Best Battery For Arrma Granite BLX

Best Battery For Arrma Granite BLX: 5 Hobbyists’ Choice!

Are you looking for some batteries that can make your Arrma Granite BLX push its maximum potential? The problem is common! Your battery gets old and it can’t deliver enough power to your truck. 

Besides, getting old isn’t the only thing that deteriorates battery performance. Batteries get damaged due to excessive heat too. 

Whatever reason you might have, you really want that Best Battery for Arrma Granite BLX. Because everyone looks for a battery that can ensure top-notch performance. Apart from that, longevity is important at a good price figure too.

Now, the global market is over-flooded with RC truck batteries. You might get really confused choosing from those vast options. After all, these have nearly identical specifications with minor changes here and there. 

That’s why we have researched over 50 products to find out the best five batteries for you. Besides, we have included a pros/cons list too. 

So, without further ado, let’s go check these products out!

Comparison Table






HOOVO 2S Lipo Battery


7.4 V

Ovonic 11.1V Lipo Battery

8000 mAh

11.1 V

Ovonic 50C 2s Lipo battery


7.4 V

AWANFI 8.4V 7-Cell NiMH Battery


8.4 V

POVWAY Lipo Battery


11.1 V

HOOVO 2S Lipo Battery

Product Overview 

The battery we keep on our list is the HOOVO 2S LiPo battery. This particular lipo battery has the best overall performance for an Arrma Granite BLX Truck. 

Thus, it is the best pick based on our research. But, is it gonna be the option for your truck? Let’s go find it out-

Here, the HOOVO 2S is a Lithium Polymer battery pack with 2 cells. It has a maximum capacity of 5200 mAh. That’s not the highest in this segment but it’s decent enough to make your RC Truck run to its full potential.

The voltage of the battery is 7.4V. That means your truck will have immense power. The battery weighs about 9 ounces which is decent. In contrast, the weight won’t be a concern for your truck.

In addition, the battery comes with the dean-style T connector. This is the standard. In addition, there’s a continuous discharge rate in this battery that is 80C. 

And because of that, you will be able to charge the battery without having to worry about it catching fire. 

It’s also because it is able to tolerate a high level of amps. However, this is the highest C rating in this segment. Having a higher discharge rate helps in faster acceleration too. Also, it delivers more energy. This means more performance too.

So overall, this HOOVO 2s Lipo battery is the best pick for an Arrma Granite BLX Truck, at least in our eyes.  


  • Has a long life cycle of at least 150 times.
  • The discharge rating is the highest in this segment
  • Has the best overall performance
  • The build quality is top-notch


  • Lower-speedrun doesn’t benefit from this battery

Ovonic 11.1V Lipo Battery

Product Overview

Secondly, we have the Ovonic 11.1V Lipo battery. This is like the first one which is also a Lithium-ion Polymer Battery

This one is also suitable for the Arrma Granite BLX Truck. But why is it worth the purchase? Let’s take a look-

Unlike the previous product, this one comes in a massive capacity of 8000 mah. The battery pack is combined with 3 cells. 

Furthermore, this is the highest capacity battery on our list. So, you already know this battery will surely give you some extra run time.

Apart from this, the battery has 3 cells connected in series. So, three batteries’ voltages add together and provide 11.1 V. So, there is no doubt that your truck will run to its full potential. 

Overall, it has a higher voltage, and to maintain that it has a bigger capacity too. 

Other than that, it weighs 14.9 ounces. Because the package includes two lithium batteries. So the weight is also pretty low. 

The battery comes with a T-type deans connector like the previous product. And, it has a discharging rate of 50c which is fair enough.

This battery is great for heavy off-road trailing where power becomes the main factor for your truck. So, this battery is not made for slow-speed runs.

Altogether, this makes this battery pack a solid choice for the Arrma Granite BLX truck. 


  • Has a massive capacity of 8000 mAh
  • This battery generates a punchy power due to high voltage
  • Comes with two battery packs
  • Offers good high-speed and offroad runs


  • Too much heat can damage the battery

Ovonic 50C 2s Lipo battery

Product Overview

The third product on our list is also made by the same manufacturer, Ovonic. Ovonic 50c 2s Lipo battery has overall balanced performance. Unlike the previous product, it doesn’t focus only on raw power and high-speed runs. 

Now, let’s go check the spec sheet out.

Comparing the last two products you will see that this battery is a combination of both two batteries. The Ovonic 50c has a battery capacity of 5200 mah with a power of 7.4V. 

Here, the Ovonic 50c comes in 2 cells packed together. Per cell has a voltage of 3.7V. Combining both, it produces a maximum of 7.4V. The continuous discharge rate is 50C. 

So, it can easily provide the power your truck seeks for. The advanced battery with newer technology doubles the truck’s performance while maintaining a decent run time. Besides, it weighs only 9.1 ounces so it won’t be an extra load for your truck. 

Also, Ovonic 50c is compatible with Traxxas Slash ARRMA Talion 6S BLX, ARRMA Senton BLX, ARRMA Typhon 6S BLX.

On the contrary, the life of this battery is pretty exceptional. They do tend to last long and can make your RC Truck run fast while giving you enough power to trail on off-road tracks. 


  • Makes the RC Truck run fast
  • They are long-lasting
  • Compatible with most of the RC Trucks
  • Quite consistent


  • Not recommended for high-speed trailing.

AWANFI 8.4V 7-Cell NiMH Battery

Product Overview

The fourth product on our list is the AWANFI 8.4V 7-Cell NiMH Battery. But the main key difference in this battery is its type. Unlike the lithium polymer battery, this one is a 7-Cell NiMH battery. 

Nickel Metal Hydride battery has its own pros and cons over a lipo cell. So let’s go and check out how this battery performs on your Arrma Granite BLX Truck.

This NiMH battery comes with a 7 cell pack flat battery. That combined produces about a maximum of 8.4V. 

And, the overall capacity of this battery is 4200 mAh. In a NiMh battery, it can store much better electrical power than a lipo battery. For that, 4200mAh is good enough. Besides, its connector is also a dean-style T connector.

The battery comes with a hard case that makes them durable and helps to protect the cells. For a 50c battery, this product provides quite the performance and power. 

Also, the wire is made out of silicone which is pretty flexible and soft. The product comes with 2 batteries and with the package 2x velcro strap is also given as a gift. That’s a plus for sure.

NiMH batteries have a high power and energy density compared to lipo batteries. Also, it is better in terms of long life cycles and longevity. In addition, the low-resistance cells deliver maximum run time.


  • It has a long life cycle 
  • It’s adequately powerful
  • Offers a decent performance
  • Comes with a durable hard case


  • Has a lower power delivery

POVWAY Lipo Battery

Product Overview

Lastly on our list is the POVWAY Lipo Battery. Though this stands in the last place on our list, it’s still good! Besides, don’t forget it beat out the rest of the products out there in the market and took its lead. 

So without delay let’s go check if it’s for you or not-

Like the other batteries, this one is also a Lithium-ion Polymer battery. This one has a capacity of 5200 mAh. And, it’s powered by 3s lipo cells. Hence, you’ll be getting a decent run time and speed rating. 

As it is shown on paper, you’ll have a decent run time with this battery on your Arma Granite Truck. This product weighs about 14.46 ounces. 

Compared to the rest of the products, this one is a bit heavier due to having 3 cells packed together.

The battery itself has a tremendous power voltage output of 7.4 V. So you don’t need to worry about the power delivery of the truck. It’s powerful enough to run through those rocky off-road tracks.

On the other hand, the C rating of this battery is 50C. And due to that, you will be able to charge the battery quite faster. In our opinion, this battery is a solid choice for an Arrma Granite BLX Truck. 


  • Has a steady discharge curve.
  • Has a longer cycle life
  • Higher voltage helps the truck run extremely fast
  • 3s lipo produces huge power.


  • The battery is a bit heavy in weight.

Buying Guide

Alright, we have seen five products that are the best batteries for the Arrma Granite BLX Truck available out there on the market. But, how will you know which one is the most suitable product for you?

Okay, the way is simple. Let’s go through the basics of batteries.

You’ll see, this segment will help you make the perfect decision.

Battery Capacity

When deciding on the battery for the Arrma Granite Truck. The most important thing that you might have to check before buying is the battery capacity.

Well, capacity is something you need to check no matter what battery you’re going for. This doesn’t only apply to RC Trucks. Now, what is capacity?

Well, think of it as something like the fuel of a tank. It is measured in milliamps (MA). The higher the capacity of the battery, the longer the device will run. Thus, you want a battery with a higher capacity.

For instance, if you have the option of choosing between a battery with 6200 mAh and 1600 mAh, choose the 6200 mAh. 

Battery Voltage (V)

Another key feature of a battery is the voltage. This is measured in volts or V. The voltage of the battery tells you how much raw power your RC truck is gonna produce. So, when it comes to voltage choose a higher one.

That’s because the higher the voltage, the faster your car will run. So, whenever you go out on a race with your RC car, it will go faster. 

But the voltage of the battery depends on the number of cells you have on your battery. A battery with a higher number of cells will have a higher voltage.

So, when a battery has two or more cells attached together their voltage gets added. Meaning if there are two cells in a battery their voltage will be added together.

Charging Time

Arrma Granite Trucks use both Lipo and NiMH batteries; they need to be recharged on a daily basis. So, try to ensure that the charging time for the battery is as low as possible. That will ensure that the battery gets charged really quickly.

This way, you won’t have to spend a long time behind this. It will be over in a jiffy and you will be able to get on racing the RC car again. Besides, who likes to wait, right?

The Lifespan of The Battery

Lastly, focus on the lifespan of the battery. It is natural you would want a battery to serve you a long time. So it is a must to check the lifespan of a battery.


Question: Is there any danger of using Lipo batteries for RCTrucks?

Answer: There have been cases where the Lipo batteries did explode. Some even caught fire. So, you should be careful while charging it. Try to ensure that you don’t end up overcharging it.

Question: Will overcharging the battery cause any damage?

Answer: Overcharging the batteries is never a good idea. They only tend to get damaged. And when you apply a higher capacity on the battery than it can handle the battery tends to suffer permanent damage.

Final Words 

Well, that’s all for the best Lipo battery for Arrma Granite BLX. Don’t forget to study the things discussed in the buying guide.

The more you will know the best battery you will be able to pick for your truck.

We think we have covered everything you’ll need to know before buying the best battery for your RC Truck and gave enough info to help you make a decision.

Good Luck!

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