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Best 1/8 Truggy: Beast Of The RC World?

Truggies are the beast of the RC world, no doubt about that! With their humongous tires, they are always ready to demolish the track. In fact, no other RC can pull off stunts like them. 

But, if you want an RC that is good for high performative driving, you should definitely go for truggies. 

That said, how will you know exactly what is the best truggy out there? Well, don’t worry. Because we are here to guide you.

Below we have provided all the information you will need to buy the best 1/8  truggy. Now, you may think why 1/8? Well, this is the perfect scale for a truggy.

Usually, the best RC car scale is 1/10. But that’s when we are talking about a normal car!

A truggy needs to be bigger to dominate the track. And therefore, the best scale for a truggy is 1/8.

Now that it is clear, let us get started-

Comparison Table



Engine Type

Terrain Use


HPI Racing Trophy 4.6 Truggy



HPI Racing Trophy 107018 Truggy Flux



ARRMA 1/8 Talion 6S BLX



Team Corally 1/8 Shogun XP 6S



Losi RC Car 1/8 8IGHT-T 



Losi Nitrotane LOSF0420 Nitro 

Product Overview

The first truggy that we have on our list is the beast of all beasts. And in a short while, you will get to know why.

Now, the first truggy on the list is HPI Racing Trophy 4.6 Truggy.

There are a lot of unique features that make it the ‘BEST’. And we will unravel them one by one.

However, the first mention has to be its Nitro Star F4.6 engine. This engine provides the Trophy Truggy with all the grunt it needs. 

The grunt is enough to justify our initial statement. When you start the engine, this truggy roars like a wild beast. 

Nonetheless, the grunt is not why we crowned it the winner!  

The F4.6 engine offers mighty strength to the Trophy Truggy. Which makes it able to rip off huge stunts, like tall jumps, record-setting long jumps, double back-flips, etc.

Unlike electric engines that run on voltage, the Trophy Truggy runs on fuel. But, you will need nitromethane fuel, which you have to buy separately. 

Now, nitromethane itself provides great power with each chemical reaction. But, with the two-needle carburetor, the Trophy Truggy ensures more precious power delivery according to your need. 

The two-needle carburetor controls the ratio of air and fuel to get the proper combustion mixture. You can adjust it according to the weather or the fuel.

And, the last amazing feature of the F4.6 engine is the two-stage air filter. The engine is already protected by a unique water splash cover.

Above all that, the two-needle carburetor ensures extra engine protection which makes the whole engine so much more durable. However, the combustion creates a lot of smoke which may be disturbing for some people. 

On the other hand, nitro engines are a bit high-maintenance, as it requires fuel and igniter. Now, the next unique feature that caught our attention is the electronic failsafe. 

With RC cars, there is always the threat of losing radio signals. And as a result, losing your RC as well. 

Now, what the electronic failsafe does is that it performs emergency stoppage, in case you lose signal. Without a doubt, it is a great feature to protect your RC from any accident.


  • The electronic failsafe will safely stop your RC in case you lose the radio signal.
  • The two-stage air filter provides extra protection to your engine in rough conditions.
  • 32,000 RPM and 2.9 hp offers a crazy top speed
  • The two-needle carburetor fine-tunes the truggies performance so that it performs precisely in every weather.


  • The nitro engine is high-maintenance

HPI Racing Trophy 107018 Truggy Flux 

  • Engine Type: Electric
  • Terrain Use: Off-road
  • Material: Aluminum, Alloy Steel, Metal

Product Overview

The next RC truggy is also from HPI Racing. Both are great products from a great brand. However, some minor details put it behind the Trophy Truggy. 

Now, the next truggy is HPI Racing 107018. This is a Truggy with great potential. Not that different from our previous contender.

But for the people who had an issue with the nitro engine, the Trophy Truggy Flux is a knight in shining armor. 

The Trophy Truggy Flux has exchanged the nitro engine with a brushless motor engine. The Brushless motor offers 1965 KV of power. 

Now, 1965 KV provides a great amount of power. However, it is not as much as the F4.6 nitro engine provides. And because of that, it lags when we compare the two truggies. 

But it does not mean the brushless engine is of no use. It offers an explosion of power for off-road performance. Along with blindingly fast acceleration.

And fast acceleration means huge stunts and massive jumps. Which is, after all, one of the main attractions of the truggies. 

Now, one of the features we enjoyed a lot while testing it was the real racing suspension. Just as the name suggests, the real racing suspension gives you the driving feel and responsiveness of the pro-level. 

Lastly, it comes with aluminum shocks that absorb the bumps whilst providing a smooth and durable driving experience. 


  • It does not have the same noise and fumes as the nitro version
  • The low weight helps with faster acceleration
  • The real racing suspensions offer the feel and responsiveness of the pro-level.


  • The truggy is not as fast as the nitro version.
  • Only compatible for off-road use.


ARRMA 1/8 Talion 6S BLX

  • Engine Type: Electric
  • Terrain Use: Multi-purpose
  • Age Range: Adult

Product Overview

The third product on the list surprised us during the testing. We were quite confused between the Trophy Truggy Flux and this one. But in the end, we decided to put this in the third position.

Now, ARRMA is well-respected in the RC world. And quite deservedly so. The third truggy, ARRMA 1/8 Talion 6S BLX upholds this reputation.

It has so many amazing features. And we are going to dive on them, one by one-

The first thing I want to talk about is the amazing durability this truggy has. All thanks to ARRMA’s Extreme Bash (EXB) premium treatment.

EXB hardened components increase toughness where it counts. Making the truggy unstoppable. This truggy is made for extreme bashing.

Now, the ARRMA Talion is also the first EXB vehicle that comes with a Spektrum AVC radio and Spektrum 6S brushless motor. 

Let’s first talk about the AVC radio. This feature is unique in ARRMA. You won’t find it in the rest of the truggies. 

The AVC system has on-demand traction control. With the help of this feature, you can dial the traction up or down according to your need.

Now, traction is a crucial element of driving. For instance, it provides stability when turning corners. So, it keeps the tires as close to the ground as possible. This will help you avoid this particular problem.

Depending on the road or weather, you may need different levels of traction. And, that’s exactly what the AVC system offers. An adjustable traction system for your RC.

Now, the Spektrum brushless motor provides a great deal of voltage power, about 2050KV. The speed along with the traction control system makes it suitable for both on and off-road usage. 

And, the radio system also provides ultra-modern features like telemetry. Here, the telemetry updates you about the weather forecast, wind pressure, and battery voltage.

However, the radio system is only compatible with receivers that support the Spektrum DX3/ DSMR technology.

Now, the receiver is included with the truggy. But if you break or lose it somehow, you need to buy a receiver that is compatible with the technology.


  • AVC system’s on-demand traction control offers extra stability according to your needs.
  • The AVC system can also do hundreds of minutes of steering and throttle within seconds to give it the most accurate precision
  • The Extreme Bash premium treatment provides the toughness expected from a heavy-duty truggy.
  • The durable and strong boots Katar tires feature an aggressive tread pattern that offers excellent traction on a wide range of surfaces.


  • Only the receivers that are compatible with DX3/DSMR technology are applicable.
  • The Firma ESC in this model performs below average.

Team Corally 1/8 Shogun XP 6S

  • Engine Type: Electric
  • Terrain Use: Multi-purpose
  • Material: Metal, Rubber

Product Overview

The next product on the list is Team Corally 1/8  Shogun XP 6S. This multi-purpose truggy is such an amazing RC with so many unique specifications. 

Its 4-pole brushless motor not only provides high voltage but also makes it ready for virtually any track or road. The motor offers a 2050KV voltage of power. Same as the ARRMA truggy. 

The 4-pole magnetic engine also offers higher torque. Now, in the RC world, higher torque means better and efficient performance. Therefore, this truggy can do big stunts like pro-level racing cars. 

You see, the Shogun is controlled by an ergonomically designed radio transmitter known as Varioprop S2R Controller. It offers interference-free control at a distance of 300m. Hence, you can smoothly transit through one channel to another without losing precision. 

Other than that, the 4-pole motor is great when it comes to saving energy. But the issue with this is that you will have a hard time finding a good replacement for it. In case an emergency occurs. 


  • The 4-pole Brushless motor provides higher torque for better efficiency
  • The RSP sway bar offers consistent handling on all surfaces that help the truggy to do stunts smoother.
  • The Varioprop S2R transmitter ensures an interference-free control at a distance of 300m.


  • It is hard to find diverse options for the 4-pole brushless motor.

Losi RC Car 1/8 4 Wheel Drive Truggy

Battery Type: Lipo

Product Overview 

Now, the final truggy on the list is based on an International title-winning truggy from the same series. And that is none other than the Losi 1/8 8ight-T. 

Anyone who aspires to become a professional nitro truggy racer should start with this. The Losi 1/8 8ight-T truggy comes completely factory assembled with an outstanding engine.

Here, the engine is a Dynamite 0.28 nitro engine. It offers amazing power and the grunt alone is enough to assure that. 

But don’t be scared! Just because it is a nitro engine, that does not mean that it is complicated. 

Here, the engine comes with a very simple pull starter system to get the engine running. No additional starter box is needed until you want it. 

Moreover, there is this special Gen-III radio tray that prolongs the serving life of the servo. And in the long run, ensures precise steering and accurate throttle. 

However, like all other nitro engines, this one is also harder to maintain. As well as costlier. And the sound and noise it produces may disturb people who are sensitive to both loud noise and smoke.



  • A professional-level nitro truggy.
  • The Dynamite 0.28 nitro engine is faster than the electric RC cars
  • The Gen III radio tray prolongs the servo life.


  • Only compatible with the Spektrum DSMR radio system
  • The Nitro engine is costlier to maintain as you need to buy nitromethane fuel.

Buying Guide

Now that we are done with our list, we would like to further describe some features. Because they are important to understand what makes a truggy the best.

Electric vs Nitro Engines: Which One is Better?

To be honest, it depends on what you expect from your truggy.

For example, if you want a cleaner and silent car then you should go with an electric truggy. As the electric truggy runs on battery, there is no smoke and almost zero sound.

On the other hand, nitro engines run on nitromethane fuel. The combustion process produces a good amount of smoke and loud noise.

However, nitro engines are faster. And as a result, great for bashing. Compared to that, electric engines are a tad bit slower.

Another thing about nitro truggies is that they are suitable exclusively for the outdoors. Whereas, electric truggies can be used indoors as well.

Wheels That Make Statement 

One of the signature features of a truggy is its humongous tires. The huge tires are an important part of the ensemble. 

A truggy is expected to do huge jumps, extraordinary stunts such as wheelies, double back-flips, etc. So, the tires need to be huge to offer extra stability. Moreover, they also need to provide excellent traction. 

And for that, they must have patterns such as tread patterns that offer maximum traction on a wide range of surfaces.

Tires also help to make the truggy compatible with multiple terrains. 

Heavy-Duty Beast

Now, naturally extreme stunts make the durability of the truggy a matter of concern. Therefore, a truggy must be heavy-duty. 

Aluminum is the optimal choice for chassis. Because it is lightweight yet durable. Therefore, it can offer strength without increasing the truggy’s weight.

However, only an aluminum chassis is not enough. 

The drivetrain must also be made of strong components, such as steel. 

A strong chassis and drivetrain along with excellent suspension can ensure that heavy-duty performance one desire’s from a truggy.

Have you already decided which to get? If so then make sure properly build the Truggy after getting it.


Question: What are the dimensions of Team Corally Shogun XP Truggy?

Answer: The Team Corally Shogun XP Truggy is 21 inches long and 2 ½ inches high.

Question: What type of battery connector is compatible with Team Corally Shogu? 

Answer: The Team Corally Shogun needs an XT-90 battery connector. 

Question: How fast does HPI Racing Trophy 4.6 Truggy go?

Answer: HPI Racing Trophy 4.6 Truggy goes 60+ mph. 


We hope after reading this, you can now choose the best 1/8 truggy for yourself. 

If you still have any queries, please comment below to let us know. At the end of the day, we’d want to help you out. Have a fun experience. Adios!

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