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Best Glue For EPO Foam: For Excellent Adhesion

From making airplanes to model automobile parts, EPO foams are necessary everywhere. Hence, you need to join the small parts together to give it a shape. 

And, are you planning to stick EPO foam together? Then obviously, you need good-quality glue for this purpose.

But finding the perfect glue is the real struggle. Moreover, not all types of glue are compatible with EPO foam. Therefore, it becomes tough to find the best glue for EPO foam.  

So, we thought about helping you with this mission of finding the best glue. We closely examined the market and researched more than 70 products before handpicking the bests. 

Our week-long research gave us some insight into this product. We also shared those findings in the latter portion of this read. So, stick with us till the end. You won’t regret the time, that’s a guarantee. 

Comparison Table



Compatible Material

Item Volume


UHU Styrofoam adhesive

Wood, Glass, Paper, Leather, Plastic, Metal

50 Milliliters

Bob Smith Industries BSI-142 Foam

Foam, Wood, Plastic

120 Milliliters

Beacon Foam Tac Adhesive


59.15 Milliliters

Gorilla Waterproof Glue

Wood, Foam, Glass, Ceramic, Concrete, Metal, Stone

236.5 Milliliters



50 Milliliters


UHU Styrofoam adhesive

Product Overview

So our first product is a transparent and tube-shaped glue. The product name is UHU Styrofoam adhesive. This one is simply amazing in quality and an excellent one for EPO foam. 

It’s even compatible with Plastic, paper, metal, glass, leather, and wood. But if we simply want to pick the best glue for EPO foam, this product has to be put on top.

After our out-and-out research, we found that this product is just too good in quality. It has an extreme ability to stick two pieces of EPO foam together. 

As a matter of fact, this glue has a different way to stick it properly. You need to apply it on both sides and dry them for 10 minutes individually before sticking together. If you can follow the way perfectly, it’ll provide you a very satisfying result. 

Even though some people might find the whole process lengthy. But trust us, this lengthy process will certainly make you better off. Because it has the best adhesion. 

Besides, the sheerness of the glue is really outstanding. It has been made with such perfection that you won’t regret the purchase, that’s for sure. 

Moreover, they don’t get hard or brittle easily. It dries as a clear gum layer. So tearing two parts away from each other is possible too. You can’t get a better glue for EPO foam within this price range. 

Hence, it is clear that this product is very cost-effective and reliable as well. Furthermore, it’s durable and the glue quality is just top-notch. 

The water-resistance of this product just adds some more points to its board. Therefore, choosing this product will be a good decision for you. 


  • This product has a good service within the budget
  • Extremely reliable and has a top-notch quality of adhesion
  • The pureness of this product is simply outstanding
  • It doesn’t get hard or brittle easily
  • It’s water resistance so you need to worry about water-related hazards


  • This product isn’t safe for kids, so be extra careful while using
  • It has a strong smell which might cause irritation to some

Bob Smith Industries BSI-142 Foam

Product Overview 

Time to raise the curtain to our second product on the list which is the Bob Smith Industries BSI-142 Foam. This is another transparent color product with versatility. 

Seems just perfect for using EPO foam, huh? Well, to be very honest, this product is actually a top-notch pick for gluing foams. Because this product is compatible with all types of foams. 

Besides, this is excellent at doing its job which is sticking parts together. Yeah, we are talking about its adhesion. Its adhesion quality is supposed to make you a fan of the product for sure. 

Also, this product has the characteristic of becoming crystal clear. As a result, after it dries up the outlook becomes just amazing as no trace of the glue remains. 

Next up, comes the adhesion quality which is in one word simply excellent. So, you will get strong bonds by using this glue. The product is a reliable one which will also give you the utmost ease of use. 

It doesn’t need any pre-mixing. Hence, the total process becomes hassle-free and easy. Therefore, considering the service reliability and adhesion strength it’s a very nice glue for EPO foam. 

Just to add one last thing, this product has the best service within its price range. So the investment will be a wise one. 


  • Compatible with all types of foam
  • It becomes crystal clear after getting dried
  • It has sheer strength as an adhesive
  • This glue doesn’t require any pre-mixing, hence extremely easy to use 
  • The product has really satisfying service


  • The adhesion quality needs some improvement so that the product will be able to attract more users.  


Beacon Foam Tac Adhesive

Product Overview

Now is the time to say hello to our third product on the list from Beacon adhesive store. The product name is Beacon Foam Tac Adhesive. This product is specially made for use with foam.

So, you can see, this is an absolutely good choice for sticking foam pieces together. Also, the adhesion quality is just as good as the previously mentioned products. 

Even professionals also like this glue for their RC tires building and repairing. Are you wondering why experts prefer this product so much? 

Firstly because it takes a very short time to cure. 10 to 15 minutes is just enough if you’re in a rush. But if you can manage, 24 hours is the best for resting and curing. 

Secondly, the ease of use reduces the extra hassles regarding the applying process. Hence, starting from experts to newbies everyone can use this without worrying. 

Moreover, it’s a very good alternative for hot glue. So the risks of getting melted can be eliminated by using it. Besides, it’s odorless so using it is very pleasant for the users. 


  • Adhesion quality is top-notch, hence the product is extremely reliable
  • Takes very little time for curing
  • A good alternative to hot glues which reduces the risks of getting melted
  • The application is very easy therefore experts and newbies both can use it
  • It’s odorless, so using it isn’t irritating at all 


  • It’s a bit pricey for some users considering its service 


Gorilla Waterproof Glue

Product Overview 

Our next product is from the famous glue-making brand Gorilla. This brown-colored glue is named Gorilla Waterproof Glue. As you can see from the name, this glue is waterproof.

Hence, you can use this glue for sticking parts to any structure that might get exposed to water. You need not worry about the water causing accidents. Because the glue won’t get affected by water. 

Moreover, this one is very easy to use and needs only 1-2 hours of clamping time. Even though it needs almost 24 hours to cure totally. But the process is actually much easier than most other glues. 

Next up, it can be used for multiple purposes. It’s compatible with wood, foam, glass, ceramic, concrete, metal, and stone. So, even if you pick this up for joining foam beads, you can still use it for other purposes as well.

This versatility makes it a very good pick for anyone. Moreover, the adhesive is top-notch in quality and incredibly powerful. As a result, they can provide satisfactory and long-lasting service. 

Furthermore, this product has the capability of bonding through extreme temperature conditions. It doesn’t get easily affected by too cold or too hot conditions. 

So, considering the reliability of this product and the ease of use, this product is a considerable one. So, if it suits your needs you can definitely go for it. But always be careful about using as this contains harmful chemicals.


  • It can hold the bond through extreme temperatures 
  • Easy to use, hence, no extra hassle about using the product correctly 
  • It’s versatile as it’s compatible with many types of surfaces
  • The adhesion is outstanding and the product is extremely reliable
  • This is waterproof so exposing glues parts to the water won’t cause severe issues


  • This contains hazardous chemicals that might injure the eyes.


Product Overview 

We are at the end of the list of our handpicked products. It’s time to introduce our last pick which is the DELUXE MATERIALS Foam Glue. 

This has a satisfying quality adhesion that ensures strong bonds. Moreover, the quality of service that it can provide is literally the best you can expect within the price. 

It’s definitely a worthy investment with reliable service and the amazing ability to hold pieces together. 

Furthermore, it becomes clear after getting dried. So the outlook becomes very nice. Therefore, experts like it for building or repairing RC aircraft. 


  • Better quality of adhesion 
  • Reliable service within the budget
  • Can ensure better outlook by becoming clear after getting dry


  • The durability and service aren’t as satisfactory as it was expected 


Buying Guide 

So, we are already done with the precise discussion about glues for EPO foam. Our handpicked products are the best that we could find amidst the countless available options. 

But when you’re purchasing a product, it’s necessary to get a thorough idea about it. More precisely, it’s better to know a bit about its buying factors. 

This is why we added this section that contains some of the buying factors and considerable features of glue. You should give them a thought before finalizing your product. 

So, let us not waste any more time and jump straight into that section. It contains answers to all the necessary questions about buying factors of glues for EPO foams- 

How Sticky Will It Be?

It’s important to know about a glue’s adhesion and its compatibility. Not all of them are suitable with foam, especially EPO foams. 

Therefore, you must check which of them can do the work for you. If you choose glue that is perfect for foam RC planes. That won’t provide you the best service, naturally. 

Moreover, knowing about their stickiness is also important. If they are not able to hold two large chunks of foam together, then using more glue won’t help much. 

So, try to gather information about these very carefully. Then the one that can fulfill these criteria, you should go for that. 

How Long Will It Take To Dry?

This is arguably the most important attribute of glue that you need to notice before purchasing. Because the curing time is very crucial for sticking parts of foams together. 

This information can be easily found in the manufacturer’s guidelines. And this direction must be followed strictly to avoid extra hassles. 

You mustn’t check if the glue has dried or not before the curing time is over. Otherwise, you’ll have to repeat the whole process again. So knowing the curing time will help you big time while using the glue. 

Can I Use It For Multiple Purposes? 

Oh yeah, versatility can be really helpful and can make your investment worthwhile. If you can pick a product that is compatible with multiple surfaces, then you can use one glue for multiple uses. 

For instance, some glues that can be used for sticking foam are also compatible with wood. At times one glue can be used for joining various surfaces. 

This is certainly a plus point and makes the purchase worthwhile if you can use the same glue for different purposes.  So, try to know about the product’s compatibility before finalizing. 

How Long Will It Last? 

Last but not least. Here comes the last consideration factor which is utterly necessary for choosing the right glue. 

You must know how long your glue will be able to keep the two or more particles together. The more durable it is, the better. 

So, you should have a look at the product’s durability before picking it. This quality is important even while picking between Gorilla and JB weld glue


Question: What is the difference between EPO and EPP foam?

Answer: EPO stands for Expanded PolyOlefin whereas EPP stands for Expanded Polypropylene. But their name isn’t their difference obviously. So, the main difference between these two is their ability to hold the shape. EPO is very stiff but EPP gets back to its original shape after distortion. Moreover, EPO is much more durable and easy to glue. 

Question: Why are RC planes made of foam?

Answer: The main reason why RC planes are made of foam is that it’s lightweight. It weighs much less than an equivalent-sized balsa airplane. Moreover, foams are extremely durable which is another reason obviously. 

Question: Does hot glue work on foam?

Answer: Obviously, they will work on foam. Even hot glues work much better. Because they can make the bond much stronger than usual. 

Question: Can you use fabric glue on foam?

Answer: It’s better to not use fabric glue on foam. Using foam glue is better as there are fewer chances of ruining the foam. You should even avoid using a hot glue gun while sticking fabric and foam together. Because hot glue can harm the fabric. 

Question: Does hot glue melt upholstery foam?

Answer: There’s a high chance that a hot glue gun can melt the foam. Therefore, you must keep the glue gun on the lowest setting to avoid such occurrences. But as hot glue works better, I might prefer using it hot. So, try to be as careful as possible. Also, put the glue evenly all over the surface.  

Parting Words

It’s time to part ways. By this time, you probably already know which product you should go for. You must have got to know a lot of information about the best glue for EPO foam even. 

So, without further ado, just get the product and start gluing your EPO foams together. Hope your chosen glue lasts just as long as your RC vehicle. 

Wishing you a pleasant experience regarding RC racing. Until next time, stay safe. And have some thrilling racing missions. Best of luck!

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