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5 Best Brushed Esc [For Smooth and Balanced Riding]

Are you confused about which ESC you’ll require for your RC vehicle? In general, finding the right brushed ESC for your vehicle is difficult. As only brushed motors can be used with brushed ESC.

As a result, it’s easy to become lost when looking for the finest brushed ESC. However, you are not the only one who is stuck in this situation. So there’s no need to be anxious. We’re here to help you out.

That’s why we’ve explored over a dozen different ESCs. Finally, we arrived with the top 5 best brushed Esc.

You can trust any of these products for your ride. You just have to find the suitable one.

Are you interested in learning more about it? Then simply continue reading the article. Let’s get started.

Comparison Table

Product nameSizePeak Current
Hobbywing QUICRUN WP 1080 Brushed ESC1.43 x 0.67 x 1.24 inches3A
Hobbywing QuicRun 1060 Brushed ESC1.4 x 1.27 x 0.71 inches60A, 360A
HOBBYWING Quicrun 880 Brushed ESC5.5 x 3.5 x 2 inches4A
Traxxas XL-5 Brushed ESC5.38 x 2.19 x 3 inchesN/A
HobbyKing Brushed Car ESC7 x 3 x 0.8 inches45A

Hobbywing QUICRUN WP 1080 Brushed ESC

Our very first product is Hobbywing QUICRUN WP 1080. This is our overall best product. 

It is a 15 programmable parameter item which is a very unique feature for an ESC. Depending on the programmed setting, the ESC will either turn off or run at low throttle.

First, let’s have the measurements of this product. The ESC is 1.43 inches in length, 0.67 inches in width, and 1.24 inches in height. It weighs 2.06 ounces. The tiny size is suitable for convenient mounting.

This brushed ESC is a waterproof rock crawler (2-3S). It’s also dustproof and is built exclusively for scale trucks as well.

Let’s talk about this item’s battery now. The battery is either a 2-3S LiPo or a 5-9S NiMH. The BEC output is either 6V or 7.4V at 3A, depending on the model.

Its main function is to draw current from the motor batteries. Then reduce the voltage to a safe level for your receiver and servos.

It has a built-in capacitor module. Plus, It also has an aluminum housing for greater cooling during heavy use. This product can be used in almost any weather condition.

It is entirely waterproof for use in inclement weather. It has 15 programmable categories, including PWM and drags brake performance. 

It has a high current endurance capability due to its built-in BEC output capacity. It’s simple to operate thanks to the automatic throttle range calibration.

This product has several protections in place for various functions. For instance, it has voltage protection and low voltage cut-off safety for the battery. There’s also protection against throttle signal loss and a lot more.

The LED program box that comes with it can be fine-tuned. The ESC LED program card, extra accessories, and user’s handbook are all included in the box. You’ll also get wire ties, double-sided foam tape, and a heat shrink decal sheet with this purchase.

This will allow you to fine-tune the ESC to suit your driving style. To meet your requirements, it will also improve your braking performance.

Room For Improvement 

Though this is our best product, no product is perfect. The shipping process of this product is not very promising. You can choose Hobbywing QuicRun 1060 Brushed ESC. It has the best shipping quality so far. 

Hobbywing QuicRun 1060 Brushed ESC

We’ll now move on to our second product, a Hobbywing Brushed ESC. It’s our runner-up product and the best value for money. 

Are you looking for a little less expensive product? Then you can trust this product. Now let’s talk about the product’s features.

The product measures 1.4 inches long, 1.27 inches wide, and 0.71 inches high. Furthermore, the weight is 0.05 pounds. It’s pretty light.

The Hobbywing QuicRun 1060 version ESC is a high-performance controller that’s perfect for 1/10 or 1/12 scale car or truck size vehicles. As it’s water and dustproof, you can enjoy the action in all weather.

Low voltage cutoff, overheating, and signal loss protection are all included in the Quicrun. It’s compact and includes a built-in capacitor module.

The built-in BEC generates a substantial amount of electricity. It helps to draw current from motor batteries. Additionally, it has excellent current endurance capabilities. 

It is simple to operate because of the automatic throttle range calibration. That is, without a doubt, an excellent feature for your RC.

The installation of this ESC is really simple. With jumpers, it’s very simple to configure the ESC parameters.

It comes with several safeguards. First and foremost, the battery’s low voltage cutoff safeguard. It contains a layer that prevents overheating your motor. Then there’s the protection against throttle signal loss.

The peak current capacity of this ESC is 60A and 360A. It has a resistance of 0.001Ω.

As for crawler users, can period you it works best with QuicRun 1080 brushed ESC. It has three running modes that fit various vehicles.

All of these features make your ESC suitable for outdoor use and provide a smooth ride.

Room For Improvement

This product is quite tiny in size for some models. So you can have HobbyKing X-car 45A brushed ESC if you are looking for a slightly larger ESC for your RC car.

HOBBYWING Quicrun 880 Brushed ESC

Let’s move to our next Hobbywing product. It is the third item on our list. It does, however, have some fantastic features. This product is 5.5 inches in length,3.5 inches in width, and 2 inches in width. It is 75 grams. 

The HOBBYWING Quicrun 880 ESC is great for twin motor RCs. A dual brushed motor is used to sustain it. It has motors in sizes 540, 550, and 775. This dual brushed ESC is compatible with 1:8 and 1:10.

Like the previous two ESCs, this one is likewise waterproof and dustproof. It’s also suitable for all-weather races. Make sure the cooling fan is switched off before using this ESC in water.

If you use it in water, clean and dry it as soon as possible. That will help to avoid rusting the connectors. The majority of ESCs, on the other hand, are completely waterproof and built to work in any environment.

Patented copper heat-conductive plates mounted to the MOSFET board are the product. As a result, the interior heat is promptly transmitted to the aluminum heat sink, resulting in excellent heat dissipation.

It features a superb switch-mode and BEC built-in with a constant current of 4A. It also has a drag brake that may be adjusted. As you may be aware, the drag brake rate varies depending on the vehicle, track, and control feel.

The combination of adjustable PWM frequency and superior freewheeling (DEO) technology ensures excellent throttle linearity. You will have a fantastic driving experience. It includes 9 acceleration/punch levels ranging from soft to aggressive for various vehicles, tires, and courses.

Then there’s the proportional brake, which has nine levels of beginning, maximum, and drags brake force. It also has a variety of precautions. Some examples include protection against low-voltage cutoff, thermal shutdown, and throttle signal loss. 

The LED program card may be easily connected to the ESC via the independent programming connector.

This brushed ESC has two outputs, each capable of driving two motors. When running two motors at the same time, the motors’ turns must be increased.

Room For Improvement

This product’s reversed speed is slower than the forwarding speed. Our first product – Hobbywing QUICRUN WP 1080 is the best in this area. 

Traxxas XL-5 Brushed ESC

The Traxxas 3018R XL-5 is the most durable ESC on the list. It makes this brushed ESC more efficient and long-lasting.

Let’s have a look at the measurements of the goods. The dimensions of this item are 5.38 inches long, 2.19 inches wide, and 3 inches tall. The item is 4.2 ounces in weight.

The XL-5 Electronic Speed Control keeps the elements at bay. It gives power to the motor in a smooth manner. This high-performance ESC comes with a long list of remarkable features. They’re usually only seen on higher-priced high-end replacement units. You will not be dissatisfied as a consequence.

This product is designed to be entirely waterproof. There are three throttle profiles available. Thermal shutdown protection is also included. The built-in BEC and 4-7 cell compatibility are wonderful features for your trip.

The XL-5 is more efficient thanks to its high-frequency operation and ultra-low resistance. Also impressive is the ultra-smooth completely proportional speed control.

The innovative Training Mode is a unique feature of the XL-5. This profile reduces the XL-5’s overall power output by 50%. This makes it easier for young or inexperienced drivers to improve their control.

To facilitate LiPO battery use, the device has a two-stage low-voltage detection system. For Lithium Polymer (LiPO) batteries, it features a two-stage low voltage detection built-in. It can be employed with forwarding, backward, and brake control that is entirely proportional.

Three programmed drive profiles, Sport, Race, and Training, are available with the EZ-Set push-button system. One of its best advantages is the high-capacity heat sink with efficient, low-loss MOSFET architecture.

This item is a suitable match for your land-based RCs.

Room For Improvement

It is a little slower to go off the line than you’d want. But you can avoid it by having our best product Hobbywing Quicrun WP 1080.

HobbyKing Brushed Car ESC

We have reached our last product. Though being the last product on our list yet still one of the best 5 ESCs. 

So don’t be disappointed. This also offers some wonderful features. 

The HobbyKing X- car 45A brushed ESC is the best replacement ESC

This 45A brushed ESC is a great replacement for the factory ESC on your model. It’s ideal for installing a new brushed power system in your vehicle.

It provides a low voltage cut-off for usage with lipo batteries. Its tiny and flexible design makes it perfect for usage in 1/10 scale drift cars. As it can utilize brushed motors.

It boasts a great built-in switch mode of 5.6V. Also, it has the BEC built-in with a steady current of 2A. It will provide a steady current of 45A. It includes 2 cell LiPo (5-6 cells NI-xx) batteries which is nice.

It can be used with proportional control for forwarding, backward, and brakes. You only have to switch the controller’s throttle channel and the motor wires’ polarity. A linear system allows it to be used in both directions.

Room For Improvement

The wheels occasionally run in either direction. Because of this, you might feel a little disappointed. But our product hobbywing Quicrun 880 ESC, is the perfect solution for this.

Are ESC and Motor Combos Worth It?

For the most part, ESC and motor combinations are worthwhile. In most cases, there are a few things to keep in mind. For example, you can’t run a sensored motor on a sensorless ESC. You must first ensure that the ESC can manage the motor wind or KV.

For both brushed and brushless motors, ESCs are required. However, an ESC is specialized in brushed or brushless motors. In other words, you must purchase the appropriate type. 

While choosing the perfect ESC, there are a few factors to consider. But the most important is getting a current rating that is slightly higher than the motor’s current draw.

Esc allows you to obtain greater power out of the motor battery combo you’re using. By providing an electrical load over the armature, the ESC forces the motor to behave as a generator. As a result, the armature becomes more difficult to turn, slowing or stopping the model.

A 50% increase in power is possible over the motor it replaces. This means not only a higher top speed but also a far more responsive pick.

Without the ESC, you can’t even start a brushless DC motor, let alone control it. The ESC, which is essentially an inverter that converts DC to three-phase AC, is an essential component of the motor.

How Does an ESC Work

As a speed reference, an ESC is utilized. Speed is altered by shifting the network of an affected field-effect transistor. The motor speed is controlled by the transistors’ switching frequency or duty cycle.

Different speed controls are required for BLDC motors. As the armature voltage can be changed to adjust the motor speed. This motor’s speed can be modified by altering the time of current pulses. Then they are sent to various motor windings.

ESC is an important feature in autos since it prevents a car from sliding. Also prevents the driver from losing control while driving. This technology activates the brakes automatically. It mainly assists in steering the car in the appropriate direction.

It is a common active safety system already installed in automobiles and commercial vehicles. In a European country, the highest number of cars having ESC technology is available.

Active safety technology has the potential to either prevent or mitigate disasters. It can also help the driver moderate the impact of a disaster. These systems give the driver more control in dangerous situations.

As a result, several safety systems monitor the vehicle’s performance and surroundings constantly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

With a brushed motor, can I use a brushless ESC?

No, that is not the case. Brushless motors require brushless ESC, while brushed motors require brushed ESC. The outputs of the brushless ESC are three-phase AC. By contrast, brushed motors operate on direct current.

Is it possible to use a Traxxas ESC with a castle motor? 

No. Because not every brushless ESC works with every brushless motor. Before buying one, do your research.

What is the low voltage cut-off for lipo battery protection?

A lipo battery is designed to operate within the voltage range from 3-4.2 V. Discharging below 3V can damage the battery. But you can utilize it down to 5 volts before it shuts off.

What ESC should I use for which motor?

The ESC’s voltage and peak current should match the motor’s. Because the ESC may be used to power servos, radios, and other components. Select an ESC with a capacity of at least 5A greater than the motor’s maximum rating. Always remember to round up.

Is it possible to run 3S on a brushed motor?

In certain cases, sure. On 3s with 50%, the motor should be perfectly OK. If you go with 3S the motor will get a lot hotter. However, it will get a lot faster as well.

Final Verdict

Finally, we’ve come to the end of our conversation. Our reviews, we feel, will aid you in making decisions.

So, you will not be disappointed if you get any of these. We’ve collected a list of the 5 best brushed Esc for ensuring a smooth ride.

We sincerely hope this was informative to you. Until the next time, take care. Best regards!

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