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Best 1407 Motors: Review on Top 6 Motors

For getting the best from your remote-controlled drone a good motor is required. From aerial photography to simple flying, the performance of the drone depends highly on the motor used. So it’s important to choose a capable motor for it. 

1407 are such motors. They provide outstanding performance with great efficiency. There are several models of 1407 motors available in the market. But which are the best 1407 motors? 

Every 1407 motor has its positive and negative aspects. To select the best one you have to check all these factors properly. After that, compare them and match them with your preferences. But this is a very time-consuming procedure. 

And I am here to save your time. I have gathered all the required information on the best 1407 motors here. Have a look at them before making your choice!

Comparison Table 




Shaft Diameter


AKK Brushless Motor

3500 RPM

5 mm

Dilwe RC Racing Drone Motor, 1407

3600 RPM

2 mm

1407 MAD COMPONENTS Brushless Motor

3700 RPM

5 mm

DishyKooker E-MAX E-C-O Micro Series 1407

3300 RPM

2 mm


3600 RPM

5 mm

PANGUN Cobra Cp 1407 Champion Series

4100 RPM

2 mm

AKK Brushless Motor

Master in RPM


  • Weight: About 17g
  • Height: 33.5mm
  • Width: 19.8mm
  • RPM: 3500
  • Voltage: 11.1-14.8V(3-4S lipo battery)

Reasons to Buy

  • The motors are very lightweight. This is beneficial for the drone.
  • Durable and high-quality materials increase the lifespan of the motor.
  • Quick cooling of the motor ensures a long flying time.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Sometimes the AKK Brushless Motor vibrates too much.

The first product on today’s list is the AKK Brushless Motor. It is a high RPM motor with quite big shaft diameter. This motor is very popular for flying quadcopter drones. Let me discuss all of its features for your better understanding.

The speed of the AKK Brushless Motor is about 3500 RPM. RPM means Rotations Per Minute. This is a very good speed for flying drones. Although this is not the motor with the highest RPM in today’s list. With more RPMs, the drone will go faster. 

That means the drone will reach a great height within a very short time. The shaft diameter of this brushless motor is 5mm. The torque of the motor is directly dependent on the shaft diameter. The AKK motor gives more torque output than the rest of the motors.

The AKK Brushless Motor is made from Aluminium, Stainless Steel, and alloy. Aluminium is a very durable material. The use of Aluminium will ensure a long lifetime for the motor. The shaft is made from stainless steel. 

Besides these factors, the motor is very light too. So the drone will be easier to fly. The package comes with 4 AKK Brushless Motors. This is a very good deal for the customer. The cost of the motor is also customer friendly.

Dilwe RC Racing Drone Motor, 1407

More RPM with Less Torque


  • Model: Tornado T1
  • RPM/V: 3600KV
  • Weight: 15.5g
  • Height: 30.6mm
  • Material: Alloy Aluminium

Reasons to Buy

  • Premium materials are used for making the motor.
  • The 180 days guarantee provided with the motor ensures its durability.
  • The motor has a great aesthetic appeal.

Reasons to Avoid

  • The torque generated by the motor is less.

The next product I am going to review is the Dilwe RC Racing Drone Motor, 1407. This is a small and compact motor with a high number of Rotations Per Minute. The motor has a very aesthetic design with a shiny metallic finish. 

Besides the looks, the performance of the motor is also very powerful. The Dilwe motor offers as high as 3600 RPMs. This is a very high speed for remote control drones and quadcopters. However, this motor has a small shaft diameter compared to its speed.

The brushless motor comes with a 2mm diameter shaft only. As a result, the torque generated is quite less. That means the work done by the motor is less too. This can be an issue for many users. High torque helps the drone to get high in the sky easily. 

However, if you want one with a larger shaft diameter you can check the previous item.

The Dilwe RC motor is manufactured from CNC Aluminium alloy. This material is perfect for mechanical parts due to its strength. The outermost layer is made from premium oxidized materials. Thus the body of the motor becomes resistant to rusting. 

The motor weighs only 15.5 grams. This is very beneficial for the flying of drones with this motor.  The package comes with one Dilwe RC Racing Drone Motor. The manufacturers also provide a 180 days guarantee with the motor.


  • Weight‎: 0.494 ounces
  • KV: 3600KV 
  • RPM: 3700
  • Battery (Lipo): 3-4S
  • Package Dimensions‎: 5.75 x 4.8 x 1.18 inches
  • Shaft Diameter: 5mm

Reasons to Buy

  • The motor is very lightweight.
  • Great combination of torque and RPM.
  • Well-designed cooling mechanism. 

Reasons to Avoid

  • Very high price.

The third product on my list is the 1407 MAD COMPONENTS Brushless Motor. This is the second lightest motor on today’s list. In terms of RPM, this motor comes in second too. The MAD COMPONENTS motor has a unique look because of its black color.

The motor can generate 3700 Rotations Per Minute. This is a very high-speed generation for Remote Controlled drone motors. For racing purposes, the MAD COMPONENTS motor is a great choice. It also has a sufficient shaft diameter. 

This motor comes with a shaft of 5mm diameter. Because of the big diameter, the motor can generate high torque. The combination of high RPM and torque ensures a superb performance from this brushless motor. 

Though this brushless motor has a RPM less than the PANGUN Cobra motor, it has the best combo. For a balance between RPM and torque, you can go for this one.

The built quality of the motor is very premium. It is made from stainless steel. As a result, the motor is very durable with rust-resisting properties. The base of the motor has air gaps to ensure the flow of air. The air draws air from the base upon getting hot.

The motor has a long lifetime due to the proper cooling mechanism. Another interesting fact about the motor is its weight. The motor weighs only 13.9 grams. As a result, the load on the drone is very less and the hindrance of flying is minimal. 

The package includes 4 MAD COMPONENTS motors. If you are looking to replace the motors of your quadcopter, this can be a great choice. The unique design of the motor will increase the beauty of your drone for sure.


  • Weight: 13.6 Grams
  • Length: 31.2mm
  • RPM: 3300
  • Shaft Diameter: 2mm
  • Battery: 2~4S

Reasons to Buy

  • Copper windings used in the motor last for a long time.
  • Excellent airflow mechanism helps the motor to cool down quickly. 
  • Premium quality materials are used in the motor.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Low RPM and torque generation. 

The next product in my hand is the DishyKooker E-MAX E-C-O Micro Series 1407. This motor has the lowest RPM and shaft diameter among the 6 motors I am reviewing. Anyway, the DishyKooker motor will not disappoint you in its performance. 

The motor delivers only 3300 Rotations Per Minute. This is the least RPM among the brushless motors discussed here. Because of fewer RPMs, the speed of the drone will be less too. Moreover, the shaft diameter of this motor is only 2 mm. 

As a result, the torque of the motor is also less. The overall performance of the motor falls into the midrange category. However, this configuration failure has been compensated for in its weight. The weight of the motor is only 13.6 grams.

The lightweight of the motor decreases the load on the drone. Thus less RPM and torque can run the drone without any hassle. The motor also comes with high-quality building material. It has an anodized finish. 

If you want more RPM and torque, this motor is not for you. You must look at other options like the MAD COMPONENTS motor for high efficiency. 

This finish protects the motor from corrosion and rust formation. This layer also makes the DishyKooker motor very long-lasting. The motor shaft is also made from stainless steel. Precision ball bearings are used in the motor for higher performance. 

The cooling system of the motor is well designed too. There are holes to ensure sufficient airflow. There are 12 holes of 12mm for this purpose. The performance of the motor isn’t the best, yet it’s a great choice for its built quality.


High RPM with High Torque


  • Weight (g): 14g
  • Shaft Diameter: 5mm
  • RPM: 3600 
  • Length: 28.3mm
  • Battery (Lipo): 3-4S
  • Shaft threads: All CCW

Reasons to Buy

  • Superb performance of the motor.
  • Use of high-quality materials in the motor.
  • Unique design with blue color.

Reasons to Avoid

  • The weight of the motor could be less.

Let’s move on to the second last product of the best 1407 motor review. Now I am going to review the HGLRC 4PCS 1407 motor. This blue-colored motor comes with great RPM and torque production. Let’s get into the details without wasting any time. 

The motor comes with an RPM of 3600. That means the shaft rotates 3600 hundred times every minute. This is a very high speed for RC motors. If you compare this speed with the other motors I have reviewed, you can understand its significance. 

The HGLRC motor has a shaft diameter of 5mm. We know that torque generation is directly dependent on the diameter. As the motor has a bigger shaft diameter than most of the other ones here, it produces high torque. With high RPM and torque, the performance of this motor is extraordinary. 

The material used to manufacture this motor is stainless steel. Stainless steel is a very lightweight durable material. The motor is also durable for this reason. The weight of the motor is 14 grams. It is not very less compared to the other ones.


  • Weight: 14.5g
  • Shaft Diameter: 2mm
  • RPM: 4100
  • Colour: Golden/Black
  • Length: 16mm

Reasons to Buy

  • High RPM of the Motor.
  • Colour options are available. 

Reasons to Avoid

  • Heavy weight with small shaft diameter.

Product Overview 

The last product I have is the PANGUN Cobra Cp 1407 Champion Series. This motor has the most RPM among all the 6 motors. However, the shaft diameter of the motor is small. Or else this one had the potential to be the best choice.

Compared to every other product, this one has the highest RPM. The motor has an RPM of 4100. This is very high for any brushless motor. But the shaft diameter is only 2mm. That means the torque and RPM are not balanced. So the motor will not deliver the best performance. However, due to its speed, it is still a good choice.

The motor is also heavy with a weight of 14 5 grams. This motor comes in two colors, golden and black. The user can choose according to his wish. The PANGUN motor is made from quality materials to ensure a long lifespan. 

Buying Guide 

You can select the best 1407 motor from the above discussion. However to make the best choice you must know the factor you should focus more on. Below I have discussed all the important aspects of motors you should check before buying. 


The material of the motor is very significant. The longevity is dependent on the built material. The weight is also dependent on this factor. Try to choose a lightweight material with a rust-resisting plus for your 1407 motor.

Shaft Diameter 

The shaft diameter controls the torque generated by the motor. So big diameter shafts are better than small-diameter ones. Be cautious while observing the torque. Often we ignore torque while selecting the high RPM of the motor.


The RPM of the motor shows the speed. The more the RPM, the more will be the speed. If you are getting an RC drone for racing purposes, you must get one with high RPM. But make sure the motor has both torque and RPM. 


This is another important factor. The motor you are getting must match your battery system. Or else you won’t be able to power it. So check both your battery model and motor specs before selecting one.

Follow this buying guide to avoid any mistakes while buying RC motors. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are drone motors AC or DC? 

Drone motors can be both AC and DC. Generally, brushless motors are used for drones. There are both AC and DC brushless motors available. However, DC brushless motors are mostly used in drones. They are used due to the simpler process of delivering power to them.

How to increase drone flying time?

To increase drone flying time you can use high-capacity batteries. They provide power for a long time. But there is the problem of high-capacity batteries. They are heavy. Thus they can decrease the flying time too. To get the best time, maintain a balance between weight and battery capacity. 

Are brushless motors better for drones?

Yes, brushless motors are better for drones. Brushless motors are lighter than other types of motors. This is very important for the flying of the drone. Also, brushless motors provide more power compared to their sizes. They are more efficient and suitable for flying drones. 


This is all on the best 1407 motors. I hope that now you can choose the best motor based on your necessities.

To select the best product, follow the buying guide properly. Then you will be able to avoid some common mistakes.

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