Best ESC Motor Combo 1/8 Buggy

Best ESC Motor Combo 1/8 Buggy: When Power Meets Performance

An ESC motor combo can give you the ultimate power over your RC car’s motor. But if you don’t use the right one it can also snatch away that power and lead your favourite 1/8 buggy to a horrific crash.

Just so that you don’t face such scary situations we have come up with a list of the best ESC motor combo 1/8 buggy in the market. Thus, put your reading glasses on and get ready to jump into the details!

Our Top Picks

The Best ESC Motor Combo for 1/8 Buggy: The Top 5!



kV rating

Current Rating


HOBBYWING Max10 ESC Motor Combo

4000 kV

60 A

Castle Creations Monster X 25.2V ESC

2200 kV

8 A

Xiangtat EZRUN Max8 150A ESC Combo

2200 kV

150 A

Castle Creations 1/8 Mamba ESC Motor Combo

1800 kV

8 A

GoolRC Original S3670 2850KV Sensorless Brushless Motor

2850 kV

120 A

More About Our Picks

By now you know a little bit about the ideal ESC and motors that work best together with an 1/8 buggy. For more details let’s take a look down below!

HOBBYWING Max10 ESC Motor Combo

The best overall ESC and motor combo that is waterproof and has the highest kV rating on this list.

First and foremost, we have the HOBBYWING Max10 ESC Motor Combo. You see, this brand is quite famous for making different RC parts for the hobbyist. Besides, this ESC motor combo is the best of the best in the market. And for good reasons-

For instance, this ESC motor combo has the highest kV rating. In fact, if you look at the list you will find that its rating is 4,000 kV. While the others are not even close to having this number.

Now, the best thing about such a high constant velocity you get to have a high RPM. What is that?

Well, RPM stands for revolution per minute. And since the RPM is higher, you will be able to climb slanted heights pretty easily with your 1/8 RC buggy car.

The HOBBYWING Max10 ESC Motor has a current rating of 60A. This is a decent current rating for any RC ESC and motor to have.

Moreover, you don’t have to stay in the fear that this RC car will explode. That is because this ESC motor combo cuts off when the voltage gets too high.

And this is automatic so you don’t have to take any sort of action. But we do recommend that you pull off the plug before this happens.

On top of all these, this particular ESC motor combo works with both sensor-less and brushless. So, it can be used on any type of 1/8 buggy that you own. So, the chances of this working on your RC car are quite high.

Furthermore, this product has a capacitor protector. This protects the ESC motor from exploding. So, you don’t have to worry about a disaster coming your way because if that happens then your ESC will be beyond repair.

The cherry on top is the fact that this is waterproof. So, you don’t have to worry if some water slips in and travels to the ESC. You see, it won’t be damaged by a little amount of water.


  • Won’t be affected by water
  • Works with all types of motors
  • Protects the buggy from explosion
  • Doesn’t overheat too much
  • Cuts off voltage when it’s too high


  • Protection shuts off the car in the middle of the road

Castle Creations Monster X 25.2V ESC

The ESC and motor combo with an advanced voice alert feature and the ability to make running adjustments.

Second-up, we have the Castle Creations Monster X 25.2V ESC. This one is the runner-up of our show. But why is it so high on the list?

Well, there is only one way to find out-

Honestly, the best thing about this ESC motor combo is its voice alerts. They are so helpful. You know, when you are casually driving your RC in the park it will warn you about the calibration errors and will let you know if there is anything wrong with the RC car.

Moreover, it has a programmable auxiliary cable. With the help of this feature, you can control your 1/8 buggy cars while they are on the route. That means you can make changes to stuff like torque control and throttle.

So, you can change the settings from afar if you’re not pleased with the settings. Besides, you can also access the ESC receiver cable without having to disconnect from your receiver. But for this, you need a separate transmitter.

Furthermore, you can also use it on 1/10 buggy trucks too. They will be compatible with this ESC motor combo as well, as long as they are within 15 pounds.

Even though this ESC and motor have such great features it lacks a bit on the kV and current departments. It has a kV rating of 2200 kV and current rating of 8A. Because of these low ratings this ESC and motor has a hard time making the 1/8 buggy run the fastest.


  • You can make on flight adjustment
  • It will alert you when there is an error
  • It is also compatible with other scales of buggy trucks
  • Made of high-quality material


  • May overheat at times
  • Doesn’t make the buggy run fast

Xiangtat EZRUN Max8 ESC Combo

The ESC and motor combo with the highest amperage rating and a durable built.

Moving on, we have our third product and this is the Xiangtat EZRUN Max8 ESC Combo. Well, this product is still one of the top 3 performers. So, let’s take a moment to check it out together.

Well, first things first. You see, this ESC motor combo is perfect for the 1/8 buggy trucks. But they also work on monster trucks. So, it is versatile in nature.

The Xiangtat EZRUN Max8 ESC Combo has a kV rating of 2200kV. This kV rating isn’t necessarily as high as the HOBBYWING Max10 ESC Motor Combo but decent enough.

However, this ESC and motor combo truly shines in the current rating department. It has a current rating of 150A which is the highest on this list. Because of it’s higher current rating it run a larger pinion gear and go faster without damaging the ESC.

Plus, it has a 4-pole rotor. Because of this, you get to enjoy quite high torque, fast throttle response, and stable power output.

Moreover, there is a temperature control program implemented in this ESC motor combo. This very program ensures that the ESC doesn’t heat up too much. Hence, it increases the overall efficiency of the motor combo.

On top of this, the product is made of aluminum. Thus you get to enjoy durability from this item.


  • Works with multiple models of RC
  • Has fast throttle response time
  • Quite durable in nature
  • Has a high current rating of 150A


  • Makes the buggy a bit heavy

Castle Creations 1/8 Mamba ESC Motor Combo

The ESC and motor combo that features an on-route adjustment system and the ability to climb slanted areas.

Next up, we have the Castle Creations 1/8 Mamba ESC Motor Combo. Yes, this one is quite the combo and without wasting any time we will dive right into its tidbits .

Well, if you look at the comparison table you will find that the kV rating for this product is the lowest. It is 1800 kV in fact. But don’t worry, a low kV rating isn’t the end of the world. It still performs better than most ESC and motors on the market.

It also lacks in the amperage department as well. It has a current rating of 8A. So, reaching a higher speed id quite tough with this combo.

However, you don’t have to worry because the overall torque for this ESC motor combo is quite high. From my test I saw that the 1/8 buggies had enough power to get the vehicle up any slanted place.

The feature that stood out the most has to be the AUX cable. This combo has an AUX cable once activated in Castle Link. Because of this, you will be able to make changes to your RC car even when it is on the route.


  • Can be adjusted when it’s on route
  • Due to its high torque it can climb slanted areas properly


  • Only works on brushless motors
  • Has low kV and current rating
  • Has a tough time reaching high speed

GoolRC Original S3670 Brushless Motor

The ESC and motor combo with an advanced protection feature that automatically shuts off the RC when its overheating.

Last but not the least, we have the GoolRC Original S3670 Brushless Motor. Yes, in our eyes it is the last product on the list but, who knows.? The motor combo might just be the one you’re looking for.

Let’s start with what I liked about this combo-

This ESC motor cuts off when the voltage rating on this is too low. So, your ESC won’t get damaged because of low voltage.

Plus, it has overheating protection. So, if the ESC motor combo gets overheated it automatically shuts off the RC. Hence, it stops functioning. But that’s a good thing. That’s because your ESC motor won’t overheat and go beyond repair.

Furthermore, you don’t lose signal with this ESC motor control. They can function from quite a distance.

The kV and amperage rating of this is 2850kV and 120A respectively. This high rating makes it able to reach a faster speed quite easily. Also the amperage rating allows it to exert pressure to your buggy without damaging it.

Moving on to what I didn’t like about the ESC motor combo is how jumpy it gets. When I tested this combo with my 1/8 buggy I noticed that after a while the buggy seems to be quite jumpy. Mind you I used the same model of 1/8 buggy to test all the ESC motor combos and none of them made my RC this jumpy.

I also didn’t like how the RC just shuts down completely while overheating without any alerts. I had a hard time identifying what went wrong with my buggy before realising that it was the protection feature of the combo.


  • Can be controlled from far
  • Won’t overheat
  • Will cut off when voltage is low


  • Can be a bit jumpy
  • During overheating, it shuts off the RC without any alerts

Buying Guide

If you’re just getting into RCs you may have a hard time understanding what to look for. Plus, the internet doesn’t make it easy to understand things either.

Sometimes there is too much info and sometimes you can’t even find a dime. And for the RC hobbyist, this can all seem daunting. So, we have come up with a segment just to help the lost souls.

Through this segment, you will be able to get an idea of the basics of the ESC motors for 1/8 buggy. Now, you might already know a few things but then again there is simply so much to cover. So, let’s get into it-

Compatibility with Motors: Sensored VS Sensor-less Brushless

First and foremost you need to check the compatibility of the ESC motor combo itself. Some work with brushless motors while the others work with sensor-less motors.

The main difference between sensored and sensor-less brushless motor is that the sensored version contains a sensor and the latter does not. The “brains” of the speed control are connected to the motor via an additional multi-wire loom on sensored motors. Whereas in the sensor-less motor there’s no additional wire.

Now, the ESC motors specially designed for the sensored brushless motors will not work on the sensor-less ones. And the reverse is also true. So, you have to check that department before you fully commit to one.

The main advantage of using a sensored brushless motor is that it can accelerate pretty smoothly and efficiently right from zero RPM.

For more details on sensored and sensor-less brushless motors you can check out this video-

However, if you don’t want all the hassles then there is another option for you. All you have to do is buy an ESC motor combo that is compatible with both sensor-less and sensored brushless motors.

Motor Size

The physical size of the motor must be considered while selecting a motor for your RC.

Check the motor case for the size of the motor to guarantee that the new engine will fit nicely. The size of the motor is usually represented by a number that looks like ’24-07′. The motor’s width is 24 and its height is 7.

It is crucial to understand that larger motors provide more torque. The individuals who are new to the world of RC typically purchase larger motors for greater power. There is, however, a downside to employing larger engines that most people are unaware of.

The greater the motor, the heavier your remote control car will be. With increased weight, your RC will have much greater velocity, necessitating a more strong chassis to survive collisions. You’d also need improved suspension and brakes.

This boosts the speed of your RC. That means you’ll need a stronger chassis for impact protection, improved suspension for stability, and new brakes!

Motor Watt

Watt is the unit of measurement for a motor’s total power. The higher the wattage, the more powerful the engine. If you are merely upgrading the motor on your RC car, make sure to verify the rating of your vehicle’s Electronic Speed Controller (ECS).

Ideally, you should have an ECS with a rating that is at least 20% more than the motor’s wattage. For example, if a motor draws 20A, an ECS of 30A is required.

Now that you have a sense of the fundamental characteristics, bear in mind that it is critical to know the manufacturer’s suggestion when updating your engine before buying in an RC motor.

Assume you want to create an RC car from the ground up. In that situation, I recommend that you consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for the model you intend to create!

Waterproof Qualities

Since the whole RC is electronic it is quite useful to have a waterproof ESC with you.

That is because you will be taking your RC for a ride even during the rainy days. And you never know when the water might slip in and damage your internal motors.

Now, if the ESC motor combo is not waterproof it will certainly get damaged in the rain. Then you will have to buy an extra one which will not only cost you money but it will also drain you of your energy.

Protection From Damage

Another thing to keep in mind is how strong the ESC really is. You see, when you take out the RC car for a drive you don’t necessarily spend a lot of time ensuring its safety.

Instead, you like to let loose and make the model car run fast. Especially with the best 1/8 buggies. That’s what they are built for at the end of the day, right?

But if the ESC isn’t specially equipped to survive a crash then you might have a problem on your hands. The ESC motor will not be able to survive a crash and it may go haywire and do some extra damage to your 1/8 RC buggy.

Current Ratings

Last but not least, ensure that the ESC doesn’t consume too much current. You see, every ESC has a current rating. This is measured in Amps. Now, the current rating for each ESC differs.

But there is a limit. And when charging these ESC you have to ensure that the current rating doesn’t cross the maximum limit. Otherwise, there might be a chance of an explosion.


Does the HOBBYWING Max10 ESC Motor Combo come with a dean’s plug?

No, the HOBBYWING Max10 ESC Motor Combo doesn’t come with a deans plug. You have to buy a dean’s plug separately to connect the combo.

Can a bad ESC burn up a motor?

Yes, a bad ESC may burn up a motor. If the ESC keeps on running for a long time then the current will keep on going to the motors. If it stays like this for a prolonged period then the motor may burn up.

Do brushless motors need ESC?

Yes, absolutely brushless motors do need an ESC. ESCs ensure that you can control the motor properly. Without it, the control is not possible and your RC car might even crash.

To Sum Up

That’s about all there is about the best ESC motor combo 1/8 buggy. Now, the rest lies on your shoulder. We believe that with all this info you will be able to buy your own ESC motor combo.

But if you’re still confused about what to get then we suggest you stick to our first product. After all, it is the number one choice for a reason, right?

Anyway, adios for now. Take care!

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