Axial Bomber Vs Yeti

Axial Bomber Vs Yeti [Everything You Need to Know]


Axial has taken the RC world by a storm when they introduced Bomber and Yeti. Choosing between these two RC giants might be a difficult thing. This is especially because they have similar features. We aim to provide a clearer picture. 

So, which one to go for: Axial Bomber vs Yeti?

The manufacturers of these cars are the same. Yet they have subtle differences between them. Yeti is faster and has a longer runtime. However, it’s more pricey. Bomber is perfect for rocky terrain and is more upgradeable. It’s also a bit bigger.

This was a quick briefing of the two popular RCs. However, in order to make an informed decision, you’ll need more details. So, spare us a few minutes.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Axial Bomber Vs Yeti: Basic Differences

To get the RC crawler car, you’ll need to do an in-depth study. Before we do that, taking a quick look at their main characteristics would be helpful-

Feature Axial Bomber  Yeti
Top Speed 20 mph 32 mph
Length  22.4’’  20’’
Weight  6.25 lbs 5.75lbs
Price Less Expensive More Expensive
Chassis Lower Higher
Maintenance  Easier Harder
Shocks Aluminum bodies, plastic caps. Aluminum threaded bodies, single-rate springs

We hope we were able to whet your appetite for an in-depth comparison. Because that’s exactly what’s coming up-

Axial Bomber Vs Yeti: Head-to-Head Battle

Getting into the world of RC vehicles can be a lot of fun. However, you must be aware of the vehicle in which you are investing. Hopefully, this guide will help to eliminate your confusion between Yeti and Axial bomber- 


When we see an RC crawler, power is something that immediately comes to mind. Power is important in the case of RC trail trucks, boats, and aircraft too.

For being a rock racer, a brushless motor system would make Bomber more powerful. The 35t motor engine simply lacks the punch that this crawler deserves. 

Yeti, on the other hand, packs some serious power! Due to this, it’s capable of performing seriously high jumps. It has a good yank from a dead stop as well as a strong pull mid-range. Yeti genuinely provides a brushless power sensation on 3S.

Quality of Shocks

The shock’s purpose is to dampen the spring movements. That’s why they are so significant. If the shocks are stiff, the RC will be stiff as well. However, too much softness is also undesirable. This will cause the vehicle to lose responsiveness. So, it’s always a good idea to get quality RC shocks for your vehicle.

Bomber shocks are threaded and have aluminum bodies for fast and easy suspension adaptation. Their plastic caps, on the other hand, are a bit of a drawback.

On the other hand, Yeti comes with oil-filled shocks, which deliver a much more consistent shock performance. Their caps are made of hardened aluminum as well.

Overall, if you decide to buy Yeti, you will be pleased with the shocks.


All RCs have a particular terrain they thrive in. Bomber and Yeti are no exception either. 

Bomber is known to be a rock crawler. If you live in a place that has rocky terrain, you should go with Bomber. They are among the best in the industry. Moreover, due to its amazing traction, Bomber is a top quality RC for snow.

The Bomber’s weight is well-distributed due to the clever under-the-hood battery arrangement. This’ll be useful when climbing steep hills.. 

Yeti is also a decent crawler for rocky terrains but it’s not as good as Bomber. It’s more suitable for grassy terrains. But if you properly upgrade it, it has the potential to be an amazing rock crawler.

Are you looking to purchase new RC shocks?  Then you should check out the top two RC shocks that we recommend- 

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Nothing excites RC enthusiasts more than speed. it is one of the most crucial features of any vehicle, after all.

This is where Yeti takes the lead. This stock crawler is built for speed! You can even add low-speed gear and switch them on the fly. It’s equipped with Axial 4-Pole 3150kv, one of the leading RC brushed motors there is.

Speed is something the Bomber doesn’t excel at. You’ll need to significantly upgrade this crawler to achieve the desired speed.. Its highest speed is 20mph, which is modest.


So, which of Bomber and Yeti is easier to maintain?

Bomber has a lower chassis, which protects it from getting dirty. It doesn’t require much maintenance either. Cleaning it once in a while will be good enough

Due to its higher chassis, Yeti gets dirty very easily. As a result, it’d be a good idea if you got to know how to clean your RC properly. Make sure to clean after using it every time.

Axial Bomber Vs Yeti: Final Verdict

You won’t be disappointed by either of these RC giants. If you’re looking to enter a race, Yeti would be a decent choice since it’s more powerful and faster.

If you live in rocky terrain and looking for some fun, there’s none better than Bomber. The decision is completely yours. 


Question: Which of Bomber and Yeti is easier to handle?

Answer: Because of its wider stance and lower center of gravity, Handling Bomber is easier. These two things aid in keeping the tires grounded while roaring through the corners. Hence, it’s more suitable for beginners.

Question: Does Yeti have higher parts availability than Bomber?

Answer: Yes. This rig shares many parts with cars that have previously been on the market. Thus, most of the Yeti’s parts are easily accessible in most RC shops.

Question: Are Bomber and Yeti waterproof?

Answer: Both of these cars are waterproof. However, you must remember not to let the touch water touch the transmitter, motor, or engine. They’ll get damaged and your RC’s life will be in jeopardy. 


We surely hope we were able to assist you in choosing between Axial Bomber vs Yeti

Now that you know the specifics, choosing the RC should be a breeze. This guide should get rid of any confusion that you may have.

With that being said, we bid adieu. Take care and drive safe!

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