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Best RC Bearings: The Best 5 Bearings Review

It’s quite frustrating to hear the squeaking and humming noise from the RC wheels. What’s the issue here? Well, the squeaking sound is coming from a faulty RC bearing. 

Now, a lot can contribute to this issue. But, we believe not buying a better RC bearing is what led to this downfall. Face it, bearings don’t last forever. But, if you buy the best RC bearings for yourself. Things might be in your favor for a long time. 

Not only that, bearings can fail after continuous wear and damage. So, if you’re buying a replacement one for yourself, you’ll still need to buy the best one.

Don’t worry, we’ve done that work for you. After working for 4 weeks, we’ve brought out the 5 best ones. Be sure to check out the buying guide too. It’ll provide some further information. Let’s begin our article with it- 

Comparison Table






TRB RC Ball Bearings

Rubber & Chrome Steel


Apex 10-Pack Metal Ball Bearings

Stainless Steel


Hobbypark 10pcs Ball Bearings

Stainless Steel


Apex RC Products 10 Pack

Steel & rubber


Traxxas 5116 Rubber Sealed Replacement Bearing




TRB RC Ball Bearings

  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 4.21 x 4.02 x 0.59 inches
  • Item Weight: 0.01 Pounds
  • Bearing Type: Ball Bearing
  • Materials: Rubber & Chrome Steel
  • Shielded & Sealed

Product Overview

TRB RC is undoubtedly the very best for this purpose. We’ve crowned it among a lot of products in the market. 

So have you ever wondered what features made this product the very best in the market? 

We’ll discuss its features now so you get an idea why people prefer these particular ball bearings- 

Looking at the construction, it’s made of rubber and chrome steel. Rubber seals are used to reduce noise and vibrations. It’s also used to help fight dirt. This is why you won’t hear any humming or squeaking noise after you install this product. 

On the other hand, chrome steel provides robust, resistant, and notably long-lasting components in running conditions. This contributes to the increased toughness of the product. And, the TRB RC ball bearings have a gleaming, shiny look because of chrome steel. 

And yes, chrome steel is capable of serving you for many years if proper care is taken. So, if this product is used properly and in the correct atmosphere, it will last a long time. 

Another good news is that chrome steel is affordable. So, TRB RC ball bearings don’t cost much too. And, they ensure a decent quality as well. 

So, they have the best of both worlds of steel and rubber. This is why this is the number 1 product suggested by us. The durability is off the charts! 

Also, the TRB RC ball bearings can be found in many sizes. This is also the reason it’s compatible with lots of items such as the Tamiya RC car, Traxxas, and Axial engines. They have a good reputation for fitting perfectly. 

So, if you own an RC car, these balls bearings are a must-have. These provide a very smooth run as they reduce friction. They’re very easy to install as well. 


  • They are very compatible with RC projects 
  • The bearings reduce friction
  • They can be bought at an affordable price 
  • They fit perfectly in engines if you’re buying the right size 


  • The bearings can be small in size.


Apex 10-Pack Metal Ball Bearings

  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 3 x 3 x 0.6 inches
  • Item Weight: 0.05 Pounds
  • Precision steel balls
  • Metal seals keep dirt out!

Product Overview

What’s so fascinating about metal shielded ball bearings? They are a bit different from sealed ball bearings. So the functions vary too. We’ve brought in the shielded metal bearings from the brand- Apex. Let’s take a look-

First of all, this brand is quite popular among buyers as they function great for some company’s vehicles. Such as Traxxas, HPI, Associated, and Tamiya. 

And, the main reason people are drawn to this is that they’re very good as replacement bearings. Not only this, but some people also prefer these bearings to the main bearings that come with the product.

Here, the metal shields are used to retain grease inside the bearing. These also prevent bigger particles from entering. The lubrication of the grease reduces friction, to the most extent.  

Because the ball bearings are made of steel, they have some benefits. They keep bigger particles from contaminating the system. And, they even cut down on lubricant leaks. 

These will provide a minimum effect on torque. Other than this, the bearings balls are also known as precision bearing balls. So they run smoothly. 

Stainless steel, in particular, has a wide temperature range. So, if the metal is stainless steel, these ball bearings can tolerate high temperatures as well. 

However, compared to TRB RC 5x11x4mm Ball Bearings, these bearing balls are sold in a fixated range of size. So, their size doesn’t have variations. These can only be found at 3 x 3 x 0.6 inches. This gets some minus points here. But, hey, we’re nitpicking. 

The best thing is that the ball bearings have such a reasonable price too! For their performance, the price will seem right to you. 


  • These bearing balls are a great replacement
  • These bearing balls are low on lubricant leakage 
  • They run smooth 
  • They can be bought at a reasonable price 


  • These balls might fall apart because of high vibrations. 


Hobbypark 10pcs Ball Bearings

  • Item Weight: 0.02 Pounds
  • Inner Diameter:5mm
  • Outer Diameter:11mm
  • Thickness: 4mm
  • Material: Steel, Metal Shield

Product Overview

Hobbypark ball bearings are a favorite to those who own remote control cars. So what’s so special about these ball bearings? 

First of all,  they’re great as a replacement as 10-Pack 5x10x4mm Metal Shielded Ball Bearings. This is why they gained popularity. 

However, they’re different than metal shielded balls in some traits. We’re going to explain that to you now- 

First off, the Hobbypark ball bearings are not sealed. But it’s a good thing because sealed ball bearings need to be lubricated the exact amount. Otherwise, they’ll fail. Also, the lube used here cannot be less or more than the adequate amount. 

But, if you cannot wait to use these in your remote control car, go ahead! Because Hobbypark balls are sold greased, so you do not have to lube them up before you use them. This saves your money and time, at the same time. 

On the other hand, Hobbypark ball bearings are made of stainless steel. That means they are corrosion-resistant. The construction makes them durable as well. 

When it comes to compatibility, the Hobbypark ball bearings go smoothly with Traxxas, HPI, Associated, Tamiya, and many other popular vehicles. 

And yes, the Hobbypark ball bearings have a good advantage in case you’re worried about its’ price. 

As it’s made of steel, it’s inexpensive, you can easily afford it for your car. In fact, it’s cheaper compared to other ball bearings. 


  • They’re inexpensive 
  • They can work as a great replacement
  • They can run smoothly 


  • They need to be cleaned frequently 



Apex RC Products 10 Pack

  • Package contains Ten (10) Bearings
  • Item Weight: 9.07 Grams
  • Rubber seal keeps dirt out
  • Precision steel balls
  • Inner Diameter: 5mm Outer Diameter: 8mm Width: 2.5mm

Product Overview 

Do you want to use ball bearings that you ordered for RC products for some other purpose? Guess what, you can do that using these ball bearings. The next product we have for you is from the brand Apex. Another Apex product in the list. But, this one is different.

Note that Apex RC products 10 pack ball bearings are very small in size. So you need to judge by yourself whether they’re compatible with your products. Compared to the last one, this one is smaller too. 

Also, you can use these as replacement bearing balls in your RC products. They’re compatible with Traxxas, HPI, Associated, Tamiya, and many other popular vehicles. 

Apart from that, these are rubber-sealed ball bearings. Here, the rubber prevents the ball bearings from getting dirty easily. So, if you find it hassling to clean bearings frequently, you should go for them! 

Besides, these are precision steel balls. That means these are corrosion resistant too. So, you don’t have to worry about these rusting too soon than you’d expect. 

Similar to the products above, these rubber-shielded ball bearings are inexpensive. You can get them at a really cheap price. This will serve your purpose of saving some money. 


  • These are inexpensive. 
  • The ball bearings are corrosion-resistant. 
  • These are precision steel balls. 
  • They will not get dirty easily. 
  • Compatible with non-RC products as well. 


  • They are small in size. So you have to be sure whether it will fit in your desired item. 



Traxxas 5116 Rubber Sealed Replacement Bearing

  • Item Weight: 0.2 Ounces
  • Material: Alloy Steel, Rubber

Product Overview

Time to bring a replacement RC bearing to the list. We’re talking about the Traxxas 5116! 

These bearings are similar to Apex RC products. They’re rubber-sealed as well. And they can be bought as replacement bearing for Traxxas products. 

With these bearings, you can run your products really smoothly. So that’s a plus point of rubber-sealed bearings. Similar to the other rubber materials, this will cancel out vibrations which lead to unnecessary squeaking. 

Plus, rubber bearings don’t get easily dirty, as previously stated, so you have this advantage with these bearings as well. 

These rubber bearings are well lubricated, this is how they are sold to customers. So you do not have to waste your precious time lubricating the bearings. 

However, we’re still confused about whether it’s compatible with other products except for Traxxas. These are really high-quality rubber-sealed bearings. 

When it comes to the budget, you can also find these at the lowest price. So, you don’t have to worry about this aspect.


  • These don’t get contaminated easily.
  • The rubber prevents squeaking noises.
  • Pre-lubed from the factory.  
  • Lowest priced bearings yet good quality is ensured.


  • Not sure whether it’s compatible with all the products other than Traxxas. 


Buying Guide

Usually, when you’re looking for RC ball bearings, it’s mostly for your toy items. Sometimes the original bearings that come with the products might not be usable. That’s when you look for replacement bearings. 

But in that case, you have to keep some factors in your mind. Otherwise, you might just waste your money on the bearings. Because they might not work the way you would want them to. This is suggested if you want to get the best quality body paint for your RC.

We already talked about the cons people face with bearings. More or less, all kinds of bearings have pros and cons. But do you know what traits you’re looking for according to your convenience? 

In this segment, we’ll talk about the traits you should look for when you’re investing money for bearings. We’ll help you out by pointing out the factors you should focus on. So let’s get into it- 

Sealed Bearings

For many bearings, a good bearing seal is essential. Bearing seals have a dual function. They can stop impurities from entering the components. Plus, they can prevent the lubricants from seeping out. Whatever the case is, it’ll be a bonus! 

That said, the sealed bearings are often employed in lower-speed motors with less than 75 horsepower. And their expected life duration is only three years. 

Also, these sealed bearings are called “Lubricated for Life,” which means they don’t need to be lubricated again. 

They usually come with enough lube when you’ll order them. So if you do not want to spend your time lubricating bearings, you can go for them. 

The duration may seem less, but it’s a good deal if you do not like wasting your time buying and applying lube. 

Shielded Bearings 

A gap in shielded bearings allows finer particles or water from washdown operations to penetrate the bearing and into the raceways. This might wash away the oil or cause the roller or balls to slide. As a result, slight heat will generate in the metal surfaces.

In other words, shielded bearings cannot prevent contamination properly. But the good news is, double-shielded bearings do not need to be lubricated again and again. 

Although, single shielded bearings are required to be lubricated, at times. But, you won’t need anything in the case of double-shielded ones.

Another good thing about shielded bearings is they can tolerate really high temperatures. 


The size is a very important factor when you’re choosing your bearing. Because the fitting depends on this factor. 

You might buy bearings, and to your disappointment, they might be too small or too big to fit in the items. 

So in this case, you need to have a clear idea of which size you’re looking for, because size matters. 

The speed of your bearings might depend on the size as well. But, how? If the sealed bearings size increases, the speed will decrease. 

But the speed of the bearing will not change if they’re shielded. So there’s that, one factor you should really think of. 


The materials that are usually used are metal and rubber for bearings. Each got its own advantage. 

Metal bearings feature space between the side plate and the rotating portion, which means they have less drag than rubber seals. 

When compared to metal seals, rubber seals are superior at preventing dirt from the bearing.

Metal may be used for anything within a gearbox since it is sealed. In addition, there is rubber for the driveshafts on the wheel side.


Question: How do you determine the quality of bearings?

Answer: Hold the bearing horizontally in one hand and rotate the outer ring to test that it turns smoothly. This needs to be used in the case of small non-separable ball bearings. Individually inspecting the rolling components and the outer ring raceway of separable bearings, such as tapered roller bearings, can be done. 

Question: As a lubricant, can I use vaseline on my bearings?

Answer: When Vaseline is heated, it melts mainly because of friction. So, you can use Automotive wheel bearing grease or marine waterproof grease.

Question: What household item I can use to clean my bearings?

Answer: Fill a jar or bottle halfway with acetone. You can even use Isopropyl alcohol, a non-water-based citrus cleanser, or lemon juice. Then, simply ensure that any solution you choose does not contain any water since this can cause rust to grow in the bearings. 

In Conclusion

It’s time to come to a conclusion. We’ve suggested the best RC bearings. Do let us know whether you’re going with one of these bearings. 

The way we’ve described the bearings, I’m sure you’ve already judged which bearing is suitable to your item by their traits. I hope the bearings you choose are compatible with your device. 

Thank you for reading our review! Take care.

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