Best 1/10 Buggy Tires For Loose Dirt

Best 1/10 Buggy Tires For Loose Dirt: Ultimate Dirt Slashers

How many times have you been betrayed by your tires while off-roading? Well, you are not alone. 

Off-road tracks, especially loose dirt tracks are harder than usual RC tracks. And as a result, they damage the tires mercilessly. 

That’s why it is so important to have the right set of tires for bashing on loose dirt.

Now, hold on. We understand your dilemma. And therefore, we have prepared the perfect guide for you. So, you can choose the best 1/10 buggy tires for loose dirt.  

You will find a comparison table along with the product overviews and buying guide.

Now, we did not describe all the features in detail in the product overview. However, we did describe the mechanisms behind the features in our buying guide. 

So, we suggest you give that a read first. And then go to the product overviews-

Comparison Table 




Tires Width


JIUWU 12mm Hub Wheels

1.48 pounds/7.68 ounces

64mm/ 2.51″

HobbyPark 1/10 Scale Off-Road Buggy Tires

9.2 ounces

1.26” /32mm (Front); 1.57”/40mm (Rear)

JIUWU Buggy Rubber Tires

9.6 ounces

38mm / 1.49″

BQLZR Pentagram Plastic Wheel

4.2 ounces


HobbyPark Front & Rear Tires and Wheels

8.8 ounces

(Front) 1.26”/32mm (Rear) 1.57”/40mm

JIUWU 12mm Hub Wheels

Product Overview 

The numero uno product on our list is the JIUWU 12mm Hub Wheels. Now, the JIUWU brand is a well-known brand in the RC realm. 

When you want to bash through the dirt terrain, there are very few tires that can match up to its performance. 

Now, there are a number of unique features that make it the best on the list.

It has a special water-resistance feature that no other product in the least claims to have. This not only makes it a desirable tire for loose dirt tracks but also for muddy tracks. 

Besides, the tire features seven spokes in the center of the plastic wheel. These spokes are essential for durability. They transfer the weight equally on all parts of the tire. And during road shocks, they mitigate the after-effects. 

It is also the widest tire on the list. This means it has more tread patterns. And more tread patterns mean more traction. 

And as a result, they facilitate the handlings and cornering of the buggy like no other. 

Moreover, the “JIUWU 12mm Hub Wheels” has a special tread pattern called gravel pattern. This pattern has more depth and so grips the surface deeper. And that is really important in loose dirt.

However, the tire is heavier than the rest. And heavy tires need more power to rotate. So, it can make the engine’s performance a bit slower. But the amount is negligible if your aim is not professional racing. 


  • The water resistance feature makes the tire equally durable in muddy tracks.
  • Seven spokes minimize the effect of road shocks.
  • The widest tire on the list which means it is the best at handling
  • gravel patterns ensure more traction for better stability.


  • It is the heaviest tire on the list which means the engine’s performance may get affected.

HobbyPark 1/10 Scale Off-Road Buggy Tires

Product Overview

The second product on the list is HobbyPark 1/10 Scale Off-Road Buggy Tires. A decent product with great features. 

However, when we compared it to the “JIUWU 12mm Hub Wheels” some features were lagging. And so we placed it in the second position.

Now, we are going to reveal the features that really stand out- 

First of all, the sizes of the rear and front tires are different. The rear tires are a little bit bigger than the front tires.

It is because the engine of the buggy is situated on the front. Therefore, the front becomes heavier.

To equalize the effect of it the rear tires are made bigger and heavier. This setup helps with better power transfer. As well as ensuring a better connection with the surface.

Now, all the wheel rims of the tires on this list are made of plastic. But the plastic rim this tire has is better in quality than the rest. And better wheel rims prolong the durability of the tire.

One bonus feature that you will get with this set is the lock nuts that come with the package. 

Now, you don’t have to worry about finding the right fit for your wheels anymore. 

However, when it comes to flaws no good product is above that. The HobbyPark 1/10 Scale Off-Road Buggy Tires are no exception to that.

This tire is compatible with lots of 1/10 Scale off-road buggies, such as Redcat, HPI, HSP, ExceedRC. But does not fit with the Traxxas Rustler, one of the most popular buggies in the market. 


  • The rear tires are wider than the front which helps with better power transfer.
  • Locknuts are included with the tires so you don’t have to buy them separately
  • The quality plastic of the wheel rims makes it durable yet lightweight


  • Not compatible with Traxxas Rustler

JIUWU Buggy Rubber Tires

Product Overview

The third set of tires that we have on our list is another favorite from the JIUWU brand. And that is JIUWU Buggy Rubber Tires.

A decent product with some praiseworthy features. Such as its deep tread pattern.

Now, why tread patterns are so important when it comes to the performance of the tire is explained in the buying guide. So, we won’t get into that at this moment. 

But let us tell you the deep tread pattern on this set makes it easier to have a grip on the mud and dirt surface.

And not only that the tread pattern also makes it a better climbing tire than the rest. So, if you have a track that has loose dirt as well as huge boulders and rocks to climb on, then go with this tire.

Now, it has five-wheel spokes. And, when you compare it to the previous JIUWU tire on the list then you will see that the number of spokes is less.

And that does affect the stability of the wheel. When we were testing the wheelset, one of the wheel rims broke off.  


  • The deeper tread offers better grip in mud and dirt
  • The five spokes provide standard durability
  • The deep tread makes them a better option for climbing.


  • The plastic wheel rims are not satisfactory.

BQLZR Pentagram Plastic Wheel

Product Overview

The next product that we have is BQLZR Pentagram Plastic Wheel. A decent product with some decent features.

For example, the height of this tire is its x-factor. The height is bigger than the rest on the list. And as a result, it offers more ground clearance.

Therefore, it keeps the chassis safe and durable. Also helps to reduce the effects of road shocks.

Another thing about this tire is that with the help of these, you can race your buggy in your backyard as well as on rocky terrains. 

The tread patterns are durable enough that they do not wear off easily. Even after a rough bashing on rocky roads. 

However, when we tried out this product, we realized there was a flaw in it. 

Now it did fit well on the Tamiya TT-02B BUGGY and worked nicely as well. But when we tried it on the 1/10 scale Redcat Volcano, it did not fit. They were too small for it. 

So, the sizing kind of differs in different 1/10 scale models.    


  • The tires are bigger in height than the rest which means they offer more ground clearance.
  • They perform well on rocks as well as grass
  • The treads are durable and do not wear off easily


  • The size may not be perfect for all 1/10 buggy

HobbyPark Front & Rear Tires and Wheels

Product Overview

We are ending the list with yet another HobbyPark tire. And that is HobbyPark Front & Rear Tires and Wheels.  There is some crucial detail that needs some adjustment but that does not mean it is not worthy of a try.  

Let us start on a positive note. Firstly, we want to talk about the quality of rubber tires. 

The material of the tires is amazing. And therefore, the tires hold up pretty well at high speed. 

Again due to the quality, you don’t face too much ballooning. So, there is no fear that your tire will burst and blow apart. 

Moreover, the grip is deeper and offers amazing off-roading scope. 

Now to the negative part…

The hubs on the wheels do not connect properly. Therefore, whenever the tire rotates it wobbles. And disrupts the performance of the buggy. 


  • The tires hold up well at high speed.
  • The grip is amazing for off-roading
  • They have little to no ballooning


  • The hubs are not well connected and as a result, the tires wobble

Buying Guide

Now, there are just too many factors to consider when you race on loose dirt. Your tires need to have some basic features in order to provide the optimal speed and traction on the dirt track. 

So, to make things easier to comprehend we have created this buying guide for finding the best tires for loose dirt.

Let’s unfold them one by one….

Optimal Traction

Now, there is no doubt traction is a crucial factor for RC racing. That’s what keeps the car attached to the ground. After huge jumps and exciting stunts, one needs that kind of stability. 

However, traction becomes a greater issue of concern when you are driving or bashing on off-road terrains such as dirt, mud, etc. Off-road terrains are very different from on-road. You just don’t get the natural traction that on-road provides. 

So, choosing the right tires becomes more important. 

Now, you can choose all-terrain tires that work decently on both off and on-road terrains. But if your single aim is to drive your RC on dirt tracks then you should better choose off-road tires. 

These are designed to grip surfaces like loose dirt. Moreover, they provide optimal traction for braking and cornering, making such tires more valuable.   

Best Tread Pattern

The next feature that is closely related to traction is tread patterns. Tread patterns control traction level.

Now, what exactly are tread patterns? Well, tread patterns are the pattern design we see on the surface of a tire. There are a lot of tread patterns but the most common one is the symmetrical tread pattern, where the outer and inner pattern is identical. 

Unfortunately, the tread pattern is something most people take for granted. They may know what it is but they don’t exactly know the function of it. And therefore, they tend to ignore the value it has on off-road racing.

When driving on loose dirt, tread patterns allow the tire to dig into the ground’s surface for better grip. Apart from the better grip, tread depth can facilitate battery handling, accurate cornering. In short, safer and more comfortable driving. 

Size Matters

One of the distinct features of a 1/10 buggy is its monstrous scale tires. 

Generally, a buggy has big tires. This means most of the tires in the market are big in size. So, how will you compare among the available tires?

Well, there are two things you should look after, (1) tire width and (2) wheel weight.

Now let’s start with tire width. Wider tires mean wider tread faces and stiffer sidewalls. Which means better handling and cornering. And they do so by providing better traction. 

Moreover, there is a relation between large tires and large wheels. Larger wheels mean you can fit larger tires around it. And combinedly they offer higher ground clearance. That means less road shock. 

However, make sure your wheel is large but lightweight. And the reason to do so brings us to the second point. The weight of a wheel. 

Heavier wheels tend to make engines work harder as more energy is required to move the wheels. Moreover, heavier wheels can also damage the bearings.

Alloy is the perfect lightweight material for wheels. But for a 1/10 buggy quality plastic is decent as well.

But most importantly you need to check if the size of your tire fits perfectly with your vehicle. So, don’t forget to read the instructions. 

Durable Material

Tires are more susceptible to erosion than any other part of the RC. Because they constantly rotate against the surface and face friction. So they are easier to get damaged. 

Therefore, it matters what kind of material is used to make the tires. 

Especially, if you are bashing on dirt roads you need to be extra careful about the durability of your tires. Because dirt roads can cause more damage.

Now, the rubber compound is great for cruising through loose dirt. Why; you ask?

Well, the rubber compound is softer than other materials. And it is the perfect blend of soft yet durable to give that extra edge to your RC’s performance. The softer rubber manages the performance of your RC adequately. 

It is not enough to focus only on the tire’s durability. You also need to see if the wheel rims are durable enough or not.

But remember the wheel rims can not be too heavy. You may think steel is the best material for the rims. But in fact, the steel is too heavy and disrupts the engine’s performance. 

Wheel Spokes

You may have seen some connecting rods in your tire. They are called spokes. The spokes on the wheel connect the outer diameter of a rim with the center where bolts are attached. 

Now, spokes are very important. Especially for off-roading where you need more stability. Spokes spread the weight evenly on the tire. 

The more spokes, the more easily you can handle rough terrains. 

And that’s exactly what you need for your 1/10 buggy when you are bashing on loose dirt. 


Question: Will the HobbyPark Front & Rear Tires and Wheels fit the Legend Truck? 

Answer: The HobbyPark Front & Rear Tires and Wheels is compatible with 1/10 buggy so it may not fit any 1/10 monster truck properly. 

Question: What is the size of JIUWU Buggy Rubber Tires?

Answer: The JIUWU Buggy Rubber Tires are 1.9’’ in size.

Question: Will the HobbyPark Front & Rear Tires and Wheels fit Jato 3.3 Gas?

Answer: As long as the hub is 12mm in size, it will fit the HobbyPark Front & Rear Tires and Wheels.


Finally, we have reached the end. We hope this will help you to choose the best 1/10 buggy tires for loose dirt.

However, if you have any further queries do let us know in the comment section.

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