Best 3 Axis Gyro For Airplane

Best 3 Axis Gyro For Airplane: Choosing The Best Stabilizer

Roll, pitch, and yaw are the things that 3 axis gyros measure! But that’s not it. It also offers great stability and helps you fly the RC plane on a windy day. Basically, it helps the beginners but the pros can also get a helping hand too.

But with the best 3 axis gyro for airplane, you won’t have to face such problems. They will provide the greatest service. But hey, which one is the best one?

Well, to answer that question we have an entire article. Firstly, we will begin by showcasing 5 of the gyros that are considered to the market’s top tiers.

After that, we will give you some inside info about what to look for when buying a 3 axis gyro. Thus, after finishing this guide you will have a pretty good idea about what to buy and which one is not right for you.

So, without wasting a lot of time let’s jump straight into the article-

Comparison Table

1. Hobbymate 3-Axis Gyro Stabilizer

Product Overview

First and foremost, we have the Hobbymate 3-Axis Gyro. What better way to meet the requirements for your hobby other than this Hobby’s 3 axis gyro? It surely has a lot of features to offer so let’s have a look at it-

For instance, this gyro has a remote control system. With that, you can turn off the 3 axis gyro system So, if you are a pro then it will be convenient to operate planes manually.

Moreover, there are lights on this gyro that tells you the status. In fact, there are only two lights. One is red which tells that the gyro is off. And of course, the other one is green which tells that the light is on.

On top of this, the Hobbymate 3-Axis Gyro Stabilizer also offers great stability and flexibility. Meaning your airplane won’t waver from its course of a flight. Even on a windy day.

Plus, the power consumption of this gyro stabilizer is also very low. In fact, it only takes 4V-6V. Thus, it won’t drain you of your charge and you will be able to use it for a long time before it finally makes you recharge it again.

Now, which type of wings does this work with?

Well, lucky for you guys it works with the most common type of RC wings out there. You see, it is compatible with delta wings and all kinds of RC models with V tails.

Furthermore, the weight of this gyro is pretty decent. It measures 0.8 ounces. Now, we admit that this isn’t the lowest number on the list but it’s still a lot less.

Thus, it won’t add significant weight to your RC model. Hence your flight will not be hampered in any way.

However, the size of the gyro is a bit too big. According to the website it measures 5.9 x 5 x 0.5 inches. Compared to the rest it’s pretty huge and this might be a bit difficult to add to your model RC plane. Hence, it might be an issue.


  • Ensures great stability
  • Accommodates decent flexibility
  • Doesn’t consume too much energy
  • Can be controlled by using a remote
  • It won’t weigh the RC models down


  • Might be too big for RC models

2. Hobbypartz Gyro for Aircraft

Product Overview

Second up, we have the Hobbypartz Gyro for Aircraft. No, this isn’t the same brand as before. Neither is it the same gyro. In fact, it is a different product with different attributes. So, come check it out with us-

Let’s start by saying that this gyro stabilizer is the lightest gyro there is. That is because it is pretty small in size.

And because of that, it won’t add too much weight to your RC plane. Hence, it’ll be able to fly without any issue.

It has an enhanced stability mode. That means you will be able to ensure that the RC plane has a stable flight. Especially on those windy days.

Plus, the controls are pretty forgiving. That’s great if you’re a beginner. You won’t have a hard time getting things under control. Moreover, it is easy to learn how the 3 axis gyro works so you will be able to figure out things easily.

Now, how easy are we talking about? Well, the gyroscope automatically adjusts to compensate for ailerons, elevators, and rudder. So, you won’t actually have to do much of the work. The stabilizer will do it for you.

On top of this, the gyro flight stabilizer is built in such a way that it enhances the wind resistance of the aircraft. Plus it reduces speed failure. Hence, even if the RC plane faces turbulence it’ll be upright because of the stabilizer.

Moreover, it has softened stall characteristics. Because of that, your flight stability is also ensured.


  • Doesn’t apply too much weight on the plane
  • Ensures a stable flight
  • Can work on windy days
  • Reduces the speed failure
  • Easy for the beginners to use


  • It overcorrects the path at times

3. Bluelight Technologies BL-3GRC 3-Axis Gyro

Product Overview

Moving on, we have the Bluelight Technologies 3-Axis Gyro. Yeah, you might have heard about this brand. But is its 3 axis gyro worth it and will be good for your RC airplane? Let’s see-

The best thing about this gyro is that it works on Fixed Wing, Flying Wing, V-tail, Tri/Bi/Quad/Hex-copters. Moreover, it also works on all RC transmitters and servos/ESCs. Both the standard and configurable ones.

As you can see it works on a variety of wings so if your RC plane has one of these wings it’ll work on it as well. Plus, you don’t even have to check on your type of transmitter because they work for all types.

As for the function, this gyro has 3 modes. They are Normal, uncommanded, and proportional locks. So, you get a lot of functions to try out.

Furthermore, this gyro has real-time switching. This is why you can turn the gyro on/off, lock the head, have spin recovery, ensure smooth (crosswind) take-off, aerobatics, and more.

However, this gyro tends to weigh a lot. So, it can add some extra weight to your RC plane. That’s one hassle that you will have to deal with. You see, the plane will become heavy and that might interfere with the flight performance.


  • Works on a variety of RC planes
  • Ensures smooth take-off
  • You can perform aerobatic tricks using it
  • Works for a variety of RC planes


  • Weighs the RC planes down

4. GorNorriss Helicopter Flight Stabilizer

Product Overview

In fourth place, we have the GorNorriss Helicopter Flight Stabilizer. This is another great stabilizer that has a great story to tell. So, why don’t we take a moment to hear what it has to tell us-

For starters, this 3-axis gyro offers 4 flight modes. Typically the gyros offer 3 modes but this one has a few more to give. They are the normal, auto balance, autofocus, and gyroscope off mode.

Plus, for each flight mode, the adjustments are done separately. So, you get to use flight mode for your own use.

Furthermore, this gyro supports 3 wing types: standard, wing triangle (flying wing), and V-shaped tail. So, if your RC supports one of these wings it will be good to go.

Besides, it works within the range of 50 Hz, 125 Hz, and 250 Hz. Thus, try to ensure that your version of the RC plane works within these ranges. Otherwise, buying this gyro will be a total waste. And no one wants that.

Moreover, this gyro can be used for RC cars as well. So, if you are planning on using it for that you can. But to be fair, it can be a bit too big for the cars.


  • Can be used on RC cars
  • Has a decent range of frequencies
  • Works well with plenty of RC planes
  • Offers 4 different modes


  • Doesn’t offer many speed options for the RC cars

5. Dualsky FC130 3-Axis Gyro Flight Controller

Product Overview

Last but least, we have the Dualsky FC130 3 Axis Gyro Flight Controller. Yes, this is the last product on our list but woah don’t underestimate it. You see, it might take you by surprise with all its awesome tricks up its sleeve.

And, what are they?

Well, for starters, this 3 axis gyro weighs significantly low. In fact, it is the 2nd most lightweight product on the list. You see, it only weighs 0.28 ounces. That is quite low when compared to others.

Moreover, it has a unique calibration procedure, precisely recording the mid-point of each channel, stroke, and direction. That ensures that you get to control the RC planes precisely. Hence, it will not waver when it’s a flight.

That’s not all, this one has an active attitude stabilization algorithm. That ensures to keep the plane stable when it is in-flight mode. Hence, you get good control over your RC plane even on a windy day.

Apart from all these, the  Dualsky Axis gyro has 32-bit high performance. So, if your RC plane supports this range you can do pretty well.


  • Won’t add a lot of weight to the planes
  • Ensures stability
  • You have precise control


  • Doesn’t offer lot of different modes

Buying Guide

Well, we did show you a lot of options and you still might feel confused about what to go with. But fret not, that just might be because you don’t know where to start looking. You see, newbies do face such problems.

But we plan to help you out here. In this segment of the article, we will go over the major factors that play a role when determining the best 3 axis gyro.

So, if you have your seats buckled up we can dip into this info section-

Range Covered By The Gyro

First and foremost, you have to consider the range of the gyro. That is because different gyros have a different range for measuring angular velocity.

So, your task is to ensure that the maximum range that you’re trying to cover can be picked up by the gyro. However, don’t go overboard and simply choose the one that offers the maximum range.

That is because the sensitivity factor can be compromised for such high ranged gyros. Thus, our advice is to buy the gyro that covers your maximum range. Therefore the sensitivity of the gyro will not be affected by this.

The Interface of the Gyro

Secondly, consider the interface of the gyro as well. Although you won’t have many options in this case. That is because more than 90% of the 3 axis gyros out there have an analog output.

But if you’re willing to spend a bit more than you can end up with the digital ones. This fully depends on your preference. Just so you know the analog ones work fine.

Power Consumption

Always try to ensure that the gyro doesn’t consume too much power from your RC plane. This can cost you later if you give it away. How?

Well, if the gyro takes too much energy you will have to charge it frequently. That means less flight time for you and more charging time. Which can be annoying.

Size of The Axis Gyro

Next up, do check on the size of the gyro. You see, these 3 axis gyros will mount on top of your RC airplanes thus you want them to be a compact size.

Otherwise, they might be too large for the plane and may cause disturbance in the flight. And you do want maximum stability. So, it’s a small thing to just check out.

As for the size, it should be as compact as possible. Nothing too large and nothing too small.

Weight of The Axis Gyro

Moreover, the weight of the gyro is also important. This is because as the gyros will be placed on top of the RC airplanes you don’t want it to disrupt the flight.

Thus in our opinion the lesser the weight the easier it will be to ensure stability. Plus, it will also ensure proper flight of the RC plane.

Different Modes of the Gyrometer

Moving on to the optional features, try to ensure that the gyro has different modes. Typically for 3 axis gyros. They ensure that different users can use them.

For instance, there is one mode that is simple. It’s for the beginners who are new to the whole gyro thing. But there are advanced modes. And in one mode you can control your gyro to switch it off.

Plane Model Support

It is important to know which models the 3 axis gyros support. Now, if you buy one and see that it doesn’t support your model of RC plane then you would have to return it.

Thus, to save yourself from such hassle do buy a gyro that works for your model. Besides, there are 3 axis gyros out there that can work for all models of RC planes. So, that would be a safe option to go for if you cannot be sure about the product.

Ease of Use

Lastly, ensure that installing the 3 axis gyro is easy or not. Some are pretty straightforward because all you have to do with them is plug them in and they start working.

However, there are some pros that are quite hard to install. For those, you need professional help. So, unless you’re a pro, do ensure that the installation process is simple or not.


Question: Why use a gyro in an RC plane?

Answer: The gyro for an RC plane acts as a stabilizer. They work to expand the flight envelope of the plane. Thus, because of this stabilizer, you can fly your plane on a windy day. Moreover, they prevent tip stalls and assist in cross-wind landings.

Question: What does a gyro receiver do?

Answer: The gyro receiver receives the information from the gyro and then analyzes them. After analyzing the data it sends new commands to the gyro to ensure that the Rc plane stays stabilized.

Question: Do the gyros fly the airplane for you?

Answer: No! Although it does provide a lot of stability it cannot fly your plane fully. You still have to make your inputs which will determine how the plane flies.

Question: Can gyros have more than 3 modes?

Answer: Yes, the 3 axis gyros can have more than 6 modes. All of them offer different services for the plane.

To Sum Up

Well, that’s about all we had to say about the best 3 axis gyro for airplane. Do keep an eye out for the range and the weight. Other than that, all of the functions are more or less similar.

So, if one of these products works for your model of RC airplane then do go for that product. Anyway, we will say goodbye here. Best of luck with your decision. See you soon!

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