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Best 3D RC Plane: Review Of The Sky’s Conqueror


A slight glee manages to rumble your planes and it comes down crashing. What a horrible sight. Why should a bit of wind be able to take down your RC plane? Well, that’s because it wasn’t the right one.

For the best flying experience, you need the best 3D RC plane. Otherwise, you will be facing problems like instability, overload, or even breakdown of the RC plane.

Now, the market is crawling with products, so what will be the right one for you? Well, if that’s what you’re asking yourself then you came to the right place.

We have all the answers and much more. Hence, stick around to find out what will suit you-

Comparison Table

Product Overview

First and foremost, we have the E-flite 3D RC Airplane. This is the winner on our list. But will it be suitable for you? Well, all we can do is find out by reading about it a bit-

One thing that we have to talk about is its safety technology. You see, it is designed in such a way that when it’s in mid-flight the safety features will activate. And, it’ll ensure that it doesn’t crash.

Plus, it is quite easy to use. In fact, beginners can even use it for their first trials.

Speaking of easy, it is quite easy to assemble this 3D RC plane. You won’t even have to use other holding materials. It’s easy to assemble them without the need for extra hands.

Moreover, it has a large surface area. Because of this, it can survive some tough throws. On top of this, the vortex generators are present in this RC plane which helps to improve 3D performance.

Now, the weight of this material is a bit heavy. In fact, it weighs 64 ounces. But that’s because it is made of high-quality metal. However, the weight is still justifiable because the surface area is quite large.

Moreover, the high wing position makes up for the stability. So, you don’t have anything to worry about.


  • Easy to fly
  • Easy to assemble
  • Flies quite smoothly
  • No need for extra parts purchase


  • A bit too heavy

Product Overview

In the second place, we have the GoolRC 2.4G RC Airplane. The first and second products did have a great showdown but only one of the rivals took the title of first place home. However, this one is quite great so do have a look-

Well, the first difference between the two products is that their weight is only 10.9 ounces. That is like 5 times less than the previous one. Hence, the plane will be able to glide through the air pretty smoothly.

Now, the weight of this RC plane is low because of its material. You see, it is made of carbon fiber. That is the best material for 3D RC planes. That is because they are quite lightweight and can ensure stability.

However, the price is a bit high for this product because of its supreme material. But hey, if you’re willing to spend a few bucks then do consider this. It’s a great addition to the hobbyist collection.


  • Ensures safe landing
  • Contains high powered motors
  • Stability is ensured
  • Can be used by beginners


  • A bit pricey

Product Overview

Thirdly, we have the Viloga 3D RC Airplane. Yes, this is another great RC plane that is worth looking into. So, brace yourself as we go over its features and benefits one by one-

Well, first things first. The weight of this plane is quite low. In fact, it weighs only 2.19 ounces. Now, this is the most lightweight 3D RC plane on our list.

But that’s not all, it is also embedded with polypropylene construction. Due to this, the RC plane will not be heavily influenced by any great impact. Hence, even if it bumps a tree the damage will not be too severe.

Plus, it has a quite glossy outlook to it. In our eyes, that seems a bit flashy. And that is why we love it. It looks amazing when it’s on the flight.

However, the design of the RC plane is quite simple. But you can still do a lot of tricks with this. In fact, you can try out the float, knife-edge, flat turns, inverted flight, roll, and many more tricks with this particular RC plane.


  • Allows you to do tricks with it
  • Lightweight in nature
  • Doesn’t suffer from high impact
  • It will last a long time


  • Hampers the environment

Product Overview

Moving on, we have the Dancing Wings Hobby 2019 RC Plane. Yes, this product is quite further down on this list but it does have great things to offer to the table. So, let’s have a look at it together, shall we?

You see, this plane is made of high-quality expanded polypropylene. That is a great material to be used on RC planes. Because it is quite durable in nature. So, they will last a long time.

Moreover, it is quite easy to build. You won’t have a tough time assembling the product. Hence, if you’re a beginner it won’t seem too daunting to you.

Plus, this RC plane follows a very colorful color scheme. So, it does look pleasing to the eye when it’s flying through the sky.

Aside from all these, the downside to this RC plane is that it allows slow flight. Now, this might be a pleasing thing to hear but it does ensure stability. So, it won’t crash and come running down if it hits an obstacle.


  • Quite pleasing to look at
  • It will last a long time
  • Easy to build


  • Allows slow flight

Product Overview

Last but not least, we have the GoolRC XK A800 RC Airplane. Yep, this is the final product on our list but wait. This might be the table tuner for you. That is because it has some secret tricks that it can still show you to steal your heart.

Now, the best thing about this particular plane is that it has a 6G switchable system, and automatic mode. So, because of that, the RC plane has quite a stable flight and it does fly quite relaxed.

Moreover, you can perform a lot of cool tricks with this RC plane. For instance, you can reverse flight, flight, jump, and a few other stunts.

On top of all these, the RC plane has a high-magnification EPO foam material. That ensures a smooth surface RC plane. And not only that, but this also ensures good structural strength for the 3D plane. As it’s foam material surface, keep a glue with yourself to avoid any future issues. 

Furthermore, it has a high-power motor. That ensures that the plane has a longer life and is more efficient when flying.


  • Lasts a long time
  • Ensure great flying performance
  • You can do tricks with it
  • Ensures stability


  • The servos don’t have good resolution

Buying Guide

You might act on your impulse and buy the coolest-looking RC plane that you can find. But hey, when you take the plane out to fly it, the result won’t be so satisfying. That’s because the coolness of the plane shouldn’t be the deciding factor.

In order to buy a 3D RC plane, you need to consider other factors as well. Otherwise, you will end up with a plane that will just not listen to you. And who wants to fly such a plane, right?

So, join us, as we go over the basic properties of RC planes. There are quite a few-

Stability of The RC Plane

First thing first, since the plane will always be on the flight it needs stability. But how will you determine which planes are stable and which aren’t?

Well, to determine that you will have to take a look at the wings. You see, the high-winged planes are more stable. Now, by high wing, we mean the planes that have their wings situated a bit over the fuselage.

Due to this feature, you get a lot more stability. That is because the weight of the fuselage which is below the wings ensures that the plane doesn’t become unbalanced. Thus, it always keeps the balance in check.

Hence, the chances of your plane crashing on the site is pretty low. So, always try to go for planes that have high wings.

Dihedral of The Wings

One more thing to look into is the dihedral of the wings. Now, what on earth is that?

Well, the dihedral is simply the upward ‘V’ angle of the wings when you see it upfront. And when buying a plane you will want to go with the ones that have more dihedral on their wing.

This is because you get extra stability when flying the plane. So, you will be able to fly the plane without the fear of it crashing without prior notice.

Now, you get this extra stability because the dihedral alters the center of gravity of the plane. It, in fact, lowers the center of gravity. So, when it’s lowered the plane becomes more stable.

Power Source of The Plane

One more thing to be aware of is the power source of the plane. You see, there are generally 2 power sources available for the RC plane. One is the glow plug-powered engine and the other one is the electric engine.

Now, we recommend going with the electric engine. That is because it is more budget-friendly and doesn’t make too much noise when you fly it out in the open.

So, you can even take the RC planes out in public places if they are electrically powered.

Number of Channels

Lastly, focus on the number of channels available for the RC plane. This is quite important. That is because if you don’t buy the ones with the right amount of channels it might become a toy that is just not as good as the real deal.

So, how many channels should the RC planes have?

Well, it should really have at least 3 channels. With that, you will have control over stuff like motor, elevator, and rudder. They will give you the real feeling of controlling a 3D RC plane.

Lower than 3 channels will not allow you to have the full experience. But that doesn’t mean you can’t buy an RC plane with a higher number of channels. Any channel number above 3 is still an acceptable choice. In fact, the more the better!


Question: Can you 3D print an RC plane?

Answer: Yes, RC planes can be made by 3D printing them. You will have to print each part of the plane individually and assemble them once all the parts are made.

Question: Are larger RC planes better?

Answer: We believe that larger RC planes are indeed better. This is because they can be seen from afar. Thus reducing the chances of you losing it out of your sight. 

Question: What is the best material for RC planes?

Answer: In our eyes, the best material for an RC plane is carbon fiber. They are lightweight and sturdy in nature. But they do cost a bit. Not budget-friendly.

To Sum Up

Well, that’s about all that we had on our mind for the best 3D RC plane. We hope that we were able to get rid of all your doubts.

But our time with you is up for now. Let’s meet again on another blog. Till then have fun playing with your new RC plane. Hope it doesn’t crash though!

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