Best Glue for Foam RC Planes

Best Glue for Foam RC Planes: Choose the Best Fit for Your RC

The ones responsible for holding the foam RC planes are the glues. So, if they are not of good quality your plane will break down in no time. In fact, it can cause minor and major accidents at any time. Here we have listed all the best of the best glue for foam RC planes.

Here, we’ll go over their features to explain to you why they are at the top tiers in the market. And we also have a buyer’s guide that’ll help you in picking the right glue.

So, let’s not waste any more of our precious time. Get ready to go straight down to business-

5 Leading Glues for RC Plane




Use Type


Gorilla Glue 4537503



Aleene's Original Tacky Glue



3M 45 Spray Adhesive



Weldbond 8-50420 Multi-Purpose Adhesive Glue



Aleene's Felt and Foam Tacky Glue



More About the Products

Gorilla Clear Glue

Crystal clear glue with immense strength

Product Overview

At the top of the list, we have the Gorilla Clear Glue. The brand itself is very well known for its super strong glues. This particular product is no different.

First and foremost, this glue is water-resistant. This means that the glue won’t stop functioning when it comes face to face with a little bit of water. However, it’s not advised to drench the plane in a lot of water.

Moreover, it dries to crystal clear. Thus it won’t leave ugly marks once it dries up unlike the other glues available on the market. 

Other than this, it’s extremely strong and can keep the parts together. Something that every user expects from the glue.

Plus, its design makes it easy to use. Thus, it won’t go out of place. Thus the chances of you creating a mess will be dramatically reduced. We can crown it for being the most user-friendly glue that we have listed here.


  • It’s resistant to water and thus lasts long
  • It doesn’t leave ugly marks as it becomes crystal clear when dried up
  • The ease of use makes it highly user-friendly
  • Holds the plane in its place and provides good service


  • The price might seem a bit higher for its services

Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue

Product Overview

Secondly, we have Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue. This product did put on a tough battle but alas! It had to settle down as the runner-up. However, it has some good features that are worth checking out-

To start up, we have to mention that this glue is non-toxic. Thus you won’t have to live in the fear that it’ll burn your skin. That’s a real fear.

Moreover, it has a low odor. Hence, you won’t have to bear the horrible smell that you usually get from most glues in the market.

Other than this, it uses an ultra tacky formula to hold the foams in their place. Meaning that you won’t have to worry about the foams coming off from their place.

Additionally, it clears up after drying. So, you won’t be left with ugly yellow marks as most glues do.

Lastly, it’s versatile in nature. That means you won’t have to worry about wasting it. Once you’re done working on the foam planes you can put this glue to other uses like kid’s DIY projects or household repairs.


  • It won’t cause skin burns
  • The foams will stick properly
  • It can be used for multiple works
  • It doesn’t make your plane look bad


  • Glue doesn’t come out when dried to the touch

3M 45 Spray Adhesive

Product Overview

Moving on, we have the 3M 45 Spray Adhesive. Now, whether you’ve heard about this glue or not regardless we’ll go over their features. After that, you can decide whether it’s the one for you or not.

Unlike the rest of the glues on our list, this one is a spray. Hence, you get to spray the glue, you won’t have to angle the nozzle to ensure that the glue gets into place. Plus, you get to cover a lot of surfaces at once using the spray.

However, don’t worry. Although it’s a spray it has enough power to ensure that the foams stick together. In fact, it works on other surfaces as well. For instance-  paper, fabric, felt, fiberglass insulation, and many more.

Regardless of everything, it has a drying time of 30 seconds. In some cases, it might even take 15 minutes. This depends on the surface you’re applying the glue on.

Now, its’ a fairly decent time period if you ask us. However, we’ll be honest. There are glues that dry up faster than this.


  • You get to cover a lot of surfaces at once
  • Has a decent drying time
  • It works on a lot of surfaces
  • Doesn’t lead to messy situations


  • You can sometimes apply it in the wrong places due to bad aim

Weldbond 8-50420 Adhesive Glue

Product Overview

We have Weldbond 8-50420 Multi-Purpose Adhesive Glue in fourth place. This one can be used on different surfaces but is it the right one for your foam planes? Well, let’s see-

For starters, this glue is water-resistant. Hence, if you’re flying the foam RC planes in the open and it starts raining the joints won’t come off. However, it’s not advised to let the foam planes drench in the rain for too long.

Another thing is this glue is formulated to give a smooth finish. Thus, you won’t have to worry about the foam being too rough on the planes. They’ll stick nicely and give off good finishing.

Lastly, it works on a lot of different surfaces. So, you can use it for other purposes when you’re done with the foam planes. It won’t go to waste this way.


  • Joints won’t come off from water
  • It gives smooth finishing
  • It can be used for multiple purposes


  • It makes a white color after drying up

Aleene’s Sticky Felt and Foam Glue

Product Overview

The very last product on our list is Aleene’s Felt and Foam Tacky Glue. Yep, another one of Aleene’s glue. Let’s take a moment to have a look at its unique features and go through all the things this glue has to offer-

The one thing that we like about this glue is that it’s not super runny. You’ll find some glues to be a liquid. But this one isn’t. Instead, it’s pretty thick so it won’t spill all over the foam planes and create a mess.

At the same time, it’s also super strong. So, it’ll be able to hold the foams in their place. Thus, you can fly the RC plane without worrying about a breakdown mid-flight.

However, unlike most of the glues on our list, it’s only made for foams. So, you won’t be able to use it on other materials. Thus its option for use is quite limited.


  • It won’t create a mess
  • It’ll hold the foams together
  • It dries fairly quickly


  • It’s hard to squeeze out for kids
  • It can block the way if it isn’t properly sealed

Buying Guide

Woah! That was one long ride if you ask us. Going through all the features of 5 different products is no joke. You might even feel a bit overwhelmed. But are you still clueless about what to go for?

Well, have a look at this section. It’ll tell you about the things to look for in glue for the foam RC planes. You never know this might help.

Adhesive Strength

Firstly, you have to pay heed to the strength of the glue. You see, that’s the main thing. Without proper strength, your foam will come off in a matter of time.

Now, there’s no unit telling us the strength. Thus, you must put the glues to practical use and test them out. However, don’t worry. All the glues on our list were tested.

And the results were great. Each and everyone has high adhesive strength to hold the foam RC planes in their place.

Clear Finishing

Another feature to look out for is the clear finishing. You see, once you apply the glue, they might leave some signs of their presence. And this is never a pleasant sight.

Hence, to make your planes look attractive, go for the ones that are clear in nature. They will dry out and leave no sign of their existence.


Next up, check whether the glues are resistant to water or not. This will ensure that the joints don’t come off with a little splash of water.

Now, we know it’s highly unlikely for the foam planes to be drenched in water but a little precaution never hurts. Besides, you never know when it might start raining. So, be prepared with your waterproof glues.

Quick Drying Time

One more handy feature is the quick drying time. You might have guessed. It’s the amount of time it takes for the glue to dry up. Some glues even take 10s to dry while the others take up to hours.

Now, for the glues that take a long time to dry, you’ll have to wait for a long period of time. But that’s not all. When the glue doesn’t fully dry they tend to catch dust and dirt.

Not to mention, if you carelessly put your hand in it it’ll get wrapped around your finger. And you’ll be stuck in a messy situation.

Safe to Use

Lastly, ensure that the glues are safe to use. Now, we don’t mean that glues are life-threatening but they can be toxic at times. Especially if you’re using a spray.

So, try to ensure that they won’t cause any problems even if you inhale them. However, you shouldn’t take risks. Always wear a mask if you’re using a spray.

On the other hand, kids love to play with glues. Sometimes they even swallow them. Now, it’s dangerous and there’s a risk of them being seriously ill because of the glue. So, keep them out of children’s reach.


Question: Can I use super glue on foam?

Answer: You can definitely use super glue for foam RC planes. However, there is a chance that the inside parts will suffer damages because of the super glue. However, from the outside, you’ll notice that the glue is in place.

Question: Can you use wood glue on foam?

Answer: Wood glues can work on foam to some extend. But know this, they take a very long time to dry. So, if in the meantime dust and dirt may settle in on the undried glue and cause contamination.

Question: What is the best glue to use on foam board?

Answer: The gorilla glue is the best for the foams. You see, they are quite strong so they’ll hold the foams in place. They are also crystal clear so the whole thing won’t look too bad. And lastly, they are waterproof so the joints won’t get damaged by water.

Question: What glue is safe for foam?

Answer: All the glues present in our list are safe for foam. They work perfectly to keep the foams in their place. Plus, each of them is quite strong so the joints won’t come off easily.

In Short

In short, the main feature of the best glue for foam RC planes is to be strong. Otherwise, the entire plane will crash and break.

So, as long as that’s inaction you can focus on the other features. As we have mumbled on about so many things you might have picked your favorite. We hope you did. Anyway, that’s all for now. Adios!

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