Basher Sabertooth Upgrades

Basher Sabertooth Upgrades- Everything You Need To Do!

For RC car enthusiasts, regular upgrades and techniques are very important to keep their buggies and truggies up to date with new features. Basher Sabertooth is one of the most used truggies among RC car lovers. Wanna know how to upgrade this fellow?

So, what to do for basher sabertooth upgrades?

First, you have to mark your basher sabertooth what features it needs to be upgraded. Check the tires, skid plates, mud guards, servos, turnbuckles, bs pipes thoroughly. Then, upgrade them and it will not only improve the performance of your basher sabertooth but also give it an amazing look.

Did you like the overview? Great! Then what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into the full detailed segment waiting here in the following part. 

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Basher Sabertooth Upgrades

There are lots of dominant RC cars in the present times. Basher Sabertooth is not just an RC car, it is more about a dominator RC truck which is also called truggies. It is a crowd favorite. But just like Traxxas Slash, Basher Sabertooth also needs to be upgraded.

To upgrade your basher sabertooth, you need to find out if any parts of your basher sabertooth body. Look for what parts need to be changed or fixed. Especially focus on the weaker parts that need upgrading.

Here we are going to discuss some of the parts that change the performance of your RC highly. Let’s get started-

Skid Plates and Mud Guards

First things first, you can start with your skid plates, bump kits, and mudguards. The skid plate saves your chassis and saves the screws. Once the chassis gets worn down it’s gonna start wearing out the screws. 


So these are really helpful. Bump skids countersink the Truggy nicely. On the other hand, mudguards prevent rocks from getting shot up and lock your wheels up grass from getting stuck back there. So it saves from all of that. 

Upgrading Servos

Servos are a huge upgrade for the basher sabertooth. A stop spektrum servo is cheaply made, so it stops working out of nowhere. 

They are very underpowered in comparison with the Basher Sabertooth size. These are some common problems RC servo can face. That’s why you need to upgrade the servos often.

Here are our favourite servos on the market as of now: 

Upgrading Steerings

Usually, the steering under 100 ounces of torque is given with the basher sabertooths. But for a vehicle like that, you should have at least 200 ounces. Select a servo with this range of power to run your basher sabertooth more efficiently.

Upgrading BS pipes 

Next upgrade would be a pipe which is a stock coupler BS pipe. These pipes can slip off easily and your header can just fall off anytime, also the performance is not as great as it should be. 

Upgrading Turnbuckles and Tires

Adjustable turnbuckles are also an amazing upgrade. It gives your Truggy a lot more adjustability.  

Also, upgrading the tires of basher sabertooth can be good since it will help to run over all kinds of surfaces. So you can get the tire upgraded to have more traction and better handling. 

Upgrade the shock tower 4.0. Everything rebuilt gives the shock towers shocks the chance at work. This is an outstanding trick to make your basher sabertooth better and more powerful. 

To have a good starting point, you can arrange your camber and toe-in settings following this:

Front toe-in61mm
Front chamber50mm
Gear chamber50mm

Finally, put on the wing, and the stickers, and remove the protective film from the body before applying stickers. This will give your basher sabertooth a completely new look and an upgraded version. 

Here are some good quality tires that you can look into:


After upgrading your basher sabertooth you can see the improvements in the performance. Let’s take a quick overview of the features improvements:


After upgrading your basher sabertooth you will get the springs really working soft while running it. It will be bottoming up pretty frequently and compensate with stiffer springs. 

You definitely will be satisfied with the upgrades. You can check the spring rate to identify the significant improvement as well.


As upgraded tires help you to have better traction and more handling power, you will be able to run your car more smoothly. It will be easier to control the speed of your basher sabertooth. And it will be better than before. 

To make it even better, you can use pure grease. There are also great alternative oils for RC cars. The variety of the alternative is as vast as nitro fuel alternatives. 


If you add new wings, stickers, and body parts, your basher sabertooth parts will have a completely new look. You can make it exactly how you want it to look. 


Painting can be a good idea for the body if you are a skilled painter. Otherwise, stickers will work fine.


After upgrading the basher sabertooth, the performance will be a lot better so you can clearly spot the differences. It will have a smoother ride, more adjustable running, jumpy springs, and higher capabilities. 

If you find any difficulties while upgrading the basher sabertooth, go for professional help or expert advice. It will be beneficial for you. 


What exactly is RC Truggy?

The moniker Truggy already hints at what makes the automobile unique. That’s where the RC Buggy & RC Monster Truck united and combined to form the RC Truggy, a genuine master of the track!

What is the point of having a basher RC car?

This is due to the fact that the ordinary basher will cover some fairly uneven ground, such as a lawn and even sandy terrain. If this is the case, and you want to use your vehicle on terrain other than asphalt, it is best to have an RC car and as much surface clearance as possible.

What distinguishes high-end RC truggies?

The RC Truggys robust body, low ground clearance, and smooth maneuverability are notable attributes. These high-end Truggies are now made by leading companies. Let’s have a look at them. 1. Hosim 9125 Massive Size RC Truck The Electronic Monster truck features two motors and can reach speeds of up to 46km/h.

What is the finest off-road RC truck?

The 2.4GHZ technology lets you operate many remote-controlled gadgets at once. Front suspension adapts to allow for smoother and faster turning. This off-road suspension seems excellent, and the large rubber tires give excellent traction on any terrain. I have decided on the Hosim Large Size RC Truck 9125.

Wrapping UP

You now know everything about basher sabertooth upgrades. To upgrade your Truggy you can simply follow these steps.

Also, ensure that you have technically done all the things right, and to double-check you can always ask for professional help as well.

So, we hope you found our content interesting. Please let us know how you resolved your issue.

Till then enjoy your Race!

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