Axial Wraith Vs SCX10

Axial Wraith Vs SCX10 [All You Need to Know]


Choosing between the Axial Wraith and the SCX10 is difficult. This is due to the many characteristics they share. We want to offer a more complete picture for your decision-making.

So, which one should you choose: Axial Wraith vs SCX10? 

These two RCs have a lot of disparities. Wraith is known for its aesthetically pleasing look. If speed is your concern, SCX10 is your pick. However, it’s more expensive. When it comes to size, Wraith is bigger than SCX10. Therefore, it’s more powerful. They’re also known for their chassis durability. 

This will not suffice on its own. You’ll require more information in order to select your ideal RC. So, why not spare us a few minutes?

Without further ado, let’s start!

Axial Wraith vs SCX10: Basic Differences

Here’s a quick peek at the summary before we get into the finer details. If you are looking to save some time, this may be useful-

Feature Axial Wraith SCX10
Height  9.3 inches 8 inches
Ground Clearance 3.15 inches 2.7 inches
Speed Slower Faster
Runtime Less More
Durability  Less More
Price Less expensive  More expensive 

We hope now you’ve got a basic idea about these two RC crawlers. Now we can move on to the in-depth comparison.

Axial Wraith vs SCX10: Head-to-Head Battle

Before purchasing a car, it’s recommended that you read this guide. The light at the end of the tunnel will be much more visible.


If you don’t know about car axles, you’re about to find out. Axles basically support the weight of the entire vehicle. Your RC needs to have a strong axle so that it doesn’t fall apart. Let’s look at the difference of axles in SCX10 and Wraith.

The offset pumpkin design on Wraith gives the truck additional ground clearance. Not just that, the design also provides a better drive shaft angle. The axle’s tubes are strengthened with a truss. This helps distribute stress when driving over a larger area. 

The axle design is one of the SCX10’s best features. It prioritizes visual appeal, torque twist reduction, and durability. Despite the fact that the axle housing size has been reduced, performance hasn’t been compromised.


Appearance is something a lot of RC enthusiasts take into account. For example, people want to get the perfect body for their Arrma Senton 3s so that the RC car looks the best.

Now, both these RC crawlers are pleasing to look at. However, there are some differences.

Wraith is famous for the way it looks. The intricacy, scale look, and lighting all work together to give the vehicle a polished outlook. If you’re searching for an attention-getter, look no further.

On the other hand, SCX10 isn’t shabby either. It has a military-styled body that captures the essence of a real 6×6 truck. You’ll get SCX10 in transparent bodies. This means you’ll be able to customize any way you want.


SCX10’s engine power exceeds that of Wraith. High-quality nitro engines are used in SCX10. If you’re planning to enter a race, SCX10 will give you a good chance of winning it.

Wraith uses a commendable 700+ horsepower engine. But, SCX10’s 800+ full throttle engine blows it out of the water. 

Your RC car’s engine plays a role in acceleration. This is the reason why SCX10 will provide you with faster acceleration. 


Your RC’s run time depends on a couple of things. The battery you’re using and the weight of the truck. 

Since these two are big cars, they are heavy. Wraith and SCX10 weigh 2.4 kg and 1.8 kg respectively. This slows them down just a bit.

The more powerful battery you use, the faster your RC will be. Since we know their weight hinders them, this becomes more significant. In order to make the RC formidable, go for the top-quality NiMH battery for RC.

You’ll get around 40 minutes of runtime with a 3800 mih battery for SCX10. The same battery will give you 35 minutes of fun time with Wraith. 

While we’re talking about batteries, here are the two best NiMH batteries that we recommend-

Product 1 Product 2

These two batteries should serve you well for a long time.


Tires are another feature that makes Wraith and SCX10 stand apart.

Just looking at the Wraith’s tires will fill with awe. The 2.2-inch Ripsaw tires are used on the realistic 8-Spoke Rebel wheels. These provide amazing ground-covering ability. 

The tires’ traction is enhanced by their durability and R35 compound construction. This makes them one of the top-quality RCs for snow

SCX10’s tires should also be noted. Their S30 compound tires provide decent performance even in the toughest of terrains. But they aren’t as powerful as the ones Wraith has. 

Axial Wraith vs SCX10: Final Decree

SCX10 and Wraith go neck and neck. If you decided to buy one of these two RCs, you’ve already won. 

If you are looking for speed, you can place your bet on SCX10. If you’re more on the appearance side, Wraith won’t disappoint you. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference.


Question: Will SCX10’s tires fit on Wraith?

Answer: No it won’t. The steering axle on the SCX10 is smaller than that on the Wraith. Furthermore, the arms are smaller. Larger tires cannot be accommodated. Tires are specifically made for each RC.

Question: What kind of motor does Wraith and SCX10 use?

Answer: Both of these RCs use very powerful motors. Wraith comes with a brushed T20 motor while SCX10 uses a 35T brushed motor. Additionally, both of their motors can be upgraded to brushless. 

Question: Why is my SCX10 running slower all of a sudden?
Answer: The first thing you should look at is the battery. Check to see if it has run out of juice. If your battery has failed, you may need to replace it. There could be issues with your engine as well.


That’s all the information we’ve for you today.  You now know everything about the Axial Wraith vs SCX10 battle?

We hope our comprehensive guide made your mind a little less hazy. Don’t stress yourself out deciding which RC to buy.

We’re excited to see you again. Until then, bye!

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