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Best Basher RC: Perfect For Ruthless Running

When you have the remote in your hands, it’s tough to always run by the rules. Some of us are literally born to bash, right? 

Yeah, bashing is, therefore, too famous among people who love to run their RC cars ruthlessly. No racing track, no rules, no certain barriers, only running like a crazy horse. 

As interesting as it sounds, it’s a hectic job for the car as well. Therefore, people who are interested in bashing are always opting for the best basher RC

But the choice process is really overwhelming most of the time. You have countless RC cars available in the market. Finding the one which is perfect for bashing is really a confusing task. 

Hence, we examined the market for more than 2 weeks to find you suitable products. Moreover, our takeaways from the research, insights, and remarks are added as well. 

Therefore, stick with us till the end to gather a better insight about this. 

Comparison Table 




Power Source


ARRMA RC 1/10 Monster Truck



ARRMA 1/5 RC Truck

Alloy Steel


Redcat Racing 1/10 Blackout Monster



Redcat Racing 1/8 Monster Truck



ARRMA Limitless RC Roller Street Racer 

Aluminum, Alloy Steel


ARRMA RC 1/10 Monster Truck

Product Overview 

So, for RC enthusiasts, basher cars are really important. Not everyone is into racing and some thrilling bashing is all they want. And for such people, ARRMA RC Monster Truck is arguably the best pick ever. 

This RC car has all the necessary features that an enthusiast might expect. It’s extremely good with rough surfaces and durable. The performance is very satisfying and top-notch. Yeah, it sounds amazing, we know right. 

So, first comes the quality. If we become honest, this product is made of superior quality plastic. The overall quality will definitely satisfy you. Therefore, no chance of complaining. 

Then comes the quality of the battery and its run time. Just like the material, its radio-electronic parts are extremely good in quality. 

Moreover, the battery design is also very innovative. It’s capable of accommodating LiPo power for enhanced performance and extending run time. Consequently, it is extremely strong and durable. 

This strength can ensure that it can handle tough conditions well. So that even beginners can invest in this without worrying. Also, the durability makes the investment worthwhile.

Also, this durability ensures that you can bash with the utmost confidence. The immense strength ensures that your car won’t get torn due to rough patches or extreme speed. This is certainly a dream for RC bashers to have these features, right? 

But this isn’t all. This car is very stable and easy to control. So, you’ll get a trouble-free operation by using this car. Besides, the price range is also reasonable for its service. 

So, choosing this product is extremely wise for anyone who’s into bashing. You won’t get any chance of complaining about the speed or performance, that’s for sure. 


  • The product is very strong and perfect for bashing
  • It can provide top-notch performance allowing you to get beast-like speed
  • Extremely durable, hence investing in it will be worthwhile
  • The control and stability is extremely good, no chance of complaining 
  • This product can give you a very good runtime, the batteries are remarkably good in quality and service.


  • This car doesn’t come with any spare parts or proper information. 


ARRMA 1/5 RC Truck

Product Overview

Now we are going to introduce you to another top-notch RC basher from the same brand ARRMA. This product gives our first pick a very tough fight for ranking one. 

So, you can understand very well that the quality of this product is satisfactory obviously. Moreover, its design and performance give it extra points. The product that we praised so much is the ARRMA 1/5 RC Truck. 

It’s made with alloy steel and runs with battery power. The alloy quality is excellent and it can ensure reliability and durability. Moreover, it has Laser-etched aluminum anodized chassis plate and composite chassis side pods.

These parts are aligned with outstanding perfection and strict quality control. Hence, this product can withstand much pressure, extreme conditions, and heavy jumps very well. 

As a consequence, the durability of this chassis doesn’t need any further questioning. Not only the chassis, but the car as a whole is also extremely durable and capable of undertaking extreme conditions efficiently. 

Also, the tires of this car deserve some extra appreciation. They are made of thick composite materials and are excellent at withstanding shock. So, running them on tough terrains isn’t much of a challenge. 

Most importantly, choosing this product cuts the extra hassle of arranging necessary materials. This product comes with all the essentials and manual information.

Oh before we forget to tell you about it, this car is very easy to control. So, you won’t face any trouble regarding the maintenance. Hence, we certainly believe that this product is a top-notch pick considering its service and price. 


  • The car is extremely easy to control and runs fine on different terrains 
  • An extremely durable product that is very good in service compared to its price 
  • The car is designed very thoughtfully and has a strong chassis and shockproof tires
  • The battery life of this RC basher car really deserves appreciation 
  • This product doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, very easy to manage


  • The transmitter and receiver aren’t great in quality.

Redcat Racing 1/10 Blackout Monster

Product Overview

After two great RC basher cars, it’s time to say hello to our third product on the list. The product name is Redcat Blackout Monster. Just like its name, this product is extremely energetic, just how a bashing car should be. 

The first thing that makes this product stand out from the rest is its reinforced bumper. It protects the car from getting front or rear impacts. As a result, this vehicle can run on harsh surfaces very smoothly. 

Next up is the adjustable suspension that ensures that the vehicle can restrain wear or damage effectively. This feature is extremely important for basher cars. It ensures that the car is perfect for running on uneven surfaces and can withstand jumps. 

Besides, it has a durable chassis. This is extremely important for the car’s long-lastingness. A good quality chassis and parts can really ensure the longevity of your RC basher. 

Also, this has a good quality motor heat sink. This is superior in design and can ensure a better ambiance for the engine. Therefore, the car can run very efficiently. 

So, you’re going to experience some better performance and extraordinary speed. Overall, choosing this product will provide you an excellent bashing experience. 


  • Good on various surfaces including extreme ones
  • Can run at great speed and the battery life is satisfactory
  • The motor is extremely powerful and ensures a fast drive 
  • The design and the outlook deserves a huge shoutout
  • The price is very reasonable and affordable


  • The drivetrain is very noisy and not actually smooth. 

ARRMA Limitless RC Roller Street Racer 

Product Overview 

You’ve seen the list. There are a lot of ARRMA products. But, similar to the previous one, we have another truck from the brand- Redcat Racing. It seems like we really loved the durability in the previous one. 

Even though this one falls lower in the hierarchy, there are things that impressed us! So, let’s check them out-

First things first, it’s made of aluminum. This means the product is lightweight and easy to control. But, being lightweight won’t have benefits because you’re not racing here. 

In case you want to race, there’s an option, just saying! But, it’s still quite tough. The outer aluminum material does make the truck withstand occasional blows. And, if you’re taking this as a bashing RC car then it’ll survive! 

Speaking of the surviving, there are reinforced bumpers attached to the products. So, there’s additional protection that does work. 

Moving on, it runs on battery. So, that’s a great thing! But, the worst thing is that the batteries don’t come in the box. Also, you won’t get chargers in the box. So, you’d need to buy them separately. 

That’s it about durability and build quality. Now, let’s talk about suspension. It comes with adjustable shocks that’ll deliver quite the performance, we believe! Yes, there’s an option for adjustable suspension too. 

Lastly, there’s a powerful 1920 kV brushless motor. So, along with toughness, you’ll get the power needed. This allows you to go full throttle. Here, the cooling fans keep the temperature down even when going on full throttle. 

And, the blue royal color adds in a touch of aesthetics! The overall design looks great, honestly. Yes, the aesthetics do matter when it comes to RC cars. So, that’s a bonus. 


  • Affordable option
  • It’s a faster truck
  • Has an oveRCRCrall great design
  • Cooling fans keep the temperature down


  • The wheels balloon up sometimes

ARRMA Limitless RC Roller Street Racer 

Product Overview 

So our last product is also from the renowned brand ARRMA. So the product quality is just as good as all other ARRMA cars on our list. Moreover, this car is so elegant looking, that makes it stand out from all others. 

As per our research, this basher car is one of the most elegant-looking cars on the market. We can crown it as the most impressive one on our list. The color combination of black and blue catches attention very easily. 

But this product became one of our favorites not only because of its outlook. It has some amazing features that every bashing enthusiast would love to have. So, we think they can consider this product for their purpose. 

First of all, this product is designed perfectly to run on extreme terrains with power. It has a good range of speed and it can run with power on extreme surfaces as well. Therefore, from novice to expert- everyone likes this product. 

Secondly, it has a special design that ensures a better grip and downforce. Its superior aerodynamics with tunable wing and full-width front splitter ensures the perfect distribution of force. 

Therefore, it can maintain the balance. Moreover, the strong chassis and heavy-duty drivetrains, and durable steel shafts add more power to it. So, you are going to get a long-lasting service from it. 

The durability is actually praiseworthy and the product is very reliable. It has a good battery life to offer and a finely finished car body. These ensure that you can run it safely and without worrying about it constantly. 

Moreover, the tires are extremely enduring and can withstand tough grounds and harsh turns. The speed range is amazing and can handle up to triple-digit speeds. So, you can definitely give this product a thought as your bashing car. 


  • Outstanding performance and an extremely good range of speed options 
  • The parts of this vehicle are quite strong thus the product is very durable 
  • Has a good battery life and the finishing is also top-notch hence reliable 
  • Designed perfectly so good at providing better grip and downforce 
  • The outlook is very elegant and capable of running through extreme conditions


  • Not a good pick for beginners because speed control isn’t the easiest one 
  • Might seem a bit pricey for its services

Buying Guide 

So, we are done with our product overview and their details. But that’s not all that you need to know. For getting a better knowledge before buying a basher car, you must know the buying factors as well. 

Hence, we added these buying factors here. Go through it to get a better insight before buying your RC basher-

Durability Issue

Basher RCs need to be durable, hands down! Otherwise, they won’t survive the continuous bashing from the other RC cars/trucks. 

But, how do you select a durable option? Easy! Just choose a powerful outer shell material. Here, polypropylene materials are far more durable than plastic. So, you’ll need to choose based on your preference.

Added Protection Helps

Yes, added protection will help your basher rc trucks in the long run. By added protection, we mean the reinforced bumpers attached to the rc trucks. They’ll take the blows directly. This way the basher RCs will survive, hopefully.    

Materials: Which One Should You Pick?

Now, comes an important question, what’s the most durable yet effective material for the basher RC truck? Well, there were some materials discussed in our review section. 

Out of those, we believe aluminum, polypropylene is better. Aluminum, in general, is a great material! It’ll keep the trucks lighter and will ensure superior toughness always. So, the trucks will survive quite the bashing. 

But, you could go with plastic material. This is the most common material for RC cars. So, that could be a good choice. It’s just that plastic feels a bit cheap. And, trust me, it won’t provide the best toughness when needed. 

A Powerful Motor Helps Definitely

Getting a powerful brushless motor will help your cause. Yeah, we know that basher RC trucks settle for tougher outer shells. But, the performance has to be top-notch as well and you won’t see any problems with RCs such as the Redcat Volcano 18

This is why you’ll need to settle for a powerful motor. No compromises in this section. 

Budget Matters?

When looking at RC trucks, the budget will always matter. So, if you’re looking for higher performance, there’s no alternative to an expensive option. That said, there are quite great options on a budget. You’ll just miss out on some features. The higher price bleeds top-line specs. 


Question: What are the different types of RC cars?

Answer: RC cars can be divided into many types based on various criteria. But mainly they are classified into 5 major types. They are – touring cars, buggies, short-course trucks, monster trucks, and RC crawlers.

Question: Is RC racing expensive?

Answer: To be honest, RC racing is kind of an expensive hobby. But for now, it doesn’t always have to be so expensive. You can manage RC cars at an affordable cost as well. The price range depends on your car’s features, durability, and some other factors as well. 

Question: Is Arrma or Traxxas better?

Answer: Arrma cars are just perfect for racers, especially advanced racers. They are larger in size and can assure faster speeds. On the other hand, Traxxas cars are more beginner-friendly. They can provide better customer support and are particularly preferable for bashing. 

Question: Can I drive my RC car on the beach?

Answer: Yeah, you definitely can do it. But experts suggest to no do it obviously. Because the wet sands on the beach can cause the metal parts to corrode. Moreover, due to the wet surface, the wheels have to take more pressure which is not a very pleasant condition. 

Question: Are RC cars fun?

Answer: Obviously they are fun and exciting as well. Watching a small and powerful car running with so much power is certainly a fun thing. Therefore, RC racing has been one of the most popular hobbies. 

To Sum Up

Well, it’s time, to sum up. We are on the verge of saying goodbye. But before parting ways, let’s hope that you’ve already found your desired product. 

We really wish that this post has come in help to find the best basher RC. And you are having a very fun time with your bashing beast. 

Enjoy your time with your basher RC car. But don’t forget about the proper maintenance. Our good wishes to you. Until next time, stay safe.

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