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Best Range Extender for Phantom 3: Radio & WiFi Extenders

Flying the Phantom 3 drone high in the sky is very enjoyable. But there are some risks with this joy. The drone can get out of the remote control connection and crash. Every drone enthusiast wants to avoid this problem.

The range extenders are used to keep the Phantom 3 within the remote control range. They can increase the power of the remote and thus enhance the remote range. But which is the best range extender for Phantom 3?

There are various options of range extenders available in the market for Phantom 3. They have different specs with different benefits. To select the best one you have to check them all carefully. 

I have reviewed the best range extenders for Phantom 3 below. Kindly go through it to have a clear idea of the extenders. Then you can easily select one. 

Comparison Table – For The Best Range Extender for Phantom 3 (Radio)






TOZO Antenna Signal Range Booster

4.25 Miles


Hooshion Folding Antenna Signal Range Booster

4 Miles


4Hawks Raptor SR Range Extender Antenna

3 Miles

Stainless Steel

TOZO Antenna Signal Range Booster

The One with The Highest Range


  • Range: 4.24 Miles
  • Weight: 0.352 Ounces 
  • Material: Copper
  • Compatible for: DJI Phantom 4, Inspire ½ controller transmitter, Phantom 3 Professional/Advanced.

Reasons to Buy

  • Very lightweight booster is easy to handle. 
  • The booster comes at a low price.
  • Use of copper parabolic technology.

Reasons to Avoid

  • The design of the booster sometimes creates problems.

The first product on today’s list is the TOZO Antenna Signal Range Booster. It is a radio antenna booster with a very long range. This booster has the highest range among the radio boosters I am reviewing. 

Besides this, it also has a very low weight compared to the other ones. The weight of the extender plays an important role. Because the radio range extenders are directly connected to the remote controller of the RC drone. 

If the weight is too much, the user will feel uncomfortable while using it. So the low weight of the extender is good quality. The weight of the TOZO Antenna booster is only 0.352 ounces. You can see that it is so light that the user won’t even feel its weight. 

As a result, using it will be easier and more convenient. The range of this booster is 4.25 miles. A huge area around the remote controller will be covered by the booster. The booster enhances both the remote controller signal and WiFi signal power. 

Copper parabolic technology has been used in the TOZO range extender. The use of copper foil in this technology prevents oxidation. This is important for the optimum performance of the signal booster. The package comes with one extender at a low cost.


  • Weight: 2.46 ounces
  • Range: 4 miles.
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Compatible for: DJI Phantom 3 Professional & Advanced, DJI Inspire 1, Phantom 4 remote control.

Reasons to Buy

  • The cost of this range extender is very low compared to its features.
  • Premium quality materials are used in manufacturing the signal booster.
  • The range of the extender is very large.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Sometimes the range extender fails due to wrong placement.

The second product I am going to review is the Hooshion Folding Antenna Signal Range Booster. This one is also a high ranged booster. However, the weight of this signal booster is greater than the TOZO Antenna booster. 

Hooshion Folding booster comes with a range of 4 Miles. This is great for any portable range extender. The booster will increase the Wifi and the remote signal. By using the extender you will be able to use your RC drone more conveniently than before.

This extender weighs 2.46 ounces. That means it is about 4 times heavier than the TOZO Antenna Signal Range Booster. Anyway, this is still lightweight considering its range. The user might feel a little load on their hand while using it. 

But that should not cause any hindrance in using the extender. Very premium quality material has been used for making this booster. The antenna is made from upgraded Aluminium parabolic material. The surface is smooth with zero bumps.

The design of the Hooshion Antenna booster is very modern. It comes with folding features. The high-class Gilt mirror Aluminium adds an extra layer of aesthetics. And all these come at a very low cost. This booster is the cheapest one on today’s list.


  • Weight: 15 ounces.
  • Range: 3 miles.
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Compatible for: DJI Phantom 3 ADV/PRO,  4/4ADV, Inspire 1.

Reasons to Buy

  • The design is steady and compact. 
  • Use of very high-quality materials.
  • Adjustable antenna is beneficial for the user.

Reasons to Avoid

  • The heavy weight of the extender can cause hassles.

Let’s check the last product in the radio range extender for the Phantom 3 category. Now I have the 4HAWKS Raptor SR Range Extender Antenna in my hand. This is a mid-range extender with a smaller working range and heavyweight.

It lacks in the range of both of the previously discussed models. The extender can cover about 3 miles. This is quite less than the TOZO Antenna booster and Hooshion Folding booster. You can still use this booster for smaller flying distances.

The weight of the booster is also more than the other two radio range extenders. It weighs about 15 ounces. So it is several folds heavier than the other two models. As a result, it will be hard for the user to balance it while controlling the RC plane. 

The manufacturers claim to use high-quality materials while making the range extender. The system is made with stainless steel. So there is no possibility of rusting or other types of corrosions. The design is compact without any bolts and nuts. 

That means there are no chances of losing small parts. The antenna of the 4HAWKS range extender is adjustable. So the user can rotate it according to his wish.

The cost of this extender is quite high. However, considering the built quality, the cost is worth it. Still if you’re looking for a cheaper extender then check out the Itelite DBS02 Antenna System.

Comparison Table – For The Best Range Extender for Phantom 3 (Wifi)



Extra range for extender

Panel dBi Number


10dBi 5.8GHz Omni WiFi Signal Range Extender

1.5 Miles

7 dBi

8DB WiFi Signal Range Extender

2 Miles

8 dBi

BlueProton DJI Phantom 3 Standard WiFi Signal Range Extender

1.5 Miles

7 dBi


  • Range: 1.5 Miles.
  • Panel dBi Number: 7. 
  • Weight: 9.9 Ounces.

Reasons to Buy

  • Compact design improves the lifespan of the extender.
  • 4 antennas are used to increase the connectivity.
  • The installation procedure is easy.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Obstacles can reduce the range of the extender.

The first product in the WiFi range extender is the 10dBi 5.8GHz Omni WiFi Signal Range Extender. It has a good range with a sufficient dBi number. Let’s see how this WiFi range extender will help you to fly your RC drone.

The range of this signal range extender is 1.5 miles. According to the manufacturers, this extender increases the range up to 4 times than the rated range. Because of this extended range, the remote-controlled drone will remain in contact for a long time. 

As a result the chances of losing contact and crashing drones decrease. The Omni WiFi Signal Range Extender comes with a compact design. The extender is durable and will not break easily. The design of this signal booster is very practical.

The weight of the booster is 9.9 ounces. This is not very heavy weight for WiFi signal boosters. But since it will be connected to the remote controller, less weight is better for use. The extender comes with 4 antennas for connectivity. 

These antennas play a huge role in improving the performance of the extender. The panel dBi number of the Omni extender is 7. This is less than an 8DB WiFi extender. More dBi means more powerful connectivity across a long distance.

The cost of the booster is somewhat higher than the other two models. But the difference is not that much. Considering the quality of performance, this price is worth it.


  • Range: 2 Miles.
  • Panel dBi Number: 8. 
  • Weight: 3.99 Ounces. 

Reasons to Buy

  • Long-range than the other models.
  • Compact design ensures the durability of the extender.
  • The price is reasonable.

Reasons to Avoid

  • The installation process is not so easy.

The next product on today’s list is the 8DB WiFi Signal Range Extender. These two antenna signal range extenders have a high range of connectivity. It has more range than the other two models of the WiFi range extender category. 

The range of this signal range extender is 2 miles. This is great for range extenders of this category. You will be able to have a strong connection with the remote-controlled drone up to a great height. This will decrease the possibility of accidents and crashes.

The weight of the extender is only 4 ounces. It is very light compared to the other two models. So the user will not face any problems while using it on the remote controller of the drone. The lightweight will produce very little load that won’t harm the remote.

The material used for making the range extender is very compact. The extender itself is durable and can handle a few small falls. The design is very practical and the user can use it without any hassles. It can be attached to the remote quite easily.

The dBi number of this extender is 8. This is the highest dBi among the 3 models I am discussing. Because of this higher panel dBi number the extender performs well in kong ranges. The cost of the 8DB extender is very reasonable compared to its features.


  • Range: 1.5 Miles.
  • Panel dBi Number: 7. 
  • Weight: 15 Ounces.

Reasons to Buy

  • Durable materials are used for manufacturing. 
  • Low cost of the extender.

Reasons to Avoid

  • The heavy weight of the extender can cause problems.

The last product in the WiFi range extender category is the BlueProton DJI Phantom Standard WiFi Signal Range Extender. It is a midrange WiFi range extender with a decent panel dBi number. Let’s see its specifications below. 

The BlueProton WiFi extender comes with a range of 1.5 miles. That means it is equal to 10dBi 5.8GHz Omni WiFi Signal Range Extender in this aspect. This range is quite good for a WiFi range extender.

The panel dBi number of this extender is also equal to the Omni WiFi Signal Range Extender. Both of them have the dBi number 7. Though this number is less than that of the 8DB WiFi Signal Range Extender, it is sufficient. 

The extender can cover its range without any problem. The weight of the BlueProton extender is 15 ounces. This weight is higher than the rest of the models. The price of the extender is near to the price of the 8DB WiFi extender. 

However, are you looking for something out of this list? Then you can check – ITELITE DBS Range Extender Antenna.

Buying Guide 

The above discussion should be enough for you to select a range extender for you. However, you might get confused while comparing so many different criteria. To help you with this dilemma I have made a buying guide below. Have a look at it!


The most important factor when choosing a range extender is its range. You will be using the extender to increase the range. If the range extended is very small, there is no use for the extender. So check the supported range before buying.


Another important factor is the weight of the extender. The extender is connected to the controller. So minimum weight is best for the user’s convenience. Too much weight can cause imbalance and problems in controlling the RC drone. 

Built Material 

The lifespan of the range extender depends on the built material. Cheap materials will not last long. Also, the extending capacity depends on the antenna material. So make sure to buy an extender with premium quality material.


The last but not least factor is the cost of the extender. The market is full of range extenders with several prices. Check your budget and then select an extender. 

Follow all this advice to select the best range extender for your Phantom 3.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the range of the Phantom 3? 

The standard range of Phantom 3 is 0.5 miles or 1 kilometer. However, this range is not constant. The range depends on local regulations and environmental conditions. If any obstacles are present between the pilot and the drone, the range will decrease significantly. 

Do drone signal boosters work? 

Yes, drone signal boosters work. Drone signal boosters will significantly improve the range of the remote controller. Anyway, this improvement depends on the quality of the booster you will be using. Low-quality and cheap boosters are often useless or work for a short time.

Is the Phantom 3 still a good drone?

Yes, Phantom 3 is still a good drone. Phantom 3 was released in April of 2015. Though it has become quite old, the drone still delivers amazing performance. It lacks some specifications from the latest Phantom 3 Pro. But for its price range, it delivers enough output.


This is all on the best range extender for Phantom 3. I think that now you can make a choice very easily.

While choosing a range extender be careful that it is compatible with Phantom 3. Or else the controller won’t sync with the extender.

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