best nd filters for dji mini 2

Best ND Filters for DJI mini 2: Most Appealing Filters

The majority of people buy a drone because they find it interesting. Some people buy it for its flying capabilities. And others buy to take some good aerial shots on their trips.

If you’re a newbie to this drone universe, then you might not heard of ND filters. Also, are you conscious about getting the best video and picture quality from your DJI Mini 2? Then put your money into best ND filters for DJI mini 2. These will make your drone camera samples look tons better. 

But the toughest part is to pick a pack of ND filters that works the best. And maintains true-to-life colors. Because there are hundreds of ND filters available out there in the market. 

Don’t worry, we have researched over a hundred products and chosen the 7 best ND filters you can buy right now. Apart from that, We have added a buying guide too.  

Comparison table 



Build Material

Total Filters 


Freewell Standard Day Filter Kit

Optical Glass


Skyreat ND Filters Set



GLOBACT Lens Filter Set



GLOBACT Lens ND Filter Set CPL




Optical Glass


VARWANEO Lens Filter Set



Judunmsk Lens Filter Set

Aluminum, Optical Glass


01. Freewell Standard Day Filter Kit

The best ND filters in its class


  • Weight: 2.08 Ounces 
  • Thread size of the filter: 1-millimeter
  • Total Filters: 4
  • Build Material: Optical Glass
  • Lens Coating: 16 layers Multi Coating

Reasons to Buy

  • Impressive optical glass optics with reflection reduction
  • 16 Layers of multicoated filters which minimizes fingerprint smudge.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Slows down the shutter speed by a little.

The very first product we are about to talk about in detail is the Freewell Standard Day Filter Kit. This is the best Nd filter kit among the DJI mini 2 drone flyer community.

Whether the sun is up or down it will give you by far the coolest-looking video and pictures. 

If we take look at the product’s dimensions. These are about 3.82 x 2.95 x 0.83 inches. And the overall weight is about 2.08 ounces. The photo filter has a thread that is about 1mm in size. 

The Freewell Standard Day Filter Kit has 4 optical glass filters. Which are ND4, ND16, CPL, and ND4. These filters have 16 layers of multicoating. These optical razor-sharp glass lenses help reduce reflections. Also, it removes glare effects which improve clarity for Arial shooting. 

These have gimbal-safe technology that helps in smooth calibration. Overall these are the best filters you can buy for your DJI mini 2 drones right now. But if you want more than 4 filters you can buy the Skyreat ND Filters. Which comes with 6 ND filters.

02. Skyreat ND Filters Set

Robust built quality in the segment


  • Weight: 1.76 Ounces 
  • Total Filters: 6
  • Build Material: Optical Glass and Aluminum
  • Lens Coating: 18 layers Multi Coating

Reasons to Buy

  • 6 best photo filters including UV and Polarized filters.
  • 18 Layers of premium multicoated optical glass filters 

Reasons to Avoid

  • The UV and polarized filters are not that useful.

The second product on our list is the Skyreat ND filters. This one is arguable the best filter for its robust build quality and amazing true-to-life color production. 

The product weight is about 1.76 ounces. The filters have aluminum frame build construction. And the optical glass lenses have 18 layers of multicoating. 

The ease of installation with this product is perfect. They have a unique design for easy fit and removal. 

It has a technology called gimbal safe which ensures smooth calibration. The pack includes a total of 6 filters. ND4, ND16, and CPL filters. If you compare it to the previous product that had only 4 filters. Also, that doesn’t come with aluminum built sturdy frame. 

03. GLOBACT Lens Filter Set

A whole lotta filters for your drone


  • Weight: 1.58 Ounces 
  • Adjustment: Quick release design
  • Total Filters: 6
  • Build Material: German Schott Optical Glass
  • Lens Coating: Multi Coating

Reasons to Buy

  • Big package of CPL, ND, and MCUV filters.
  • Oil, dust, and scratch-resistant german made glass lens.

Reasons to Avoid

  • CPL filter do not rotate.

The third product on our list is the GLOBACT Lens filter set. This set of filters also comes in 6 pieces just like the previous one. But is it better? Let’s go find out. 

Starting with weight, we see it weighs around 1.58 ounces. So these are pretty lightweight than the previous two products. 

Coming to the filter category, we can see there are 6 filters including CPL, MCUV, and ND filters. So this is a complete package. If we compare it to the Previous product, There was not any ultraviolet filter. So definitely a plus to GLOBACT.

The glass of the filter is German Schott optical. Which are the most premium in ND filter making. The lens has a hydrophobic nano-coating that reduces fingerprint smudge, dust, and fog smudges. The multilayer of coating also minimizes flayer which leads to better picture quality and clarity. 
If you want more ND filters you can also check another great product by Skyreat. Which is GardTok Mavic Mini 2 ND Filter Kit.

 04. GLOBACT Lens ND Filter Set CPL

Best CPL and ND filters


  • Weight: 2.46 Ounces 
  • Filter Effect: Natural Density
  • Total Filters: 3
  • Build Material: Optical AGC Glass
  • Water Resistant: Yes

Reasons to Buy

  • The CPL and ND filters maintain natural-tone.
  • German Schott multi-coated glass design 

Reasons to Avoid

  • Does not come with any UV or Polarized filters

We are back with another GLOBACT product that stands strong in our fourth place. This has the same filters as the previous model. But a little less in quantity. If you don’t need any polarized filter or UV. This one would be the Prime choice. 

The overall weight of this product is 2.46 ounces. Which makes them the heaviest on the list. The built construction is very good. The lenses are of AGC glass made in German. Besides they are water-resistant. 

The individual lenses have a 0.76-0.8g lightweight design. For that, it doesn’t bother the gimbal calibration. It comes in 3 filters. ND16, ND8, and CPL. Multicoated lenses successfully minimize the glare effect. And hydrophobic nanotech helps reduce smudges from the fog. 

Overall, these are the coolest color-graded ND filters you can buy for your drone. But if you want more filters you can also go for the previous model GLOBACT Lens Filter Set

05. PGYTECH ND Set PRO Filter

Best if you seek ND filters only


  • Weight: 3.17 Ounces 
  • Installation type: Quick
  • Total Filters: 4
  • Build Material: Schott Optical Glass and aeronautic aluminum frame.
  • Lens Coating: A nanometer double-sided coating

Reasons to Buy

  • Schott optical glass lens with double-sided coating.
  • No color shift, Maintains true-to-life color. 

Reasons to Avoid

  • Doesn’t have any CPL or polarized filters.

The fifth position is taken by the PGYTECH ND Set PRO Filter. This set of filters is the king of ND. They have the most model of ND filters in one pack.

If we compare it to the previous product. There were only ND8 and ND16. But in this product, you are getting ND16, ND8, ND64, and ND32. 

These have the most amount of weight, about 3.17 ounces. If we take a closer look at their build quality, these are highly durable.

The frame is made of premium aeronautic aluminum. And the lens is made of premium german Schott glass. The lens has a double-sided nanometer coating. This ensures, scratch, oil, water, and dust resistance.

If we compare it to the rest of the products, you only get ND filters. And it has a wide variety of ND filters. But you won’t be getting any CPL or MCUV filters here. 

Each individual filter weighs about only 1.3g. So it’s decent in terms of weight. For that, it doesn’t affect gimbal calibration. Apart from that, the installation is pretty quick. 

Overall this pack offers a whole lot of ND filters. If you’re looking for some great ND filters for your drone, This product is just fine. But you can also check the BEHORSE Lens Filter Set if you need MCUV and CPL filters.

06. VARWANEO Lens Filter Set

Best for the wide variety of filters


  • Weight: 1.76 Ounces 
  • Thread size of the filter: 52-millimeter
  • Total Filters: 6
  • Build Material: German imported Optical Glass
  • Photo filter effect: Natural density and Ultraviolet

Reasons to Buy

  • Impressive german optical glass optics with reflection reduction
  • UV, Polarized and ND filters all comes in one pack. 

Reasons to Avoid

  • Slows the shutter speed quite a bit.

Coming to the sixth position we have the VARWANEO lens filter set. If you remember the GLOBACT Lens filter set our previously reviewed product. this one is pretty similar to that. Except for some minor specifications. 

The VARWANEO lens filter is about 1.76 ounces heavy. And it has a dimension of 4.06 x 3.5 x 0.94 inches. The build construction of these filters is decent. The frame is made of plastic and it has german imported optical glass. 

The filter thread size is 52 millimeters. 

Coming to the filters, you will get a total of 6 filters here. Four of them are ND filters the ND4,8,16, 32. And two CPL and MCUV filters. So filter wise it’s a great option.

One drawback of this product is there is no coating on the lens. However, the company says it’s water dust and scratch-resistant. 

Apart from that, the photo filter type is Ultraviolet and Neutral density. So you will be getting true-to-life colors using these filters. No artificial color boosting. That’s a plus. 

Although it’s a very good choice if you want coated lenses you can go for the Skyreat ND Filters Set.

07. Judunmsk Lens Filter Set

Great filters make it a bank for the buck


  • Weight: 2.08 Ounces 
  • Certification: Waterproof, oil-proof, and scratch-proof
  • Total Filters: 4
  • Build Material: Optical Glass and aluminum frame
  • Lens Coating: Multi Coating

Reasons to Buy

  • Integrated frame for which there’s no dark corner seen in the footage.
  • Ultra light built construction.

Reasons to Avoid

  • No UV filters.

The last but not the least product we have on our list is the Judunmsk Lens Filter Set. Although it stands at the bottom it is a great pack of filters for your DJI mini 2. 

Now, diving straight into the specifications. This product has a similar weight of 2.08 ounces to the very first product we reviewed. Besides, it has similarities with that in terms of filters too. 

Coming to the build materials we see, It has an aeronautical grade aluminum frame. Which is Ultra-light grade, 0.028 ounces per piece. So, no extra weight on the gimbal. The lens used here is made of premium german imported glass. 

It has a multi-layer of coatings. Which provides crystal clear footage and restores true tone colors. 

The pack comes in 4 filters 2 ND filters and 1 CPL and 1 MCUV filter. 

So, you are getting everything out of this package. But it has only two ND filters which is a bummer. So if you need ND filters more, you should definitely go for the PGYTECH ND Set PRO Filter

Buying Guide

In this segment we’re going to discuss some basic things you should know before buying ND filters. Because there are different types of filters that have their own specialty. So, you must choose the filters according to your need. 

Choosing the right Type Filters

The DJI Mini 2 has tons of after-market filters. They are mainly in 3 categories. 

The ND filters, CPL filters, and MCUV filters.  

If we take a look at the CPL filters they are specialized to remove glare effects. If the sun is true bright you can put a CPL filter. It will lower the sky brightness and pop up the colors of the rest. 

Then we have the Ultraviolet filters or known as the MCUV. This filter is to protect your lens from UV rays. And initially, it has no color effects. It helps reduce sun flares and any mirror glares. 

Next, we have the numbered filters knowns as the ND filters. The ND filter comes in various numbers. Basically what the ND filter does is They slower downs the shutter speed. So when you are taking a city landscape long exposure shots, it makes the image look much smoother. In another scenario, If you’re taking a shot waterfall, ND will clean out the water, reducing blur.

Overall choosing the right filters in the right scenario is a must. 


Weight is an important factor when it comes to buying filters. Because the gimbal used in the DJI Mini 2 is pretty nimble. So if you put extra weight on it it might not function properly. So, you must check if the filters are lightweight or not. Obviously, you don’t wanna mess with your drone’s gimbal calibration.


Materials are another important factor you must check before buying your filters. Because the weight fact is also dependent on the build materials. 

So buy filters that have aeronautical grade aluminum or light plastic. These are pretty lightweight. Talking about the lens construction, The highest grade is german Schott optical glass. And make sure the lens has multi-coatings that help remove scratches and fog smudges.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do the ND filters flow down shutter speed?

Yes. Nd filters help reduce blur and smoothen the image quality, for that lower shutter speed is necessary

Do ND filters make the colors boosted?

No. ND filters maintain true-to-life color. But they tend to darken the sky a bit for better exposure. For which the colors pop up more.  

Do Mavic mini ND filters work on mini 2?

Every filter of Mavic mini ND filters won’t work on Mini 2. But the Tiffen Mavic Mini ND filers is compatible with the DJI mini 2. Even after a testing it worked pretty satisfying.

Final Words

So, we covered everything about the Best ND Filters for DJI mini 2. Before buying your filters, make sure you read the buying guide carefully.

Hope it was informative enough to make you choose the best product for your needs.

Good Luck! 

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