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Best RC Body Paint: Dress Your RC In The Best


In recent years, RC model building has emerged as a popular hobby for many people across the world. And one of the primary reasons for this sudden popularity is the creativity that goes behind painting them. 

However, painting your RC is much more than just ‘making it pretty.’ You need patience, precision, and most importantly high-quality paints.

You need paints that not only deliver A-class pay-off but also withhold any sort of cracks or damages. 

Now, for a beginner hobbyist, all these may sound really confusing. And that’s why we have listed the top five best RC body paint just for you.

After testing different samples, we came to the conclusion. That the following five RC body paints do the job like no other. 

So, let’s not waste any more time. And jump straight into it- 

Comparison Table

Product Overview

If you have been surfing through the RC world for quite a while, you are bound to hear the name Tamiya. 

Tamiya has always impressed us with its amazing products. And it is not a shocker when we say, they thrive in the paint department too. 

Now, the first product that we have on our list is the Tamiya White Spray Paint. 

Why did we put it in the first position? Well, let’s find out…

First of all, we want to explain why did we choose the color white as the top paint? 

When we were researching about the products we discovered that white was one of the most popular choices among the hobbyist. 

And after testing several white RC body paint, it was the Tamiya White Spray Paint that emerged victoriously.  

While testing it on our 1/8 RC car, we got some amazing results. The thin paint strokes were evenly applied on the surface. And the pay-off was really good.

The issue with white paints, in general, is that some white paints have this streaky finish. And that ruins the external texture as well as the look of the model. 

However, with the Tamiya White Spray Paint, we did not face any such issue. It bonded perfectly with the polycarbonate body of the RC. 

However, it is not applicable to plastic materials. We still think that it is not a fatal flaw when it comes to RC models. As most of them are made out of polycarbonate/Lexan materials anyway.

Now, the paint-can suggests that a total of two coats should be enough for the job. However, we feel a solid three to four coats will do the job perfectly. 

But the good news is, that’s all that we needed to cover up the whole body. 

Within 3-4 coats the paint provided full coverage to our 1/8  RC car. And that is a lot of areas to cover.

So, the 3.38 Fl Oz volume was not a disappointment. Instead, we were quite impressed by it.  

Another thing that favors the Tamiya White Spray Paint is the fact that it is an oil-based paint.

Due to its chemical composition, the oil-based spray paint offers more coverage than other paints. And it is also very durable.

That’s why the Tamiya White Spray Paint is scratch-resistant. So, it gives you more room for rough playing.

There is one tip that we want to suggest to you, in case you decide to go with it.

And that is put the paint-can on hot water for few minutes before using it. The paint will come much smoother. And it will be much easier to paint with it. 


  • It is impenetrable to oils and fuels so you can use it to paint glow engines.
  • It is scratch-resistant.
  • The 100 ml paint can is adequate to complete the paint job. 


  • The paint is not suitable for plastic materials.

Product Overview 

The second spot on our list is also bagged by another Tamiya product. 

Just like the previous product, the Tamiya Metallic Blue Spray Paint is also from the PS series. That means you will find a lot of similarities between these two. 

Now, we need to take a moment to appreciate this beauty. In terms of color and pigmentation, there is no competition. 

The vibrant blue with the metallic finish gives your RC an eye-popping color. With this paint, your RC will turn some heads on the track. No doubt on that. 

I highly recommend this, if you have gotten the RC model of Subaru Impreza WRC/WRX. The Tamiya Metallic Blue Spray Paint replicates the color 100% accurately. 

The pigmentation of this is top-notch. No other product on this list can compete with that. 

However, when it comes to coverage the Tamiya White Spray Paint is better than this. 

Now, the item volume is almost similar to the previous one. So, you should not have any problem in that department.

This is also oil-based spray paint. It means that the color will last for quite some time. 

But due to the metallic tone, the glossy finish will last much longer compared to others. 

However, there is one friendly tip we would like to offer. And that is, prepare your RC with black or silver color. And then spray the paint over it to pop the blue even more. 

But even if you skip that, the color will look gorgeous.  


  • It delivers an accurate and vibrant blue metallic finish.
  • It is very pigmented which helps the color to look darker and not dull.
  • The paint is suitable for use on gas-powered RC models. 


  • It contains elements that can be harmful in the case of respiration.

Product Overview

Now, this product is probably the most unique of all the listed products. Why?

Well, because it is holographic.

The Spaz Stix Color Change Holographic Paint is enamel-based holographic spray paint. 

If you want to add something a little extra to your beloved RC, then look no further. Because the Spaz Stix Color Change Holographic Paint is just the thing you need to add that X-factor. 

Initially, this paint looks really dark, almost black. But when it comes to contact with light, it reflects all the colors in the spectrum.

However, this is a translucent color. That means you need to add some extra products to prepare the RC body. So that it does not look see-through.

Unlike other products, on the list, you can not skip the following step when using this paint. Otherwise, you will not get your desired result. 

Preparing the polycarbonate body is the main task here. 

You need to apply the Spaz Stix Surface Pre-Prep to the surface you are working on before spraying the holographic paint. 

However, even after finishing the paint job, the color will not be very vibrant.

That’s because you need to apply another product over it as the final step. And that is the Spaz Stix High Gloss Black/Backer. 

This product will help your paint look vibrant and clear. 

Now, the Spaz Stix Color Change Holographic Paint is made for internal use. But you can also use it for external purposes.

However, to do so, you need to apply the backer as a base coat rather than as the final step.

The Spaz Stix Color Change Holographic Paint is an absolutely amazing product.

Yet some may not like the idea of spending the money for three paints on one. 

That’s the reason for placing it in third place. Even though the color is in no way lesser than the others.


  • It offers a holographic finish which means it can reflect all the lights from the spectrum.
  • The enamel-based paint last quite long
  • It is suitable and safe enough to use for any other craft project.


  • You need to buy extra products to get the desired finish which is not quite pocket-friendly.

Product Overview

The next product on the list is not only one item. It is rather a set of items.

The Pro-Line RC Body Paint Primary Color Set offers all five primary colors with a reducer. You get white, black, blue, red and yellow. All in one package.

Each bottle is 2 Fl Oz in volume. Now, the item volume is less than the previous products.

Yes, there are six of them. But you may run out of one solid color if you tend to overuse it. And that can be a problem.

However, it comes pre-ready to use for airbrushing. So, you don’t have to take any hassle of mixing.

Moreover, it comes with a reducer. So, you can thin the color according to your airbrush tip. 

This water-based acrylic color is best if you have any allergic reaction to the toxic fumes that paints contain. Because they are free of any toxic fume.


  • Multiple colors in one set.
  • There is no hassle in mixing the color.
  • The color is very flexible which gives the RC the space to deform and come back to the original shape without cracking.


  • The item volume per bottle is inadequate. 

Product Overview

And the last product that we have is the Vallejo Premium Airbrush Color. The specific color that we chose for our list is in the shade candy red. 

The most exciting thing about the Vallejo Premium Color is its extremely resistant finish. It has an element called acrylic-polyurethane. 

Now, acrylic-polyurethane is a hybrid resin. It creates a strong abrasion resistance on the applied surface. So that the color can withstand any damage caused by friction. 

Above that, it also protects the exposed surface from the direct exposure to heat. 

However, the volume for every color in the Premium Airbrush series is 2 Fl Oz. And that is the least item volume on our list. 

But another plus point of this product is that it is very versatile. You can not only use it on polycarbonate- Lexan but also on fiberglass, polyethylene, metal, etc. 


  • It resists any damage or cracking.
  • It protects the surface from direct exposure to heat.
  • You can use it on multiple surfaces.


  • It has the least item volume among all the products on the list.

Buying Guide

Now that we are done with the top five list, I would like to explain some additional features you should keep an eye on. 

This guide will help you with all the information one must take into consideration before buying any kind of RC body paint. A buying guide is necessary if you’re willing to get a top-quality RC stand

Acrylic or Enamel: What to Choose?

Now you may have noticed that we have two types of color on our list: acrylic and enamel. Which one should you choose?

Well, the answer is a little complex.

Enamel colors are usually oil-based. That means they are durable, long-lasting. They offer a glossy finish. And that shine lasts for quite a while.

However, it takes longer to dry the paint.

On the other hand, acrylic color, a water-based paint, dries faster than enamel color. But they tend to lose their glossy shine faster than their counterpart. 

But in the end, they both bond amazingly with polycarbonate surfaces. 

So, if you think you are an impatient painter then go with acrylic. But if you are tempted to see your RC shine like a diamond then we would suggest enamel. 

Save Your Money!!

You should buy the color according to the scale of your RC. 

Otherwise, if you pick a color that is insufficient in volume, you would end up spending more money than you should.

That’s why it is really important to check the item volume of the product. And analyze if it will be adequate for your RC. 

Pigmentation And Pay-Off

When it comes to vibrant colors, you need to choose one that is highly pigmented. Pigments help to make the color look darker and more eye-popping. 

The less the pigments are the duller the color would come out.

Another thing that is related to this is the pay-off of the color. Your color must have an amazing pay-off. 

Otherwise, the color will come out streaky and won’t fully cover the surface.

Beware of The Surface!

Now, if you think you will use regular spray paint on your RC, then stop. Because you are about to make a huge mistake.

Most of the RCs are made of polycarbonate material. And the regular spray paints do not bond well with that.

You need paints that are specially made for polycarbonate materials. 


Question: How many Oz is the Pro-Line Racing RC Paint?

Answer: The Pro-Line Racing RC Paint is 2 Fl Oz. 

Question: Can the Tamiya White Spray Paint be used on EPO foam planes?

Answer: Yes, the Tamiya White Spray Paint can be used on EPO foam planes.

Question: Can I use the Tamiya White Spray Paint on plastic models?

Answer: No, you can not 


Now that we are in the end, I hope you find this article useful. And now it will be easier for you to decide which paint is the best RC body paint.

If you have any more queries, just let us know in the comment box below.

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