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Best Battery For Traxxas Stampede: Choose The Best!

In the RC world,  there is no other monster truck with a reputation for destruction like that of the Traxxas Stampede. It is the king of speed both on and off-road. 

However, even the best needs assistance to do its part effortlessly. 

Therefore, it is really important to choose the best battery for traxxas stampede. Especially, when it does not come with a battery pack.

The market is filled with options. And we know how confusing it can be to choose from the sea of options.

But don’t worry. Because we have chosen the best of the best for you.

After testing a series of batteries we have narrowed it down to the five best batteries for your Traxxas Stampede. 

We have created a comparison table and then curated product overviews with a pros and cons list. So that you can easily choose the one that suits you the best. 

So, let us start. Shall we?

Comparison Table



Battery Type

Battery Capacity


Traxxas 2926X Power Cell



Venom Drive NiMH Battery



Melasta Flat Pack NiMH Battery


4200 mAh

HRB 2 Pieces Lipo Battery



Youme Power 2 Pack RC Battery



Traxxas 2926X Power Cell

  • Battery Type: NiMH
  • Battery Capacity: 3000mAh
  • Voltage: 8.4 Volts
  • Unit Count: 1 Count

Product Overview

We are starting the list off with a Traxxas product. And that product is none other than the Traxxas 2926X Power Cell. 

Now, why have we chosen it as the number one option for any Traxxas Stampede user? 

Well, the answer is quite simple. This battery is specifically designed for the Traxxas Stampede. 

So, you do not need to worry about the right configurations such as weight, length, voltage, resistance, etc. 

After testing multiple products, we felt that this is the most suitable option. Especially, if you are a beginner in the RC realm and still aren’t well-equipped with the supplement products. 

Now, let’s talk about the specification of this battery- 

The Traxxas 2926X Power Cell is a NiMH battery. It has seven cells and a total voltage of 8.4V. Also, the capacity is 3000 mAh. 

Other than that, it is covered by a silicon jacket. And tabs are welded hard enough to survive any kind of heavy-duty performance. That is perfect given the reputation of the Traxxas Stampede

A heavy-duty battery to match the heavy-duty performance of the Traxxas Stampede is what we desire, almost all the time. 

The NiMH battery is durable enough to provide you with a longer charge cycle. But make sure you have gotten the charger that goes with this specific battery.

However, it is not very hard to find a charger specifically for the Traxxas 2926X Power Cell. You can easily find them on the Traxxas website. 

With the right kind of charger, it should take up to 45 minutes to fully recharge this battery. 

Now, the 3000 mAh NiMH battery surely will offer you a longer run time. But it may lack the robust power a Lipo battery would have offered.

Nonetheless, with the new iD feature, it is still able to deliver amazing power and acceleration. 

So, overall, a great product for your Traxxas Stampede.


  • New iD-Equipped Power Cell batteries deliver unmatched speed, acceleration, and power in all Traxxas cars
  • This battery is the best replacement for Traxxas Stampede among all the other products on the list
  • Heavy-duty welded tabs ensure the strength for the kind of heavy-duty performance Traxxas Stampede is famous for.


  • Due to the NiMH type, the batteries offer less robust power than Lipo batteries


Venom Drive NiMH Battery

  • Battery Type: Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
  • Battery Capacity: 3000mAh
  • Voltage: 8.4 Volts
  • Unit Count: 1 Count

Product Overview

The next product on the list is the Venom Drive NiMH Battery. Now, there are a lot of similarities between the Traxxas 2926X Power Cell and this product.

For instance, they both are NiMH-type batteries. It means both are cost-effective as well as durable.

Secondly, the voltage and capacity are the same as well. 

The Venom Drive NiMH Battery has 8.4 voltage and 3000 mAh capacity. Even the cell number is similar. 

So, there is no doubt that performance-wise they both are also quite the same. 

Then why did we put it behind the Traxxas 2926X? 

Well, the main reason to do so is the fact that the Venom Drive may not be suitable for all the chargers. 

It is not suitable with the Traxxas iD charger which is quite common among RC racers. So, if you already have an iD charger, this product may not be for you. 

However, it connects with Traxxas Ex Peak and Tricckle Chargers. 

So, if the charger is not an issue for you then we would highly recommend this. 

And one of the features that highly impressed us to do so is its durability. 

The battery is made out of heavy-duty materials that resist any swelling or breakage. 

Plus, it is a huge bonus point. Especially, for a heavy-duty truck like Traxxas Stampede where rough use may damage your batteries. So, you should always opt to go for a long-lasting battery.

Another feature that we cannot stop gushing about is the battery discharge rate.

The Venom Drive NiMH Battery has a higher discharge rate. A higher discharge rate means within a definite period the battery will provide a high amount of capacity. That means higher power.

And higher power helps to perform throttle and offers robust acceleration. 


  • The heavy-duty materials resist any swelling, break or leak of the batteries.
  • The battery pack has a higher discharge rate which means it will discharge a higher capacity for better performance.
  • 3000 mAh ensures a longer run-time.


  • Venom can not be charged by the Traxxas iD charger. However, it can be charged by Traxxas Ez Peak chargers or Tricckle chargers


Melasta Flat Pack NiMH Battery

  • Battery Type: NiMH
  • Battery Capacity: 4200 mAh
  • Voltage: 8.4 Volts
  • Unit Count: 1 Count
  • Recommended Uses For: Remote Control Vehicle

Product Overview

The third product on the list is the Melasta Flat Pack NiMH Battery. Now, this one shocked us!

When we bought it for testing we thought it would be an average battery. Nothing remarkable. 

But, boy, were we wrong!

This product is by far the cheapest one. The previous products were comparatively pricier than this. 

But it offers exceptional performance compared to its price. Once we start talking about its specification you will realize it on your own. 

Firstly, it has a higher capacity than the Traxxas 2926X and the Venom Drive. Its battery capacity is 4200 mAh. And higher capacity means longer run time. 

Above that, the plugs are gold-plated. And the thin layer of gold helps to reduce energy loss. It means the car can be at its peak performance.

The Melasta Flat Pack NiMH Battery also has a unique feature that the previous two batteries did not have. It does not have any memory effect.

Meaning, you can charge it anytime you want without fully discharging it first like the rest of the batteries.

However, all these amazing features could not overcome the lack of one crucial aspect. And that is charging.

It does not work with quite a few chargers, especially the Traxxas iD chargers.

And in such circumstances, you have to rely on an adapter. That may be a luxurious option for some.



  • It is more pocket-friendly than the previous items on the list
  • There is no memory effect that means you can charge it anytime without fully discharging it
  • Longer run time than the rest.


  • It is not compatible with iD chargers. So you may need to buy an adapter.


HRB 2 Pieces Lipo Battery

  • Battery Type: Lipo
  • Battery Capacity: 4000mAh
  • Voltage: 11.1 Volts
  • Recommended Uses For: Drone

Product Overview

The HRB 2 Pieces Lipo Battery is another product that we would like to mention on our list.

It is completely different from the products we have previously mentioned. Because it is a Lipo battery.

All the previously mentioned batteries were NiMH type. Now, because it is a Lipo battery, its voltage is generally higher than the NiMH batteries. Consequently, it has fewer cell numbers. 

The HRB 2 Pieces Lipo Battery comes in two units. And each unit has three cells. That makes a total of six cells which is still less than the previous three.   

Besides, it has an 11.1V voltage which means a higher amount of power runs through the engine. And that means the burst rate is also high enough to supply the robust power for amazing speed and acceleration. 

It also has a higher discharge rate of about 60c. That means within a short period it can dispense a huge amount of energy. 

Undoubtedly, a great product. But, unfortunately, while testing we did not find it to be durable enough for heavy-duty performance.

The wires on the battery pack were kind of flimsy. And once while performing some stunts it got disconnected. 

So, that’s why we placed it in fourth position.  


  • Lipo batteries provide higher energy density that means the battery pack is lightweight yet power-packed.
  • The 120c burst rate gives you enough power for acceleration
  • 60c high discharge rate make your RC vehicle work powerfully


  • The wires are kind of flimsy and may disconnect after heavy-duty use.

Youme Power 2 Pack RC Battery

  • Battery Type: Lipo
  • Battery Capacity: 6200mAh
  • Recommended Uses For: Remote Control Vehicle

Product Overview

And we are finishing off the list with the Youme Power 2 Pack RC Battery.

Just like the product we have discussed earlier, it is also a Lipo battery. That means it offers a robust power surge.

But one thing that is better than the HRB is that it has a higher battery capacity. It has a 6200 mAh battery capacity. It is not only higher than the HRB pack but also than the rest.

It means among all the listed products, it can run the longest. 

However, it also has the lowest voltage among all. About 7.4V. 

Now, voltage is important for speed. The lowest voltage also suggests that the speed is comparatively minimal as well.

But, when it comes to durability, again it astonished everyone. The charging cycle of the battery lasts up to at least 150 times. 

It means even after charging for the 150th time, the battery was performing phenomenally.

The Youme Power 2 Pack RC Battery has some extreme lows but it also has some extreme highs to overcome the lackings.

Hence, the fifth and last spot on our list for the best battery for Traxxas Stampede goes to the Youme Power 2 Pack RC Battery.


  • The battery has a long life cycle, a minimum of 150 times you can charge it.
  • It has a higher energy density which means the packaging is smaller and lighter than the rest of the products
  • It has a higher capacity than the HRB battery


  • It has the least voltage among all the products on the list


Buying Guide

To understand our judging criteria a little better we have made a buying guide. You will find all the crucial features that make a battery most suitable for the Traxxas Stampede in the following guide. 

Hopefully, after reading it you can judge them on your own.

Lipo Vs NiMH: Which One To Choose? 

There are two types of batteries most commonly used in the RC world. Lipo and NiMH type. 

Now, both of them have some pros and cons you should be aware of to rip off the most benefit out of them. 

First of all, let us talk about the Lipo battery

Lipo batteries contain a higher energy density within a smaller unit. It means it is lighter in weight compared to a NiMH battery. And due to the density, it provides a higher discharge of energy. 

Now, what does a higher discharge of energy exactly mean? And is it a good thing? 

Well, higher discharge offers a burst of energy which is important for acceleration in RC driving. It is also required while driving on tough terrains. 

Given the fact that Traxxas Stampede is an RC monster truck, a higher discharge of energy is surely the desired feature. 

Therefore, the Lipo battery is undoubtedly a good choice for your Traxxas Stampede. 

However, you should be aware of some features of the Lipo battery

For instance, if budget is one of your main concerns, the Lipo battery may not be a better choice for you. Because it is more expensive than NiMH. 

Above that, the Lipo battery requires more care and attention to avoid any unnecessary accidents. 

Now, let’s discuss the NiMH battery-

NiMH batteries have been ruling the RC world for many years. Before Lipo batteries came into the limelight, NiMH was all the rage. And it is continuing to exist in the competition. 

One of the advantages of having NiMH batteries over Lipo batteries is their ultra-safe nature. Unlike Lipo batteries, they are easier to use and very safe. Moreover, they are cheaper. 

However, unlike the Lipo batteries, they do not offer higher discharge. And therefore, NiMH batteries are well-suited for brushed motors rather than brushless ones.

Higher Capacity For Longer Run-Time

Now, you may have noticed some writings such as 4000 mAh/3000 mAh on your battery cell. These writings indicate the capacity of the battery.

The capacity refers to the amount of power a battery can supply. Therefore, the higher the capacity the longer the power supply will be.

For example, if a battery suggests that it can provide 4000mAh, it means that the battery can provide 4 Amp power for a full hour. And as the capacity increases so does the total run-time.

So, if you need your Traxxas Stampede to run for a long time make sure to buy a battery with a higher capacity.  

Higher Voltage Means Top Speed

Before discussing why higher voltage is beneficial, let us talk about the significance of battery voltage. 

Now, battery voltage works as the push factor. Higher voltage pushes more energy to the engine. And as a result, helps the RC to deliver top speed.

The voltage of the battery depends on two things. What kind of battery is used and how many cells are there in the battery pack.

Now, the NiMH batteries have lesser voltage. And that’s why a NiMH battery pack includes more cells.

On the other hand, a Lipo battery contains more voltage. Therefore, it has fewer cells.

You can also notice this difference among the listed products.

Now, one thing you need to be careful about is the fact that the voltage does not exceed the amount your RC can handle. 

So, before buying the battery, make sure that the voltage level does not exceed the amount required for your model of Traxxas Stampede. 

Beware Of The Charging Requirements

One of the mistakes people often make is that they do not take charge into account. 

And because of this, their batteries often do not work. 

You need to make sure that your charger and the battery that you buy go hand-in-hand. Otherwise, you will not be able to recharge your battery. 

Another thing that is crucial to remember. You need to buy a Lipo charger for the Lipo battery. And a NiMH charger for the NiMH battery. 

The second important feature is the amperage. The higher the amperage, the faster your battery will be recharged. 

Longevity Matters!

The battery is such a product that you need to continuously use. So, if it does not last long, it will be an uneconomical investment for you. So, it’s important to know how long a battery lasts

Now, both NiMH and Lipo are durable batteries. 

However, if we have to compare between them then the Lipo battery has higher longevity. But in case of swelling, you must stop using it immediately.


Question: Can the Venom Drive NiMH Battery be charged by the Traxxas Ez Peak Charger?

Answer: Yes the Venom Drive NiMH Battery can be charged by the Traxxas Ez Peak Charger.

Question: What is the run-time on the Youme Power 2 Pack RC Battery?

Answer: Well, the run-time on the Youme Power 2 Pack RC Battery depends on the motor type. But typically, you can get up to 15 to 20 minutes of run time on a short course.

Question: Do the Youme Power 2 Pack RC Battery have hard cases?

Answer: Yes, they do.

Question: Can the Venom Drive NiMH Battery be used on the 2WD 1/10 Traxxas Stampede?

Answer: Yes, the Venom Drive NiMH Battery can be used on the 2WD 1/10 Traxxas Stampede. The Venom Drive NiMH Battery can be used on any 2WD 1/10 Traxxas.  


With this, we have come to the end of our article. We have tested a lot of products and then curated this list of the best battery for traxxas stampede.

However, if you need more information or you have further queries about these products, then let us know down in the comment section.

Hopefully, you find it helpful enough. 

Thank you for being with us and keep on racing.

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