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Best Micro Servo: To Ensure Better Performance?

Micro servos are extremely important for airplane functioning. If you’re one of the enthusiasts then you know this fact very well. Without a fully functioning micro servo, controlling the integrated gear and shaft can be really difficult.

But as useful as this is for better acceleration, finding a suitable one is immensely tough. At times, picking the best micro servo can be really overwhelming. 

Therefore, we thought about extending our hand to help you in this battle. We closely analyzed the countless available products in the market. After spending 2 weeks on this, finally, we picked up some of the gems. 

Moreover, we didn’t only enclose it within the products and their unique features. The insights and information that we could gather throughout the research have been added here too. 

So, stick with us till the end. You’ll definitely find it useful and by the end of the read, it’ll be easier for you to pick a suitable servo for yourself

Comparison Table






HiTec RCD Digital Micro Servo

20-39 oz-in

0.32 ounces

Savox Micro Digital Servo

25.0-30.6 oz-in

0.704 ounces

Futaba Micro High Torque Servo


0.32 ounces

Spektrum Sub-Micro Digital Servo

28 oz-in

0.02 Pounds

Deegoo-FPB Micro Servos

20.83 oz-in

1.76 ounces

HiTec RCD Digital Micro Servo

Product Overview

We already know why micro servos are so important yet hard to find. So, no need for any further ado. Let us raise the curtain to our first product HiTec RCD Digital Micro Servo. 

You must be wondering what’s so special about this product? Why is this ranked first even after such thorough research? 

Well, that’s because of its top-notch performance, that too within the price range. It’s one of those products that you can afford without breaking the bank. And you won’t regret a single penny.

First of all, this product is made of superior quality materials. Moreover, they are engineered very exquisitely and all the components are placed very thoughtfully. 

Therefore, it can provide a very reliable service. The performance will definitely satisfy the user. On top of that, the durability of this product is also excellent. So, you won’t get the chance to complain about its longevity. 

If you’re looking for a well-performing micro servo with a quick response, you should just go for it. It’s very swift in responding and very sturdy. 

When you’re running a pricey aircraft, it’s obvious that you need a very well-designed servo to handle it. In this regard, this product has very few competitors in the market, if we become honest. 

We can even crown it as the most reliable metal-geared micro servo available. Besides, you can control it with a very intermediate level of expertise. So, definitely a top-notch product in our lens. 


  • Excellent performance with superior quality materials
  • The component placement and overall engineering are simply top-notch 
  • It is durable and its service is worth the price 
  • Very easy to control so perfect for both movie and experts
  • It can function very quickly and strong in its duty 


  • It might not be compatible with some of the helicopters. 


Savox Micro Digital Servo

Product Overview

Time to say hello to the second product on our list which is from the brand Savox. Another outstanding product with a top-notch design. So, the product’s name is Savox Micro Digital Servo.

This is a product which is very reliable and promising at providing good speed. Definitely, something a user would want from the micro servo, right? Its immediate response is very fast and this makes it a good quality product.

Moreover, this product is engineered with strict quality control and genius engineering, at least that’s what the brand claims. It has some amazing features that ensure excellent performance.

For instance, it has a metal gear train that ensures durability and longevity. It’s definitely wise to invest in something that’s gonna serve you for long, right? This is why we find this product a very good quality one. 

Moreover, it has an aluminum middle case. In our opinion, this part was really thoughtful of the manufacturers. Because it helps to keep the temperature comparatively cooler. 

As a result, the micro servo can ensure very good performance, that too within the budget. On top of that, it is water-resistant and the size is very handy. It fits well and performs very fast. 

Even though it isn’t suitable for Latrax cars, but otherwise, it’s a very good quality product. So, give it a thought if you find this suitable for your needs. 


  • It’s very fast in action, the speed is extremely good
  • The immediate response speed is simply outstanding
  • It has a metal gear train which ensures durability and longevity
  • It’s designed with a middle case made of aluminum which ensures a cooler operating temperature
  • This has the water-resisting ability and is awesome at its performance 


  • It doesn’t work with Latrax cars, so this definitely dissatisfies some customers. 

Futaba Micro High Torque Servo

Product Overview

We are already done with two products from our handpicked list. It’s time to introduce the third one which is from the brand Futaba. The product name is Futaba Micro High Torque Servo. 

As you can see from the name, the product has high torque. Therefore, it will provide you with a very satisfying acceleration. The overall product performance is absolutely remarkable. 

Moreover, this is made of superior quality materials. So the product quality is very competent. You won’t get the chance of complaining about it that easily. 

Most importantly, the price range is very reasonable. So, affording it is a viable option for most users. On top of that, the price is worth the service. Sounds like a very good product, right? 

Furthermore, the size is very compact and lightweight as well. This product is ideal for small helicopters and electric planes. It has a very good capability of holding up. 

So as a whole, this product is a good combination of service and performance. The balance between price and quality is also excellent.


  • It has high torque which ensures praiseworthy acceleration, and performance
  • The product quality is outstanding
  • The price is very reasonable and the service is worth the cost
  • It’s small in size and holds up very well
  • Lightweight and ideal for small helicopters


  • It doesn’t come with mounting materials apart from two horns only.

Spektrum Sub-Micro Digital Servo

Product Overview

We are near the end. It’s time to say hi to our second last product Spektrum Sub-Micro Digital Servo. Another lightweight product yet very promising is performance.

One of the best things about this product is its high torque rating. This has incredible torque-speed which makes it perfect for slow and park flyer aircraft. 

It’s extremely lightweight and plastic-made. So carrying it isn’t much of a bother. Moreover, it has a very thoughtful design. The low deadband technology ensures reliability and outstanding accuracy. 

Besides, it has ball-bearing support around the output shank. This feature makes the servo precise for many flights to come.

Lastly, the product has good service within the price. So, going for this product will be wise if you think it can meet your needs. So, sort your priorities and then think wisely before finalizing. 


  • The high torque rating makes it perfect for slow flyer aircraft
  • Small, lightweight, and very easy to carry
  • Fits perfectly and has ball-bearing support which makes it precise
  • Outstanding service within the price 
  • Designed thoughtfully to ensure dependability and accuracy


  • Overall quality improvement will make this product even better 

Deegoo-FPB Micro Servos

Product Overview

Time to introduce our last product. So, the product name is Deegoo-FPB Micro Servos. Even though this is the last product on our list, this is just as good as the rest of them. 

So, you don’t worry about its quality of performing ability. If you go for this product, you’re definitely going to get an outstanding experience. 

Firstly, this is a good quality product with a very satisfying operating speed. Speedy micro servos are more preferred as you already know. So, this feature definitely gives it some extra points. 

Secondly, it’s small in size and fits very well. Besides, the smaller size also makes it lighter in weight. As a whole, carrying this servo becomes much easier. 

Lastly, but most importantly, this product is very well at providing the best quality service. You’ll get the ultimate satisfaction and a high-cost performance without spending a hefty amount of money. 

Apart from being good on a budget, this is also very durable. This makes its points double. Because investing in it will be wise and you won’t have to spend much on repairing and replacing later on. 

Moreover, this is water-resistant and simple-designed. It will provide you ease and convenience of using, that’s for sure. So, going for it will be wise, if you think it can tick your checkboxes. 


  • Outstanding yet simple design, so easy to use
  • Very durable and the cost is also extremely affordable
  • Water-resistant and very promising at providing the best operating speed 
  • The size and weight is immensely perfect and fits well
  • It can perform very well and is extremely reliable


  • The plastic shaft doesn’t have spline teeth, therefore, it’s not as smooth as expected

Buying Guide 

We’re done with the product description and its features already. But knowing about the product and their features aren’t enough. 

Before buying a micro servo, you must know some of the buying factors and product attributes. Therefore, we added this part. Go through this so that you can create some better insights about micro servo. 

So, let’s get into that part-

Ease of Use

It is one of the most important things that you must consider about micro servo. You must choose a servo that you can easily handle. You shouldn’t invite some extra hassle regarding this issue obviously. 

Not all products are used in the same way. They are controlled differently and you must know which one you can control the best. 

Therefore, we suggest you carefully consider the ease of use and convenience of a certain product. Then you should finalize it. Because without proper knowledge about this, you’ll face challenges after purchasing. 

Compatibility & Pre-requirements 

Micro servos are mostly used for RC aircraft and helicopters. Therefore, it’s necessary to check the compatibility of a product before picking it. 

Not all these servos are perfectly suitable for all types of cars and airplanes. So, before you finalize your product make sure you consider the product compatibility. 

In some cases, some servos have prerequisites as well. Some servos are perfect for lightweight helicopters, whereas some are fit for compact vehicles.

Your vehicle must have to fulfill those servo requirements as well. So, you should spend some time on this before you finally purchase it. 


A must-check before purchasing any product. No one would like to invest in something that is not going to last long. Longevity is an extremely important criterion for product buying. 

Hence, we always suggest checking the durability of the product beforehand. You must choose a product that is going to serve you for a long time. So, you don’t have to spend extra money on repairing or replacing. 

Performance Rating 

Lastly, you should always have a good idea about product performance ratings before picking them up. Not all products are suitable for all types of work stress. Neither of them are good at performing. 

It’s utterly important to consider the product performance rating before you finalize. You can go through the products guideline or other sources to get some exclusive information about this. 

But try to gather reliable information on this. Then consider them very carefully and finalize the one that suits you well. 


Question: What are servos used for?

Answer: Servos are a mechanical device that is used as a linear or rotary actuator that pushes parts of the engine with precision. They are mainly used in angular or linear positions and for specific velocity, and acceleration.

Question: Are all servos the same size?

Answer: Obviously not all servos are of the same size. They vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, even they vary from model to model even. But all of them can be divided into three larger groups- giant, standard and micro. 

Question: Can a servo motor rotate continuously?

Answer: Yes, continuous servo motors have the ability to rotate continuously. Their functionality is quite similar to wheels. They can rotate in both clockwise or anticlockwise directions. 

Question: What is servo speed?

Answer: The operating speed of servo is what we call servo speed. It means the time required for the shaft to reach a specified position. Mostly, servos have operating speeds in the range of 0,05 to 0,2 s/60 degrees. 

Question: How much voltage does a servo need?

Answer: There is no certain answer to this question. Because it varies from model to model. Generally, servo motors need 4.8V of DC voltage. But in some cases, the range might fluctuate from 6 to 12 as well. 

Parting Words 

So, we have reached the end of the long but helpful read. It’s time to part ways. But before we say goodbye, we really hope this article has helped you find the best micro servo. is

Hope it helps you to run your airplane smoothly and to have an enjoyable session. Wishing you all the very best, buddy. Until next time, stay safe and fly your RC plane higher.

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