Best 6S Lipo Battery For Arrma Kraton

Best 6S Lipo Battery for Arrma Kraton: Find the Best Suitors!

The secret to a fast RC car lies within the batteries. That is what we believe at least. Besides, you need all the help you can get. And for your Arrma Kraton to win a race, you might seek out a compatible 6S Lipo battery. Who wouldn’t?

The best 6s Lipo battery for Arrma Kraton will not only increase the speed but will also enhance the run time. Something we all want because who wants to stop driving and go home and recharge those batteries.

That is a pain. So, to make sure you don’t face such situations we have compiled a list of the top-graded 5 Lipo batteries for you all. So, you can make your own choice from the list.

Besides, to help you out with your decisions we have also prepared a buying guide. That will ultimately guide you into choosing the right Lipo battery for your Arrma Kraton.

So, since that is cleared out, we can get started with the journey-

Comparison Table






HRB EC5 Plug RC Lipo Battery

5000 mAh

1.60 lb

YOWOO Graphene Battery

6000 mAh

1.98 lb

Zeee 6S Lipo Battery XT90 RC

6000 mAh

1.83 lb

Youme EC5 Plug EDF for RC

4500 mAh

1.37 lb

Powerhobby Plug Hard Case 6-Cell FITS

5000 mAh

1.26 lb

HRB EC5 Plug RC Lipo Battery

Product Overview

First and foremost, we have the HRB EC5 Plug RC Lipo Battery. This one is our personal favorite. But don’t worry, we didn’t blindly go for this brand. There are some solid reasons behind this one’s win.

For instance, the discharge rate of this battery is quite decent. You see, it has a discharge rate of 50C. Because of that sufficient amount of charge can be transferred to the battery

But that is not all. The HRB battery also has a special mode where it can burst 100C discharge rate for the Lipo battery. This means that more capacity will be able to flow to the battery and thus the Arrma Kraton will have greater speed.

Besides this, the capacity of this Lipo battery is quite high too. You see, it has a capacity of 5000 mAH. Now, if we are being honest this isn’t the greatest capacity of a 6S Lipo. But it is a decent amount.

So, you can expect a moderately high speed from this Lipo battery. However, it won’t be the best of the best.

Besides this, you need to be careful when charging this battery. You see, you shouldn’t overcharge the battery or shouldn’t allow it to discharge and go below 3.7v.


  • Allow great acceleration
  • Provide quite the speed
  • Doesn’t add too much weight
  • Works on other models too


  • Need to be extra careful while charging it

YOWOO Graphene Battery

Product Overview

Second up, we have the YOWOO Graphene Battery. This product did give a hefty competition to our top contestant. And if did lose by a close margin. But hey, it isn’t too bad. Come check out its features with us.

First of all, the heat produced by this Lipo battery is significantly low. So, it won’t get too hot to function properly. Hence, the chances of your Arrma Kraton car overheating from the battery are pretty low.

Plus, the resistance of this battery is dramatically low. Thus, the internal circuit doesn’t face many restrictions and the charge can flow pretty easily. This results in the smooth performance of the RC car.

Moreover, the capacity of this battery is quite high. In fact, it is higher than the previous product that we saw. The real value of this one’s capacity is 6000 mAh. Because of this, you will get splendid speed.

Plus, the discharge rate is quite high. So, the acceleration attained by the Arrma Kraton will be quite high too.

However, this one does weigh more than others. So, the weight can result in a decrease in speed. But it won’t be too significant. You can still win a couple of races if you play smart.


  • Helps to attain high-speed
  • Results in high acceleration
  • Doesn’t heat up too quickly
  • It helps attain a smooth ride


  • A bit heavier than others

Zeee 6S Lipo Battery XT90 RC

Product Overview

Next up, we have the Zeee 6S Lipo Battery This is another great Lipo battery that did beat out quite a lot of other batteries in the market to attain this position. So, let’s have a look at it-

Well, this one’s capacity is the same as before. You see, the capacity for this one is also 6000 mAh. So, you already know that this Lipo battery will also allow your RC car to travel fast. Plus, it will result in a longer runtime.

Apart from that, this Lipo battery does suit the Arrma Kraton RC car. But that is not all, it also works on other RC models like RC planes, helicopters, planes, Truggy, and whatnot. So, they have multiple usages.


  • Results in great speed
  • Increases the runtime of RC cars
  • Can be used on multiple RC models


  • Recharging the battery can be a bit problematic

Youme EC5 Plug EDF for RC

Product Overview

In fourth place, we have the Youme EC5 Plug EDF for RC. This one is the semi-last product on our list. So, if you haven’t found the right one for you then give this a chance. It might be the one for you.

Well, with this battery you won’t have to worry about it exploding. This is because it has a built-in protection mechanism that protects the battery from overheating while charging.

Besides, the discharge rate of this one is 60C. Now, this is quite high so the acceleration will be high for your Arrma Kraton as well. Now, this might not result in the highest acceleration but it will be worth something.

Plus, because of this high acceleration, the RC car will be able to reach quite a top speed. Thus you will be able to win races with this battery.


  • Don’t explode while charging
  • It doesn’t overheat
  • Results in moderate acceleration
  • Helps reach a great top speed


  • Won’t allow that much speed

Powerhobby Plug Hard Case 6-Cell FITS Specifications:

Product Overview

Last but not least, we have the Powerhobby Plug Hard Case 6-Cell FITS Yep, this is the last stop on our list. But don’t worry, this one has tricks that can blow your mind.

Well, this one has the highest discharge rate out of all the batteries on this list. You see, normally it has a discharge rate of 100C. But in its burst mode, it can go up to 200C discharge rate.

Besides, the overall performance of this battery is quite supreme. It can help your Arrma Kraton attain high speed while ensuring that you can recharge it properly.

Plus, it works on other RC models like planes, helicopters, and Truggies. So, it is versatile in nature.


  • Works on a number of different RC models
  • Can be recharged smoothly
  • Results in a high acceleration
  • It helps attain a high top speed


  • Batteries can get a bit hot with usage

Buying Guide

Finding the right battery that will not only fit your Arrma Kraton but will also result in phenomenal performance is quite rare. And you might have has a few bad experiences which can leave you to be traumatized.

Well, even the mighty Lipo batteries can be defective at times. Sure they offer great power and speed but some are better than others. So, the main question in this scenario is which one is greater than the other?

A simple way of figuring this out is by going over the fundamental features of Lipo batteries. They will help you determine what to focus on and what is absolutely mandatory for you to have in your Lipo battery-

Voltage Of The 6S Lipo Battery

The first and foremost thing to focus on is the voltage of the Lipo battery. You might already know this but each Lipo battery has a voltage of 3.7 v.

Now, this is a fixed value that works for all the Lipo batteries out there, irrespective of their brands. As the Arrma Kraton depends on a 6S Lipo battery that means the voltage for this battery increases.

So, 1s Lipo batteries have a voltage rate of 3.7v. This 6S voltage has a voltage rating of 3×3.7 v which is 22.2v.

Hence, for all the compatible Lipo batteries for you Arrma Kraton you will that they have 22.2V. Anything lower or higher than that is fishy.

Capacity Provided By The Battery

Another thing to look into is the capacity of the battery. This is typically measures in milliamps hours (mAh). So, what does the capacity of a car tell you?

Well, the capacity is basically the amount of time the RC cars will be able to run for. Hence, if you want a higher run time you will want to go for the battery with a higher capacity.

Besides, the capacity of the Lipo batteries is not fixed. You see, they vary from battery to battery. So, do keep an eye out for batteries with higher capacities. They will give you an edge when you compete in different races.

Total Weight Of The Battery

Another factor that determines the speed of the car is weight. You see, the Lipo batteries have quite a lot of weight. So, if they have too much weight they can be slow down your car.

But the weight of the battery doesn’t depend on voltage or even the capacity. They vary from one battery to another. Thus, this is something that you will have to keep an eye out for.

And our advice is to try to go for the ones that weigh less. They will give you an advantage when you set out for racing the RC cars on the street.

Compatibility With Arrma Kraton

Last but not least, you need to see whether the Lipo battery actually fits your Arrma Kraton. Now, the Arrma Kraton’s model size is ⅛. So, any Lipo battery that states that it works for ⅛ models will work on your RC car.

Other times, they always mention the fact that the Lipo batteries can work for Arrma Kraton. Then you can rest assured that you are using the right one.

Besides, all the batteries on our list for the Arrma Kraton. There is no need to worry about that.


Question: How long does a 6S LiPo battery last?

Answer: Lipo batteries can run anywhere from 1 to 18 months. This depends on how frequently you use the RC cars and for how long. The longer you use it, the faster the Lipo battery will wear out.

Question: What does 6S mean on a LiPo battery?

Answer: 6S means that there are 6 different Lipo batteries attached in series. Thus, the total voltage of the battery is exactly 22.2 v.

Question: Is it OK to leave a LiPo battery charge overnight?

Answer: You can leave a Lipo battery being charged for one night. However, don’t risk things by keeping them any longer than that. Because due to overcharging the battery might explode.

Question: How long does a 5000mah LiPo battery last?

Answer: The run time for a 5000mAh Lipo battery is between 20 to 25 minutes. After that, you will have to recharge the batteries for further usage.

To Sum Up

Congratulations, you have reached the end of the article. By now, you should have a solid idea about the best 6S Lipo Battery for Arrma Kraton. So, you can make your own decision.

And with that, we believe that our work here is done. We trust you to make the right decision. Anyway, we will bid our farewell here. Goodbye!

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