Best Mini RC Crawler

Best Mini RC Crawler: Big Things Come In Small Packages


RC crawler is one of the popular choices for off-roading. They are designed to bash through rocky terrains and climb sloppy tracks. 

And if you are one of the enthusiasts who want to try their hands in RC crawlers, then we have good news for you. 

Here, we have created a guide to help you choose the best mini RC crawler. 

After testing ten of the most popular mini RC crawlers in the market, we have selected the best five.

Firstly, we have compared the scale and drive type of the five mini crawlers in the comparison table segment. Then, you will find the product overviews.

And finally, to wrap up the whole article we have created a buying guide for your convenience. 

Now, without any further ado, let’s start.

Comparison Table




Drive Type


Axial SCX 24 1/24 Deadbolt RC Crawler



RGT RC Crawler



DEERC High-Speed Monster Trucks



EAZYRC Patriot RC Crawler



The Perseids RC Military Truck




Axial SCX 24 1/24 Deadbolt RC Crawler

  • Scale: 1/24
  • Drive Type: 4WD
  • Power Source: Corded Electric, Battery Powered

Product Overview

The first ‘mini beast’ that we have is Axial SCX 24 1/24 Deadbolt RC Crawler. It comes on a 1/24 scale, hence the name ‘mini beast’. 

Now, there are a lot of features that highly impressed us. We will now unfold them one by one. 

Firstly, let’s talk about the most crucial part of any RC vehicle, the engine. Now, you need to keep in mind when it comes to RC crawlers, we prefer brushed motors over brushless. 

We explained the reason behind it in the buying guide. So, we will not repeat it here. But for the sake of the argument, we only want to say that brushed motors give precise speed control that is pivotal for crawling. 

Now, the “Axial SCX 24 1/24 Deadbolt RC Crawler” has the Dynamite 88T brushed electric motor. This motor offers the right amount of torque for climbing any steep slope. 

Moreover, the steel motor mount that is linked with it helps to keep the flex as low as possible. And as a result, the gears are protected. 

The next thing that impressed us is the amazing tires. 

The Deadbolt has the officially licensed KMC XD299 Machete crawl wheels. Along with the Nitto Trail Grappler M/T tires. 

Now, the KMC wheels are legendary in the off-road world. But when they are combined with the Nitto Grappler tires, they create an outstanding mixture of on-road, off-road performance.  

Above that, the huge tires offer higher ground clearance. And the higher ground clearance protects the chassis of the crawler.

Lastly, the feature that grabbed our attention the most is the full-time 4WD. Few other RCs in the list have full-time 4WD. That means by default they run on 2WD.

But the Deadbolt has full-time 4WD. It means it continuously runs on four-wheel drive. 

And that helps with absorbing the road shock by providing maximum suspension. 

The Deadbolt is a great crawler. However, it is not perfect. 

There are no oil-filled shocks. Now, the oil-filled shocks are more durable. And that makes the crawler more sustainable. 

However, the Deadbolt is still the best RC crawler we have tested. 


  • The brushed motor offers amazing torque for climbing steep terrain
  • The tires are great for both off and on-road use.
  • Full-time 4WD allows maximum suspension.


  • There are no oil-filled shocks and that decreases the durability of the crawler. 

RGT RC Crawler

  • Scale: 1/24
  • Drive Type: 4WD
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Power Source: Electric

Product Overview

The next product on our list is RGT RC Crawler. Now, this product is very easy to handle. And that is why it is a great starter kit for anyone, kid or adult who is entering the RC crawler terrain.   

Now just like the previous product, it also has a full-time 4WD. It means that all four wheels have equal power at all the moment. 

And when crawling, you need to have equal weight on all four wheels. Otherwise, there is a scope of over-turning.

Now, the Deadbolt and the RGT are the only two RC crawlers that have full-time 4WD. That’s why they are on top of our list.

Apart from the full-time 4WD, the high ground clearance and the external nylon body make it durable. 

The high ground clearance avoids getting any scratch on the chassis. However, if there is any connection between the chassis and the rough ground, the nylon body will take care of the rest.

Now, there is no doubt that the RGT RC Crawler is a great product. However, there are some minor flaws. That places it behind the Deadbolt.

When we took out the RGT crawler for a spin, after a few moments we noticed it was not going as smoothly as before.

And the reason behind it was the spring tension caused by the weak spring coils. The springs were soft and that makes the whole driving experience less fun.


  • It is an entry-level crawler which makes it a great option for both kids and adults.
  • Full-time 4WD creates more torque for climbing purposes
  • High ground clearance and nylon body makes it durable


  • The springs are soft which creates spring tension.

DEERC High-Speed Monster Trucks

  • Scale: 1/16
  • Drive Type: 2WD
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Material: Polypropylene

Product Overview

Now, this crawler is quite unique from the rest on this list. Exactly what makes it so unique?

Well, for starters the third crawler on the list, the DEERC High-Speed Monster Trucks, has a 720P HD wifi camera. This gives you the experience of real-life crawling. 

The first-person view offers real-life simulation which is a uniquely thrilling experience no other crawler in this list provides. 

You can see up to 100 ft without any delay. And you can take clear HD photos and videos from any place you want. 

Above this, it also comes with a dual control mode. With the dual control mode, you can control your RC crawler in two ways. You can either control it with a 2.4GHz radio control transmitter. Or you can control it with an app on your mobile.  

Another unique feature that we highly admired is the gravity sensor. The gravity sensor can sense a drop in the center of gravity and respond accordingly. 

These all are amazing features. However, the issue we had with this is that all these amazing features are secondary.

But the most crucial factor a crawler needs while off-roading is stability. And it gets it from its engine. 

When the engine is 4WD, there is more stability. But, unfortunately, the DEERC monster truck engine is 2WD. And this alone decreases the stability a crawler needs while climbing any rough terrain.        


  • It comes with a 720P HD wifi camera so that you can have a first-person view
  • The dual-mode makes it easier to control the RC from anywhere
  • The gravity sensor responds with the change in the center of gravity


  • 2WD decreases the stability in rough terrains

EAZYRC Patriot RC Crawler

  • Scale: 1/18
  • Drive Type: 4WD
  • Power Source: Battery Powered

Product Overview

The fourth product on our list is the EAZYRC Patriot RC Crawler. A decent product with decent features. 

The remote control transmitter that is provided with the kit is great for any interference-free connection. It can offer an undisrupted connection up to 30 meters distance. 

Another impressive thing about this crawler is that it can run on almost any off-road terrain. Such as grassland, sand, rock, bumpy roads, etc. 

However, one major flaw this product has is that it is not water-resistant. That means you can not drive it on any watery surface. Otherwise, the internal electronic devices will be damaged. 

But don’t dismiss it yet. It is still a decent crawler for dry off-road surfaces. Especially for rocky terrains. 

Because its motor provides high torque and a maximum of 5km/h speed. And the high torque helps the tires to rotate enough to climb steadily on slopes.    



  • The remote control offers an interference-free connection up to 30 meters distance
  • The all-terrain off-road function makes it a great choice for any off-road track such as grasslands, sand, bumpy roads, etc.
  • The high torque motor provides a maximum of 5km/h speed.


  • The product is not waterproof so it cannot be used on any watery surface.

The Perseids RC Military Truck

  • Scale: 1/16
  • Drive Type: 4WD
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Product Overview

The last product on the list is the Perseids RC Military Truck. Though it is the last on the list, do not make the mistake of thinking that it does not have potential. 

This truck is made from high-quality  ABS material. Now, this is not only durable but also environmentally friendly. Because the material is not toxic like others, such as plastic.

Another feature that enhances the durability of the product is its suspensions. It has four suspension rings to absorb the effects of the road shock. The rings minimize the vibration of rugged terrains and protect the truck from any harm.

And finally, the 130 motor is the souRCe of amazing power. It offers a maximum of 10km/h speed. That is more than the EAZYRC crawler. 

However, when we were testing it, we faced some problems. You see the product claims to be RTR-ready to run. But when we took it for a spin a lot of the functions were not working as they should.

So, we had to make some additional modifications. And after that, it ran smoothly as butter.

But if you are new to RC crawlers, it will be quite difficult for you to point out and fix the issues. 

Therefore, we do not recommend it to any beginner or kid.     


  • The body is made of high-quality ABS material which is not only durable but non-toxic as well
  • The four suspension rings protect the truck from the vibration of rugged terrains.
  • The 130 motor provides a maximum of 10km/h speed


  • Even though it claims to be ready to run (RTR), you need to do some modifications in order to run things smoothly

Buying Guide

Now, to give you a more precise idea about an ideal RC crawler, we have created a guide. You can go through the points and look out for the mentioned features when you are about to buy your RC. 

Higher Ground Clearance

RC crawlers have to dash through tough and rocky terrains. So, they are more susceptible to damage.

The rocks or boulders can scratch the chassis. And as a result, they may damage the engine and servo. Therefore, it is crucial to have higher ground clearance. 

Higher ground clearance benefits the crawler in two ways. Firstly, it protects the chassis from any external damage. 

And secondly, it supplies more vertical room for the tires to travel. And that helps them to absorb the road shock, which is a constant phenomenon on RC crawling.  

Steering To Rely On 

When you are driving your crawler, there will be several moments when your RC has to hang on one side. Where the rest will be elevated above surface level.

So, you need to have strong steering that can lift the weight of the crawler. As well as, resist the weight when hung off a rock.  

Therefore, a strong servo that will be hooked up to balanced linkages can make or break the deal. 

Brushed Motor Over Brushless

In crawling, precise driving is the key. You need a slow, efficient speed when you are climbing a steep slope. And a brushed motor can provide that precise slow speed.

Now, generally, we do prefer a brushless motor over a brushed motor. A brushless motor offers more power. Whereas in a brushed motor, some energy is wasted due to the friction of the brushes. 

But in the case of crawling, the situation is swapped. Brushed motors, though provide less power, can control the power more accurately. 

Moreover, less power means more torque. And the extra torque helps to rotate the tires properly to climb rocks. 

And that’s exactly what we need.   

Reliable And Grippy Tires

The tires are like the hands of an RC crawler. Just like a mountain climber who grips the slope with his/her hand and climbs his way up, an RC crawler uses its tires in the same manner.

So that makes the tread patterns the fingers of the tire. The deeper the pattern, the more solid the grip will be.

And you need a solid grip to climb steep rocks. Otherwise, the RC will slip and hit the bottom. And may smash its body.

The material also needs to be soft. Look out for the tires that have foams inserted within them. That will make the drive smoother.

Got the one you want? Now, you can go through different rock crawler courses to enjoy your RC experience to the fullest.


Question: What kind of battery connector does the DEERC High-Speed Monster Truck have?

Answer: The DEERC High-Speed Monster Truck has an SM-2P battery connector.

Question: What is the best replacement for the Perseids RC Military Truck tires?

Answer: The best replacement for the Perseids RC Military Truck is RC4WD.

Question: Is the Perseids RC Military Truck RTR?

Answer: Yes, the Perseids RC Military Truck is RTR.


With this, we are concluding the best mini RC crawler guide. Hopefully, you have gotten all the answers to your question. 

If not, then comment below. And we will reach out to you.

Till then, keep on bashing!!

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