Best 1/18 Scale RC

Best 1/18 Scale RC: Embracing Your Inner Racer


Contemplating whether you’ve been ripped off after buying a 1/18 scale RC model? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. After all, being an RC enthusiast you’d want it to be as close to the original as possible.

So how do you determine whether a model 1/18 scale RC is worth it or not? That’s where we come in. Our post on the best 1/18 scale RC cars was fine-tuned to answer this question.

Trust me, this product review is the by-product of a lot of sleepless nights. But we have the utmost confidence in our reseaRCh team’s prowess. It’s because of them that we’ve been able to come up with a top 5 list of the best 1/18 scale RC cars.

But wait! That’s not all! 

We’ve even added a buying guide for model RC in the end. This will show you what to factor in before you buy one. Thought we were finished? There’s even a FAQ session! To answer out some of the confusion.

Now, let’s get this thing started-

Comparison Table

Product Overview

The All-Terrain HAIBOXING 18859E is the first name on our list. And it has rightfully earned that spot due to several reasons. So, let’s go over these features, shall we?

For starters, the HAIBOXING is extremely adaptable, as it is fit for all roads. This 1:18 RC model is equipped with a powerful 380 RC brushed motor. And, it even has a 4 wheel drive system. This allows it to reach speeds up to 36km/hr!

Besides, its hobby-grade steering system ensures that there is no lag between you pulling the lever and the wheels turning. It is extremely light and durable and can turn up to 36 degrees laterally.

Other than that, its 3-Wire Metal servos ensure precise steering and reduce noise levels. This makes it perfect for hobby-grade enthusiasts to use, as it gives the steering a much more natural feel. 

Here, its 7.4V 850mAh NiMH battery has an average discharge rate of 25C. It even comes with spare batteries just in case. This high-powered battery enables it to run at full speed for 40 minutes, without any hassle.


  • Has a stable control range up to 28 feet
  • Applicable for all terrains
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Has an excellent runtime 


  • Takes a long time to charge

Product Overview

Next in line is HAIBOXING’s Off-road Hailstorm Monster truck. This is similar to the first one with the differences being it’s lighter and built mainly for off-road conditions.

It has an independent and superior suspension and shockproof system. This allows it to prevent extensive damage to the absorbers caused by continual vibration.

Much like the 18859E, it is built for superior off-road performance. It has IPX4 water-proof protection which ensures proper functionality even in the harshest climates. This coupled with its high grip tires makes it a formidable off-road truck.

It has a lighter weight compared to the 1889E which means it can reach its top speed faster compared to it. However, its two batteries give it a combined runtime of about 24 minutes.


  • Weather-resistant and durable
  • Ensures a smooth ride
  • Has a higher acceleration 


  • Doesn’t have the best runtime

Product Overview

Next, we have the Axial’s Maverick X3. Axial is a pretty well-known brand in the world of RC cars. They’ve always stepped up their game with each new release, which is why it’s no surprise why this comes in third.

The Axial Yeti has a high-performing battery rated at 1300mAh which is the highest of the bunch. This means its battery is by far the most long-lasting of the 5.

Besides this, the Maverick X3 also has a solid rear axle which enables it to have superior handling. Here, the solid rear axle along with the machined aluminum CVD allows it to have sway-bar-like support. This makes the X3 turn like a dream in off-road conditions.


  • Provides an excellent handling
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Decent endurance


  • Shock-absorbers have to be filled with oil

Product Overview

Next, we have XINGRUI’s Off-road Military Truck. Now, this is a real-life model of an actual military truck. So if you’re looking for accuracy in the looks department then this is the one for you.

For starters, it has the highest runtime of the 5, coming in at a whopping 50 minutes from a single charge. It is also capable of operating at any time of the day. It’s due to the high-powered LED lights on the front that makes it perfect for nocturnal activities.

It is also capable of carrying a load due to the empty compartment at the back. Its maximum carrying load is 500g without having any adverse effects on the speed.

Out of the 5 RC 1/18 models, it is the lightest but has the lowest speed limit. This is due to it being made of non-toxic plastic. Made of other softer materials, it’s completely child-safe.


  • It’s an accurate model
  • Has the highest Runtime
  • Can carry the heaviest amount of load
  • It’s a lightweight option


  • Has the lowest speed
  • Made of cheap plastic that may wear with time

Product Overview

Lastly, we have FUNTECH’s High-Speed RC truck. Now, it may be ranked last but you’ll soon find the reason why it toppled a hundred other RC models to get this coveted spot.

Now, if you wanna embrace your inner Lewis Hamilton, this is the car for you. It has a staggering top speed of 48.28 Km/hr! This blows most of the competition away with this stat alone.

However, this does come at a price. To compensate for this speed FUNTECH had to sacrifice a bit of its runtime. It is also the heaviest of the bunch due to extra components and the powerful  7.4V 850mAh LiPo battery needed for its speed.

But even then, it makes up for it by being very easy to handle and due to its adjustable speed feature. This makes this car a perfect RC model for beginners to try out. It also works in both on-road and off-road conditions which makes it very adaptable.


  • Fastest of the bunch
  • Has an adjustable Speed
  • Easy to handle
  • Has All-Terrain compatibility


  • Heaviest of the bunch
  • Has the lowest Runtime

Buying Guide

Our top 5 1/18 scale RC model picks were mentioned above. Even though we’ve shown you the top 5 scaled 1/18 models in the market, you might not be convinced. 

This is where our buying guide comes into play. There are certain things you need to consider before buying anything at all. Be it a 1/8 scale buggy or a scaled RC model. 

So, let’s go over these. Who knows? You might learn a few things too.

Type Of RC Car: Off-Road Or Not? 

Next, we have the specific make of the RC model. There are 5 main types of RC Cars.

First up, we have the RC streetcars which were built for smooth roads. Some have a hybrid option of different tires and suspensions for off-road conditions.

Next, we have the RC drifters. This specializes in smooth tracts where the tires are with minimum treads to allow for oversteering and swerving. This type was made for racing on tracks with snake-like curves and turns.

RC trucks are the pure off-road options of the RC car world. They resemble real-life trucks with a heavier build and bigger and more durable suspensions. Some are even capable of making jumps!

Next, we have the RC buggies or truggies. These are the hybrid offspring of RC cars and trucks built for the unforgiving conditions off-road. They can pull off 360 flips and can be thrashed around wildly due to their tough and durable makes.

Last but not least, we have the RC Rock Crawlers. These closely resemble monster trucks and can operate in smooth and off-road conditions.

Rock Crawlers are usually made of high-end materials, independent suspensions, and durable shock-absorbers. These qualities coupled with its 4-Wheel Drive power make these absolute powerhouses on the road.

Drive System- 2-Wheel Drive Vs 4-Wheel Drive

Like most cars, RC cars also have 2WD or 4WD options. This speaks about where the power of the engine goes to. The engine either powers only 2 wheels or all 4 wheels.

When it comes to 2-Wheel Drive systems the power from the fuel souRCe is channeled to only two wheels. This can either be the front wheel or the back wheel.

In RC cars the most common one is the rear-wheel-drive (back-wheel drive) system if it’s a 2WD system. 2WD systems will damage the drivetrain less compared to the 4WD because there are fewer components involved.

However, there are advantages to having a 4WD system too. 4WD systems are easier to control. They also provide excellent acceleration as all 4 wheels are given power at the same time.

This comes particularly in handy in off-road and low traction conditions. This is why most rock crawlers and off-road trucks have built-in 4WD systems.

Motor Type: Brushless Or Brushed Motors?

Two main types of motors that power an RC car are Brushed Motors and Brushless Motors.

In brushed motors, the wire windings are attached to a central shaft along with the motors. The windings tend to spin in tandem with the shaft when a current is run through.

Moreover, the magnets are permanent and fixed on the inside portions of the brushed motor.

The electric power is accepted by the motor windings via the 2 negative and positive brushes which are made of silver or copper or graphite.

Here, the frictional force generated between the brush and commutator makes the motor less effective with time. The brushed motor wears off faster than a brushless motor that is less powerful. Nevertheless, these motors are affordable.

Next, we have the Brushless kind. Brushless motors do not require a physical commutator, which is one of the main reasons why people prefer them.

Due to the lack of a commutator, RC cars are simple to maintain. And, you can even save money on maintenance. The bearings may even be able to last for a longer period.

In addition, there is a sensor that can detect the motor’s location. The motor’s coils are triggered in a synchronized manner, allowing this electronic drive to be initiated using sensors.

Brushless motors are more expensive than brushed motors, but they are far more effective.


Question: Why is my trail truck slow compared to another RC car?

Answer: It’s because they were made for completely different functions. Normal on-road RC cars were built for speed and high-speed performances on smooth terrain. RC trail trucks were built to tackle difficult terrains at slow speeds. It’s like comparing a sprinter with a marathon runner.

Question: Which frequency should I choose between the two; 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz?

Answer: It depends on your requirement. Both of these have different properties, a 2.4 GHz frequency travels the farthest but slowly. The 5 GHz, however, travels shorter but faster compared to the 2.4 GHz range of frequency.

Question: How do I figure out how fast my RC car is?

Answer: You can easily find out how fast your RC car is going, but it depends on how conveniently you want to find that out. A simple way to do this would be to use a radar gun. You could also run your RC car through a measured distance and calculate how long it takes for it to cover that distance with a stopwatch. Then use the formula meter per second or km per hour to find out the speed.

Bottom Line

This list tries to cover all of the best 1/18 scale models. So I believe choosing the best 1/18 scale RC car should be a simple task for you. Hopefully, you can now evaluate all of your options and see if the specifications meet your requirements.

You can easily compare and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each one because they are all scaled similarly. We truly hope you choose one of the products we recommend.

In any event, we wish you luck in your search for the perfect RC model. And, as usual, be careful and have fun!

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