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Best 1/8 Scale Electric Buggy For Racing: Benchmarked And Ranked!

One of the many joys of being an RC enthusiast is the thrills of racing. To see the model you have put together with so much care stands the test of the rough trails. What greater joy could there be for an RC enthusiast? 

However, all these will be impossible without a great player by your side. And that’s why you need to choose the best 1/8 scale electric buggy for racing.

Our Top Picks

The Ideal 1/8 Scale Racing Buggies: The Top 5!




Motor Power


ARRMA Typhon RC Truck

7.2 pounds


Redcat Racing XTE Monster Truck

10.93 pounds


TEAM LOSI RC Car 1/10 22 5.0 2WD

4 Pounds


Team Corally Python XP Buggy

7.43 Pounds


Tekno RC ET48 2.0 Electric Buggy

7.9 Pounds


More About Our Top Picks

Now that you know a little bit more about the best 1/8 scale buggies for racing, its time to get into the nitty-gritty details!

ARRMA Typhon RC Truck

The fastest 1/8 Electric Buggy designed to withstand any terrain and delivers superior performance every time.

After testing all the enlisted products on a racing track, we found out that ARRMA Typhon RC Truck performs the best out of all five. 

The main reason behind this is its speed. ARRMA is the fastest buggy among the five. 

This brushless motor has a high voltage of 3200kv. Now, a higher voltage motor is more efficient than a lower voltage motor. It’s because it can draw more power as it experiences less energy loss from resistance. 

Moreover, the brushless feature of the motor also provides more efficiency. It even provides a higher torque ratio. 

The old brush motors create more friction and erosion. And, as a result, the energy lost in brush motors is higher. Due to the lost energy, the motor can not provide sufficient speed. That’s why a brushless motor is always a plus point.  

The Firma brushless motor that this 1/8 scale racing buggy has can potentially speed up to 118 mph. This buggy is so fast that we think it will be quite hard for any beginner to control. 

However, for new bashers, the buggy provides a unique feature. Any new basher can set the throttle limit at 50-75%. Until they are ready to use the full potential of this 1/8 scale monstrosity. 

Another thing to look out for is the BLX100 ESC or Electronic Stability Control. Now, anyone who has tried to control a fast RC truck is familiar with the struggle to control the speed. 

You can easily lose grip in a fast vehicle. However, on a racing track, this is a mistake you can’t afford to make. Hence, the ESC.     

The BLX100 ESC combined with the Firma brushless motor provides incredible torque and speed as well as equally incredible acceleration.

Apart from the speed and performance, we would also like to credit its skeletal design. It is made keeping the signature ARRMA toughness in mind. 

The chassis is made of precision aluminum, steel, and composite materials. This material provides an easy-to-maintain, super durable vehicle design. 

The chassis and transmission are ruggedly made. So that one can use the full electric potential without worrying about the internal parts. Improved dirt management, waterproof receiver box just adds to the durability of the ARRMA buggy in the most adverse environment. 

However, while testing it, we have noticed that the spear and pinion gear overheats. The ARRMA heatsink and cooling fan don’t seem to do their job quite well. Now, this can be a huge problem if overlooked.

Apart from the overheating, the 1/8 scale ARRMA buggy is a star on the track. Its steering mechanism offers amazing precision. Even on a rocky road, this buggy steers with much clearance.


  • The 3200kv brushless motor provides an incredible speed of 118 mph.
  • Reduced effect of road shocks and ensures durability.
  • Beginners can set the throttle limit.
  • The body remains protected from dirt and mud.


  • May overheat and disrupt the performance at times.

Redcat Racing XTE Monster Truck

The ideal 1/8 Truck for off-road racing due to it’s exceptionally large tires and well designed built.

The second on the list is the Redcat Racing XTE Monster Truck. Now, the Landslide XTE and the ARRMA Typhon gave each other quite a competition. 

However, the Typhon exceeded the Landslide XTE by a margin due to its higher motor voltage. As we have already mentioned, higher voltage means higher energy. And higher energy means speedier performance. In a race, field speed supersedes any other feature.

Still, the Landslide XTE’s RC550 brushless motor has a lot of potentials. It provides 1920 kv voltage. Which is less than the Typhon. And surely you can see the difference on a racing track. 

The Redcat Racing XTE Monster Truck can speed up to 35mph. Although its not as fast as the Typhoon, its still faster than most racing RCs.

Yet, the 1920kv RC550 brushless motor along with the EZ-Run 120a brushless ESC and a waterproof servo makes a great package. 

One of the wow factors that this 1/8 scale buggy provides is its tires. The tires of the Landslide XTE are exceptionally large. No other product on this list, not even the Typhon can compete with the size of its tires. 

Now, for those who don’t know why big tires are important, let me tell you one simple formula. The size of the tires is proportionate to their importance. It means bigger tires are better tires. Why so, you ask?

Well, in an off-road environment (like racing tracks) you can easily go off balance. Your wheel can spin beyond your control. Making it hard for you to control your turns. In such a condition, your RC buggy can easily get damaged. 

Big tires don’t spin so easily. And, as a result, create more traction. This helps them to stay connected to the surface while driving. 

Moreover, the buggy has a four-wheel-drive or 4WD feature. It means all four of the tires get equal torque. This feature helps to do stunts like wheelies more efficiently.

Another thing that this product excelled over the Typhon monster truck was the performance of the cooling fan. The cooling fan did its job properly. During the throttle, it made sure the motor did not overheat.

However, a great product like this is not above any flaw. While test driving the steering horn broke off. And that kind of made us doubtful about the durability of the product.


  • Delivers moderate to high speed of 35mph.
  • Hexfly servo supplies ample power to navigate harsh terrains.
  • Keeps the temperature consistent during full throttle


  • Steering horn tends to breaks off easily.
  • There is no wing in the rear end for aerodynamic support. 


The most well-built 1/8 Truck for reduced traction and high cornering speed.

In the race of being your potential player, the third product in the line is the TLR 8IGHT-XE Elite Electric Buggy.  

In our opinion, this buggy is a decent 1/8 scale electric buggy. Even though it’s marketed as a 1/10 scale buggy, it’s actual scale is 1/8.

The voltage of the motor is less than the Typhon and Landslide XTE. But still, good enough to provide an adequate level of energy. 

The motor offers 1900kv voltage. This may not save the energy loss at the same level as the previous two. That’s why we have put it in this position.

It also provides a decent speed of 65 mph.

However, the feature that highly impressed us was the design layout of the buggy. Firstly, let’s talk about the aluminum chassis. The chassis is durable enough to resist any road shock. It also protects the internal parts from dirt or shock.

But the feature that steals the show for us is the suspensions. The suspension geometry in this model was completely different from any other TLR buggy. 

8ight-XE has a completely revamped suspension geometry in order to provide an easy-to-drive yet fast RC. The shocks within the suspension optimize the center of gravity to reduce the pull for jumps. It also helps to lighten the weight so that the buggy can run faster. 

The Perfect suspension geometry is important to ensure there is no extra pull in the car’s steering. Otherwise, it will be harder to control the balance of the car. And it can easily overturn. 

If the suspensions are intelligently placed it can reduce the extra weight. And offer a smoother and faster movement. 


  • Ensures fast-cornering speed of 65 mph.
  • Has a large pinion bearing which increases the durability by reducing friction.
  • The layout of the truck reduces traction.


  • It is slightly overpriced.
  • The polycarbonate wing does not offer much utility.

Team Corally Python XP Buggy

The second fastest 1/8 scale electric buggy on the list that features a protective layout.

Finally, we have come to the 4th product on our list. And that is Team Corally Python XP Buggy. A decent product with some minor flaws.

Let’s start with what we did like about this product. Now the product is super fast. The brushless motor has a 2050kv voltage

It is able to run up to 70+ mph. This is obviously great for racing. We want top speed.

However, the weight of this 1/8 scale electric buggy is very less. Only 1 pound

This means the RC is harder to control. Due to less weight, there will be less traction. So, when you try to steer the RC, there won’t be enough traction to keep it connected to the ground. 

As a result, there is quite a risk of overturning the buggy. However, if you are familiar with such weight to traction ratio, then you can opt for it. But, we do not recommend it to any beginner. 

That said, in the hand of an expert, this can be a deadly contender. And the reason is its aerodynamic racing bodyshell, anti-roll bar, and rear wing. All of this helps to balance the car during a high jump. 


  • Runs upto 70+ mph.
  • The signature Chorally anti-roll bar system protects the car from rolling over during fast cornering.
  • Diffuses the effect of road shocks. 


  • May occasionally oversteer.
  • Not beginner friendly.
  • Too light weight.

Tekno RC ET48 2.0 Electric Buggy

The most durable 1/8 scale electric buggy with an updated motor mount layout.

The next product is the Tekno RC ET48 2.0 Electric Buggy. Another decent product with a 1900 kV voltage range.

The 8ight-XE Elite and Tekno ET48 2.0, both have brushless motors with similar voltage. Then why did we put it below the Elite monster truck?

If you have noticed the comparison table, you might have seen that Tekno EB48 is heavier than 8ight-XE Elite. Now, with the same energy, it is harder to move a heavier body. Hence, the heavier buggy loses more power. And as a result, it becomes slower.

It acquires a top speed of only 30 mph. Therefore, the Tekno ET48 2.0 is slower than the 8ight-XE. And that is the reason why we have put this 1/8 scale electric buggy in the fourth position. 

Hold on. A little less speed doesn’t mean that it is a bad product.

What it lacks in speed, it covers with its amazing durability. This buggy comes with certified Tekno durability. 

The updated motor mount layout is wider and weight forward. So that it makes an incredibly well-balanced and durable buggy. 

Besides, the long arms and narrow suspension geometry provide smoother corner speed. As it helps to balance the extra pull.


  • Ensures optimal chassis flex
  • The wider motor mount decreases the effect of road shocks
  • The buggy is highly durable.


  • We did not find the external material to be aesthetically quite up to the mark.
  • Compared to other buggies on the list, it has the lowest speed.

Buying Guide

I’m almost certain that the truckload of information has clogged your thoughts. So how about we help you sort things out by outlining the factors you should take into account before choosing to purchase one of these 1/8 scale buggies for racing?

So, without any further ado let’s jump right in!

Brushed vs Brushless Motor

Most of the new RC buggies have brushless motors. These are different from the old brushed motors that were generally used. Now, you may wonder what are the differences between a brushed and brushless motor.

The main difference between a brushed and brushless motor is the way these two motors work. The brushed motors are mechanically driven whereas the brushless are electronically driven.

As the brushless motors are electronically driven they are more efficient and beneficial.

Now, the reason brushless motors are better is because they reduce friction and erosion. As a result, it offers a longer lifetime. It also provides smoother movement, less energy loss, and more speed.  

All of these features are not available for the brushed motors. That’s why when buying the electric buggy keep your eyes open for the brushless motors.

Lightweight vs Heavy-weight

There is always confusion about the weight or measurement of the 1/8 scale RC buggy.

Usually light weight buggies tend to be faster than heavier buggies. It’s because the weight hinders the speed of a car. The higher the weight the lower the speed will be.

Now, there is no correct option. In the hand of an expert, the lightweight buggy is as strong as the heavy-weight buggy. 

However, the safer option is to go for a heavier buggy with incredible speed. So, even if some energy is lost due to the weight, your RC will still be faster. 

But if you are not used to the controls of a faster buggy then don’t buy a lightweight one. Because you won’t be able to keep your balance during the sharp turns. And eventually, overturn the vehicle. 


Another point to consider is whether your buggy is 4WD or 2WD. Now you may wonder what are 4WD and 2WD.

4WD or four-wheel drive means the torque is equally spread in all four tires. On the other hand, 2WD means the torque is more either in the front wheels or the rear wheels. 

Now, when you are buying a 1/8 scale electric buggy for a racing competition, you must consider the tracks. There are a lot of obstacles where you have to jump or do a wheelie etc.

For such purposes, you should always opt for a 4WD vehicle. Because they provide more stability during jumps or any stunt.

And if you don’t like the function of 4WD then you can always change your 4WD vehicle to 2WD by following some easy steps. The procedure has been mentioned in detail in the video below-

Looks Matter!!

Now, maybe a lot of you will not agree with this point. But we believe a champion must also look the part. Because you can intimidate your competitors through your looks. And that will also give you confidence. 

Other than that who doesn’t want their buggy that they’ve spent their hard-earned money on to look good?

So, never underestimate the power of an aesthetically pleasing yet scary-looking monster truck.


How fast can the ARRMA Typhon go?

The ARRMA Typhon can go up to 118mph. It has a very specific built that enables it to move at such a fast speed.

Does the ARRMA Typhon come with batteries for the RC car?

No, the ARRMA Typhon does not come with batteries for the RC car. So, if you plan on getting the ARRMA Typhon then get batteries with it as well.

What is the top speed of Redcat Racing Landslide XTE?

The top speed of Redcat Racing Landslide XTE is around 35-40 mph.


Hopefully, this write-up will help you to find the best 1/8 scale electric buggy for racing. Then with your trusted player by your side, you can win any racing competition you want.

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