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Best 1/8 Scale Buggy: 5 Beasts!


Normal buggy cars are lightweight and capable of providing a very good quality service. But when it comes to RC buggy cars, it’s quite tough to find a well-performing one. 

What if you end up with a Buggy that is fragile in the name of lightweight? Or what if it fails to provide a smooth performance? 

Quite terrifying, right? Well, we understand your concern very well. Finding the best 1/8 scale buggy is overwhelming as you’ll be focusing on a specific scale. But RC enthusiasts are always opting for it.

Therefore, we thought about helping you in finding the best buggy on a 1/8 scale. We examined the market and went through hundreds of products before finalizing the list. 

Our close analysis helped us to grow a better insight into these buggy RC cars. So stick with us till the end. You will get some amazing information and suggestions for picking your suitable Buggy. 

Comparison Table

Product Overview 

Let’s introduce our favorite buggy on the list which is from the famous RC car-making brand ARRMA. But the brand name isn’t the reason why we chose it as our first product. 

ARRMA BLX Buggy is a good quality RC car that can speak for itself. Its tough performance and durability makes it a top-notch product. Enough said! It’s extremely easy to handle. Sounds amazing, right? After all, handling isn’t an easy task!

If we become honest, this buggy is specially designed for better 1/8 scale bashing thrills. Thus, choosing it will definitely fulfill your purpose. Moreover, the advanced design can also ensure a greater speed. 

The components used here are very superior in quality. Hence, the product is durable and worth the cost. It comes with a waterproof receiver box. This also adds to its longevity. 

Most importantly, choosing it is going to provide you with an outstanding performance. You can run the car on any type of terrain without worrying about a good speed. So, going for this product will be wise, that’s for sure. 


  • Ensures top-notch quality
  • It’s durable
  • Provides an outstanding performance
  • Offers a great service for its price
  • Runs smoothly on various terrains 


  • This product doesn’t come with a battery which can cause hassle for some users.  

Product Overview 

Next up we have another product from the same brand as before ARRMA. This time the product name is ARRMA Brushless Buggy. It’s a rubber-made 1/8 scale buggy with excellent service. 

Firstly, it ensures a good bashing speed which ensures it can run with power on any terrain. Secondly, the design deserves a huge appreciation. It has a stronger chassis and a castellated slipper pad. 

Therefore, it can assure a very strong performance. It becomes durable on rough surfaces and can run with much power and strength. 

This has the ultimate combination of ARRMA toughness, street truck style, and 50+ mph speed capability. So, you’re going to have an outstanding experience if you choose this buggy. 

Most importantly, it comes with all the necessary equipment. So you won’t have to take the extra hassle of arranging batteries and all. Furthermore, it’s easily adjustable so the ease of use adds more points to it. 


  • Excellent bashing speed
  • Capable of running on tough terrains
  • Has stronger chassis and comes with all the necessary equipment 
  • Top-notch performance
  • Easily adjustable


  • The motor quality needs some advancement

Product Overview 

Time to introduce another well-performing product. At third, we have the TEAM LOSI RACING RC Buggy. It’s immensely lightweight and has improved geometry in design. 

Therefore, another excellent product that can serve you for a long time. And will provide you with a satisfying experience, no doubt about that. It has an aluminum chassis for more strength. And it even has an aluminum brace for smooth steering. 

Moreover, the wings and wing risers alongside the improved suspension arms ensure a top-notch product. This improved geometry makes sure that the car is fast and easy to drive. 

So, you can run it over tough terrains smoothly as well. Furthermore, for high-speed stability, it has adjustable caster blocks. Therefore, it’s going to be worth every penny that you’re going to spend on it. 

So, just check if the pros and cons suit you or not. And then pick this product to experience the best without breaking the bank. Moreover, it’s durable so you’re safe investing in it. 


  • Good service for its price
  • Excellent product performance
  • Outstanding design and has a praiseworthy design geometry 
  • Can ensure speed stability 
  • It’s durable


  • Overall product quality can be advanced 

Product Overview

So, we are done with half of our selected products. Next up we have the HPI Racing Buggy. Another product that can make your RC bashing fun and thrilling. 

But the thrill isn’t all that makes this product a good pick. It has more amazing features that make it a good product within the price. 

Firstly, it has advanced radio technology. If we become more specific here, it has a 2.4 GHz radio system. Hence, it ensures comfortable control. Moreover, it has a waterproof receiver box. 

Thus it can ensure better durability. The waterproof box protects the battery and receiver from the elements. So, they become more lasting than usual. 

Moreover, the engine is extremely strong and durable. Also, the performance is so top-notch and reliable, that it deserves more appreciation. Furthermore, the aluminum chassis and shock towers are superior in terms of quality. 

So, choosing this product will be worth every penny invested in it. So, carefully consider the good and bad sides of this product. As if you think it will suit your purposes, pick it up. 


  • It has the latest radio technology 
  • Upgraded with a waterproof receiver and battery compartment
  • It’s long-lasting
  • Comes with a better performance
  • Has a praiseworthy bashing capability 


  • The customer service must be improved. 

Product Overview 

So, we have reached the end. Now it’s time to introduce our last product on the list which is the Exceed RC Racing Buggy. As you can see from the name, this is a perfect product for racing. 

As this is good at racing, you can understand that it has a superior range of speed. You’ll get a strong and better performance on tough terrains as well. It has good quality wheels that ensure a smooth run. 

Also, this has servos that can provide high torques. Definitely another plus point for this 1/8 scale buggy. Moreover, the advanced radio system makes the control comfortable.

Hence the product is a good pick for beginners. It has a tough aluminum chassis and hardened steel spur. These features can ensure great durability. 

Oh, forgot to mention its superior quality shock towers. These are simply fabulous at absorbing the shocks and making the run smooth. Thus it can run on different surfaces easily. 

Also, this product is very good at providing excellent service. You can rely on its outstanding performance. Apart from being extremely elegant in outlook and long-lasting in nature, it’s also a well-performer. 

So, you can definitely consider this product for yourself. Just don’t forget to consider all the pros and cons beforehand. 


  • Great product for its price
  • A good choice for beginners 
  • The shocks are very good in quality 
  • Great for bashing
  • Excellent looking 


  • The air filter of the car is ill-designed. Some work here would be great.
  • The engine is tough to operate which creates a great hassle for some users

Buying Guide 

So, have enough talk about some of the specific products that we chose. After going through countless products, we find these good for their price and quality. 

But only knowing about them isn’t enough. If you’re really opting for a good quality 1/8 scale truggy or buggy, you must have some prior knowledge. Therefore, to help you here, we’ve added this part. 

Here go the buying factors to consider before buying buggy for yourself-


The first thing to check before you finalize the product is its durability. It’s not wise to invest in products that won’t last long. What’s even the point of spending on something that won’t serve you for long, right? 

Exactly, that’s why you need to check the durability of the buggy. Make sure that even though it’s lightweight, its durability wasn’t compromised. 

Besides, don’t forget to keep in mind that your performance will affect durability. So if you’re a heavy user then choose a more durable one than the average durable one. 

The same thing goes for bashers and races as well. So, check if you’re choosing the perfect durable product or not before purchasing. 

Ease Of Control 

Another important factor to consider when choosing is ease of control. Not all RC buggy cars are controlled and navigated in the same way. Not all of them are perfect for all types of users. 

Therefore, it’s a must that you consider the ease of control beforehand. Some buggies are really hard to start and navigate. If you’re an expert then it won’t be a huge deal for you, obviously. 

But if you’re a novice player, then it’s a must-check for your own good. Choosing a hard-to-control car will create a lot of hassle. Moreover, you will miss the thrill of bashing and racing. 

Hence it’s extremely important that you consider the ease of control before finally picking your RC buggy. 

Terrain Compatibility

Not all buggy RC cars are made for all types of terrains. If you’re going to use it on tough and uneven terrain, then you should go for the one that’s perfect for this purpose. 

Carefully consider your terrain type and then choose your buggy. Don’t choose in a hurry. Rather consider the surface conditions that your car is more likely to face before finalizing. 


Question: How fast is a 1/8 scale RC car?

Answer: A 1/8 RC car can run at a speed of around 13-14 mph. But the speed might vary depending on various other factors.

Question: What size is 1/8 scale RC?

Answer: 1/8 scale RC car bodies are made from 0,5mm-1,5mm thick polycarbonate (PC) plastic. They are 270mm wide and have a wheelbase of around 295mm. 

Question: What age is an RC car for?

Answer: There is no certain age for RC cars, to be honest. You can find an RC  car for literally any age starting from 3. Just make sure that you’ve chosen the right car for the age, that’s all. 

Parting Words

So, we are done here. It’s time to say goodbye. So, we hope we could come to your help in finding the best 1/8 scale buggy

Also, we want to remind you to choose the buggy that suits you the best. Don’t go for a product that has more market demand. It’s important to understand that not all good products will bring good for you. 

We hope you have a smooth experience with your chosen product. Our good wishes to you. Till next time, stay safe and take care of your buggy.

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