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Troubleshooting Your Axial Wraith A Step-by-Step Guide

Axial Wraith is an amazing piece of machinery, but with so many possible problems!

Don’t worry, though. I’m here to help. I’ll walk you through the most common issues owners experience with their Wraiths. Also, show you how to troubleshoot them step-by-step.

So, how to troubleshoot axial wraith?

If the RC starts up, but it wobbles, one of the steering arms may be broken. Find a large plastic strip that resembles the tie rods of a genuine car inside. Close to the front wheels. If one is damaged, you may swap it out for a coat hanger-like piece of rigid wire. Your RC may start running again.

This is not all about troubleshooting. You have a lot of additional options for fixing your RC. So whether your Wraith is misfiring, overheating, or just not running quite right, I’ve got you covered. 

A Quick Summary

Axial Wraith
Problems ReasonSolutions
Axial Wraith is not runningIt needed a longer warm-up timeVerify the tightness of every connection you have.
Axial Wraith doesn’t power onAxial Wraith has a problem with the batteriesMake sure they are in correct slots and oriented correctly
Wheels are spinning but not moving forwardAxial wraith has servo issuesSwap the servos working receiver
Axial Wraith is not movingWrong transmitter and frequencyMake sure the vehicle’s and the transmitter’s frequencies match.
Axial Wraith slipped gearsAxial Wraith is making grinding noiseA simple tightening and realignment may be needed
Axial Wraith is not startingLoose or broken wiresReattach the connections to the engine or the batteries

Problem 1: Axial Wraith Is Not Running

Your RC vehicle sometimes need a warm-up like the actual cars. If your car is not running or moving don’t panic. I had an Axial SCX10 and troubleshoot it. I’ll share the same steps with you so that you can do so.

Reason: Axial Wraith Needs a Longer Warm-Up

If your axial wraith is not running then there is just one problem. It needed a longer warm-up time than your other cars. The Wraith often have problems like this. Fortunately, there is a solution to the problem!


If your Wraith needs a longer warm-up time, try doing the following:

  • Make sure your battery is fully charged
  • Ensure your vehicle is parked in a space with good ventilation.
  • Confirm the tightness of each of your connections.
  • Try using a higher-quality battery

After this I hope your Wraith will be running at full speed in no time. But if it still isn’t running then the next step might help you.

Problem 2: Axial Wraith Doesn’t Power On

You’re taking your car on the race track but notices that it’s not powering up. Of course, it is a common problem. Let’s find out what the root of this issue is and how to fix it.

Reason: Axial Wraith Has a Problem With The Batteries

Among the most typical issues people run into with the Wraith is when it doesn’t power on. Typically, a battery issue is what’s causing this. Let’s examine the solution to it now.


You can resolve the issue with the axial wraith’s batteries by taking the methods listed below.

  • Before you do anything further, verify that the vehicle’s batteries are placed correctly.
  • They should be in the correct slots and oriented correctly. Or they won’t be able to power the car.
  • If that doesn’t fix the problem, then it’s possible that your batteries are dead or defective. If so, you’ll have to swap them out. 
  • Replacement batteries are readily available online and at your neighborhood hobby shop.

These mentioned steps can usually fix the problem with the Wraith. If these steps don’t work for you, simply follow the next step.

Problem 3: Axial Wraiths Servos Issue

The servo problem is another common problem with RC cars. Nearly everybody experiences it frequently. How are you going to fix it? That’s what I’m going to share.

Reason: Wheels Are Spinning  But Not Moving Forward

This can happen for a number of reasons. First, the servos and the receivers don’t match. Also, the receiver or receiver needs to be replaced. If you have an Axial SCX24 you may know the problems already. 


If the RC only reacts to some transmitter orders but not others. For instance, the wheels will spin but they won’t go forward. It is maybe a clue that your servos are the issue.

If that doesn’t work, try pulling your servos from the receiver. Then plug them into a different working receiver. Simply ensure the transmitter and receiver are using the same frequency.

The receiver or transmitter may not require repair or replacement; rather, your servos may. If the RC is still unresponsive.

Try taking the RC to a hobby store or RC club and asking for some testing assistance. If you don’t want to mess with the internal parts or don’t have a receiver that is known to work in your possession.

Problem 4: Axial Wraith Is Not Moving

If you see your Axial Wraith rtr or a truck is not moving, don’t panic. This has occurred for a variety of reasons. The good thing is it also has some fixes. Let’s see how to fix the problem.

Reason: Wrong Transmitter and Frequency

Your axial wraith is not moving because it has a different transmitter or frequency than your requirement. 


  • If your transmitter or frequency is incompatible with your axial Wraith it might not move. 
  • Look for the marking indicating the frequency for both the transmitter as well as the car. Generally, the battery chamber or a location near the bottom-mounted on/off switch.
  • It is recommended that the vehicle’s and the transmitter’s frequencies match.
  • You’ll need to get the right transmitter if you currently have the wrong one.
  • Verify the crystal in the receiver and the transmitter on the vehicle of hobby-grade RCs. 
  • Ensure that your clothing is matched. Try them if you have access to another set.

Problem 5: Axial Wraiths Slipped Gears

Almost every car has this problem with gear. There are some symptoms that will alert you if you have this problem. Below I’ve discussed all the reasons and solutions as well.

Reason: Axial Wraith is Making Grinding Noise

Your axial wraith’s grinding noises are being caused by gears that are becoming stuck. Let’s see what are the possible solutions for this problem.


Gear slippage may prevent your RC from operating. You might not need to replace your gears unless they are stripped. 

A simple tightening and realignment of the pinion gear and spur gear may be all that is required. If the RC makes a grinding sound and stays still, that would be a clue that something is wrong.

Problem 6: Axial Wraith is Not Starting

When you’re trying to start your vehicle for racing or just for warm-up, it’s not moving. There are numerous potential causes for this problem. Let’s examine the root cause of this issue and potential solutions.

Reason: Loose or Broken Wiring

Wires that are loose or broken are one of the Wraiths’ most frequent problems. From a damaged steering servo to a stripped gearbox, this might be the case.


A number of issues might occur from loose or damaged wiring. A loose wire from the engine may be to blame if the steering is functional but the RC won’t move.

  • If there is no steering action, there may be a loose wire connecting to the steering servo.
  • If the RC appears to be complete without power and you are certain that the batteries are in good condition. 
  • A cable from the battery system or battery section may be unplugged or loose, causing the problem.
  • The issue might be resolved by resoldering wires more carefully or reattaching faulty connections.

Some Tips for Maintaining My Axial Wraith

Axial Wraith rc car
Source: RC Car Action

Maintaining your Axial Wraith is key to ensuring that it runs smoothly and lasts for a long time. Here are a few tips to help you keep your car in top condition:

  • Keep the RC car clean. Dirt and dust can easily get into the gears and mechanical parts of the car, causing wear and tear. Make sure to give it a good wash every now and then.
  • Lubricate the car regularly.Every few runs, lightly coat the moving elements of the car with oil. They will move more easily as a result, and damage will be avoided.
  • Check the screws and bolts regularly. Verify that every bolt and screw is secure and in its proper location. Loose screws and bolts can cause the car to wobble or fall apart mid-run.
  • Stay on top of any repairs. If you notice any issues with the car, don’t wait to have them repaired. Do it as soon as possible. If a tiny issue is not fixed right away, it might grow quite large very rapidly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Motor Is In The Axial Wraith?

The Wraith 1.9 truck’s drivetrain turns its tried-and-true front. Also, rear single-piece AR44TM axles with the help of a strong brushed 540 motor. The driveshaft angles are improved. The ground clearance is increased by the pinion gear being 6 mm above center.

Is The Axial Wraith 1.9 Water Resistant?

Axial explores creative ways to improve the scale’s appearance both inside and out. The waterproof receiver box, for instance, serves more purposes. It is not just protecting your delicate electronics from potentially harmful off-road dust and debris.

Why is my ESC not calibrating?

The transmitter’s throttle channel may need to be switched around. If it looks like the ESCs failed to calibrate. If you are still having problems, try lowering your throttle trim by 50%. For instance, ESCs are still beeping incessantly.


That’s all about the axial wraith troubleshooting. You can perform these simple repairs on your own. However, if you find any major problems then do consider taking your vehicle to the experts. For further assistance I’ll also be here to help.

Hope this article solves your problem. Please leave a remark if you have any queries or issues.

Keep yourself safe and healthy.

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