remote Light

When there is a problem with the batteries, you’ll notice a flashing light on the remote. This is another reason that indicates that the remote can’t respond. 

Solution: Change the batteries

What you have to do in this situation is replace the old batteries with fresh ones. Turn over the back of the remote control and install 2 AA batteries. You can follow the installation process I’ve described in the Problem 1 (Reason 2) section above. 

Problem 3: Drone Won’t Lift Off 

Sometimes, you might see that the Atom 1.0 Micro drone isn’t lifting. You have powered ON the button. The batteries are all new and fresh but still, the drone doesn’t seem to take off. 

You might see the same problem in Propel Batwing drones when they don’t fly. This happens when the rotor speed is too slow and the drone isn’t fully charged.  

Reason 1: Slow Rotor Speed 

There are in total 4 rotor blades – 2 rear rotor blades and 2 front rotor blades. These blades help the drone lift and fly. If the rotor motor isn’t working hard, the blades won’t spin the way it’s supposed to. 

So, when the rotor speed is not enough, the drone can’t lift.  

Solution: Change the Throttle Position

The solution to this problem is simply increasing the rotor speed. And you can do this by adjusting the throttle.

All you have to do is push the throttle lever forward. It will increase the speed and finally, the drone will lift off.  

Reason 2: Not Well Charged Drone

When the drone isn’t charged completely, it will be difficult to operate. So, if your drone doesn’t have enough charge, it won’t lift or fly.

atom 1.0 micro drone with cable

Solution: Recharge the Drone

You have to recharge the drone. And make sure the charging cable is secured to the USB port. Unless it is completely charged, don’t start flying. 

Problem 4: The Drone Lands too Fast  

Now, that you flew your drone, another annoying problem can cease your excitement. The drone is now descending too fast and you’re worried it might crash. 

Reason: You’ve Moved the Throttle Too Fast 

This type of problem arises when you move the throttle too quickly. It’s like you’re commanding the drone to land fast.    

Solution: Move the Throttle Slowly

You guessed it right. You have to slow it down. Control the throttle with ease and move it slowly. With a smooth maneuver, your drone will reach the ground safely. 

Problem 5: The Drone is Not Responding  

Well, there are times when you’ll find the drone isn’t responding at all. This calls for an internal checkup. 

Reason: Gyroscopes are not Functioning

Now, this happens when the gyroscopes fail to function properly. A gyroscope is a small device that helps the drone keep its balance while operating. It measures the rotation rate and directs the drone with stability.   

Solution: Recalibrate the Gyroscope 

When you notice such an incident, you must recalibrate the gyroscope. Here’s how you can do it:

  • First, you have to place the Atom 1.0 drone on a flat surface.
  • Then, sync the remote controller with the drone.
  • Finally, pull the control sticks on the remote at a 45-degree angle (down and left at the same time)

You’ll notice an LED flash and then a solid light on your drone. This means the quadcopter has come back to stable form again. 

Problem 6: Lose Control Over Your Drone

Your drone is perfectly functioning. You flew it for a while. But at one point you seem to lose control over it. The remote isn’t working and the drone isn’t acting to your command.

Reason: The Drone is Out of the Remote Range

When the drone isn’t responding to you but is flying, this means it’s out of the remote range. You’ve taken the drone too far away.

Solution: Keep the drone within the remote perimeter

So, the only solution here is to fly the drone within its range. A rule of thumb is to keep the drone within a 20-meter radius of the remote. 

Maintenance Guide for Atom 1.0 Micro Drones

Taking care of your drone can lessen the problems to much extent. Here’s how you can maintain your Atom 1.0 Micro drone:

  • When you’re not using the drone, always remove the batteries from the remote control.
  • Use a damp clean cloth to clean the drone. Make sure you just gently wipe out the dirt.
  • Don’t let the drone get direct sunlight or heat.
  • It’s made with electronic components. So, keep the drone away from the water.
  • Make sure an adult is present when replacing the batteries.

 This is how you can take care of your Atom 1.0 quadcopter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you reset a drone?

To reset a drone, first, you have to hold the power button for approximately 9 seconds. Wait until you hear three beeps. Then, you have to power the remote controller. After it is on, power off both the drone and the controller. The reset is done!

How do I connect propel drone to the phone?

For connecting the propel drone to the phone, you have to connect the drone with your phone’s Wifi setting. Then, download an app for the drone that helps to connect the propel drone to the phone.  

Why is the camera not working on my drone?

The camera on your drone is not working because the drone doesn’t have updated firmware. Poor calibration and having a corrupt SD card is also a culprit here. If your drone has faced any crashes and has scratches on the lens, the camera won’t work. 


So, that’s how to do Atom 1.0 Micro Drone Troubleshooting! You must be aware of the reasons and maintain the drone on a regular basis. This will help you to avoid unwanted drone issues and make your flying experience better. 

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